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April 10: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Dave and Dave Feschuk are joined by Craig Button, Bob McKenzie, Jason Strudwick, Jeff O’Neill and Darren Dreger to break down why the NHL’s Canadian teams have struggled this season, and the changes that could be coming for the Leafs.


Hour 1:

Dave Naylor and Dave Feschuk examine the state of the Canadian hockey franchises and talk to TSN Hockey Analyst Craig Button. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

Dave Naylor and Dave Feschuk are joined by Bob McKenzie, Jason Strudwick and Don Meehan to talk about the struggles of the Canadian NHL teams. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

Dave Naylor and Dave Feschuk are joined by Darren Dreger, Bob Weeks and Woodbine President and CEO Nick Eaves. Hour 3 Audio


4:35pm Craig Button – TSN Resident General Manager

Button gave his thoughts on why Canadian teams have struggled to build winning teams since the lockout. He suggested many teams often make knee jerk decisions after having strong years and tend to make mistakes during that time. He believes each market has its own obstacles and suggests the Toronto Maple Leafs did not make the playoffs because they were not good enough. Can some teams be blamed for their struggles because players refuse to play in markets they deem undesirable? Of the 6 Canadian teams that missed the playoffs he suggested the Ottawa Senators and Toronto Maple Leafs have the best chance of winning a Stanley Cup.

5:02pm Bob McKenzie – TSN Hockey Insider

McKenzie discussed which Canadian team out of the 6 that have missed the playoffs this season have the best chance of competing for a Stanley Cup. He said NONE really. He believes Maple Leafs GM Dave Nonis’ future with the club could go in two directions if Brendan Shanahan joins the Maple Leafs and suggested Tim Leiweke has had ongoing conversations with him for more than 72 hours. This wouldn’t be a sudden decision.

5:15pm Jason Strudwick – TSN 1260 Radio Host / Former NHL Player

Strudwick provided his thoughts on the differences of playing in Canadian and American markets and believes high profile players in Canada receive much more attention compared to players who play in the US. Do the players’ wives influence where they play, not according to Strudwick? He said players often have short careers or short term contracts and they have to go wherever they need to and families have to make sacrifices. He believes many players refuse to join rebuilding teams like the Oilers even if more money is offered to them because they want an opportunity to win. Strudwick said if you have a winning team it doesn’t matter where it is, people will go. Saying people don’t want to live in Edmonton is wrong, look at Detroit. Not the greatest place to live but they have a winning franchise that attracts players.

5:32pm Don Meehan – Newport Sports NHL Agent

Meehan spoke about why such good Canadian players tend to play in American markets but said many of those players play down south because they were drafted by them. (is Doughty with Kings, Stamkos with Lightning). Meehan believes some players tend to shy away in playing in hockey markets, while others enjoy playing in those markets. He said in his experience, Canadian markets are not automatically listed as places players have down as Non-trade teams. He also had some good thoughts on a pair of his clients Zack Parise and Henrik Lundqvist and why they decided to sign with their respective teams. He mentioned how Henrik Lundquist signed with the Rangers and New York is one of the highest places to live in the world. He also addressed how family affects where players decide to play whether the Canadian tax system is an impediment to potential free agents?

6:15pm Darren Dreger – TSN Hockey Insider & Jeff O’Neill TSN 1050 Hockey Analyst

Dreger and O’Neill weighed in on the topic of the day and O’Neill explained why he decided to play 10 years in Carolina instead of coming to Canada to play. Dreger spoke about David Clarkson’s decision to sign with the Maple Leafs after he was offered roughly $4 million dollars more over the same term by the Edmonton Oilers. Do players prefer to play in non traditional hockey markets over markets like Toronto where the pressure and scrutiny is much higher? He discussed why the feeling around Toronto tends to be either high or extremely low and provides his thoughts on Brendan Shanahan potentially joining the Maple Leafs front office.

6:33pm Bob Weeks - TSN Golf Analyst from Augusta

Weeks spoke about Adam Scott’s first round at the Masters. He mentioned how Mike Weir said after his round the greens at the Masters today the fastest he’s ever seen. He suggested players do not need to miss by a lot to be exposed and believes Graham DeLaet has been a little off. He said it’s a tough course and DeLaet found that out today. He also discussed Phil Mickelson’s play and said he hasn't looked comfortable thus far. Weeks also believes Rory Mcllroy is more focused this time around after and thinks he’s in a good spot at this point in the tournament.

