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July 12: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Filling in for Bryan, Mike Hogan and Jeff O'Neill chat with Leafs centre Tyler Bozak about his new contract and how he deals with criticism and New York Knicks forward Amare Stoudemire checks in to discuss the upcoming season and the addition of Andrea Bargnani.


Hour 1 (Leafs Lunch)

Mike Hogan and Jeff O'Neil host Leafs Lunch as they are joined by Vincent Lecavalier. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (Leafs Lunch)

Mike and Jeff are joined by Amare Stoudemire, and Tyler Bozak. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 1 (The Bryan Hayes Show)

Mike is joined by Ken Berger of CBS Sports to talk NBA and Stan Fischler of MSG to discuss Ilya Kovalchuk. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (The Bryan Hayes Show)

Bryan is joined Buffalo Bills wide reciever TJ Graham and Argos running back Chad Kackert. Hour 2 Audio


12:45pm - Vincent Lecavalier - Flyers Forward

Fresh off signing a five-year, $22.5 million contract with the Philadelphia Flyers, Lecavalier said it has been a very weird couple of weeks once the idea of not being on the Lightning became a reality. He said he chose the Flyers because of what he has heard about them including the Flyers' system and the way they run their franchise. They have a young core of talented players and he sees it as a good fit for him. When it came to making his decision, he took both hockey and his family life into account and he believes Philly is a great hockey market, as well as a great city to continue to raise his family. He still feels like he has a lot of game left, feels healthy, and despite sub-par numbers last season, LeCavalier still has a lot to offer. He said the Canadiens were also on his short list of teams prior to signing with the Flyers but it simply didn't progress as quickly as it did with Philly. He is happy in Philadelphia, and is extremely excited to play with players like Giroux, Voracek, and Wayne Simmons. He is still making decisions as to how to move his life and his family to the Northern US, and despite the move, he considers Tampa Bay his home, and will always keep his ties there.

1:20pm - Amare Stoudemire - Knicks Forward (IN STUDIO)

Stoudemire is in town to help coach the Canadian National Basketball team for the Maccabi Games in Israel, being friends with former Raps GM Glen Grunwald he was more than happy to help. He said his knees are just fine, he has had no work done on them this summer and he is thrilled to have Andrea Bargnani on his squad now as he is a pure shooter, and his toughness will only continue to improve. He has a great relationship with the city of New York as he loves the city and the city loves him. He loves the Nets being in Brooklyn because of the close rivalry between the teams. He talked about The Amare Stoudemire Foundation, which is based on healing poverty through education, which is a global philanthropy group and he hopes to reach out to underpriviledged children and families worldwide. Helping these charities has given him a feeling that he cannot describe, as he has changed the lives of several people, and built a lot of strong relationships. He is totally open to whatever the coaching staff comes up with in regards to keeping his knees healthy all season, whether it is scheduled days off, or different kinds of therapy. Stoudemire also joked about having Oprah's friend as his wedding planner for their reception a couple of weeks ago. Hogan also asked him if he would be getting a Maple Leaf tattoo now that he is helping to coach the Canadian team.

1:35pm - Tyler Bozak - Leafs Centre

After signing an extension with the Leafs last week, Bozak feels great about himself and his game and can't wait to get the season under way. He feels the team gained a lot of experience after last season and their 7-game series with the Bruins and only hopes they can build off it. He loves his current role of first line centre and while there are several fans and analysts around the league who don't feel he deserves those minutes, he is going to do everything he can to prove them wrong. On the addition of David Clarkson, he thinks it is great for the team, he has gotten better as a player each year he's been in the league and hopes it will only continue as he gets more minutes with another team. He feels the same way with David Bolland, being someone with a lot of grit, a lot of talent, and has the ability to get under opponent's skin. Bozak sees a great goaltender battle going on between James Reimer and former Kings backup Jonathon Bernier and they will push one another to perform at the top of their game.

2:15pm - Ken Berger - CBS Sports & NBA Insider

Talking about Andrea Bargnani, he sees the deal the Raptors made with the Knicks as a steal, as he has never lived up to his billing as a number one pick and still has a lot of flaws in his game that need to be fixed. The Knicks needed to explore their options and make moves that will help their team now, so while it was a risky trade, it is a worthwhile risk. Amare Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony have not played well together since they were both brought in and for the Knicks to do well this season, both will need to stay healthy all season. Moving on to the Raptors, people down in the United States don't realize that the Raptors are a financially successful team and while the product may not show it, they cannot be compared to struggling franchises like the Charlotte Bobcats, who can't even fill half of their seats. Berger finds it very strange that Dwight Howard left the Lakers for the Rockets, as he played only one season on a team that everyone wants to play for. But on the other hand, it isn't so surprising because Howard is different than other players, and needs to be judged differently.

