Burke waiting on Cammalleri; expects busy deadline Staff

2/27/2014 11:45:04 PM

Calgary Flames president of hockey operations and acting general manager Brian Burke says he expects a flurry of trade activity around the league prior to next Wednesday's NHL trade deadline.

"Absolutely. There's a lot of chatter," Burke told TSN. "There are a lot of teams that think if they can add that one player it would make a difference for them making the playoffs or winning a round or winning another round, and those are huge financially impacted teams."

Burke, who has also been general manager of the Hartford Whalers, Vancouver Canucks, Anaheim Ducks, and Toronto Maple Leafs, rates the next week as a bit of a waiting game pending the possible movement of a few key players around the league.

"Teams are waiting to see where a couple of other players go. I think the (Thomas) Vanek and (Matt) Moulson situations affect when our players come into play, so it's been pretty quiet but it's picking up now," explained Burke.

Burke had no news regarding Mike Cammalleri's tenure with the Flames. He confirmed that without a new contract in place the 31-year-old remains a tradable commodity.

"There are no new developments. I've met with Cammalleri and his agent, Ian Pulver. We've extended a contract offer and we've agreed to keep talking, but as of right now we're entertaining offers."

The Flames' acting general manager was asked what type of players he would pursue in a trade situation.

"We would like to get a player who will help us right away, and if that is not possible then our next choice is a player who is close to playing that we think could make us better next year. And if not, we would look at draft choices," said Burke.

Burke discussed the prospect of there being any players in Calgary that he would not be willing to trade.

"I think your list of untouchables should be real short when you are where we are in the standings, and it is real short," he explained. "As I say, Wayne Gretzky got traded so I'm not sure there's anything as a real untouchable if you got the right offer.

"But a couple of guys, starting with Sean Monahan who is the real deal, and our captain (Mark Giordano) have been terrific. Those would probably be the ones."

Burke was also asked if there was any chance he will still be general manager of the Flames at the beginning of next season.

"Not a chance," he stated.