Maple Leafs' Reimer knows his future is uncertain Staff

2/25/2014 2:23:42 PM

As the Toronto Maple Leafs return from their Olympic break, Jonathan Bernier appears firmly entrenched as their starter while James Reimer is filling the back-up role.

Reimer told TSN's Mark Masters on Tuesday that he doesn't know if he will be moved leading up to the March 5 trade deadline but added he wasn't interested in discussing it.

"Who knows what's going to happen on the horizon here and right now I don't know if I want to talk about it too much."

Reimer said he is at a juxtaposition, between being happy in Toronto yet yearning to start games.

"I love playing here and obviously I want to be a starter, so it's been an interesting year."

The 25-year-old added that would be hard on him to leave the Maple Leafs organization.

"This is the team I was drafted by and this is definitely a place I dreamed of playing my whole career."

Reimer has played in 24 of the Leafs' 60 games this season and started 33 of 48 games in the Leafs' lockout-shortened 2013 campaign. He also started all seven 2013 playoff games.

Reimer admitted that seeing a large reduction in playing time has not been easy on him.

"Anytime you go from playing a lot of games to not it's a hard pill to swallow. You want to play, you want to be the guy & you want to give your team the best chance to win. There's no feeling like that other then when you're in there," Reimer told Masters.

When he asked if he has proven himself as a starter in the NHL, Reimer said he didn't believe there was any question.

"As far as I'm concerned, I don't think it's up for debate. I feel like I've had a couple of solid years where I've played really well. And obviously, last year went to the playoffs and led a team to the playoffs when probably a lot of people didn't expect us to go. Yeah, I feel like I've played well and I don't think there's much debate for it. Maybe other people think so. I don't know."

Reimer has a 10-6-1 record with 3.25 goals against average and a .911 save percentage with the Leafs this season.