6:48pm Nick Eaves – President & CEO of Woodbine Entertainment

Eaves spoke about the opening of Woodbine Racetrack this weekend and discussed some of the new changes to look forward to this season. He also discussed some of the different ways they’re trying to attract new customers and says the weather has been a challenge with preparation.

April 9: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Dave and Dave Hodge react to the news that the Leafs may be pursuing Brendan Shanahan for a role in the Leafs front office with Bob McKenzie and Darren Dreger, and Richard Peddie joins the show to chat about the pressure that comes from ownership when the Leafs miss the playoffs.


Hour 1:

Dave Naylor and Dave Hodge with the first hour of TSN Drive. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

Dave Naylor and Dave Hodge with the second hour of TSN Drive. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

Dave Naylor and Dave Hodge with the third hour of TSN Drive. Hour 3 Audio


4:32pm Richard Peddie - Former Maple Leafs President & CEO

Peddie said he is glad he didn’t wake up this morning as CEO of MLSE. He said getting knocked out of the playoffs and seeing the younger Leafs players down and upset is tough to watch. He said he isn't sure what the Leafs are going to do moving forward but said Dave Nonis never promised the city a parade and said he is a patient man. Tim Leiweke on the other hand is more on the impatient side. Peddie said Larry Tanenbaum is very involved and the rest of the board comes from companies who own a piece of the team. He said they may do analysis and do a fair assessment of the team and make a recommendation. He also said he hasn't talked to Tim Leiweke. He said the owners always feel the losses, and are pressured by losing. He said when you are in the situation the Leafs are in, if you believe you have the right strategy, you need to stick to your guns. He said the Leafs won't summer because of the success of the Raptors or TFC.

4:50pm Jonas Siegel - TSN 1050 Leafs Reporter

Siegel questioned if it was the system that failed the Leafs or if they're just not executing the system. He said Boston sticks to their system, but the Leafs don't. He said the Leafs don't have any blue collar players like they did in the old days. The fans need a player they can rally around. Carlyle doesn't have the players he needs to succeed. He thinks the Leafs may have needed to find a way to fight a little harder. He used the Winnipeg Jets game as an example of the team not looking like they wanted to win enough.

5:02pm Bob McKenzie - TSN NHL Hockey Insider

McKenzie said the Leafs would be interested in bringing in Brendan Shanahan. He cites his Ontario background as a reason he may be interested in the position but he does have lots of ties to New York. . He said Shanahan would have to be intrigued to see what MLSE will offer him. He said they might offer him the Presidents role. On the Trevor Linden & Dave Nonis situations, he cites Terry Pegula axing Darcy Regier as a similar thing (for fan happiness). McKenzie said Trevor Linden will be very hands on in Vancouver. He wonders how much responsibility the GM will have. He thinks Linden was brought in to stop the bleeding and stop season ticket holders from walking away. He is a smart guy and was the President of the NHLPA and he is a polarizing figure in the business community. He said it is easy for players who become President to bring in players they've played with from their inner circle as GM's (he mentioned Roy/Sakic).

5:15pm Frank Nobilo - Golf Channel Analyst

Nobilo joined the show from the Masters and began by talking about how Tiger Woods absence was dominating the conversation early in the week. He said Woods body won't allow him to do what he wants it to do but he is a reason for all these young guys being competitive. Older guys like Fred Couples can still compete, but it's a young mans game. He likes Jason Day's grouping and said Day has a chance to be number one in the world at a young age. He thinks you have to be extremely confident to win The Masters and that is what is hard for younger guys. His favourite to win The Masters is Sergio Garcia because he's been in contention in recent majors and he wouldn't be surprised if this were Garcia's week.

