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July 26: Show In Review


Bryan and Jamie chat with PGA golfer Erik Compton about his second round at the Canadian Open and the difficult challenges he's had to overcome in his life and Bryan, Jeff O'Neill and Andrea Perone participate in an "Armageddon Wings Challenge" with devastating results.


Armageddon Wings Challenge

The Bryan Hayes Show decides to take on Armageddon Wings from Duff's. WATCH!


Hour 1 (Leafs Lunch)

Bryan and Jamie discuss the Dave Nonis extension in the first hour of Blue Lunch. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (Leafs Lunch)

Bryan and Jamie are joined by PGA Tour professional Erik Compton from the RBC Canadian Open at Glen Abbey. You can learn more about Erik and his story on his website, with a link to his golf tournament. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 1 (The Bryan Hayes Show)

Bryan, Jeff O'Neill and Andrea Parone engage in the "Armageddon Wings Challenge" courtesy of Duff's Famous Wings. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (The Bryan Hayes Show)

Bryan and Jeff O'Neill chat with Dave Zirin about the Ryan Braun suspension and Aaron Rodgers' comments. Hour 2 Audio


1:35pm - Erik Compton - PGA Tour Pro

A truly incredible story, as Compton has been through two heart transplants (one as 12-year old) and yet continues to have a career as a professional golfer at 33-years old. Fresh off a 3-under 69 in the 2nd of the Canadian Open this morning, Compton talked about Stephen Ames' comments regarding the difficulty of Glen Abbey. He said while there are some easy holes out there, many are risk-reward holes that can cause problems if you miss a shot. Growing up after the transplant, it has always been a battle for him, but he has had the support of his friends and family and will always make the best of what he has. He has really used the PGA Tour to help reach out to people who have the same condition as him and to spread the word. Golf has played a major role in the healing process for him and his family, and he is hoping to have the chance to win a PGA Event sometime down the road. Erik said that there have been several times that he could have given up his dream of being a professional golfer, but he will never give up on life, or on his career, when other people might not be so determined.

3:10pm - Dave Zirin - Edge Of Sports

Zirin started by talking about Aaron Rodgers and his relationship with suspended Brewers' outfielder Ryan Braun. He has come out today saying he feels betrayed and can't believe it. If Rodgers was able to be douped by Braun, its easy to see how so many other believed him when he said he was clean. Moving on to the Alex Rodriguez soap opera, Brian Cashman knew that A-Rod was doing something wrong because of what he was doing on the field (numbers), but until he had any sort of proof, there was no reason not to sign him and not to give him playing time. "See no evil, hear no evil". Now that A-Rod has been injured and is struggling to put up any sort of numbers, it makes Alex a lot more difficult to deal with. With regards to the Aaron Hernandez allegations, Patriot players and coaches have not given much of an answer to the millions of questions being asked. Head Coach Bill Belichick was a lot more candid than usual during his media address, but Bill being Bill, he really didn't say much and has instructed his players to do the same.

Monday's Show: David Feherty, Jayson Stark (ESPN)

July 25: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Bryan and Jamie discuss the Dave Nonis extension, chat with the Toronto Star's Cathal Kelly about the vision Tim Leiweke has for MLSE and talk about how the latest injury news on Brandon Morrow just adds to the disastrous season the Blue Jays rotation has had with Gregor Chisholm of MLB.com.


Hour 1 (Leafs Lunch)

Bryan and Jamie talk Canadian Open with Peter Oosterhuis and Tim Leiweke with Cathal Kelly. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (Leafs Lunch)

Bryan and Jamie are joined by Gregor Chisholm and Alex Marvez. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 1 (The Bryan Hayes Show)

Bryan and Jeff O'Neill discuss the Leafs re-signing GM Dave Nonis. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (The Bryan Hayes Show)

Bryan and Jeff talk Alex Rodriguez with Wally Matthews and talk with Argo's defensive tackle Khalif Mitchell. Hour 2 Audio


12:15pm - Peter Oosterhuis - Golf Channel & CBS Golf Analyst

The winner of the 1981 Canadian Open came on to talk about the Open at Glen Abbey as it kicked off this morning. Oosterhuis loves the course, and thinks the fans here will really enjoy watching the players tear it up with eagles and birdies. While the Canadian Open has lost it's title as "The Fifth Major", players who have won it are still very honoured to win a country's national tournament. Canadian Graham DaLaet has had a solid season on tour, and Peter thinks it is only a matter of time before he breaks through and wins. Going into the PGA Championship a few weeks from now, Oosterhuis sees Phil Mickelson having the advantage over Tiger, he is as the top of his game, but Tiger is still Tiger, and you can never rule him out.

