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July 17: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Filling in for Bryan, Gareth Wheeler along with Jamie chat with Cathal Kelly about his interview with Tim Leiweke and Milos Raonic joins the show to talk about the tennis season thus far and his upcoming event in Montreal.


Hour 1 (Leafs Lunch)

Gareth and Jamie chat with Cathal Kelly of the Toronto Star about Tim Leiweke's vision for the Maple Leafs. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (Leafs Lunch)

Cabbie calls Gareth and Jamie live from the ESPY's in LA. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 1 (The Bryan Hayes Show)

Gareth is joined by Deaflympics coach Joel Mrakon and Bob Weeks checks in to preview the British Open. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (The Bryan Hayes Show)

Gareth chats with Milos Raonic and ESPN's Michael Smith. Hour 2 Audio


12:30 pm – Cathal Kelly – Toronto Star (@CathalKelly)

Cathal Kelly described Tim Leiweke as having boundless faith in himself and that there is really something special about the guy. According to Kelly, Leiweke's vision is a combination of confidence and arrogance. Kelly felt that Leiweke was trying to burn all bridges to the past and make himself the hero – if everything that happens from here forward is a success, it's because of him; but by the same token if everything fails, it's also on him. Kelly described Brian Burke as a "bombastic person", but felt that Leiweke is a much more calculated person. According to Kelly, Leiweke knows exactly what he is doing. Kelly talked about Leiweke's previous actions as being the result of approaching the job as if he owns NLSE. Kelly talked about being surprised by Leiweke's complete bashing of the way things have been done in the franchise, but felt that Leiweke's harsh words were a deliberate attempt to burn past bridges in order to set in motion a much larger plan. Kelly did no want to be an apologist for Tim Leiweke's actions, but felt that his actions are trying to force the players themselves to make things happen. Kelly felt that Leiweke does not have a fallback plan and that he is going into this with an 'all in' mentality. Kelly finished his interview feeling that if there is any man to do the job, it is Tim Leiweke.

1:30 pm – Cabbie Richards (@TheRealCabbie)

Cabbie Richards talked about loving being in L.A. (especially the women). Richards talked a little bit about hoping to bring some new flavour to the ESPY awards, which he is very excited about co-hosting with Aliya-Jasmine Sovani.

2:00 pm – Bob Weeks – Score Golf (@BobAtScoreGolf)

Bob Weeks talked about The Open Championship being held at Muirfield, a male-only golf course, and that things haven't changed because things move very slowly with golf clubs that have been around for something like 250 years. Weeks talked about the golf course playing hard and fast because of the lack of rain. Weeks suspected that if the wind conditions are pretty calm we will probably see some nasty tin placements to try and keep the scores a little higher. Weeks talked about the importance of keeping it on the green and the fairway advantage. Weeks felt that he would not be shocked if we see some surprise contenders. Weeks felt that after Rory McIlroy's response to Nick Faldo's comments, he definitely has something to prove. Weeks talked about how this year has been a struggle for McIlroy to perform consistently. According to Weeks, Tiger Woods is probably a bit rusty after his elbow injury but in terms of what he has done over the year he is in a good spot right now. Weeks felt that it was fair for fans to only be impressed with Tiger's performance when he wins Majors because Tiger himself is only happy when he wins Majors. Weeks talked about Phil Mickelson as having a half-decent year but struggling when it comes to Links golf courses. Weeks talked about Graham DeLaet as being very comfortable on the golf course and as having a heck of a year. Weeks said he would not be surprised if Delaet came out on Thursday as a serious contender.