2:35pm - Stan Fischler - MSG Network Hockey Analyst

While he sees Kovalchuk's abandonment as a big surprise, Fischler thinks it will work out very well in the long run for New Jersey, as he will not be 40 years old and playing under a $6.5 million cap hit. Fischler doesn't see the Devils having much trouble selling tickets this season despite the losses of Kovy, David Clarkson, and Zach Parise. They brought in Corey Schneider as a replacement for Martin Brodeur, still could sign veterans like Brendan Morrow or even Jaromir Jagr, and have several young talented prospects who could soon fill the void left by Kovalchuk. Stan says it won't be easy for the Devils, but they are a great organization, and have a fan-base who will always be committed to the team through thick and thin.

3:05pm - TJ Graham - Bills Wide Receiver (IN STUDIO)

Graham joined the show In Studio and spoke about his first career touchdown with the Bills last season, he said it was an incredible feeling to get the touchdown and hopes he can get several more. There have been a lot of growing pains for TJ as he becomes an adult and an NFL player. He said that during his rookie season there were several times he had to call his father for advice because there were a lot of things he didn't know how do do - mostly financial things. Graham says the toughest part of the game for him right now is the travel time, as it goes from feeling like a vacation, to feeling totally exhausted at the snap of a finger. He is excited to get to work under new coach Doug Marrone and despite not knowing a whole lot about him, he is excited to see what a college coach has in store for his Bills. He has two new quarterbacks throwing him the ball in Kevin Kolb and EJ Manuel. He has been able to throw with Kolb a few times this offseason and they are beginning to mesh and he also thinks EJ has the size and speed to be a successful QB in the NFL. Graha is also a big fan of racing, and has had the opportunity to drive around both Nascar and Indy tracks, something he will never forget. He mentioned he is pumped because he is heading to Canada's Wonderland after the show to hit the roller coasters. He loves speed.

3:35pm - Chad Kackert - Argos Running Back

Following the Argos loss to the Roughriders last night, Kackert still feels like the Argos have the best team in the league, just the Riders were a little better this time. At times they struggled against the Riders' defense and Kackert says they are going to face strong defenses all season He is thankful they get to spend the week practicing against their own defense. Leading up to their next game against the Blue Bombers, they are going to work on the things they struggled with against the Riders.

Next Week: PK Subban in Studio, Milos Raonic in Studio

July 11: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Bryan and Jeff O'Neill chat about the Leafs prospect camp and the David Clarkson/Wendel Clark comparisons and Dan Shulman checks in to chat Blue Jays and the latest in MLB's drug investigation.


Hour 1 (Leafs Lunch)

Bryan and Jeff are joined by the Toronto Sun's Lance Hornsby to talk Leaf prospect camp and David Clarkson. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (Leafs Lunch)

Bryan and Jeff chat about players making news at the Leafs prospect camp. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 1 (The Bryan Hayes Show)

Bryan is joined by USA Today's Bob Nightengale to discuss the latest news in MLB's biogenesis case. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (The Bryan Hayes Show)

Bryan is joined by ESPN's Dan Shulman to chat about possible upcoming suspensions in MLB and the Jays dropping another series in Cleveland. Hour 2 Audio


12:35pm - Lance Hornby - Toronto Sun

Hornsby discussed how things are going at Leafs prospect camp especially with Leafs Prospect Morgan Reilly. Hornby sees him having a legitimate shot at cracking the Season-opening Leafs roster. There will be growing pains and he will be a calculated risk no matter where they put him (Juniors or the Leafs). Moving on to the Leafs 1st Round selection Frederick Gauthier, Hornby sees a lot of potential but he will probably remain in Quebec with the QMJHL to start the season. Lance thinks the Leafs did a great job drafting this year, and they were able to find players that will help out in some way down the road.

