May 23: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Bob and Matt break down the Habs Game 3 overtime win along with the impending suspensions coming down to Brandon Prust and Dan Carcillo with Chris Nilan and James Mirtle.


James Mirtle – Globe & Mail

Tokarski is a perfect example of a guy that could play at every level, but he fell in the draft because of his height. There has never been a question about his ability, but his measurables weren’t there. The Habs 4th line has been playing great all playoffs, and they are proof of what you can get out of a 4th line with players that can really play. The balance in the Habs lineup is something that the Leafs can aspire for.

Chris “Knuckles” Nilan – TSN 690

Even though the hit by Prust hit was illegal, it was still a positive for Montreal. They were finally standing up to the Rangers, and it set the tone for the rest of the game. It took the Habs a while to get going after having an unsuccessful first period, but Tokarski was able to save the Habs at least partially. And he believes the hit caused a spark for the team to come back. Sometimes Galchenyuk goes unnoticed some games which can be a positive and negative depending on situation. Vanek is a frustrating player for everyone involved, as he can have periods where he is great but then he disappears for long periods just as easily. It will be interesting to see where he ends up in the off-season.

May 22: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Bob and Matt are joined by Craig Button to discuss what the Leafs should be looking for in assistants for Randy Carlyle, and Gregor Chisholm checks in to chat about the streaking Edwin Encarnacion and why the Jays pitching remains the key to their success.


Hour 1:

TSN Resident General Manager Craig Button, and Toronto Marlies Centre Trevor Smith join the show. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2: Blue Jays Reporter Gregor Chisholm, and former Bills Hall of Fame Running Back Thurman Thomas join the show. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

Sarah Spain of ESPN 1000 Chicago, and Lee Jenkins of Sports Illustrated join this hour. Hour 3 Audio


9:16am Craig Button – Resident TSN General Manager

Button believes that people put to much weight into total shots. He adds that Henrik Lundqvist is one of the best goalies in the world, so you need to find a way to turn him around, or make him over-think. He needs to have more on his mind than just one shot. Montreal needs to get second opportunities, because the way Montreal played last time out, they could have taken 100 shots and it wouldn't have made a difference. Button goes on to discuss the Maple Leafs’ search for assistant coaches. He thinks finding a complement to Randy Carlyle is of prime importance. Maple Leafs management must look at the players they have, the team they are building and how they want to play. You need someone who can teach the young guys (ie. Gardiner), and utilize their strengths. Adam Oates has some experience, but despite the splash acquiring him would cause, he still has to be a fit for the team above all else. Finally, Button believes the Leafs need to balance between finding a fit for Carlyle and a fit for the team. He talks about the young defencemen in Los Angeles and how a strong coaching staff comes from a strong methodology.

9:32am Trevor Smith – Marlies Forward

Smith lead off by saying that the Marlies aren’t superstitious like baseball teams and their undefeated streak isn’t getting too much into their heads. He added that right now with the Leafs out, no one is worried about moving around, so they can focus more on the team they have and the Calder Cup. He speaks a bit about doing what’s right for your body, as well as a bit of the experience he gained from winning the Calder Cup with the Lightning’s AHL affiliate. He gives a nod to Drew Macintyre who has been their rock and has yet to lose in the playoffs. Finally, he says the one perk he misses from the NHL is the travel and food.

10:02am Gregor Chisholm – Blue Jays Writer

Chisholm doesn’t understand how Esmil Rogers still has a role on this team since John Gibbons keeps using him in all situations and he can nevr have a good outing. Unfortunately, the Jays don’t have many options though. He also spoke about Edwin Encarnacion and his current run, but reminded us that it wasn’t too long ago that Edwin was designated for assignment and most Jays fans wouldn’t have been upset if the team gave up on him. Turnarounds like this are why Alex Anthopoulos has a hard time giving up on players (like Dustin McGowan, Drew Hutchison, Colby Rasmus), because he has seen them happen first hand with guys like Encarnacion, and Jose Bautista. Chisholm believes the Jays offense will be around for the year, but it’s still the pitching that is a question mark. He notes that R.A. Dickey perhaps receives some unfair treatment (not unlike Dion Phaneuf), because as a former Cy Young winner and de facto staff ace of the team, he is expected to be dominant every time out.