5:35pm Dirk Hayhurst - TSN 1050 Blue Jays Analyst

Hayhurst said to not be too concerned about Lawrie's slow start because he is still young and it is still very early in the season. He said he might be pressing because things aren't coming naturally. He said his defense is incredible, calling him one of the best in the game, He wondered why people aren't talking more about Colby Rasmus. He said a lot can change in the next 30-60 at bats for Lawrie. He said his splits suggest he will succeed. He thinks Colby Rasmus can be compared to Orioles outfielder Adam Jones aside from stolen bases and arm strengths. He says it’s a love/hate relationship but he plays excellent defense. He says advanced sabermetrics have a tough time judging Rasmus' defense. Hayhurst said Melky Cabrera should make Jays feel better about other players. He said fans had written him off. He said his success stems since having a tumour removed from his spine Hayhurst also doesn't think Dustin McGowan's leash is very long for the Blue Jays in the starting rotation. He questioned why he was pushed back a start to face the Orioles instead of the Astros. He also questioned why McGowan started the opener instead of a more experienced guy.

6:03pm Dan Shulman - ESPN Sunday Night Baseball Voice

Shulman began by talking about how busy his weekend was doing both the Final Four in Dallas and MLB in Los Angeles. On the Ryan Braun front, he said he wasn't surprised by the people in Milwaukee's embrace of his return. He says Barry Bonds was embraced for his journey and people normally embrace their own. He was impressed by Braun’s 3 homers but doesn't think a player can go from 40 plus homeruns to 4 after a suspension from steroids. Steroids can contribute but there's still natural talent involved. The Brewers have a great starting rotation and could be a good sleeper pick but it's a long season and there are a lot of teams who look good. Shulman thinks Boston won last year on a "nobody believes in us" inspiration, but wonders if that's changed. He also thinks the Jays should have signed someone for depth because if your number 4-5 guy wins even half of his games you're in a good position.

6:15pm Darren Dreger – TSN Hockey Insider

Dreger said Linden's comments regarding his GM search are curious. He said nobody leaps off the page as a candidate to be the Canucks GM. He said some want to link Jay Feaster, but he said that was unlikely. He said the dismissal of John Tortorella may be next. He said there is a trend developing among the owner and the GM, they won't be named President and also have a GM roll. Dreger said the brand has been damaged in Vancouver and Linden was hired to repair that. He said the Vancouver owners can manage however they want, he said however, if an owner is constantly meddling, it creates a tough situation for others in the front office. Dreger hasn't talked to Brendan Shanahan but said he seems to be keenly interested. He said Shanahan is very respectful. He said he wouldn't join Toronto unless Dave Nonis embraced it but said it's a possibility that Nonis won't even be there.

6:30pm Todd Gill - Head Coach Kingston Frontenacs

Gill spoke about his star forward Sam Bennett who is the highest scouted player in this years NHL draft. He thinks Bennett's ability and attitude are great. He's a kid who wants to win, but also has the talent to do it. Bennett's attitude is great and that's half the battle. Gill thinks the Doug Gilmour comparisons are bang on. Both players will do whatever it takes to win games. He can see Bennett in the NHL next year as a rookie if he hits the gym hard and gets bigger this summer.

April 8: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Dave and Dave Hodge are discuss the Mike Gillis firing and whether Trevor Linden is in line to become the next Canucks’ president with Bob McKenzie, Pierre LeBrun and Darren Dreger, and Jay Feaster joins the show to chat about whether he would be interested in reuniting with John Tortorella.


Hour 1:

Dave Naylor and co-host Dave Hodge are joined by TSN hockey insider Bob McKenzie, former GM Jay Feaster, and Team 1040 Drive host Barry MacDonald. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

Dave Naylor and Dave Hodge are joined by Hockey Insider Pierre LeBrun, Debora Patta discusses Oscar Pistorius, and Blue Jays reporter Scott MacArthur. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

Dave Naylor and Dave Hodge chat golf with ESPN analyst Mike Tirico, and are joined by hockey insider Darren Dreger. Hour 3 Audio


4:02pm Bob McKenzie – TSN Hockey Insider

McKenzie gave us the scoop on why the Canucks likely fired Mike Gillis and said there were a number of factors including the way he handled the goaltender situation with Schneider and Luongo plus some of the moves he has and hasn’t made of late. He said the Canucks season ticket renewals are due tomorrow and could be the reason a move was made today but it could also be because the Canucks are mathematically eliminated from the playoffs. McKenzie believes that Trevor Linden will be named President of the Canucks in the near future.