2:15pm - Bob Nightengale - USA Today Baseball

With all the possible suspension rumours going around Major League Baseball most notably with Alex Rodriguez and Ryan Braun, Nightengale sees the Players Association being in a tough spot. He doesn't see anyone being suspended 100 games because the punishment does not fit the crime. He mentioned Melky Cabrera's 2012 suspension as a precedent, he got only 50 games for lying to everyone, a positive test, and even creating a fictitious website. None of the players in question (as far as we know) have done anything close to this. With regards to John Rocker's comments about steroids making the game more exciting, Nightengale thinks that while it's an ignorant thing to say, there is some truth to it. Baseball was struggling following the 1994 strike, and the Roger Maris home run record chases of the late-90s and early 2000s brought several fans back. Teams knew that their players were juicing when they signed them or traded for them and in some cases encouraged their players to do it because it wasn't illegal then.

3:05pm - Dan Shulman - ESPN Sunday Night Baseball

Shulman joined the show In Studio and began by talking about Chris Davis as he continues to hit a ton of home runs but he doesn't think as what it takes to reach the home run record. Which opened up the question of who holds the record? Dan believed that the record can be held by both Maris and Bonds, depending on the context you look at it in. Fans (and announcers) were a lot more naive back in the late 90s when steroids were not as well-known throughout baseball and Shulman thinks we might only have enjoyed those exciting baseball times because we didn't know what we know now. He also mentioned the side-effects to taking steroids, which includes death from kids in their teens, to adults trying to get an extra edge. Following Derek Jeter's return to the Yankees lineup this afternoon, Shulman said you can never count Jeter out. He dislocated his ankle twice, came back and has simply continued to produce throughout the past 18 seasons. Shulman said if he were to reach 4,000 hits (passing Hank Aaron's 3771), he would sit third all-time and be considered one of the best ever. He also talked about Hank Aaron and his classiness towards Bonds passing his all-time home run record, as he has never publicly criticized Bonds for his steroids implications.

Friday's Show: Vincent LeCavalier, Tyler Bozak, Amare Stoudemire (Knicks) In Studio, TJ Grant (Bills) In Studio

July 10: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Bryan and Jeff O'Neill chat with Tyler Seguin about his trade to the Dallas Stars and the recent controversy surrounding him and Richard Griffin checks in to discuss the Jays/Indians.


Hour 1 (Leafs Lunch)

Bryan and Jeff O'Neill discuss the latest news from around the NHL. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (Leafs Lunch)

Bryan and Jeff were joined by Tyler Seguin to discuss his trade to the Stars. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 1 (The Bryan Hayes Show)

Byran talks with Richard Griffin about the Blue Jays series versus the Indians. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (The Bryan Hayes Show)

Bryan is joined by IndyCar driver Ryan Hunter-Reay in studio, ESPN's Chris Broussard and CBS Sports' Clark Judge. Hour 2 Audio


1:05 pm – Tyler Seguin (Stars forward)

Seguin started off by agreeing that Hayes was a celebrity and said he would want a picture with him. He then talked about being drafted second overall and was ecstatic about being able to go back to his natural position at centre ice. Seguin discussed the Boston hockey market and how things got overwhelming at times in such a passionate city but added that there are many great advantages that come with being a professional hockey player. Seguin addressed the fact that his twitter account was hacked in addition to his iTunes account and personal email but he focused on addressing what happened and move on. Seguin talked about how the experience has forced him to be a bit more careful with what he does in the public eye. Seguin talked about enjoying his experience in Boston but is looking forward to his move to Dallas and hopefully working to make the playoffs. He talked about how he was both excited and nervous to take on the Leafs in the first round of the playoffs and though happy he won, felt the Leafs were great competition and a great team that he will always be a fan of. Seguin had only positive things to say about the Bruins organization and was obviously devastated at the end of game six losing on his home ice but congratulated the Chicago Blackhawks on their win.

2:35 pm – Richard Griffin (Toronto Star)

