Stewart: Petty should race Patrick in one-on-one showdown Staff

2/20/2014 1:48:19 PM

If Richard Petty doesn't think Danica Patrick can drive, he should prove it on the track.

Tony Stewart, part-owner of Stewart-Haas Racing and Patrick's boss, told Performance Racing Network's "Fast Talk" program on Wednesday that he has told Patrick she should challenge the seven-time championship winner to a one-on-one race.

"I think that (a race) would settle it once and for all – maybe get him to shut up a little bit, too," Stewart said. "I will supply the cars. If he wants to race her, I'll make sure they have exactly the same setup in the car and give him the chance. He can drive one of my 14 cars, I don't care."

Petty, 76, said last week that the only way Patrick could win was if no one else was on the track - remarks that Patrick ignored. Petty reiterated Saturday that he stands by his comments. "What I said is what I said," he explained. "And that's what I believe, okay?"

When it was suggested to Stewart that Patrick, if she ever wins a race, should take the checkered flag to Petty to autograph, Stewart responded: "If I were her, I'd take it over there and cram it up his (butt)."