4:32pm Jay Feaster – Former Flames & Lightning General Manager

Feaster had some great thoughts on John Tortorella saying he is a very good coach and did a nice job with the Rangers. He ssaid he loves Torts and would enjoy working together with him again. Feaster admitted he wasn’t to be a GM in the NHL again but feels for Mike Gillis as he did a good job in Vancouver in his opinion. He also said the Canucks need some youth on their roster.

5:02pm - Pierre LeBrun, ESPN/ TSN/ RDS Hockey Insider

LeBrun heard it was an ultimatum - either Mike Gillis or Tortorella, but Gillis apparently was given other reasons. There are lots of empty seats in Vancouver this year and LeBrun thinks a rebuilding of the trust in the brand has to take place. The team was once one game away from the Stanley Cup and now look where they are. He thinks the roster has grown old and stale. They need to keep some of the core, but rebuild otherwise. LeBrun thinks Trevor Linden should be considered for the job as the Canucks President. He thinks Gillman should get a chance at the GM position. Ownership has already told Gillman he is staying on for now. He thinks the fact Tortorella was not fired means the new GM will work with Torts.

5:15pm - Deborra Patta, Foreign Correspondent for CBS in South Africa

Patta came on to talk about how emotional the Oscar Pistorius trial has been. Pistorius was a broken man and came completely undone at the trial today. She went on to explain the story Pistorius has given. She says he is clearly a man in torment. Says he even vomited in a bucket one day. She notes a key question to look at is if his girlfriend screamed when he shot her. If she did scream, why didn't he realize it was her? She also explains how there were strains in their relationship - for example, there were text messages saying she was scared of him. At this moment prosecution has a slight lead. There is a crime problem in South Africa. But nobody wanted to believe the story because Pistorius was a hero in the country.

5:32pm - Scott MacArthur, TSN 1050 Blue Jays Reporter

MacArthur talked about the inconsistency in the rotation. He hoped Buehrle gets the team off to a good start against Houston. Losing a series to Houston is a no-no. He says the Jays need to take advantage of weaker teams outside the division. He goes on to say Rasmus has not been great and John Gibbons is looking for players to get on-base and make contact. No AL East team is over .500 right now so it's still hard to predict. He knows it's early, but thinks it's helpful to sweep Houston. MacArthur thinks the team will need to be 20-games over .500 outside of the division to make the playoffs.

6:02pm - Mike Tirico, ESPN play-by-play voice of Masters/ NBA/ NFL

Tirico said the weather at Augusta looks better for the rest of the week. Monday's rain shouldn't affect the course in any way. His favourite thing about The Masters is the big moments. He believes there's a good chance you could have a first time winner this year because there are so many. He explained how it's been a long time since the field has been this open. A lot of first time winners have been winning tournaments lately so why not at The Masters. He then spoke about how Graham DeLaet got a recent vote of confidence from Vegas and it's not a fluke he's playing strongly. Tirico says he is a lover of sports, and if someone is keeping score, he wants to be watching it. He even threw in a Gustav Nyquist reference as he is a Red Wings fan.

6:15pm - Darren Dreger, TSN Hockey Insider

Dreger believes Trevor Linden will be hired as the president of the Vancouver Canucks' and then will be in charge of what to do. On the Leaf front he said that Tim Leiweke has to decide whether the Leafs are headed in the right direction or not. He thinks Dave Nonis has to assume he's under review and the Leafs' haven't helped themselves out, and looked embarrassing against Winnipeg.

Wednesday’s Show: Dan Shulman, Frank Nobilo – The Golf Channel, James Paxton – Mariners Pitcher

April 7: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Dave and Bruce Arthur chat with Bob McKenzie and Darren Dreger about whether Dave Nonis is prepared to tie his future to Randy Carlyle or cut the coach loose, and Todd Richards joins the guys to discuss his team’s playoff race for the final two spots in the Eastern Conference.