Griffin talked about Josh Johnson and how it would be difficult to see how the Jays at this point would be interested in locking him up long term. If they do, it will be maximum three years at ten million dollars a year. Griffin discussed how when Johnson becomes a free agent he could see the Jays, in order to get compensation, making a qualifying offer – which is the average salary of the top fifty contracts in baseball (12.5 million dollars last year) – and then take a chance that Johnson would go into next season with the attitude of a pending free agent and try to put up the best numbers he possibly can. Griffin suggested the Jays may want to give him another year to have a healthy season and then see what they can get out of that before looking to negotiate a long term contract especially after this season when his market value can't be that high. Griffin added that the Jays do not have anybody in the immediate pipeline to replace Josh Johnson and that giving him a long term contract could result in him feeling too comfortable and not performing at his highest level. Griffin talked about how the Jays have a three year window of opportunity to perform at playoff contention level and when things go astray in the first half of the first season you don't just abandon ship. Griffin discussed the best case scenario for the Blue Jays in the second half of the season would be Brett Lawrie coming back and starting to contribute offensively, good health throughout the line up, Brandon Morrow coming back and Josh Johnson turning things around. According to Griffin they need to get off on another ten game winning streak if they want to even have a hope of contending. Griffin felt that the third baseman position is a shallow talent pool and that Brett Lawrie is one of the best and therefore was highly against moving him to second base. Griffin talked about the drug use 100 games suspension and that he would not be shocked to find Melky Cabrera put back in that mix. Griffin added that even if he did sit out the fifty games this year it would not be detrimental to the team but they would miss him if he was not back for spring training.

3:05 pm – Ryan Hunter-Reay (Indycar Driver) IN STUDIO

Ryan Hunter-Reay was in studio and talked about being half Canadian and proud of Toronto. He also described Canadian fans as being "second to none." Hunter-Reay described the Toronto race track as being bumpy, fast, and promoting a lot of passing and a lot of anger. He felt the track produces great racing and is excited to get out there. Hunter-Reay discussed how weather greatly affects the race and considering Indy racing is a rain or shine event the cars are so dependant on aerodynamics, the racers are constantly monitoring the weather, so much so that a change in plus or minus ten degrees will change their entire setup. Hunter-Reay described himself being a pretty patient driver and following the speed limit and compared coming out of a racecar to coming out of a plane as just a totally different experience than driving a regular vehicle. Hunter-Ready talked about being very vocal with his pit crew and a lot of the conversation is about fuel because the racecar does not have a fuel gage so they have to constantly be updating him. Hunter-Reay described racecar driving as a team sport and explained how the people associated with the construction of the cars and the mid-race pit stops are invaluable to the success and safety of the driver. Hunter-Reay talked about how Indy car racing, with the exposed wheels and heads, evokes a kind of mutual respect between drivers but at the same time tempers are flaring and things get heated. Hunter-Reay talked about his reputation as being everything. He said you try and race guys the way they race you or their behaviour never changes. Hunter-Reay talked about being a Miami Dolphins fan since he was a little kid and how agonizing it has been since they have been so lousy. He also mentioned how he went to an Eskimo game and enjoys the CFL.

3:35 pm – Clark Judge (CBS Sports)

Judge discussed the Matthew Stafford signing as being a move the Detroit team had to make because it is very difficult to find a quarterback at his level these days, especially for a team that has been looking for a decent quarterback for a while. Judge added that he likes that Stafford is not up for the big bucks because if he performs, Detroit can build the team around him using that extra cap space. Judge talked about how Calvin Johnson and Matthew Stafford are both great players and that they have a chance now, especially with a great running back in Reggie Bush, to do amazing things this season. Judge talked about how the Chicago Bears built their team around QB Jake Cutler and in doing so they have made him the franchise player. Judge questioned Cutler's leadership skills and felt that this year will be a make or break year for him. Judge addressed Colin Kaepernick being caught at a party wearing a Dolphins hat and felt that the whole situation has been blown out of proportion and although it was bad judgment, he would be much more concerned about him getting five yards against the Baltimore Ravens. Judge attributed the magnitude of this story to being a testament of the fact that we're in early July and nothing is happening.

3:45 pm – Chris Broussard (ESPN)

Broussard talked about being surprised at the Lakers reaction to Dwight Howard choosing to go to Houston because he felt it was beneath them and that the Lakers themselves have done this to other teams, such as stealing Shaq from Orlando. Broussard felt that Howard had the right to do whatever he wanted to do and he may not have been comfortable wearing the Lakers uniform. Broussard described the Rockets as being a better team than the Lakers and the group of top seven contenders in the Western conference (San Antonio, Oklahoma City, Houston, Golden State, and the LA Clippers, with Denver and Memphis slightly below) are all better than the Lakers. According to Broussard he does not think Steve Nash has must left in him, but Pao Gasol and Kobe, if he is healthy, can maybe make them good enough to make the playoffs but they will also have to deal with an up and coming Dallas and New Orleans. Broussard talked about the Andrea Bargnani trade as being no gamble at all for the Knicks because of how little they had to give up for him, and if it works out they needed more offence and a guy who can stretch the floor. Broussard talked about not expecting great things from Bargnani but definitely as having the potential to average 16 points a game. Broussard talked about the Raptors and felt that they have a few young pieces (DeRozan & Valanciunas) who have the potential to do good things but felt that this is not going to be something where you snap your fingers and fix the team overnight. Broussard described Masai Ujiri as being one of the brightest young executive in the league and felt that the Raptors are in good hands.