10:32am Thurman Thomas – HOF Running Back

Thomas joked that, if it helps the Buffalo Bills get into the playoffs, he’ll all for expanding the playoff format. He also spoke about how the running back is dying and guys like Adrian Peterson and LeSean McCoy are two of the remaining ‘workhorses.’ On the idea of the Bills moving, Thomas says it would be a devastating blow to the former players and the Buffalo community, if the Bills ever left. He seems to believe there is a plan in place to keep the Bills in the Buffalo area. He also spoke about conversations he has had about potential buyers to include him in any ownership group’s plans. His first question to them is whether they will relocate the team and most tell him that is their intention – something he does not want to be a partner in. Finally, he spoke about his relationship with Jim Kelly and said Kelly is doing well after chemotherapy for oral cancer. He is a great man who is well known and we should all pray for him.

11:03am Sarah Spain – ESPN Chicago Host

Spain spoke about her dog, who gets absolutely terrified when the smoke detector goes off, but loves fireworks and thunderstorms. She then went on to talk about the Spurs being like the Red Wings – people always say they need to start fresh, yet they consistently make the playoffs. She added that it looks like we are in for a Heat-Spurs repeat in the NBA Finals but while it will be a great series, the NBA is all-or-nothing and there are really a handful of top caliber teams, it’s tough for other teams to find a way into the upper echelon. There are too many teams in the middle ground of being able to make the playoffs, but not being good enough to win. Spain goes on to speak about the Chicago Blackhawks and how she agrees that we have not yet seen the Blackhawks play at their best. The Hawks were playing quite well when they were up 2-0, but once it got tied up, they just lost it completely, along with the killer instinct we know Chicago has. On the idea that Chicago is close to being America’s team, Spain says that unfortunately, a hockey team will never be America’s team. However, sport-specifically, and in terms of growing the sport in America, Chicago is absolutely pushing hockey to another level. Spain also talked about how important Brandon Marshall is to the city of Chicago, and how refreshing it is to see a Bears team that has a potent offense, and isn't totally dependant on their defence. She adds how impressive it is how Marshall handled his diagnosis with BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder). She also had a great take on Tiger Woods after his ex-wife Elin spoke out today.

11:35am Lee Jenkins – Sports Illustrated

Jenkins discussed his piece on Adam Silver from Sports Illustrated (Silver is on this weeks Cover). He believes that Silver is tough, but maybe in a slightly more tactful way than David Stern. He went about the Donald Sterling issue very diplomatically, both in making sure it felt right for him and appeasing the players that comprise his league. Jenkins argues that this was really the only play Adam Silver had, despite it feeling extreme at the time. He also believes there was a little sense of the players flexing their muscle. Jenkins acknowledged a feeling of discomfort among owners towards the precedent set by this ordeal – it has made it overtly clear that, to a large degree, the players run the show. The NBA has always tried to do things right in the eye of diversity, which is why this Sterling issue was so disappointing. The NBA has had perception as a league with racist tendencies before, but being attacked by one of their own was devastating. Jenkins also talked about the allure of the Sports Illustrated cover, and notes that people featured on the cover cannot be told they will be the face of the issue. There is still some glory to being on the cover, as a lot of players regard it as an award or trophy. His favourite cover, he gives a nod to the July 1 2013, after LeBron James won championship #2.

May 21: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Bob and Matt are joined by Aaron Loup and Dirk Hayhurst to chat about how the Blue Jays stack up in what has been a wide-open AL East, and Michelle Beadle checks in to discuss the Cavaliers winning the NBA Draft Lottery.


Hour 1:

Hour 1 of Macko & Cauz joined by Dirk Hayhurst. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

Hour 2 of Macko & Cauz joined by Adam Proteau and Kevin Calabro. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

Hour 3 of Macko & Cauz joined by Aaron Loup and Michelle Beadle. Hour 3 Audio


9:16am Dirk Hayhurst – TSN 1050 Blue Jays Analyst

Hayhurst joined the show to elaborate on last nights big win the Jays had over the Red Sox. He spoke about the luck involved with JA Happ and how he always starts well but then the second time through the lineup it is sometimes a battle. Hayhurst makes a point on whether Lawrie should move to 2nd base to make room for Francisco at 3rd, he believes it depends on who might be pitching come game time. When asked who might be the best player for the Jays at this point in the season, Hayhurst states that without a doubt it’s Mark Buehrle as the Jays would be in last place without his wins. A good starting pitcher sets the tone of the game early on and lets the defence get comfortable playing the field which will in the end could result in getting wins. Hayhurst also addressed the Dodgers minor league scrap between two players in which one guy lost part of his ear. He said he’s seen scraps between players before, throwing bats and chairs etc… and even for fun Kyle Farnsworth shot a paintball gun at BJ Upton.

10:02am Adam Proteau – The Hockey News

Proteau said the Leafs are not where they should be and he ranks them at 29th in the league. A great scouting team is something every team needs and consistency is what they need to look for when choosing their scouting staff. He also weighed in on the possibility of Wayne Gretzky being involved in the New York Islanders front office and how the rivalry between him and Shanahan stops any opportunity of him coming to the Leafs.

