August 1: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Bob and Matt are joined by Adnan Virk and Alan Ashby to discuss a wild trade deadline day and whether Alex Anthopoulos should have pulled the trigger to take advantage of his team’s playoff opportunity.


Hour 1:

Steve Simmons joins. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

Michael Tanier and Adnan Virk join. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

Alan Ashby joins. Hour 3 Audio


Steve Simmons – Sun Media

If you look at the players that the Jays have added to their roster since the season started – they have made some significant additions. Stroman, Sanchez, Reimold and Valencia will all have an impact down the stretch. What the Jays don’t need is for this dissent within the locker room to linger and turn into something worse. They are in great position right now – and could be in first place by the middle of next week.

Mike Tanier –

Having spent time at the Rams training camp – it is clear that the Michael Sam situation is no distraction to anyone that cares about the team. It is hard not to root for Manziel – as he brings something different to the field and is captivating. But he is quite obviously the victim the news cycle that we have become a part of. The Seahawks were wise to not give Lynch any extra money in the long-term, and instead add a bit of money to his contract for just this year when you know he will still be valuable.

Adnan Virk – Host: Baseball Tonight on ESPN

The Jays aren’t going to get opportunities when the rest of the division is struggling like this. In what many call the toughest division in the league, chances like this only come along so often. Everyone knows that they need another arm with so many young kids being relied on who are on innings limits. Have to pick the Tigers right now over the A’s – as their staff might be one of the best ever.

Alan Ashby – CSN Houston

Never before has he seen a trade deadline in which so many moves were made by teams in contention with such high name players changing teams. The Tigers on paper are the best team heading down the stretch run – with one of the best rotations in recent memory. Nolan Ryan is the greatest power pitcher of all time, and almost doesn’t have a comparison is today’s game. No one will ever approach his dominance again.

July 31: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Bob and Matt discuss Jon Lester’s trade to the Athletics with Ben Lindbergh, and Adam Proteau joins the guys to chat about why the Canadiens should give PK Subban the contract he’s seeking.


Hour 1:

Adam Proteau joins. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2: NBA writer Zach Harper joins. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

LA Kings Centre Mike Richards, and Grantland Staff Writer Ben Lindbergh join. Hour 3 Audio


Adam Proteau – The Hockey News

Whatever Subban is asking – it behooves the Canadiens to pay it as there would surely be a lineup of teams that would be more than happy to pay him as much as $9 million a season. If the Habs want to gamble and think that Subban is going to be able to deal with the arbitration process in stride – then that is quite a risk considering how young he is and how many good years he has ahead of him.

Zach Harper – NBA Writer for

The Wolves are in the enviable position of power of being able to sit back and take the best offer – and at this point it seems like that offer will be coming from Cleveland. The Sixers tanking has forced many teams and owners around the league to look at the lottery system and force them to reassess the tanking that teams openly participate in.

Mike Richards – LA Kings Centre

On his day with the Cup – Mike Richards joins us from Kenora, Ont. He plans on taking it on a parade, taking it fishing and enjoying his time with family and friends. Never could have imagined that he would get the opportunity to bring it home twice in three years – and it is so amazing seeing peoples face light up when they see the Cup. Momentum in the sports is something that you can see and feel – and having been in the room when everything is going right it is hard to slow down.

Ben Lindbergh – Staff Writer

It has been a bit surprising that the Orioles have yet to make a move so far – but the A’s are clearly going for it with their two big pitching acquisitions. The Jays are sitting and waiting on their big bats to come back from the disabled list – but they are a very real contender this year and not just a team that is a pretender so far. The Cespedes – Lester deal actually works for both teams right now. The Red Sox outfield has been struggling to hit the ball this season, and they were apparently willing to part with Lester to solve that issue.

July 30: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Bob and Matt chat with Dirk Hayhurst about the Jon Lester trade sweepstakes and Marcus Stroman’s emergence in the Jays rotation, and Chris Jones checks in to discuss Mark Buehrle’s continued success.