12:35pm - Cathal Kelly - Toronto Star

Kelly wrote an article this morning regarding MLSE teams tanking and it is getting a lot of people talking. He thinks all 3 teams (Leafs, Raptors, Toronto FC) need to lose A LOT, in order to build a strong, contending team through the draft. The Leafs are the team that is in the toughest spot, because they had a strong season making the playoffs, but could easily be on the outside looking in next season. It is very difficult to explain these decisions to a fan base, especially because it could take five-plus years to completely turn a team around. He thinks Tim Leiweke needs to take control of these organizations and more or less influence a losing culture on the teams and the GMs, but it will be tough for GMs to do this because they have their own jobs to consider. The easiest team to turn around will be Toronto FC, because they have already hit rock bottom, and the league is built in a way that makes it easier for teams to turn themselves around.

1:05pm - Gregor Chisholm - MLB.com

Talking about the Jays, Chisholm says this sweep at the hands of the Dodgers has been the epitome of the Jays season, as they continue to lose in every way, shape and form. The biggest question for Alex Anthopolous moving forward is the starting rotation. With the exception of Josh Johnson, all of the starters are locked in with long-term deals and could be very difficult to move because of their underwhelming seasons. Rumours are swirling with Brandon Morrow potentially being done for the season and it is just another chapter in the injury-riddled story of Brandon Morrow's jays career.

1:35pm - Alex Marvez - Fox Sports 1 NFL Insider

Marvez joined the show from Chargers training camp in San Diego. As training camp opens, several New England Patriots players are being questioned about Aaron Hernandez, most of all Tom Brady, who is clearly under the most pressure to talk about and give his opinion on the matter. Brady and other Patriot players have been told not to speak about it and to go about their business as NFL players. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones spoke today about two possible teams relocating to Los Angeles, but Marvez still sees one major problem - a stadium. Teams can be ready to move as much as they want, but if they don't have a place to play football, it will never happen. Marvez doesn't see any more teams joining the NFL, especially across the pond in Europe. The NFL is set up perfectly right now with eight 4-team divisions and there really isn't anybody out there willing to put up the money to front an NFL franchise.

3:05pm - Wally Matthews - ESPN New York

The Alex Rodriguez saga with the New York Yankees continues to take twists and turns. Following the news that his quad isn't strained, and that his doctor (chosen by his people) has had a shady past, ARod is trying to play nice with the Yankees, saying signals have been mixed up, and he just wants to be in the lineup. No more doctors. If the Yankees really thought that A-Rod could help them secure a playoff spot, they would have him in the lineup. They have been living with the circus of Alex for nearly a decade now, players and management have had enough, and now is the time to cut ties with him. Matthews also mentioned how ridiculously hot it is in Texas right now where the Yankees are playing.

3:35pm - Khalif Mitchell - Argos Defensive Lineman

Although Mitchell has never had a touchdown, it doesn't bother him because as a lineman, you don't dream of the touchdown, you dream of the big sack, the big pick, the big defensive play to end the game. In telling the story of his only interception in his playing career, all he could think about doing was holding onto the ball and making sure he made the play. Khalif said he loves Ricky Ray, and upon his injury during their most recent game, all he kept thinking was "get up Ricky, get up", and it looks like he will be okay, but there was definitely a scare when it happened. He says he hates quarterbacks (outside of his own), and only has one thought pre-snap, to "eat him". Going forward with the theme of food during today's show, Khalif talked about hot foods, and being Jamaican, he loves hot foods, and said that "Hot" tastes like sweetness on his tongue.

July 24: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Bryan and Jamie chat with Scott MacArthur about the Blue Jays dropping their fifth consecutive game at home to the Dodgers last night and Canadian Olympic team assistant coach Claude Julien checks in to discuss Canada's selection camp roster.