2:30 pm – Joel Mrak

Joel Mrak talked about the Deaflympics as being an event that does not get the coverage that most sports events receive, but has been around every four years since 1924. Mrak discussed how in this year's Deaflympics there will be approximately 30 Canadian athletes, and an additional 15-20 support staff and coaches. Mrak talked about how athletes compete in a variety of sports, including beach volleyball, bowling, judo, swimming and indoor volleyball on the women's side. According to Mrak the athletes are quite high level performers, with 7 out of his 11 players being Division 3 athletes. Mrak talked about the challenges associated with coaching those who are hearing impaired and talked about the help of exceptional interpreters as being critical in their ability to communicate effectively, so much so that he no longer sees them as deaf. Mrak described the way the women play and that it involves a lot of hand movements and being able to feel the people around them. Mrak talked about the challenges associated with funding but felt the organization has a lot of support. Mrak suggested following the women's volleyball team on twitter at @JoelMrak to stay up to date on their games.

3:00 pm – Milos Raonic – Canadian Tennis Star (@MilosRaonic)

Milos Raonic talked about always being on the road and being lucky if he spends as few as thirty days at home. Raonic talked about Thornhill, Ontario as being a hot-bed for emerging Canadian athletes and about developing a relationship with some of these emerging athletes, such as NHLer P.K. Subban. Raonic talked about the Milos Raonic Foundation helping create an exercise centre for kids with prosthetic limbs, and to go to milosraonicofficial.com to check out more. Raonic felt that his career is at a great place, especially with his career high ranking at 13th place, but added that progress and development is crucial for growth. Raonic talked about his decision to change coaches as a professional decision that stemmed from his wanting to hear a new voice and play more aggressively. Raonic talked about the difficulty switching coaches, especially when his old coach was a very close friend, but felt it was a necessary move. Raonic talked about tennis largely being a mental game and the importance of being confident in yourself and your ability to perform. Raonic talked about sympathizing with Murray, and the pressure on Murray to perform. Raonic felt like Murray's win has taken the "monkey off his back" and was a big thing for British tennis. Raonic talked about being frustrated with his own performance at Wimbledon and felt that he did not play up to his ability. Raonic ended by reminding us that when you have a bad performance you need to take a step back and remember how small it is in the big picture.

3:30 pm – Michael Smith – ESPN Personality (@MichaelSmith)

Michael Smith talked about the Los Angeles Lakers as still being able to be relatively competitive this year, and the team has enough not to tank. Smith felt that with Pau Gasol, Steve Nash and Chris Kaman they should try and compete and focus on free agency in 2014. According to Smith the Celtics should definitely tank because they would be better off getting a top draft choice. According to Smith, the accusations against Johnny Manziel are much to do about nothing, specifically misadventures on twitter. Smith felt that the hypocrisy with this is that college football has gotten so big, and this kid is practically an overnight sensation being the first freshman to win the Heisman, and has made tons of money for college football without getting paid a dime. According to Smith, if these players are going to be forced to act like professional athletes, they should get paid like professional athletes. According to Smith, the Trayvon Martin case was a microcosm of issues that have haunted the United States for centuries, and that the athletes that tweeted about it were simply trying to express an emotional frustration. Smith talked about how we ask our athletes to speak out and be about more than about just a cheque, but when they do express their opinions we tell them to shut up and play football. Smith added that there is definitely a line athletes can cross, and that being a professional figure you have to be mindful that there will be repercussions.

July 16: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Filling in for Bryan, Gareth Wheeler and Jamie discuss Tim Leiweke's bold comments and are joined by P.K. Subban in studio to talk about his Norris Trophy-winning season and dealing with his critics.


Hour 1 (Leafs Lunch)

Gareth Wheeler and Jamie McLennan interview Soo Greyhounds GM Kyle Dubas. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (Leafs Lunch)

Gareth Wheeler and Jamie McLennan chat with TH2N Stats Guy Mike Kelly. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 1 (The Bryan Hayes Show)

Gareth Wheeler chats with the Toronto Sun's Mike Ganter about Tim Leiweke's comments and are joined by Andrew Stoeten to talk Blue Jays. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (The Bryan Hayes Show)