Hour 1:

Hour 1 with Macko & Cauz. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

Hour 2 of Macko and Cauz. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

The final hour of Macko and Cauz. Hour 3 Audio


Dirk Hayhurst – TSN Jays Analyst

Lester is going to fetch at least two high end prospects for the Red Sox as he is a legitimate high end ace. Stroman is turning into a very impressive player who is still working on his secondary pitches – but has shown that he has a great feel for the game and we have just seen the start of what he might become. His time in the minor leagues showed him a side of men and behavior that was disgusting but accepted as normal in the way they dehumanized women. Teammates are afraid to report each other to management as they are all trying to make it and trying to compete in an alpha world.

Steve Simmons – Sun Media

Gardiner and Carlyle did in fact butt heads a few times over the course of the past few seasons, there was never really ever a chance that they were going to trade him. Gardiner will likely play with Robidas this year – someone who can be a steadying force beside him and will allow them to play effective minutes at even strength. Now we can look back and say that Reimer was happy last year – but the reality is quite clear that was not the case. The better Gardiner plays – the worst this contract will look on Gardiner’s part.

Hua Hsu – / Associate Professor – Vassar College

The Chinese Basketball Association is surprisingly paying out more money than a lot of European leagues, which surprises a lot of American players. The league itself does not receive much promotion in China, as it is much easier to find a LeBron or Wade jersey on the ground. In terms of finding players that fit in the league, the Chinese clubs are careful to not bring over players that will not be able to fit into the Chinese culture – as they have been burnt by the likes of Ivan Johnson and JR Smith.

Mike Jacobs – Director of 30-for-30 Short: “The High Five”

After the first high five took place in 1977 – it spread like wildfire around sports. The story of the original high five and Glen Burke are both fascinating but unfortunately sad at the same time. The treatment that Burke received around the league at the time is something that you never would have seen today – but teammates like Dusty Baker accepted him openly. After Burke stepped away from the game, he found a very welcoming community in San Francisco that helped him grow into who he really was.

Chris Jones – Esquire / ESPN The Magazine

It is hard not to love Mark Buehrle – even though he doesn’t really like to talk about himself in any sense. It is incredible that he is able to be so successful in the majors when he works so quickly, doesn’t study tape and never shakes off the catcher. Buehrle is able to be consciously unconscious on the mound – which is in stark contrast to other athletes like JJ Watt. Social media seems to go along in a set of cycles of outrage in which people get extremely mad for a couple of days and then people move on to the next issue.

Jason Cole – Bleacher Report NFL Insider

The key to having an elite NFL team today is having four or five elite players – and corners have become increasingly important in the pass happy league so the Cardinals were wise to lock down Peterson for prime of his career. The reason why it is wrong for players to misrepresent the amount of guaranteed money that they are actually getting is because other players then have to accept similar deals behind them.

July 29: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Bob and Matt get the latest on the Bills-to-Toronto rumours and discuss whay EJ Manuel is the key to Buffalo’s success this season with John Kryk, and Michael Farber checks in to chat about PK Subban’s value to the Canadiens.


Hour 1:

Hour 1 with Macko & Cauz joined by Michael Farber. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

Hour 2 with Macko & Cauz joined by Ty Gretzky and Farhan Lalji. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

Hour 3 with Macko & Cauz joined by John Kryk and Cari Champion. Hour 3 Audio


Michael Farber – Sports Illustrated / The Reporters

It was a bit surprising that no team decided to pursue PK Subban with an offer sheet to put the Habs under the gun a bit. He is a game changer on and off the ice and he quite simply sells tickets for any team that could acquire him. He has a level of flair that fits the city of Montreal and the history of the Canadiens. It is almost impossible to quantify the value of what Subban brings on and off the ice – and while some say that he needs to be reigned in a bit, you don’t want to stifle his creativity. He is already on many levels their best player, but isn’t likely to be the captain just yet.

Farhan Lalji – TSN Reporters

There will be a bit of a distraction at Rams camp with the Michael Sam attention and it will continue to be an ongoing story. The Rams are trying to manage how much he does speak and there will be some attention at each milestone – first pre-season game, making the roster, first regular season game. This story does not end unless Sam establishes himself as a regular in the league.

Ty Gretzky –

Checking in live from Couer d’Alane, Idaho at the Gretzky Hockey School – the son of the Great One chats about life growing up as Wayne’s son. Brett Hull, Guy Carbonneau and Paul Bissonette are all at the event teaching everyone at the event about the game of hockey. He played at Shattuck St. Mary’s alongside Derek Stepan. Playing golf with Dustin Johnson is amazing and they have a great time competing with each other.