Thursday's Show: Dan Shulman

July 9: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Bryan and Jeff O'Neill chat with Mike Komisarek about what went wrong in his time with the Leafs and UFC lightweight champion Jon Jones checks in to discuss headlining UFC 165 in Toronto.


Hour 1 (Leafs Lunch)

Bryan Hayes and Jeff O'Neill chat with former Leaf and current Hurricane, Mike Komisarek. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (Leafs Lunch)

Bryan Hayes and Jeff O'Neill talk NHL Hall of Fame induction and the Maple Leafs off season with Ray Ferraro. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 1 (The Bryan Hayes Show)

Byran talks with MMA fighter Jon Jones about UFC 165 in Toronto. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (The Bryan Hayes Show)

The Bryan Hayes Show covers the Hockey Hall of Fame announcement ceremony and chats with Jayson Stark about the Blue Jays and the All-Star game. Hour 2 Audio


12:35 pm – Mike Komisarek (Hurricanes Defenseman)

Komisarek talked about his choice to go to Carolina and how it made sense for a multitude of reasons including the fact that he feels as though there is less pressure down there, Carolina is a younger team and he has a close relationship with the head coach. Komisarek thought the buyout was a good thing for both sides and this way he can help Carolina down on the back end. Komisarek discussed the difficulty of dealing with the day to day commentary and the burden associated with coming to the Leafs with a big contract and the expectation to deliver. Komisarek talked about the pressure of being someone who has the ability to turn this team around and when you don't deliver immediately you get heat from the fans and those who you are one the ice with. Komisarek talked about regretting the fact he was not able to contribute as much as he was expected to, but that his time in Toronto was a learning experience and he is looking forward to having a fresh start in Toronto. Komisarek talked about going down to Carolina as having nothing to do with money but more so looking for a team with the right fit where he can contribute. Komisarek talked about the media presence and how what is said and written about you definitely has an impact on the coaches of teams you go play for and how especially in a market as harsh as professional sports you get put in a box and labeled and he talked about how difficult it can be to come out of that.

1:35 pm – Ray Ferraro (TSN Hockey Analyst)

Ferraro talked about the Hall of Fame Induction and he thinks it is almost impossible to predict what is going to happen as there is always some type of horse trading going on in the back. Ferraro stressed that the Hall of Fame is for the great, not for the good and that this first ballot, second ballot thing is ridiculous – either you're in, or you're out. Ferraro felt that Eric Lindros should be in and he remembered playing against Lindros and thinking he was totally unstoppable. Ferraro talked about there being players that have been inducted into the Hall of Fame that would unanimously be considered inappropriate for induction. Ferraro felt that there should not be the same number of guys inducted every year and this thing about voting people in from thirty years ago is bogus because how can you compare a player in the early 70s to a player today when the game has totally changed. Ferraro talked about how if championships are one of your top criteria for Hall of Fame induction then Murray Wilson would be in the Hall of Fame not Doug Wilson – winning can help your case, but it does not make your case. Ferraro addressed the fact that greatness is often in the eyes of the beholder but the Hall of Fame has become a total gray area and that because of this limiting induction to four guys per year does not make sense. Ferraro talked about liking the Maple Leaf's off season but said they are not complete yet and could really use someone a little more skilled in the mix. Ferraro added that 7 years is crazy for David Clarkson and they may have to replace Grabovski. According to Ferraro, the Leafs are every bit as good as they were at the end of last year and the team is built on Randy Carlyle's image. He also talked about how without cap room it is hard to address the fact that the Leafs do not have a number one centre and without a number one centre it is tough to be an above-average skill team.