Gareth Wheeler chats with PK + Karl Subban and Kristian Jack. Hour 2 Audio


12:30 PM – Kyle Dubas – GM Soo Greyhounds

The 27-year-old GM of the OHL Soo Greyhounds called in after signing a two year contract extension with the team. He said that last season was a difficult year, especially with missing the Playoffs and having 9 NHL drafted players on their team who looked to go pro. He spoke about the strength and conditioning program, which he hopes can establish a precedent for players to come to the hockey mad Soo and learn what it takes to become a true professional. Given that Kyle is so young, and isn't much older than some of the players on his team, he said that his experience as a player agent prior to returning to the Soo was "invaluable," and has helped him earn respect from players who were twenty when he was twenty-five. Dubas said that regardless of the size of the market for an OHL team, smaller market teams are not at a disadvantage compared to larger market teams like London because as long as an established program involving proper skills development and conditioning exists, that team can be successful in its smaller market. Moreover, Dubas stated that analytically advanced statistics aren't the be all and end all, but can help discover inefficiencies, which are useful in helping him construct a team that he wants to revolve around puck possession. Lastly, Dubas praised the recent draft pick of the Edmonton Oilers, Darnell Nurse, and said that they are getting a very intelligent player both on and off the ice that is only beginning to tap into his potential.

1:30 PM – Mike Kelly – TH2N Stats Guy

Kelly and Gareth along with Jamie spoke about Tim Leiweke's bold comments, which indicated that Leiweke believes that the Toronto Maple Leafs are emerging contenders in the Eastern Conference. Mike said that he believes that the Leafs are an "above average" team, but said that they are still not up there with the elite teams of the NHL. Kelly drew a parallel from the Leafs to the Blue Jays, who were touted to be World Series contenders, yet that was only speculated as long as everything worked out and players fulfilled their potential. According to Kelly, the same thing applies to the Leafs in order to contend considering their recent acquisitions through trades and free agency. The three spoke about Detroit's move from the Western Conference to the Eastern Conference, saying that this could shake up the East because Detroit will make the Playoffs again, and said that a 7 % less chance exists for teams to make the Playoffs next season with Detroit's realignment. With analytics becoming more widely used in professional sports, Kelly praised their utilization and "collaboration with the other ways of assessing a team," yet still said the traditional methods of scouting should not be betrayed completely in favour of analytics. Both Jamie and Mike cautioned against those who strictly use statistics and ignore what you observe with your eyes, saying that a combination of the two is best, instead of using stats to form an entire opinion.

2:00 PM – Mike Ganter – Toronto Sun

Mike Ganter called in from Las Vegas where he is covering the Toronto Raptors who are participating in the NBA's Summer League. Ganter spoke about Leiweke's audacity for being public with his opinions of MLSE's staff, especially Bryan Colangelo, saying that it was a "little over the top" in how things were handled between Leiweke and Colangelo prior to the former GM's dismissal. The two acknowledged that Colangelo did do a few good things for the team, but agreed that the negatives outweighed the positives, especially in retrospect with the Jermaine O'Neal trade. Many fans of the team have called for the team to "tank" this year, given that Andrew Wiggins is available in the draft and would give the team a real chance at a potential superstar, but Ganter said Ujiri will not intentionally lose. Jonas Valanciunas has dominated in the summer league, and Ganter said his specific improvement that has impressed him the most is his willingness to attack the basket with a possessed frame of mind.

2:30 – George Schroeder (National College Football Writer – USA Today)

Schroeder started by talking about Johnny Manziel and that his issues lately aren't a big issue but that his reputation as a partier is because of the spotlight on twitter. Schroeder talked about Manziel being asked to leave the Manning Passing Camp where he was a counselor this summer and that it is unknown whether he wasn't feeling well or if he was out partying too hard. Schroeder said that with Manziel, it's hard to tell if he is actually in the wrong or if it's the media blowing it out of proportion. Schroeder explained that he does think that scouts might see some red flags with Manziel from the problems he has had but he did say that Manziel comes across as great and humble and that his "issues" are all in good fun and we hope that he grows up a little bit more. Getting away from the off the field stuff, Schroeder said that he is so much fun to watch because of his unpredictability but Schroeder does think that Manziel is going to have to be even better in terms of passing and reading defense this year. Schroeder explained the new realignment with the NCAA and how he doesn't like that some rival teams are no longer going to play each other like Texas/Texas A&M and Oklahoma/Nebraska. Wheeler asked what he thinks the biggest storyline of this season of NCAA football will be and Schroeder said that he thinks that it will be will Alabama win four out of five or can the SEC win eight in a row.

