August 1: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Mike and Dave Bastl discuss Alex Anthopoulos’s trade deadline day inactivity and the comments made by Jose Bautista about his disappointment in the fact the team did not make a significant move with Dan Shulman, and Marc Denis joins the guys to chat about the dangerous road the Habs are taking by allowing PK Subban to get to arbitration.


Hour 1:

Jays beat the Astros, Alex Anthopoulos talks trade deadline, Ray Rice apologizes, & PK Subban inches closer towards arbitration. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

Marc Denis joins hour 2 of Mike Richards in the Morning to chat about PK Subban. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

Dan Shulman and Chris Tanev join hour 3 of Mike Richards in the Morning. Hour 3 Audio


7:15 Mark Zecchino – Host Golf Talk Canada

The Bridgestone Invitational has provided a few surprises the biggest of which would probably be Tiger Woods. It will be interesting to see if Woods can continue his momentum after overcoming a shaky start early on yesterday. Dustin Johnson’s decision to “take a leave of absence” caught everyone by surprise however no one really know much about the situation at this point. At the end of the day you hope that Johnson “is able to put this to bed quickly” because he’s got at least another 8-9 years on the tour to “make some noise.” Some of the biggest surprises after round one has been Graham DeLaet & Patrick Reed who both had a very spirited performances, & Phil Mickelson’s first round left much to be desired.

7:45 Marc Denis – RDS Colour Analyst

At this point it seems that PK Subban is destined to go to arbitration (something that would’ve seemed ludicrous a few weeks ago) Obviously there is still the potential for an “eleventh hour settlement” however Canadiens fans can rest easy because “one way or another a deal will get done.” The problem is that arbitration hearings can get quite personal & “not everyone handles the hostility very well” Subban has remained very humble & tried his best to stay away from the negotiations during this process. Perhaps we see something similar to a Shea Weber contract (however that deal was signed under a different CBA) It’s quite conceivable that Subban “eventually” becomes the captain even if it doesn’t necessary happen next season. Afterall GM Marc Bergevin has hinted about the leadership role being filled by some of the younger players on the roster (Subban/Pacioretty) The Montreal Canadiens exceeded expectations last season by advancing to the conference finals, how will they perform next season?

8:15 Dan Shulman – ESPN Voice Sunday Night Baseball/TSN MLB Analyst

No one thought that the Tigers had the prospects to get David Price (until they got help from Seattle) however many people thought that “the Rays would’ve got much more for David Price.” Price was the best player on the market & still has one year remaining on his deal therefore the transaction was a bit of a head scratcher. Perhaps this was a unique set of circumstances because “the Red Sox wanted to dump & rebuild for next season.” The Boston Red Sox were the winners of the day for “essentially retooling on the fly.” The sad reality is that there weren’t “too many big bats on the market.” Jose Bautista & Casey Janssen have the right to be disappointed after Alex Anthopoulos “lack of activity” however we don’t exactly know what happened behind closed doors. Were the Jays offered Lester/Gomes for Jose Bautista?

8:45 Chris Tanev – Vancouver Canucks Defenseman

Right now it’s about enjoying another month of “offseason activities” until returning to the grind next season in Vancouver. There’s been plenty of change in BC & all of the players want to put “last year behind them.” Mr. Tanev is currently training with Gary Roberts & the pace is expected to pick up over the next few weeks. In terms of goals for the upcoming season “it’s all about doing what’s best for the team.”

July 31: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Mike and Dave are joined by Mike Tyson to discuss his stand up show, “Mike Tyson Undisputed Truth” coming to Toronto, and Dirk Hayhurst checks in to discuss what the Jays strategy should be leading up to Thursday afternoon’s trade deadline.


Hour 1:

Jays defeat the Red Sox, TFC falls to DC United, & John Harbaugh addresses the Ray Rice situation. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

Toronto Argonauts Steve Slaton previews tomorrow's game vs. the Montreal Alouettes, plus a phone call from the "evil" Jack Nicklaus. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

Dirk Hayhurst chats Blue Jays, Mike Tyson discusses his live stage show "Mike Tyson Undisputed Truth" & Michael Collins talks golf. Hour 3 Audio


7:15 Steve Slaton – Toronto Argonauts Running Back

Making the transition from the NFL to the CFL has been an interesting experience; some of the toughest adjustments include shorter downs & the significant amount of movement on both sides of the ball. Right now the goal is to see if Steve can “still play” & thankfully the Argo have welcomed Mr. