May 29: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Dave and Jeff O’Neill are joined in studio by Tyler Ennis to discuss his workout with the Raptors along with whether he would welcome the opportunity to be drafted by his hometown team, and Dirk Hayhurst checks in to chat about why he thinks Anthony Gose may be a better fit for the Jays than Colby Rasmus.


Hour 1:

Dave Naylor and Jeff O'Neill talk NHL Playoffs and are joined by TSN Sportscentre Anchors Darren Dutchyshen and Kate Beirness. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

Dave Naylor and Jeff O'Neill are joined by Bob McKenzie, Dirk Hayhurst and Tyler Ennis. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

Dave Naylor and Jeff O'Neill are joined by Darren Dreger, Jim Corsi and Matthew Scianatti. Hour 3 Audio



TSN Sportscentre Anchors Darren Dutchyshen and Kate Beirness joined the show to promote the Kraft Celebration Tour. Towns and Cities from across Canada vie to host an edition of Sportscentre. Dutchyshen and Beirness shared stories from their travels across the country and what their favourite stops along the way have been.

BOB MCKENZIE, TSN Hockey Insider

TSN Hockey Insider Bob McKenzie joined the program to talk about the Montreal-New York series. Dale Weise is out for game six despite returning to game five after being assessed by a doctor. The Canadiens already violated concussion protocol in the Boston series with Max Pacioretty. Rumours that Carey Price could return for game seven are rampant but if the Canadiens get there it would mean Tokarski played great again and is likely the best option for game seven. McKenzie also discussed Mike Richards future in Los Angeles and whether the Leafs could be suitors.

DIRK HAYHURST, TSN 1050 Blue Jays Analyst

TSN 1050 Blue Jays Analyst Dirk Hayhurst joined the program to talk about the red-hot Toronto Blue Jays. The Jays last year had so many unrealistic expectations you could tell the club was feeling the pressure, this year is complete opposite. If the club thought the team would be this good, they likely would have traded for a pitcher at the start of the season. Hayhurst also discusses possible players the club would move for a top pitcher now, and whether Anthony Gose should be one of them.

TYLER ENNIS, Former Syracuse Point Guard

Former Syracuse Point Guard and projected first-round pick Tyler Ennis joined the program to talk about the upcoming Draft. Ennis worked out the Raptors, which was a surreal experience after growing up watching the club. Would love to land in Toronto and play in that system. Ennis had a spectacular freshman season in Syracuse and is projected to be a top-15 pick. Ennis discussed what the process is like with all the prospective teams, and discussed why he came out of school after just one season.

JIM CORSI, St Louis Blues Goaltending Coach

St Louis Blues Goaltending coach Jim Corsi joined the program to talk about the popular "Corsi Rating" system that he developed. Originally was used as a stat for goalies but has carried over to other positions. Corsi talks about how the system uses stats differently then the regular use of stats, to show workload on players. Stats can help to paint a picture, but can also be used in many ways. Corsi also discusses what it was like to work with a top goalie like Ryan Miller in Buffalo.


TSN Hockey Insider Darren Dreger joined the program to talk about the Montreal-New York series. Carey Price is skating and taking shots and is close to returning, but the message from the team remains that he is out for this series. Peter Budaj will likely be gone next season after Tokarski's great play. Dreger also discussed the scene in Pittsburgh where changes will likely be made following the hire of a new GM. Tampa Bay's Julien Brisebois is the frontrunner for that position.

May 28: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Dave and Dave Hodge chat with Dan Shulman and Joe Sheehan about whether the Blue Hays have what it takes to stay atop the AL East, and talk with the former coach of Martin St. Louis, Dustin Tokarski and PK Subban, Guy Boucher about what how those players have impacted the Rangers-Habs series.


Hour 1:

Dave Naylor and Dave Hodge were joined by Guy Boucher and Andrew Jennings. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

Dave Naylor and Dave Hodge were joined by Bob McKenzie and Dan Shulman. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

Dave Naylor and Dave Hodge are joined by Barry Trotz, Darren Dreger and Joe Sheehan. Hour 3 Audio


Guy Boucher, Former Head Coach of the Tampa Bay Lightning, Head Coach of SC Bern in Switzerland

Guy Boucher says that Dustin Tokarski has continually shown that he’s able and willing to step up in important situations, whether it be in the World Juniors or the Memorial Cup or the Stanley Cup Finals. With Martin St. Louis, there were rumours that he wanted to go to New York when Boucher was the coach of the Lightning, but he never intimated anything to Boucher. Boucher was the coach of the Hamilton Bulldogs in 2009, and had players like Subban, Pacioretty and Desharnais on that team. Boucher says he’s never met anyone like P.K Subban, and he has so much energy, and he’s so good, but in the end, you don’t want to take away his energy, you want to channel it.

Bob McKenzie, TSN Hockey Insider

McKenzie expects John Moore to get 1 or 2 playoff games, and he expects there to be fines thrown around for some of the other indiscretions last night. McKenzie believes it would have been hard for Henrik Lundqvist to come back in the game, considering he was warmed up, sat around, and would have been expected to come back in after the 2nd period. McKenzie says he was shown that in dire situations, the Canadiens are a battle tested hockey team, and have shown that they’re a resilient bunch.

Dan Shulman, Voice of MLB on ESPN

Shulman says that in baseball, you’re never as good as you are when you’re hot, and you’re never as bad as you are when you’re cold, and that’s especially true for the Blue Jays. The attention is on Edwin and all the HR’s the Blue Jays are hitting, but the real reason they’re better is because of the strength of the starting pitching. In Boston, they are a hot streak away from changing things in a hurry; it’s too soon to bury the Red Sox. Shulman says that the Blue Jays and the Orioles are the two most likely teams where something could happen with Jeff Samardzija.

Barry Trotz, Washington Capitals Head Coach

Trotz says he doesn’t have much of a relationship with Ovechkin, as he doesn’t know him well. He did say that he needs to start creating the relationships with Ovechkin and the other core players on the Capitals. Trotz says that the Predators have drafted and developed really well on the backend and in net, and you coach with what you have, and with Washington, there is a definite focus on offence. Trotz says he’s reached out to a large number of coaches about his situation and how he should go forward, and that’s helped him a lot. He believes that the days of dictatorship are over, players have their own brands, and you’re in a partnership with them.

Darren Dreger, TSN Hockey Insider

Dreger says that the atmosphere at MSG is buzzing, and the Rangers definitely seem to feed off the intensity. Dreger thinks that Tokarski didn’t have his best game last night, but he was better than Lundqvist. With Carey Price, the information that Dreger is receiving is that Carey Price won’t be back for the Eastern Conference Finals, and he’s preparing for the possibility of the Stanley Cup Finals. If the Kings were to amnesty Mike Richards, it’s very possible the Leafs would have interest.

Joe Sheehan, Sports Illustrated

Sheehan says that Aaron Sanchez may not have the upside of a Marcus Stroman, but he has a higher floor than Stroman does. There are players who could be a second piece in a trade, but if you’re talking about acquiring a frontline starter, it’s going to be for Sanchez and Stroman. Robinson Cano hasn’t been hitting a lot of home runs in Seattle, and that’s not particularly surprising considering the ballpark. Edwin Jackson could be a lower tier SP than could be a good fit with the Blue Jays, alongside Bronson Arroyo in Arizona.

May 27: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Dave and Dave Hodge chat with Jim Benning about whether the Canucks new GM plans on keeping his core intact, and Jim Duquette and Rich Griffin check in to debate whether the Jays should look to bolster their rotation or if JA Happ and Liam Hendriks can be counted on moving forward.


Hour 1:

Dave Naylor and Dave Hodge discuss the Argonauts situation with BMO Field, the Red-Hot Blue Jays and the NHL Playoffs in Hour 1 of TSN Drive. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

Dave Naylor and Dave Hodge are joined by Bob McKenzie, Richard Griffin, Jim Benning and Jim Duquette to chat NHL and MLB. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

Dave Naylor and Dave Hodge were joined by Jim Duquette and Darren Dreger to chat about the Toronto Blue Jays, the MLB and the NHL playoffs. Hour 3 Audio


Bob McKenzie, TSN Hockey Insider:

McKenzie does not expect Carey Price to play tonight, or for the entire series. Any GM who wants to pursue Thomas Vanek has to figure out why he’s played so poorly, but the reality is, Vanek’s proven that he’s a competent scorer throughout his career, and his poor play might not hurt him as much as people think. McKenzie believes this is what Thomas Vanek is all about, and the ups and downs are simply part of having him on your team. With Barry Trotz, he certainly understands what he’s getting into. This year could have been an aberration for Ovechkin with regards to his poor plus/minus, but there are many who believe Ovechkin wasn’t fully buying in.

Richard Griffin, Toronto Star:

Griffin has been on a terrific pace, and if he were to win tonight, he’d be on pace for 27 wins, and that’s just unrealistic for him. The Jays have gotten away with the 4/5 spots in the rotation, and with J.A Happ and Liam Hendricks in those slots, it’s hard to see that as a sustainable idea long-term. Griffin says that the Blue Jays do have the inventory to get a guy like Samardzija, but it’s all about making the right deal and the right cost.