2:35 pm – Jon Jones (UFC Light Heavyweight Champ)

Jones talked about his manager wanting him to feel like he is the pound for pound king but he honestly feels that he has had this handed to him so he has a lot more to prove. Jones talked about competitor Alexander Gustafsson as being a great boxer and strong competitior. Jones talked about approaching every fight with the mentality of just wanting to finish the fight and stay focused and disciplined. Jones talked about there being nothing more embarrassing than being knocked out on television and getting in a cage with your shirt off in front of millions of people takes "kahunas" and that is why there are only two hundred of them. Jones talked about having two brothers who are also professional athletes helps him keep focused and show him the ropes. His brother Chandler plays for the New England Patriots and when asked if they have talked about Aaron Hernandez he said they haven't but mentioned that it is sad to see someone throw everything away at a young age like that.

3:00 pm – Hockey Hall of Fame Inductee Announcement

Elected to the Hall of Fame in chronological order are: Chris Chelios, Scott Niedermayer, and Brendan Shanahan. The fourth player inducted was female player Geraldine Heaney and in the builder category former head coach Fred Shero who passed away in 1990.

3:17 pm – James Duthie (TSN Hockey Host)

Duthie is not shocked by the choice of players inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame and felt that they are all absolutely worthy inductees but Eric Lindros should definitely be inducted. Duthie talked about the importance of putting aside the last eight years of Lindros' career when it was just one injury after another because for 5-6 years he was the most dominant player in the National Hockey League and that is what makes you a Hall of Famer. Duthie talked about how if Sidney Crosby never played another game he still deserves to be an NHL Hall of Famer. Duthie talked about how both Sidney Crobsy and Eric Lindros lived up to the hype that was created for them. Duthie talked about Phil Housley who, if he gets inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame, it would be because of longevity and was able to rack up so many points after such a long amount of time.

3:35 pm – Jason Stark (ESPN Baseball)

Stark talked about the American League All-Star team as being so confusing to him and how the final vote ballot in the American league makes no sense. Stark talked about being told this game counts for the team with home field advantage and they have won every game 7 of every World Series since 1979 so he understands what Jim Leyland is doing, but he did not think this was the intent of the final man vote. According to Stark, the All-Star Games have come a long way since Barry Bonds came to the game in a limo in the middle of the third inning but that the least they could do to get more fans interested who be to let the best players play the full 9 innings. Stark talked about how the Angels and Dodgers have played a lot better and with seventy games to go we are at this stage of the season where this is no longer about who is the biggest disappointment but about who is alive and who is not alive – who is buying and who is selling. Stark talked about how if Chris Davis hits 62 home runs it would be an American League Record but he was very weary of being skeptical that Davis must have been cheating. According to Stark, Davis has learned to control his swing, used the whole field and let the ball travel and there are a lot of reasons why he has been hitting as well. Stark blamed Babe Ruth for the fact that baseball seems like the only sport in which steroids is always a part of the conversation.

Wednesday's Show: Ryan Hunter-Reay (in Studio)

July 8: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Bryan and Jeff O'Neill chat with Bobby Ryan following his trade to the Senators and are joined by Arash Markazi of ESPN LA.com to discuss the reasoning behind Dwight Howard's move from L.A. to Houston.


Hour 1 (Leafs Lunch)

The guys chat with Bobby Ryan, the newest member of the Ottawa Senators and talk some hockey. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (Leafs Lunch)

The guys talked with Kevin Allen of USA Today about Tyler Seguin making headlines of the wrong kind and other NHL news. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 1 (The Bryan Hayes Show)

Bryan talks to Matt Vasgersian of MLB Network and does "the wire" with Andrea. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (The Bryan Hayes Show)

Bryan is joined by Arash Markazi of ESPN LA.com & Dave Zirin of Edge of Sports Hour 2 Audio


12:15pm – Bobby Ryan (Senators Forward)

Ryan talked about getting the call from Ottawa and was asked if he can get up at 6am and get on a flight to Ottawa, which he jokes about because there aren't a lot of flights leaving from Wyoming where he lives so they couldn't make that happen. Ryan said that he actually lives right along the border in Idaho but that the closest city is in Wyoming. He went on to talk about how the lifestyle is much different from LA and that's why he settled in Idaho so that they get a little bit of a change during the off-season. O'Neill makes a joke about trading in his surf board for a snowmobile because he's moving to Canada and Ryan laughs and goes on to say how it's going to be different in Ottawa but explains how he played in Owen Sound so he'll be used to the weather and said he can't wait to play with the Sens and it will be a much nicer fit for him. Hayes asked Ryan about replacing Alfredsson and Ryan says that he doesn't think that will ever happen but said it was a big transition day for the organization and it seems like the city has turned around from it. Ryan hopes he can jump in and play with Spezza who he feels will be the new leader after Alfredsson's departure. Ryan talked about the difficulty of playing last year with all the trade rumors involving him, especially around trade deadline time and how it can be tougher to produce. He said that this trade may be a blessing in disguise and hopefully he can come in and be a part of something special with the team. Ryan also said he expects mayhem from playing in Ottawa and he's excited to be a part of some great rivalries with the Leafs and Habs and that he's really looking forward to starting the season in Ottawa.

