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December 5: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Filling in for Dave, Bill Hayes and Jeff O’Neill tall World Juniors and discuss Morgan Reilly’s availability with Bob McKenzie and Darren Dreger and Jack Heath joins the guys to shed some light on the latest happenings in the Markham arena deal.


Hour 1:

Bill Hayes and Jeff O'Neill discuss the Leafs lineup ahead of tonight's match-up with Dallas and deliver another edition of "Ask the O-Dogg." Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

Bill Hayes and Jeff O'Neill are joined by Bob McKenzie, Markham Deputy Mayor Jack Heath and ESPN Investigative Reporter TJ Quinn. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

Bill Hayes and Jeff O'Neill are joined by Bills reporter Tim Graham, Martin Biron and Darren Dreger. Hour 3 Audio


5:00 – BOB McKENZIE, TSN Hockey Insider

Bob McKenzie speak about Buffalo Sabres goaltender Ryan Miller and the direction of the Sabres. He suggests Ted Nolan may not be the right coach for a rebuilding team because he would prefer to win as many games as he can with players aged in the 25-35 range. Buffalo’s search for a new GM intensifies, but the list of candidates appears to be getting longer. The best thing for Mikhail Grigorenko could be to play in the World Juniors. McKenzie discusses Claude Giroux’s chances of making Team Canada and the best World Junior team ever.

5:15 – JACK HEATH, Deputy Mayor, City of Markham

Jack Heath speaks about the chances of the city of Markham obtaining a new arena and why plans to build one fell through. He believes the majority of the public did not want one if it meant paying more taxes, but would support a new arena if it was privately funded. Heath suggests that securing 130 events per year would be difficult and competition with the Air Canada Centre for events would likely take place. He indicates that arena plans were for the intention of securing a franchise and if the NHL wanted a second team in Toronto that it could be easily done.

5:30 – TJ QUINN, ESPN Investigative Reporter

ESPN Investigative Reporter TJ Quinn joined the program to talk about his legendary story on the Barry Bonds Grand Jury testimony in the BALCO case ten years ago. Working for the New York Daily News at the time, Quinn was sent out to cover the Grand Jury meeting, which he viewed as pointless because it was a closed proceeding. While in the courthouse waiting for a statement following the meeting, Quinn ducked into an alcove to make a phone call and behind a door could hear the entire Grand Jury proceedings. Quinn heard all of Bonds testimony though the door, and after meticulously checking with various legal outlets, printed his story with Bonds testimony for the next day's edition of the Daily News. The US District Attorney claimed none of Quinn's story could have happened and Bonds attorney claimed Quinn was full of (expletive). It was a year before the transcripts of the Grand Jury were published but following the publishing Quinn's story was confirmed as accurate.

6:00 – MARTIN BIRON, Fmr NHL Goalie and TSN Hockey Analyst

Martin Biron talks about his experience with HBO 24/7 and his experience with it as a member of the New York Rangers in 2011-2012 against Philadelphia. He says having the cameras around became part of the team’s routine and the players tried to have fun with it, but could see how having them around could be a distraction to struggling players. He discusses Henrik Lunqvist’s new deal and why contract talks during the season could be a distraction for players. Biron believes Carey Price will be the likely starter for Team Canada, but thinks Mike Smith would have an advantage with the larger ice surface. He also speaks about PK Subban and Team Canada.

6:15 – DARREN DREGER, TSN Hockey Insider

TSN Hockey Insider Darren Dreger joined the program to talk about the state of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Don't expect Dave Nonis to make a big five-player deal to change the club's fortunes. If Morgan Rielly continues to see reduced ice-time, Nonis has made it clear to Team Canada that he could be released to play in the World Junior Championships. It's difficult for young defensemen like Jake Gardiner and Rielly to improve when the veteran defensemen are making rookie mistakes. The club has also discussed bringing John-Michael Liles back to the NHL and are willing to eat some salary to do so. Dreger also discusses whether Randy Carlyle's status as head coach will be discussed if the club continues to struggle, and whether the club will attempt to trade James Reimer before the trade deadline.

