Numbers Game: Briere-Parenteau trade

Scott Cullen

6/30/2014 3:57:13 PM

The Colorado Avalanche saved some money in a forward swap, but took the worse player in the process.

Numbers Game looks at the trade that sees Daniel Briere and PA Parenteau switching spots.

The Canadiens Get: RW PA Parenteau and a fifth-round pick.

Parenteau, 31, is a late bloomer who didn't reach the NHL for good until he was 27-years-old, but he's been a productive player, scoring 196 points in the past four seasons, which ranks 55th in the league. He fell out of favour in Colorado last season, missing 25 games with a couple of knee injuries and playing 16:57 per game, his lowest average time on ice of the past four seasons.

On an Avalanche team that was among the league's worst possession-wise, Parenteau was nearly break-even, so he wasn't particularly a problem in that respect.

In Montreal, Parenteau should have a good opportunity to play in a top-six role, which is suitable for his price tag of $4.0-million over the next two seasons.

A fifth-round pick brings with it a less than 15% chance of yielding an NHL player, but it's a bit of a sweetener for the Habs taking on an extra year. Given that Montreal is getting the better player, that sweetener might not have been altogether necessary.

The Avalanche Get: RW Daniel Briere.

Briere is a 36-year-old who is well past his prime as a scoring forward, with a serious decline in productivity over the past couple seasons, managing 41 points in 103 games over the last two years.

Briere was dropped down the Canadiens' depth chart last season, playing 12:46 per game, his lowest since 2000-2001.

While Briere's game has declined -- he's not as quick as he once was -- he does come with a rep as a playoff performer, putting up 116 points in 124 postseason games over his career, which is tied for fourth among active players.

Briere signed a two-year, $8-million deal as a free agent last summer, so his deal has one year remaining.

He doesn't figure to play a prominent role in Colorado, but Briere should have a shot to play in Colorado's top nine. If he does, there's a decent chance that, even if he scores a little bit more with more ice time, Briere's sinking possession stats will only be exacerbated by the Avalanche's puck possession troubles.

In the grand scheme of things, the Avalanche got away from two years of paying Parenteau, which was their motivation, but the price to pay means taking an inferior player for one year.

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