Hour 1 (Leafs Lunch)

Bryan and Jamie chat about the latest on the Blue Jays with Scott MacArthur. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (Leafs Lunch)

Jamie and Bryan break down the latest on the Leafs and chat with Boston Bruins head coach and Team Canada assistant, Claude Julien. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 1 (The Bryan Hayes Show)

Bryan was joined by Jeff O'Neill and chats with Ian Rapoport from the NFL Network about the latest in the Aaron Hernandez case. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (The Bryan Hayes Show)

Bryan and Jeff O'Neill chat with Michael Landsberg in-studio and Bob Nightengale from USA Today. Hour 2 Audio


12:35 pm – Scott MacArthur (Jays Beat Reporter)

MacArthur started by claiming there is no chance the Blue Jays are getting to 90 win, adding that the last part of the team standing was the bullpen and now their legs seem to be coming out from under them. MacArthur predicted that pride, intensity and focus were the key topics discussed at the closed door meeting, especially on the heels of Monday night's disaster. MacArthur talked about the Jays improving on Tuesday night and even though they lost, there was effort. MacArthur talked about Arencibia's disastrous year potentially jeopardizing his position as the Jays starting catcher in 2014. MacArthur talked about the Jays having a good nucleus, with some additions in the pitching rotation coming in, but now they have to figure out which are the right pieces to extract. MacArthur talked about the upcoming offseason being Alex Anthopoulos' greatest challenge and that it is his responsibility to clean up this mess.

1:45 pm – Claude Julien (Team Can Asst Coach/Bruins Head Coach)

Julien talked about approaching the Olympics as a two week playoff. He mentioned having little input in the original starting list, but added that he is constantly keeping an eye out for other players to add to the roster. Julien discussed the versatility of positions on his roster and was glad that he has so many candidates for at centre because those players can easily be moved around. Julien talked about the exceptional talent of Zdeno Chara and that Team Canada's game plan would probably be to stay away from his side. Julien felt that Chara was as reliable a defenseman as one could hope for. Julien talked about his initial reaction when the Leafs scored that fourth goal against the Bruins was 'How am I going to explain this?' and added that the Bruins can hold their head up high losing to a team as skillful as the Chicago Blackhawks. Julien talked about losing Gregory Campbell as a greater loss for the Bruins than most would think. Julien talked about the challenges associated with coaching an eighteen year old kid on a veteran team, specifically Tyler Seguin and felt that the most important thing is to be patient and added that he will be missed on the Bruins lineup.

2:35 pm – Ian Rapoport (NFL Network Insider)

Ian Rapoport talked about Bill Belichick's public statement regarding the charges against Aaron Hernandez as a side of Bill Belichick that people rarely get to see. Rapoport described Belichick's press conference as an attempt for him to set an example for the team and that situation is not about football anymore. Rapoport talked about how Hernandez's draft pick was one of the things that Belichick was praised for and that now that things have gone bad the same principle applies, and he deserves to take some of the blame. Rapoport talked about how nobody handles outside issues and distractions better than Belichick does. Rapoport would not be surprised if the report about teams examining players' tattoos for gang signs was carried out and teams will do what they can to avoid this situation recurring. Rapoport added that just because someone has a specific tattoo does not mean they're going to kill someone. Rapoport felt that it was smart for Washington to keep RG3 from playing in the preseason if he is not ready and anything they can do to keep him safe and unharmed before the regular season is smart.

3:05 pm – Michael Landsberg (Off the Record)

Landsberg talked about doing a show with 'The Iron Sheik' and how ridiculous a person he was. Landsberg talked about being described as the ultimate wrestling guru by fans but attributed all his questions and knowledge to his producers. Landsberg talked about how on the July 24th episode of OTR is going to be fully animated, and it includes segments with Mike Tyson, Donald Trump and GSP in their original voices. Landsberg talked about Mike Tyson doing some terrible things in his past, and though unforgiving of this, described Tyson as being one of the most gentle, likeable guys he has ever met.

3:35 pm – Bob Nightengale (USA Today)

Nightengale described Alex Rodriguez's refusal to cut a deal with Major League Baseball and his plan to appeal any potential suspension as an attempt for A-Rod to change his legacy and be the player that helps the Yankees be competitive again. Nightengale felt there is no chance A-Rod will receive a lifetime ban but that there will likely be a 100-150 game suspension. According to Nightengale, a 100-150 game suspension, plus the injury time, will pan out to two years off the field, which is pretty much a lifetime ban for Rodriguez. Nightengale talked about how the Yankees are itching to get rid of A-Rod and will do whatever they can to give the MLB reasons to make it a lifetime suspension. He added that the Yankees have to be careful with how they go about doing this though, because they have the potential to also be under the gun. Nightengale joked about how the other teams are searching for loopholes to keep Rodriguez on the Yankees for five years because until they get rid of A-Rod's contract, the Yankees won't have the financial flexibility to sign any big free agents.

Thursday's Show: Alex Marvez, Khalif Mitchell & More

July 23: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Bryan and Jeff O'Neill chat with Stephen Ames about this week's RBC Canadian Open and the head coach of Team USA's 2104 Olympic team, Dan Bylsma joins the show to discuss the country's recently named camp invitee roster.


Hour 1 (Leafs Lunch)

Bryan Hayes and Jamie McLennan discuss the Carl Gunnarsson extension and Tim Leiweke's most recent comments. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (Leafs Lunch)

Bryan Hayes and Jamie McLennan chat with Stephen Ames about the upcoming RBC Canadian Open and the Toronto Sun's Steve Simmons. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 1 (The Bryan Hayes Show)

Bryan Hayes and Jeff O'Neill interview comedian Adam Carolla. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (The Bryan Hayes Show)

Bryan Hayes and Jeff O'Neill chat with ESPN's Jerry Crasnick about the Ryan Braun scandal and the head coach of the Pittsburgh Penguins and Team USA, Dan Bylsma. Hour 2 Audio


1:05 PM – Stephen Ames (Canadian PGA Tour Player):

Ames called in to discuss the upcoming RBC Canadian Open, which is being played at the Glen Abbey Golf Club in Oakville, Ontario. He said that he likes that the how Canadian Open moves around Canada in terms of location and is looking forward to the talent at the tournament regardless of the fact that Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson and Rory McIlroy aren't playing. According to Ames, the depth of talent on the PGA Tour is very deep and players don't mind when certain more prominent golfers don't participate in certain tournaments. Ames is a big Calgary Flames fan and said that he understood Iginla's decision to move to a Stanley Cup contender, especially as he enters the twilight of his career. Furthermore, with the Flames entering a rebuilding phase, Ames that said he remains hopeful for the team's future and approves of their signings of a few young and talented prospects. He also said he wasn't in Calgary when the floods hit the city and lucky his home wasn't damaged.

1:35 PM – Steve Simmons (Toronto Star):

Simmons joined the show from Lebrun's cottage and spoke about J.P. Arencibia's recent Twitter comments about Dirk Hayhurst's and Gregg Zaun's negative comments. Simmons said the hatred Arencibia has received from fans and MLB critics has built up and has got to the Blue Jays catcher's head. When asked if Arencibia is mentally weak, Simmons believes that Arencibia has tried too hard to be everything that people wanted but instead hopes for him to focus on improving specific areas of his game one by one, starting with his .200 batting average. Moreover, if the Blue Jays were a hockey team, John Gibbons would be fired today but then again it's not Gibbons' fault that the starting rotation can't make it past the third inning, so perhaps he isn't deserving of all the skepticism that fans have directed towards him. Carl Gunnarsson was re-signed for three years at just over 3 mill a season, and Simmons discussed how this was less than market value given his minutes, but says the Leafs now must focus on re-signing Franson, Kadri and Fraser.

2:40 PM – Adam Carolla (Comedian)

"The Pod-father" Carolla had some funny comments about the Royal Baby and says that he doesn't know why the general population cares about the Royal Baby so much. He said the British are like the Japanese with their peculiar customs and love of idols such as royalty, which Bryan connected as a parallel to faithful die hard fans of sports teams. When asked about his involvement on Twitter, Carolla said that when Jose Canseco calls players out allegedly for steroid usage on Twitter, it may be despicable snitching behaviour, but it doesn't mean that what he says isn't true. Carolla also new Mark McGwire was doing steroids when he lifted his 240 lb son who was 9 years old over his head after hitting his record homerun! With Jeff O'Neill looking to start his own podcast, Carolla's advice was finding a way to separate yourself from all the other podcast's that are out there. Given Carolla's past working with Jimmy Kimmel who has now become successful as a late night show host, Carolla said that he just focuses on doing funny shows, not specifically late night snows. Carolla also plugged his new alcoholic beverage "mangria"

3:05 PM – Jerry Crasnick (ESPN Baseball):

Ryan Braun was suspended for using steroids by the MLB for the remainder of the season, and will lose $ 3.4 million in salary. Crasnick believes the MLB won this case but many believe he got off lightly and deserved 100-150 games. He said that when a player is connected to steroids, it ultimately takes a significant toll on that players legacy, and darkens his perception both in the eyes of the fans and other players. Without steroids, Crasnick was unsure regarding Braun's ability to return to his high-level of play and raised the question speculating on how long Braun has been using steroids for. Braun was potentially on pace for a Hall of Fame career, and if he comes back and performs as well as he possibly can, Crasnick said that many would doubt voting for Braun if he were in contention for another MVP award. Crasnick thinks Alex Rodriguez will definitely be getting a suspension for his involvement in biogenesis the question is what will he receive.

3:18 PM – Dan Bylsma (Pittsburgh Penguins/USA Hockey Head Coach)

Dan Bylsma spoke about the announcement of the Team USA camp roster and Jake Gardiner's chances of making the team if he can breakout with a good performance to start the 2013-2014 campaign. Bylsma said that the USA team will not get on the ice at orientation camp, just like the Canadians because the insurance price is too high. Instead, he said that as a team they can accomplish as much as possible in the short preparation period prior to the tournament beginning. Bylsma expressed his disappointment over Penguins goalie Marc-Andre Fleury not making the team given the wins he secured for Pittsburgh over the past three seasons, even if he has crumbled during the playoffs, which has lead many to question how reliable and clutch he is.

Wednesday's show: Claude Julien (Bruins Head Coach), Erik Compton (PGA Tour player) who has had 2 heart transplants

July 22: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Bryan breaks down the camp invitees following Hockey Canada's Olympic announcement and chats with the Toronto Star's Richard Griffin about the Blue Jays post All-Star break woes and potential trade candidates.


Hour 1 (Leafs Lunch)

The guys talk hockey and the Olympics and some Blue Jays and also talk to Toronto Star columnist Dave Feschuk. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (Leafs Lunch)

The guys talk about the future of the Maple Leafs and Tim Leiweke's comments as well as Phil Mickelson's big win on the weekend. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 1 (The Bryan Hayes Show)

Bryan talks some Blue Jays and the Canadian men's Olympic hockey team invitee list. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (The Bryan Hayes Show)

Bryan chats with Richard Griffin about the derailed Blue Jays season and who could be on the trade block, Sports Illustrated's Richard Deitsch on the latest news in sports media and Tripp Isenhour of the Golf Channel on Phil Mickelson's British Open win. Hour 2 Audio


12:35pm - Dave Feschuk (Toronto Star)

Feschuk talked about the expectations that Canadian fans should have who are going to Russia for the Olympics in 2014. He said they should expect to wear shorts because it's going to be another Winter Olympics that is held in a warmer place, and he said it will actually be balmier than it was in Vancouver. Feschuk also explained that the games are going to be held very close to the Caucasas Mountains which is actually a war zone in Russia, which has worried security experts. Feschuk talked more about these terror issues and said that, although anything can happen at these types of events, the security and the security budgets are so huge, they leave no stone unturned. Feschuk spoke about how the budget on these upcoming games has got out of hand with rumours saying that they have spent $50 billion dollars. He explained that it's crazy because the Vancouver games were only 9 billion, and they were a pretty well put on games. Feschuk continued on to say that this will be the most expensive Olympic Games ever and a lot of experts are saying, (Feschuk stated that he is not an expert with this, but that he was just quoting) that the reason behind this is because of all the corruption in Russia. Feschuk said what is going to be interesting is that this is Putin's big moment, he is a big sporting enthusiast and plays many sports and he wants to make these games a global statement of Russia's return to preeminence in the post Soviet era. Feschuk kind of jokingly finished by saying that this time around it's much easier for Canada because all we have to worry about is who is going to play goal for the men's hockey team.