John Kryk – National NFL Reporter Sun Media

Whatever transpired before the Toronto based Bills bid told the trust that they were going to keep the team in New York seems irrelevant at this point - as they are now claiming to be bidding in an attempt to keep the team in Buffalo. The league would like to have a vote done in September but the politicians in upstate New York would likely try to get whatever was agreed upon pushed through as quickly as possible. Sammy Watkins seems like a great weapon for the Bills, but it comes down to whether or not EJ Manuel will be a consistent passer to utilize his new weapons.

Cari Champion – Host of “First Take” on ESPN

Two games for Ray Rice is a ridiculous suspension by the NFL as it shows that PED use and marijuana use is more serious than domestic abuse. Goodell has been consistent with the sentence that they have handed down in similar circumstances – but this would have been a perfect opportunity to step up and give out a harsher ruling. As a society we have a tough time discussing domestic issues and sexual assaults and this speaks to many societal issues that we are facing that need to be discussed. The new head of the NBAPA will face a lot of challenges as the first female head of a major North American pro sports union – among those the perception that she does not understand the player’s plight as a women.

July 28: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Matt, along with Gareth Wheeler are joined by Gregor Chisholm to chat about the Jays’ series win versus the Yankees, and Sean Fitz-Gerald checks in to discuss whether James Reimer can get back to being a no. 1 goalie.


Hour 1:

Hour 1 with Macko & Cauz joined by Jonas Siegel and Farrell Evans. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

Hour 2 with Macko & Cauz joined by John Kryk and Joe Fletcher. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

Hour 3 with Macko & Cauz joined by Scott MacArthur and Ethan Strauss. Hour 3 Audio


Sean Fitz-Gerald – National Post

Hamilton quite badly needed a new stadium and they were lucky in many ways to have the Pan-Am Games coming to the region to get a new stadium. There was much discussion about where it would be built – but they eventually decided to just take it back to the Ivor Wynne site. There is an argument that can be made that they could have built a stadium that could have serviced both the Argos and Ticats in Mississauga for example – but the site that was eventually chosen was not the first of any people that were involved in the process.

Brandon Prust – Montreal Canadiens (promoting charity)

There is a certain amount of etiquette required when dealing with the Stanley Cup if you are not the champion – but Subban will do what he wants. Prust wouldn’t have drank from the Cup, even with a straw. Hard to say if he would do the same thing that Gorges did in refusing to come play for the Leafs – as Josh is an extremely passionate guy who has grown to really hate the Maple Leafs.

Tas Melas – NBA TV’s “The Starters”

It cant quite be an all out love fest for the Cavs and LeBron right now – as he is technically one a set of one-year contracts. LeBron obviously has a super star mentality – and they don’t like to bounce around to too many teams if they really want to go down as one of the best players in the history of the game. He is very aware of his story arc and how well it served him to return to Cleveland. The Raptors this season wont be a lot different than they were last year – but they should compete for a playoff position again as they look ahead to next off-season when a lot of big contracts will come off the books.

Gregor Chisholm –

It was big for the Jays to prove this weekend that they were able to win in New York – especially considering how close they were in the standings coming into the weekend. They were in a precarious situation coming into the weekend and they did about as well as you could have hoped considering how cold they were in recent years at Yankee Stadium. A lot of people are skeptical that the Jays are going to go out and pick up some players as the deadline approaches – as we all know about the tight purse strings with team is dealing with.

Mike Sando – NFL Writer

The suspension for Ray Rice obviously could have been much more severe but there is a very small grain of salt in saying that the court system did not view his actions as worthy of jail time. The spotlight on Manziel will be as hot as it is on anyone in the league this year despite the fact that he has yet to take a snap in the league. Quarterbacks are held to a different standard as they are supposed to be taking the lead with the team. The biggest question with Seattle is whether the relationship between the coaching staff and the front office can continue to be as fruitful as it has been and if they can continue to get playing time for all of the players that they are developing.

Macko and Cauz: July 21-25

Macko and Cauz: July 14-18

Macko and Cauz: July 7-11

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