6:30 – TIM GRAHAM, The Buffalo News

Tim Graham speaks about Buffalo’s deal to host NFL games in Toronto and the lack of support it’s been getting from fans in both cities as well as the players. Playing in Toronto doesn't provide the Bills with a significant home advantage and talks about why fans in Buffalo don’t want to support an operation that's trying to take their team away from them. He suggests Bills fans could be more open to supporting a deal with Toronto if Buffalo is moved to Los Angeles, but Toronto would never have full support until a move was actually made.

December 4: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Filling in for Dave, Bill Hayes and Steve Simmons chat with Bob McKenzie and Darren Dreger about Randy Carlyle’s use of Jake Gardiner and whether Dion Phaneuf has the leverage in his contract negotiations.


Hour 1:

Dave Naylor and Steve Simmons are joined by Sam Mitchell, TSN NBA Analyst and Former Raptors Coach.

Hour 2:

Bill Hayes and Steve Simmons are joined by Bob McKenzie, TSN Hockey Insider and Darren Rovell, ESPN Business Reporter.

Hour 3:

Bill Hayes and Steve Simmons are joined by Marc De Foy of the Journal de Montreal, Darren Dreger, TSN Hockey Insider and Mike O’Shea, New Winnipeg Blue Bombers Head Coach.


4:30 – Sam Mitchell, TSN NBA Analyst and Former Raptors Coach

Sam Mitchell says that when you lose like how the raptors did last night the best thing for the players is to play as soon as possible and doesn't that you don't learn anything from a loss like that. Mitchell thinks that DeRozan and Gay don't do a good job using Valanciunas to play off of. Mitchell says that the East is so bad right now that the it's caught a lot of teams off guard. Mitchell thinks the Pacers are going to win the East this year but feels the Heat might be able to challenge them if they get Greg Oden back.

5:00 – Bob McKenzie, TSN Hockey Insider

McKenzie feels the Rangers gave Lundqvist a big contract because the numbers wont look so big down the road and they feel that it could have been bothering him. McKenzie feels that now that Wayne Gretzky has got his money back from the Coyotes bankruptcy he could be back in the NHL with a team if the right job opportunity rises. McKenzie said that even though most Leaf fans don't like Phaneuf he still believes he has the leverage in contract negotiations and thinks he will get seven-million dollars.

5:30 – Darren Rovell, ESPN Business Reporter

Darren Rovell says that if Jameis Winston is charged with the sexual assault and is innocent he still wont win the Heisman Trophy because a part of the trophy has to do with integrity not just outstanding play. Rovell thought Tomlin got of easy with just a $100,000 fine but would feel bad if a draft pick is lost because it will hurt the fans. Rovell talked about Ellsbury signing and the interesting battle between agents Scott Borris and Jay-Z, he feels that with Ellsbury singing with the Yankees there may be less money for Robinson Cano who left Boris to sign with Jay-Z.

6:00 – Marc De Foy, Journal de Montreal

Marc spoke to us about Gino Odjick a former NHLer who is in and out of hospital these days because of the concussions suffered he had in his playing days. Marc feels that the problem should be addressed because there is way to many of these stories and admits that fighting should be out of hockey. Marc says that it looks like Gino is suffering from CTE because he has all the symptoms and even doctors agree. Marc says that when he was a kid he loved fighting because it protected his favorite players on the Habs but says today the players are to big and strong.

6:15 – Darren Dreger, TSN Hockey Insider

Dreger says that the Leafs need to focus more on the positives from last nights Leafs loss rather then the negatives because it's been much better then what we've seen of late. Dreger feels that Mason Raymond is the only Leaf playing above expectation. Dreger speculates that the lack of constant offense and horrendous defence is the cause of the Leafs problems this year and wants them to play Jake Gardiner more.

6:30 – Mike O’Shea, New Winnipeg Blue Bombers Head Coach

Mike O'Shea feels that he's going in to a great situation because he knows the people that are involved with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers are driven to win. Mike O' Shea says that he's learned different aspects from different people through his career and went on to name past coaches and things he's learned from them. O'Shea feels that he's got an unfair advantage over American coaches because he's been brought up in the CFL and knows the game.