1:05pm – Kevin Allen (USA Today)

Allen started off by talking about how life hasn't gone well for Tyler Sequin over the past 2 or 3 months after signing a deal with the Bruins, scoring a few goals and making it look like he's going to be the player that everyone in Boston thought he'd be last season, but this year it seemed like the Bruins gave up on him. Allen goes on to talk about how he was demoted to third line in the playoffs and now getting traded. He continued to say that Seguin is only 21 years old and no one wants to be held accountable for what they did when they were21, but he said that there is a level of professionalism that's expected by all players in the NHL and he hasn't done it. Allen also said he doesn't believe that Sequin's twitter was hacked, but for the Stars the hope his that he matures and that nothing like that will happen again. Allen said he was surprised that no one, especially Seguin's agent, didn't pulled him aside to tell him to shut down his Twitter earlier. Hayes proposes that idea that maybe because of his talent and possible upside to a team, Seguin was a given a chance to go play for another organization rather than just being shipped away to the AHL. Allen agreed with Hayes and talked about how a few years ago the same thing was happening with Carter and Richards with the Flyers but they got moved to LA, win a cup and now people don't talk about their off ice issues anymore. Allen goes on to talk about the Stars GM Jim Nill and he praises what he's done with Dallas and how aggressive he's been. They went from a team with no centres and now they have Sequin, Peverley, and Horcoff, all of which bring a different element to the team. Kevin then talked about the whole Alfredsson situation in Ottawa and how it still doesn't seem right to him. He goes on to say that he thinks no one would have ever suspected this because he was supposed to be an Ottawa Senator forever. Allen also explained that Alfredsson's reason for moving was to give him a better chance to win the Stanley Cup, but Kevin thinks that Detroit, although a great team, they are not like the Penguins, Bruins or Blackhawks and he thinks that maybe there is more to it, maybe Ottawa offended Alfredsson in some way. Allen does think that Detroit will be a good system for Alfie. The guys touched on the Grabovski buyout and where he goes next and Allen thinks that he won't have to go to the KHL because they are probably teams that could use him around the NHL. Hayes asks about the Leafs off-season and Allen says that he does like what they've done with the Bernier pickup and also said he likes the Clarkson signing to bring a little more toughness and grit with some scoring ability.

2:15pm – Matt Vasgersian (MLB Network)

The interview started with a sound bite from one of Vasgersian's calls during a Brewer's game in the late 90's and Matt joked around by saying that he felt that no one was watching so sometimes you have to just entertain yourself. He joked that sometimes you have to try the stuff that's going to hurt your career from going any further, which would be his case. Hayes asks Vasgersian about Bob Uecker and Matt said that even though they were both in the baseball broadcast business, they didn't talk too much about baseball but he was more interested in picking Uecker's brain on other things unrelated to baseball and calling games. He continues to praise Uecker, by saying he was one of Johnny Carson's favourite guys to bring on the Tonight Show. Vasgersian says that his favourite baseball movie is the original Bad News Bears. He goes on to say it was great because they didn't try to portray true Major League Baseball and they portrayed the kids in a different light. Matt then gets into movies that he doesn't like, (ie Angels in the Outfield) and joked about Tony Danza being cast as the starting pitcher and other terrible mistakes in the movie. Hayes and Vasgersian get into the MLB All-Star Game and the players who were voted in. Vasgersian explains he can't believe some of the names that didn't get into the game like Grant Balfour and Josh Donaldson. Vasgersian talks about the muddy area that is the All-Star Game because it actually means something towards the World Series, but the fans choose who is going to play and he says that it should only be one or the other. He does say though that the MLB All-Star Game than NFL, NBA and NHL. Vasgersian says even though Trout and Harper are great young players, that Machado is the best young player in the MLB right now, and is better long term equipped with the situation he is in with Baltimore. Vasgersian moved on to talk about Manny Ramirez amd that he might be able to play but the he doesn't think he will contribute and Ramirez is everything that the MLB wants to get away from with their players because of his antics, being a bad teammate and testing positive for PED's twice. He finished up by saying he wouldn't have picked Ramirez up if he was a GM and that it's a bad move.