Hour 1:

Dave and Bruce discuss the Maple Leafs, while Matt Vasgersian joins the show to discuss the AL East. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

Bob McKenzie, David Ridpath, and Bob Harig join the show. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

Columbus coach Todd Richards, TSN hockey insider Darren Dreger, and TSN NCAA/NBA analyst Sam Mitchell join the show. Hour 3 Audio


4:45pm Matt Vasgersian – MLB Network Host

Vasgersian gave his thoughts on Masahiro Tanaka’s debut against the Blue Jays and believes the right-hander performed as advertised. He touched on the rest of the American League East and believes the Jays could compete for a division title if they get good starting pitching. He mentioned what the players were attempting to do to get Ervin Santana was great in the fans eyes and ended up making the team look bad when they didn’t sign him. He also said it’s hard to get a read on what Alex Anthopoulos is doing. He has a poker face and surprises many with his moves. Vasgersian dislikes the idea of seven inning games that was suggested by an MLB executive to ESPN but would like to see the schedule reduced from 162 games to 154 games.

5:00pm Bob McKenzie – TSN Hockey Insider

McKenzie spoke about Evander Kane’s situation in Winnipeg. He believes the Jets want to move forward with him and suggests everyone in their core group is committed to remaining with the organization. He said Dave Nonis has a difficult decision to make with Randy Carlyle. If he retains him it would effectively be the same as hiring a new coach because Carlyle would then be his guy and if the team struggles then the responsibility would fall on his shoulders. If they do make a coaching more, McKenzie suggests they don’t go crazy adjusting the roster as well.

5:15pm David Ridpath – Assistant Professor of Sports Admin at Ohio University

Ridpath spoke about the NCAA system and suggested athletes can change how the system works. He suggested the system has never been about education and suggests Canadian schools entering the NCAA could also pose the same problems for Canadian schools. He suggests sports that are not as popular as basketball and football could be regionalized, how money should be distributed, and more.

5:30pm Bob Harig – ESPN Golf

Harig provided his thoughts on Tiger Woods not participating in the Masters for time in 20 years. He discussed Graham Delaet’s previous back surgery and believes Wood’s recovery may not be as difficult as Delaet’s although they are similar. He said DeLaet is a long driver so that works well at Augusta. He discussed Phil Mickelson and Rory Mcllroy and said there are no clear cut favorites to win the tournament. He also touched on the poor weather which wiped out most of the players practice rounds.

6:00pm Todd Richards – Blue Jackets Head Coach

Blue Jackets’ Head Coach Todd Richards said the expectations have changed for his team this season after barely missing the playoffs last year. He provided his thoughts on the emergence of Ryan Johansen and sees a lot of Ryan Getzlaf in the 21-year old. He also discussed his club’s 4-3 loss to the Chicago Blackhawks in the final seconds on Friday and how they were able to respond against eth New York Islanders. He discussed how his team matched up with the Maple Leafs and suggested in their first meeting with the Leafs they might have caught Toronto at the right time. Richards said the Leafs are an exciting team and have a good future. He also spoke about his experience on being an Assistant Coach with Team USA at the Olympics and how he was able to apply some of the things he learned to his team.

6:15pm Darren Dreger – TSN Hockey Insider

Dreger spoke about Zac Rinaldo’s hit on Sabres defenseman Chad Ruhwedel and believes Brendan Shanahan responded accordingly. When asked about which NHL coaches could be on the hot seat, he said you have to look at future of Barry Trotz with the Nashville Predators and Dan Bylsma could be fired if the Penguins do not have a long playoff run? Is Randy Carlyle on his way out? Dreger believes Winnipeg will likely hold onto Paul Maurice and believes teams will be interested in hiring Carlyle if he is fired.

6:30pm Sam Mitchell – TSN NCAA/NBA Analyst

Mitchell provided his thoughts on why a No. 7 seed is facing a No. 8 seed in the NCAA Final. He does not believe that Kentucky’s perceived lack of experience will hurt them against Connecticut. He suggests UConn has enough of a presence inside to match up with Kentucky’s bigs and predicts a UConn win. Mitchell also touched on Jonas Valanciunas’ DUI saying he is young and made a mistake and will have to learn from it. Mitchell said drinking and driving is something that really disturbs him as a former friend and teammate died after bing hit by a drunk driver. If people who drink want to go out and wrap their car around a tree or pole that’s their business but when innocent people are affected it isn’t right.

Tuesday’s Show: Mike Tirico, Kyle Lowry

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