Tomorrow: Tim Graham, The Buffalo News

December 3: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Filling in for Dave, Bill Hayes and Steve Simmons discuss whether Connor McDavid is a lock for Team Canada with Bob McKenzie and Ryan Jankowski, and Darren Dreger checks in to give an update on Steven Stamkos’ injury recovery.


Hour 1:

Bill Hayes and Steve Simmons are joined by TSN 1050 Leafs reporter Jonas Siegel.

Hour 2:

Bill Hayes and Steve Simmons are joined by TSN Hockey Insider Bob McKenzie, Adrian Dater, The Denver Post and Ryan Jankowski, Head Scout for Hockey Canada.

Hour 3:

Bill Hayes and Steve Simmons are joined by Andrew Brandt, NFL Business Insider and Darren Dreger, TSN Hockey Insider.


4:30 – Jonas Siegel, TSN 1050 Maple Leafs Reporter

Siegel doesn't think Cody Franson will play tonight and says his injury requires more treatment, Siegel also thinks that Cody Franson is the best offensive defenceman on the Maple Leafs. Randy Carlyle would like the Leafs to shot more and get more pucks to the net according to Siegel. Siegel says that Clarkson is only a 45 point man but doesn't feel we've seen the best of him because he hasn't been a pest. Siegel thinks the Leafs lack identity because they spend to much time in their own end.

5:00 – Bob McKenzie, TSN Hockey Insider

Bob McKenzie speaks about Pk Subban and Team Canada and believes Sharks defenceman Marc-Edouard Vlasic will be part of the defence core. He addresses injuries to Alex Burrows and Henrik Zetterberg and what their absence mean to the Canucks and Red Wings. Buffalo Sabres GM search continues and McKenzie believes Bruins assistant GM Jim Benning could be the favourite to land Sabres GM gig. Connor McDavid may not be a lock to make team Canada’s junior team, 50-50 chance to make the team.

5:15 – Adrian Dater, The Denver Post

Adrian Dater talks about former tough guy Scott Parker and his battle with post-concussion syndrome. Parker believes his biggest problem came during a preseason practice in 2005 after he was hit in the eye with the puck. Dater suggests fame and fortune will likely win over most athletes regarding fighting, but pointed out that many non fighters out of the NHL are also battling concussions and not doing well.

5:30 – Ryan Jankowski, Head Scout for Hockey Canada

Ryan Jankowski speaks about Team Canada’s decision to invite less players to camp. He believes having fewer players at camp allows players to concentrate on hockey rather than being named to the team and provides the coaching staff with more time to work with players. Canada wanted a mix of different skill sets and built their team with players that have had previous success in the past. Jankowski addresses Max Domi's absence from the roster and believes 16-year old Conner McDavid is deserving of an opportunity to make Team Canada.

6:00 – Andrew Brandt, NFL Business Insider

Brandt discusses the Seahawks and their tendency to add players to their roster that have had problems with other organizations. He believes that Seahawk's management could interfere with the roster moving forward if players continue to be fined and/or suspended. Brandt also discusses Pittsburgh Steeler’s coach Mike Tomlin’s sideline blunder and the potential impact that it could have on the Steelers, and touches on officiating on the NFL.

6:15 – Darren Dreger, TSN Hockey Insider

Look ahead to Leafs vs Sharks tonight … update on Stamkos … and salary cap projections expected soon.

December 2: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Filling in for Dave, Bill Hayes and Bruce Arthur chat with Graeme Rouston about the viability of an arena in Markham, and Richard Griffin checks in to discuss the Dioner Navarro signing.


5:15 – Graeme Rouston, President and CEO/ GTA Sports and Entertainment

Rouston went back and forth with Arthur with respect to the area and its viability. He was taken to task after suggesting to Bruce and Bill that the arena will actually make more money without an NHL franchise as a main tenant. Rouston is annoyed with a lot of media reports and promises that the research shows that Markham is more than ready to make the arena successful.

5:30 – Richard Griffin, The Toronto Star

Richard discusses how close to the vest Alex Anthopoulos keeps his deals. Why the Jays decided to acquire a new catcher and how he believes Jose Bautista is 80-20 to remain a Toronto Blue Jay. Loosk ahead to the winter meetings and why he’d love to see the return of Roy Halladay to Toronto.

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