2:30 PM – Andrew Stoeten – Drunk Jays Fans

Andrew Stoeten gave his opinion on the blame that Edwin Encarnacion associated with the Toronto Blue Jays pitching for the team's woes, saying that Edwin didn't call anyone out and it isn't as controversial as everyone thinks. Moreover, Stoeten said the two players who need to be better are Dickey and Johnson, who were two most-talented prized pitchers that the Blue Jays acquired this offseason, and haven't shown strong performances to date. Blue Jays supporters have preached patience, but Stoeten believes that at this time of year around the All-Star break it is difficult to preach patience when the team is past the halfway mark of the season. With the trade deadline approaching, Stoeten said the team wouldn't acquire a pitcher like Garza who they wont be able to keep on the roster, but leaned towards getting some minor-leaguers who are near contributing at an MLB level, or a piece that fills an immediate need and isn't a rental player. Most likely, Stoeten and Wheeler both believed that if anyone gets traded, it will most likely be a Blue Jays reliever because the bullpen has been so successful this year and they have a surplus of relief pitchers. Stoeten praised the job that Alex Anthopoulos has done with team, even though the team has frustrated many this year because it isn't his fault that players haven't performed as well as they have in the past. Entering the second half of the season, the storyline to watch is the trade deadline, and Stoeten believes that the Blue Jays are buyers by default because of the expectations that were placed on the team following their acquisitions last offseason.

3:00 PM – PK + Karl Subban – In Studio

PK Subban and his father Karl spoke about their success as a hockey family, now with their three sons all in the NHL. Karl said that it will be difficult who to cheer for, given that each of his sons plays for a different team with PK in Montreal, Malcolm in Boston and Jordan in Vancouver. PK spoke about the intention behind Hyundai Hockey Helpers which aids families in allowing their children to be introduced to the sport of hockey. As well, the Subban's spoke about how beneficial the program would have been when the three brother's were kids due to the fact that them like numerous other families faced difficulties in trying to give their kids a chance to play hockey because the sport does pose some financial barriers. PK spoke about his recent Norris Trophy, and said that he is honoured to receive the award, and looks towards repeating his success with a long summer of training. Although PK says he wants to focus on getting a Stanley Cup Ring next. In addition, PK spoke about his delayed start to the season with the lockout and his contract holdout, and said that he didn't look back once the season got started and kept himself ready with extra-curriculars and training. Lastly, PK said he doesn't care about what he's been called, especially a "Smurf," and what the Canadiens are called because their team is focused on their own ambitions and goals and that's winning a Stanley Cup.

3:30 PM – Kristian Jack – TSN Soccer Analyst

Kristian Jack gave his opinion on Tim Leiweke's comments where he expressed his concern over the decline in Toronto FC season ticket seat holders, saying that Leiweke is a straight shooter who is trying to change the brand of an organization that has been in decline since Day 1 when fans were so excited for the team's entrance into the MLS. Kristian said that the team has been a disaster, and needs to start again with a new perspective in order to generate some respect for themselves and their players from other teams in the league. TFC's captain has been made expendable and is off to Ukraine with an overpaid salary, and Kristian believes that the idea of culture with TFC hasn't been cultivated properly and thinks that ultimately the team needs to part with past woes and try to build something that's exciting for fans. In order to do so, Kristian said the team needs character players, which can be acquired through adequate scouting, and that's an area TFC has been lacking. A player like Forlan, who has been connected with Toronto FC would be a "massive edition," but Jack is skeptical about Toronto's ability to acquire him. With regards to a timeline for fans to look for improvement, Kristian said that the 2015/2016 season is a source of optimism for the team in terms of hoping to make the Playoffs.

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