10:32am Kevin Calabro – ESPN Radio NBA Play by Play Voice

Calabro joins the program to talk on the NBA Playoffs. He weighed in on the Spurs having 110 career playoff wins between Parker, Duncan and Ginobili. Gregg Popovich is the best coach in the league and among the best all time and he did a nice job getting this team back to where they are. Ginobili and Duncan have been healthy most of the season and gave them rest when needed. As for this year's draft lottery Calabro believes Andrew Wiggins is the most talented player in this years draft and there is a good possibility he might be drafted first to the Cavs. He also added how amazing the environment was here in Toronto during the playoffs as he called a game here in the Nets-Raps series.

11:02am Aaron Loup – Blues Jays Relief Pitcher

Loup joined the show and gave insight on what it's like to be a reliever in the bullpen and what it’s like being a father. He spoke about how being a family man is different than some of the guys on the Blue Jays like Brett Lawrie. Loup said he rarely sees Brett Lawrie other than in the clubhouse. He spoke about life in the bullpen during the game and whether he roots for the Jays starters or gets annoyed when they give up runs. He said bullpen guys are always complaining about something. Loup also talks about being the young kid on a big league ball team and using veteran players as role models when developing a career. Having expectations can be tough when going through the ups and downs, it's just important to hang in there and bounce good energy off of one another in the bullpen and dugout. He also addressed how the bullpen struggled earlier this season and John Gibbons addressed the guys in the pen and said he was going to show confidence in them.

11:32am Michelle Beadle – ESPN Sports Nation

Beadle joined the show and spoke about how she actually spent some time in Peterborough Ontario. She isn’t sure why but it was after college and she was just hanging out. She then had some funny stuff on taking a Greyhound bus back to Texas and how brutal it was. She spoke about all the rumours going on about the NBA draft lottery being a conspiracy to bring LeBron back to Cleveland by giving them the first pick. Beadle believes this isn't something that's been set up and that it is just Cleveland getting lucky 3 times in the last 4 years, although she also stated that the Cavaliers need to use this pick wisely as in the past they have had first overall pick 3 times and haven't done much as a team. Beadle also spoke about her beloved San Antonio Spurs and how good they are. Gregg Popovich is super smart, makes and distributes wine and is a great guy. His personality is fun and awesome. Beadle also spoke about hosting Sportsnation on ESPN and how twitter plays such a big role.

May 20: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Bob and Matt are joined by Rangers assistant coach Ulf Samuelsson to discuss how his team has grabbed a surprising 2-0 series lead heading back to New York, and Marty Biron checks in to give his take on Michel Therrien’s decision to go with Dustin Tokarski and whether he deserves the Game 3 start.


Hour 1:

Hour 1 of Macko & Cauz joined by Marty Biron and Ulf Samuelsson. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

Hour 2 of Macko & Cauz joined by James Mirtle and James Hinchcliffe. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

Hour 3 of Macko & Cauz joined by Michael Landsberg and Jim Bowden. Hour 3 Audio


9:16am Marty Biron – TSN Hockey Analyst / Former NHL Goaltender

Biron said he believes Michel Therrien's decision to start Dustin Tokarski in Game 2 was a good one. He also weighed in on situations that involve players crashing the net and taking out goalies. He said Budaj hasn’t been a starter for a while and Tokarski has been, granted in the AHL. He looked decent last night. He said it’s hard for a backup goalie to take over a series when they are use to playing just once or twice in a two week period. He stated that today's game has so much speed and players cannot change their mind last minute, resulting in goalies being taken out more often now than ever.

9:32am Ulf Samuelsson – New York Rangers Assistant Coach

Samuelsson spoke about the Rangers are dealing with their situation now up 2-0 against the Canadiens heading back to New York. He said they were a little lucky to come away with the win last night and spoke of Alain Vigneault being a great coach who is calm and confident. Having won 2 Stanley Cups with the Penguins himself, he uses that experience to teach the teams young players what it takes to get on top. Samuelsson said that Marty St. Louis has been amazing throughout the last few days after the loss of his mother. The team is rallying around it and can sympathize with what he must be going through. He said Chris Kreider is big and fast and frustrates a lot of players. He said Lemieux hates losing and is very sour about what happened to the Pens in the playoffs. He also had some fun talk about being booed over his career, sharing expensive wine with Mario Lemieux and getting his nose broken by Tim Kerr and then after the game taking a limo with him to Atlantic City.