Jim Benning, Vancouver Canucks GM:

Benning says that the Canucks core group, between the Sedins, Hamhuis and Bieksa, is very solid, but finding a coach that’s a fit for the group is going to really help. He also discussed about his working relationship with Trevor Linden, and how Linden “is his boss”. The management team is all going to be on the same page, and that’s a very important aspect of how the organization is structured. Benning says he plans to alter the way his team plays, and cites Chicago and Boston as working templates.

Jim Duquette, Former GM of the NY Mets, MLB Network Radio Analyst:

Duquette says that he’s been impressed by the Jays depth offensively, but the pitching has been the most impressive of all. Drew Hutchison has been a very nice surprise, and with J.A Happ looking good, the overall squad seems to have a lot of good things going on right now. In addition to Samardzija, Cliff Lee is another guy who might be available, and you have to expect the Blue Jays to be in on any and all pitching help on the market. Duquette says that if the Jays want Samardzija, they have to give up their best prospect, as the Cubs won’t trade Samardzija for Marcus Stroman.

Darren Dreger, TSN Hockey Insider:

Dreger says that at MSG, the Rangers were unable to muster a significant lead early on, and Dustin Tokarski was unwilling to give up anything. But the Rangers really need to create and sustain a bigger lead early on. P.K Subban needs to be better, along with Andrei Markov. More than anything, Thomas Vanek needs to capitalize on his many opportunities, and he continues to be an obvious disappointment.

May 26: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Dave and Steve Simmons break down the hiring’s of Brian MacLellan and Barry Trotz and chat about whether the Canadiens can overcome a 3-1 series deficit versus Martin St. Louis and the Rangers with Bob McKenzie and Darren Dreger, and Scott MacArthur checks in to discuss the streaking Blue Jays.


Hour 1:

The first hour of the TSN Drive with Dave Naylor and Steve Simmons. Dave Feschuk co-hosts this hour. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

The second hour of the TSN Drive with Dave Naylor and Steve Simmons. TSN's Bob McKenzie, Sirius XMs Steve Sax, and ESPNs Bob Ley join this hour. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

The final hour of the TSN Drive with Dave Naylor and Steve Simmons. TSN's Darren Dreger, and TSN 1050s Scott MacArthur join this hour. Hour 3 Audio


Bob McKenzie, TSN Hockey Insider:

McKenzie says both Barry Trotz and the Washington Capitals seem comfortable with the arrangement of consummating an agreement before getting a GM in place. McKenzie believes that you can’t knee jerk too quickly when it comes to a GM. They need longer sample sizes. McKenzie believes that Dustin Tokarski is going to be an NHL goaltender, but will it be as a number 1? He has proven that he will give his team a chance to win.

Steve Sax, Longtime MLBer, Sirius XM MLB Analyst:

Sax says that Josh Beckett has really bounced back after some lackluster seasons, and he’s really looked like his old self as of late. Sax says that the art of pitching has been perfected a lot more, and defence has really be zoned in on and given more importance as of late, and that’s contributed to the rash of no hitters in recent years. Sax says that the Orioles are the dark horse in the American League, as their offence is as potent as anyone’s in the AL.

Bob Ley, ESPN, ESPN’s Outside The Lines:

Ley detailed his rise through the early days of ESPN into what the network has turned into today. Ley’s work with Outside the Lines has been consistently prasied, and he chatted about what he believes makes a good story and how Outside the Lines balances the journalistic and entertainment aspects of a story.

Darren Dreger, TSN Hockey Insider:

Brian MacLellan was a safe hire for Washington, but a good one; he’s seen in high regards by other executives. He has a long history with George McPhee, so it’s possible to see this as simply hiring McPhee again, but Darren uses the Burke/Nonis example as good friends who have spent a lot of time together having different philosophies as it pertains to building a franchise. Signing Barry Trotz was a smart move by the Caps. They showed interest early, and if they waited, they may have lost Trotz to Vancouver or Florida. Leafs are still waiting to see who may be available for assistant coaches; they’ll want to hire around the draft, so they have time to figure out who they want. Darren also believes PK Subban may be overworked in these playoffs; he looked tired in Game 4 and is making too many uncharacteristic mistakes.

Scott MacArthur, TSN 1050 Blue Jays Reporter:

MacArthur is stressing constraint when talking about the Jays streak right now; they’re playing great but it won’t last forever. However, you can absolutely say this is a fantastic offensive club and can carry the team through struggles. Looking in the crystal ball, should the Jays, say, host the Tigers in the first round of the postseason, the four pitchers will be Hutchison, Dickey, Buehrle and Happ. The team is playing a legitimate kind of ball, playing a sustainable game that shouldn’t cause too many worries should the team stumble against the Rays this series.

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