2:35pm – Kevin Iole (Yahoo Sports)

Hayes asked Iole about what he though of Anderson Silva's performance on UFC 162. Iole explains he thinks it was disgraceful to the UFC, Dana White and the fans. Iole goes on to say that he thinks Silva could have actually won the fight the way it was going but he fooled around and paid the price for it. Kevin explainsed that he thinks it was disrespectful to Dana White and the fans because tickets for the events are very expensive and the PPV is also expensive, so he was essentially depriving the fans. Iole does say that Silva was trying to goat Weidman into a stand-up fight because Weidman has a great ground game, but he says that Silva went about his strategy terribly. Hayes asked Iole about the talks of the UFC being fixed and he said it's crazy to think the UFC is fixed even though Silva brought that on himself by messing around and not fighting. Iole continues to say that he doesn't think that the UFC is susceptible to a fix because it's a tough thing to ask people to do because you can go to jail and that there's not enough money in it for them from a fighters and betting stand point. Hayes asks what Iole thinks Dana White and the UFC does to prepare them self for the potential of fixing fights. Kevin answers by saying he thinks they don't worry about it too much and he doesn't think it's an issue. Hayes asked about the "Super Fight" and Iole thinks the only super fight will be a rematch between Weidman and Silva and it will be the biggest fight in UFC history. Iole explained that even though Silva was saying he doesn't want to fight for the belt anymore, he thinks that after he takes some time to recoup from being knocked out and losing the belt, he'll want the rematch and another shot at the title.

3:05pm – Arash Markazi (ESPN LA.com)

Markazi started by talking about the fans reaction from Howard leaving the Lakers after a year. He said a lot of people were happy about his departure because they didn't like the way that he handled the situation and when the fans saw that Howard was willing to take less money to go to Houston, the fans seemed to happy that he's gone. Markazi talked about how he doesn't think Howard is comfortable with the lime light and all the pressure of being one of the best centres of all time and he just wants to have fun and play but of course he does want to win. Arash explained that it seemed that Howard wasn't ready for the kind of pressure from the media and the fans wanting him to be one of the greats. Markazi does say that Howard would have stayed with the Lakers if Phil Jackson was named the new coach, but using that as the excuse to leave is a bit of a cop out. Markazi does think that the Lakers will still make the playoffs even with Kobe coming back from a serious injury and Nash being old and unreliable, and maybe the ideal thing would be for the Lakers to bottom out but that it would be tough to tell those players to not play hard to get good draft picks. Arash does say that next year a lot of these contracts are up and then maybe the go after the LeBron's and Carmelo's of the league to bring that franchise back to what it's been in the past.

3:35pm – Dave Zirin (Edge of Sports)

Zirin called into the show from a beach in Long Island and joked about a large couple beside him drinking a lot of cheap beer and said about the man is definitely a Phillies fan because he has a tattoo of Mike Schmidt's face. Zirin gets into the report by the NFL about not allowing academically eligible players to compete in the NFL combine. He first said you have to laugh, because there is no way that the NFL would ever be able to get away with it, but on the other hand from a PR stand point and the NFL's further effort to tie themselves to the NCAA, it's a good move, which Zirin thinks is ridiculous. Zirin went on to explain how it is bogus that the NCAA and NFL are non-profit organizations, however they get away with it by telling capital hill they are trying to do things for the greater good. On Seguin's twitter "hack:, Zirin explainsed that Twitter is like fire, you give it the right people it's great; you give it to the wrong people its terrible. He said social media is a tool and some athletes have done a lot of good with Twitter. Zirin uses the example of Kobe Bryant with getting his followers to not use gay slurs.. Hayes quickly brings up Anthony Weiner and his scandal trying to run for Mayor and Zirin joked to say that if your last name is Weiner you always have to think twice about anything that involves "Mr. Happy." Zirin then seriously does say that the Weiner's case is bad because he would have been a great candidate but mistakes on social media hurt him and can hurt anyone with media attention. Zirin then made another joke about Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and his social media scandal.

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