10:02am James Mirtle – Globe & Mail

With Leafs trades and acquisition rumours going around, Mirtle weighed in the Leafs freeing up cap space to acquire some new additions to the roster. He believes the addition of Paul Stastny would be a great fit for the team due to the lack of centres the Leafs have. Mirtle also believes that the biggest factor in the Eastern Conf. Finals right now for the Canadiens is Carey Price out of for the remainder of the series. The biggest factor in the West Conf finals would be that the Kings just not being able to beat the Blackhawks. For many years in hockey, people always looked for size and toughness in players but looking at the Montreal Canadiens who have been the shortest team in the league, speed and quickness have become a very important factor when looking at new players.

10:32am James Hinchcliffe – Indy Car Driver

Hinchcliffe was at the airport waiting for his rental car and the guys joked around about how long it takes to get one. The booking has been made, there is no shortage of cars, it makes no sense. Hinch said that you can feel everything when a car goes fast and if it is off just a little you notice. He said he’s still looking for the best highway to drive on and it certainly isn’t the Gardiner. He then spoke about getting his concussion a couple of weeks ago by flying debris from another car and what the protocol is for being safe to drive again. Like most sports it’s a case by case study and he was told what he should and shouldn’t do and after passing the “impact test” he was good to go. Hinchcliffe also spoke about qualifying 2nd for this weekends Indy 500 and how his car was so good. He also spoke about the champagne that the drivers get for winning races and if they actually drink it. He then said he has selected Buttermilk if he wins the Indy 500. Even though it tastes bad it has history behind it.

11:02am Michael Landsberg – Off the Record

Landsberg spoke about the Canadiens decision to go with Tokarski in Game 2 of the East Conf. Final. A lot of weight is on the shoulders of goalies because if you they let in even one bad goal it could cost them a game and possibly a playoff series. Marty St. Louis has been playing extremely well throughout these playoffs even with the emotion situation he has been facing. He also weighed in on Brandon Marshall donating $1 million to Mental Health Awareness and also the Dallas Cowboys and how Jerry Jones wants to be the GM of the team. Tony Romo is a quarterback that can take a team far in the playoffs but just not in Dallas.

11:32am Jim Bowden – ESPN Baseball Insider

There's talk around the MLB that the Cubs Jeff Samardzija might be coming to the Blue Jays. Bowden believes this is a good idea seeing how the Blue Jays' biggest downfall at the moment has been their pitching. He also stated that this is the one move that might put the Jays over the top in the AL East or at very least a wildcard spot. Toronto is one of the teams that can step up and pay the price for Samardzija. GM's should be focusing on what they can do to make their team better, what moves they need to make and who they can get rid of.

May 19: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Bob and Matt discuss how Canada has performed at the World Hockey Championships and the Kings berth in the Eastern Conference Final with Rob Blake, and Jason La Canfora cehcks in to chat about the Robert Mathis suspension and Jimmy Graham’s future.


9:32am Rob Blake – Team Canada GM/LA Kings Assistant GM

Blake joined the show from Bealrus after arriving there yesterday. He said he has the best of both worlds right now with the Kings in the West Final and being in charge of Team Canada at the Worlds. As a former defenceman, Blake spoke about Morgan Rielly and how a tourney like this is exactly what he needs. He wants to learn and listen so that is what’s great about him. He also spoke about the Kings tough turn around between Game 7 vs Anaheim and Game 1 vs Chicago. Blake also said Wayne Gretzky has been hanging around the Kings a bit and he definitely sees him back in the NHL. He spoke about the food in Belarus and how they ended up at a TGI Fridays restaurant last night and despite the menu looking the same as in North America, the food was brutal

10:32am Jason La Canfora – CBS NFL Insider

La Canfora started off by joking around about our holiday. He spoke about Robert Mathis being suspended by the league for violating the substance abuse policy and how it involved a fertility drug. It is well known around the league that this drug can’t be taken so there aren’t any ways to get out of it. He somewhat questioned whether Mathias knew this drug was illegal and may have been using it last year as he led the NFL in sacks. The Colts are a good team but they play in a weak division so maybe they aren’t as great as people think. La Canfora also spoke about RGIII and how Mike Shanahan controlled him like he always did with former QB’s (Plummer & McNabb). Shanahan did a terrible job and tried to get fired during the season. He did everything he could before he left to light fires and ruin the teams QB confidence. He also said the big topics coming into the season include Jimmy Graham and the Saints and why Kapernick doesn’t have a new contract. There are lots of players owed big money contracts like JJ Watt but they haven’t been given them yet.

Macko and Cauz: May 12-16

Macko and Cauz: May 5-9

Macko and Cauz: April 28 - May 2

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