2:35pm - Richard Deitsch (Sports Illustrated)

Hayes and Deitsch started by talking about the twitter backlash that ESPN got last week from interviewing players at the All-Star Game in Spanish. Deitsch explained how it is absolute nonsense and it shows the worst in those people, but it was probably only a small percentage of the viewers anyway. Hayes said that it is interesting to hear from these players who can't speak English so having the interpreter is essential and Deitsch agreed but first made a joke that when he watches the CBC he's listening in a different language. Deitsch continued to say that Puig is a phenomenon and that it has been a long time since someone this interesting has come along because we don't know too much about him. Deitsch got to talking about the MLB All-Star Game, and how Puig wasn't a part of it and how it was a missed opportunity for Major League Baseball. He said that it's kind of ridiculous that you can't add someone to an exhibition game and in other sports, if there was a player like Puig in their league, they would find a way to get him into their All-Star festivities. Hayes switched the direction of the interview to the NFL and SI's new website, The Monday Morning Quarterback. Dietsch talked about how the hope for the new site is that they will provide the fans with new stories that people wouldn't have heard or been told before. He explained that they will be able to do this because they will get pretty good access. Deitsch said they will get that access because they will be, along with Pro Football Talk, the only national NFL only website that exists. Deitsch did say that, although the website will have a lot of different pieces about different topics, it will all be connected to football in some way or another. Hayes got into talking about Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks, who will be writing for the Monday Morning Quarterback, and how he is not shy and gets a lot of media attention. Deitsch explained if he starts to get to vanilla or watered down, they won't run his stuff, but hopefully it works out because it could be great to let people see what it's like to be an everyday All-Pro Cornerback in the NFL.

3:05pm - Richard Griffin (Toronto Star)

Griffin started off by talking about Yasiel Puig and how he is going to focus on him at the Jays game tonight. Griffin said that it will be interesting to see what Puig turns out to be after this great start he's had. Hayes and Griffin got right back into Blue Jays talk and how they have actually been able to beat National League teams because those teams aren't used to the turf. Griffin explained he doesn't think that the Blue Jays fans will give this team a mulligan because they promised the fans a winning season this year and the next two years and now that can't happen. He also said that Alex Anthopoulos is going to need to find out where he went wrong and how to fix it. Griffin talked about who he thinks might want out of Toronto and how maybe it's Buehrle because of his family living back home and not being able to bring his dog to town because of the pit bull ban. He did think that other teams would take Buerhle even with the outrageous money that he gets from his contract. Griffin started to talk about Lawrie and how the Jays are still experimenting with him at second base, because during the interview Lawrie was on the field taking ground balls and practicing double plays in front of him. Griffin said the Jays would try to move Arencibia because they might want to get someone who can manage a pitching staff better than he can.

3:35pm - Tripp Isenhour (The Golf Channel)

Isenhour started off by talking about Phil Mickelson and how he does think he will continue to win Major Championships. Isenhour said that the new 3-wood Phil is using is helping him a lot. He explained that Mickelson gets in trouble with his driver when he tries to help the ball get into the air and he doesn't do that with the 3-wood which translates better off the tee because he won't miss as badly. Isenhour explained that if Mickelson can finally get that U.S. Open win to get the career slam, it would make him one of the top golfers of all time. Isenhour talked about how everything about Tiger Woods' game is just a little bit less than it was years ago. Isenhour explained how Tiger is playing way more conservatively which is hurting him because he is shorter off the tee which leaves him a longer shot into the green and with his short game not being what it used, it's hurting him a lot more. Isenhour spoke about how Tiger is a very different player now on the weekends and it has a lot to do with his short game and how he just isn't hitting the shots that he used to. Isenhour said it is making him work harder then he should. Hayes asked what is going on with McIlroy and Isenhour explained that he is going through issues with how to deal with adversity and how to deal with a struggling game whether it is the new Nike equipment or the lost confidence on the course. Isenhour did say it will be interesting to see how he will comeback from this but that if anybody can flip a switch and turn it back around for themselves, it is Rory McIlroy.

Tuesday's Show: Stephen Ames, Adam Carolla (Comedian)

Leafs Lunch and The Bryan Hayes Show: July 15-17

Leafs Lunch and The Bryan Hayes Show: July 8-12

Leafs Lunch and The Bryan Hayes Show: July 1-5

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