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November 29: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Bob and Matt are joined by Jonas Siegel to chat about the difficulty Randy Carlyle is having at getting the Leafs to alter their style of play and Steve Simmons checks in to discuss this Sunday’s Bills/Falcons matchup in Toronto.


Hour 1:

Macko and Cauz were joined by Jonas Siegel. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

Macko and Cauz were joined by Jay Fiedler and Steve Simmons. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

Macko and Cauz were joined by Michael Landsberg for the fastest half hour in sports and Gabe Kapler. Hour 3 Audio


9:15 - Jonas Siegel, TSN 1050 Leafs Reporter

Randy Carlyle wants his team to play more of a smash mouth style, and this isn’t a team that’s favoured that style to this point. The Leafs need to buy into the approach that Carlyle wants, and last year, they seemed to look like a different team geared more towards the style that he wants them to play.

10:00 - Steve Simmons, Sunmedia, the Reporters

If there is ever a Toronto NFL team, it will become the #2 franchise in the city. There’s a real place for a 2nd strong franchise, and the reason people have never gotten into the Bills in Toronto thing, when a team is yours, it takes on a whole different sphere.

10:30 - Jay Fiedler, Longtime NFL QB

Ricky Williams is an eccentric fellow, but when it came time to getting on the field, he was as professional as anyone in the league. He was always ready, and that’s what the players care about most. Tom Brady had some odd audibles on Sunday night, calling out “Linda, Linda, Cougar, Cougar”, in reference to Bill Belichick’s girlfriend. Fiedler remembers a lot of instances in which the team used inside jokes for audibles when he was with the Jets.

11:00 - Michael Landsberg, Host of Off The Record:

Doesn’t see Nikolai Kulemin as even an average NHL player anymore. They also did a Hannukah trivia contest, which Landsberg dominated!

11:30 - Gabe Kapler, Longtime MLB Outfielder, FOX Sports 1 MLB Analyst:

Is a close friend of Ryan Braun, and he’s doing the best he can to repair his image. Ultimately, he’s going to need to tell a story to people that resonates as the truth. He’ll need to answer questions about what happened, and he’ll step up to the plate at the right time. Bryce Harper and Brett Lawrie are guys with insane amounts of talent, but have seemingly been hampered by their attitude.

November 28: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Bob and Matt chat with Dave Feschuk and Mike Halford about the Leafs’ third period collapse versus the Penguins last night and discuss why the team doesn’t seem to be buying into what Randy Carlyle and Toronto’s coaching staff is preaching.


Hour 1:

Bob and Matt are joined by The Toronto Star's Dave Feschuk.

Hour 2:

Bob and Matt are joined by The Toronto Sun's John Kryk and Longtime NHLer Jay McKee.

Hour 3:

Bob and Matt are joined by Longtime NFL WR, WBAL Ravens Analyst Qadry Ismail and Pro Hockey Talk's Mike Halford.


9:15 - Dave Feschuk, Toronto Star:

Can a Ron Wilson type, offensive minded, gambling and skating, be coached by a grinding, cycling, Western Conference style coach like Randy Carlyle? It’s not looking so promising at this point. Last night’s loss was reminiscent of Game 7.

10:00 - John Kryk, Toronto Sun:

If Dallas unravels, how can Jerry Jones possibly bring back Jason Garrett? This is a team that continually has amongst the best talent in the league, but can't seem to get over the hump.

10:30 - Jay McKee, Longtime NHLer, 802 Games w/ the Sabres, Blues and Penguins

Goalies are a different breed, and a guy like Dominik Hasek, he’s really intense, and he’s a guy that always wanted to win, no matter if it was in practice or in a game. When your team collapses, you learn how to cope with struggles, and that’s exactly what the Leafs are going to have to accomplish in the coming days and weeks. Was approached about the NHL lawsuit, but didn’t feel it to be appropriate to become involved with it.

11:00 - Qadry Ismail, Longtime NFL WR, WBAL Ravens Analyst

The way in which RGIII has carried himself this year has made him kind of a scapegoat for the Redskins poor play all season, and now with his Dad going into the locker room; it just adds more intrigue to the situation.

11:30 - Mike Halford, Pro Hockey Talk

The Leafs struggles seem to be due to their inability to play to the style that Randy Carlyle has encouraged, and it’s going to be a consistent theme throughout the season.

November 27: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Bob and Matt break down tonight's Leafs/Penguins matchup and discuss the imppact of Joffrey Lupul's injury with James Mirtle and Mark Madden.


9:15 - James Mirtle, Globe and Mail

The Leafs are running into a slew of injuries at the worst possible time, considering the tough schedule they have coming up. Joffrey Lupul has played in only 57% of games in the last 5 years, and it’s obvious that he’s not prone to good health. How much of that is bad luck? It’s hard to say. Phaneuf’s deal will probably get done, and if the Leafs can get the cap hit under 7M, that’d be ideal on their end.

10:30 - Mark Madden, WXDX Pittsburgh

Some fans around Pittsburgh are wondering if the “Dan Bylsma era” should have come to an end at the conclusion of last season. Kris Letang & Evgeni Malkin have really struggled this year & the team seems to be lacking that “veteran presence” that Bill Guerin provided during the 2009 Stanley Cup Championship. Pittsburgh may benefit from a “tough love coach” & management should be disgusted with the fact that they haven’t been back to the finals since 2009. Did the Penguins make a mistake by deciding to keep both Letang/Malkin, instead of trading one player for a bevy of prospects/picks? The Maple Leafs should present a tough match up for the Penguins tonight because of their speed & could potentially "make some noise" if they can figure out a way to finally win a playoff round....

November 26: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Bob and Matt break down the NHL’s concussion lawsuit with former NHLer Andy McDonald and Jets wide receiver David Nelson checks in to discuss the team’s playoff chances and Geno Smith’s up-and-down season.


Hour 1:

Bob and Matt are joined by former NHLer Andy McDonald.

Hour 2:

Bob and Matt are joined by ESPN's Linda Cohn and Matt Williamson of ESPN’s Football Today Podcast.

Hour 3:

Bob and Matt are joined by New York Jets Wide Receiver David Nelson.


9:30 - Andy McDonald, Former NHLer

Not surprised at al by the concussion lawsuit. Wouldn’t say he was misinformed but more not informed at all. Everything he learned about concussions he learned on his own time by going to see doctors. The standard to have concussed players taken out of the game and put into a quiet room to be evaluated by a doctor had been proven effective in 2001 but took the NHL 10 years to adopt. He would join in a similar lawsuit to this one in the future if he were given the opportunity.

10:00 - Linda Cohn, ESPN

The Rangers are indeed struggling early on, but you can’t rush to judgment too quickly with a team only 20 games in. Sidney Crosby was not great last night, he looked lost on the GWG by Krug, and had what basically equated to an own goal early on in the game.

10:30 - Matt Williamson, ESPN’s Football Today Podcast

The protection for the Redskins last night was horrible, and that contributed to the struggles of RGIII. What really went wrong last night for the Skins was going away from Alfred Morris, he’s their rock and gets their offence going. You’d think that Mike Shanahan would be able to make the adjustments required, but he really hasn’t been able to do it this season. The Colts have been really bad recently, and if Luck doesn’t have a great game, they just don’t have enough. Their running game is porous, and since Reggie Wayne went down.

11:00 - David Nelson, New York Jets Wide Receiver

Playing in the cold brings a whole new dimension to the game, and you really need to get used to getting hit and getting tackled, and learning to play in those elements is very important. You can learn how to play in the cold, but for a team like New Orleans or Indianapolis, they’re not accustomed to that, so there are advantages to be had for cold weather teams. He did approach Geno Smith last week to provide him encouragement, and the team realizes that the issues with the Jets go beyond just their QB. Mark Sanchez and his cornrows are no more, as it was a one-day thing for a bet that he lost.

November 25: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Bob and Matt break down the Patriots dramatic comeback win over the Broncos last night with Mike Giardi and Darren Pang checks in to discuss James Reimer’s 49-save performance Saturday night versus the Capitals.


Hour 1:

Bob and Matt are joined by Tim Wharnsby of HNIC and discuss a wild NFL Sunday nighter. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

Bob and Matt are joined by James Duthie - NHL on TSN, Mike Giardi - Comcast Sportsnet Boston. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

Bob and Matt are joined by Michael Landsberg & Darren Pang to talk Leafs goaltending. Hour 3 Audio

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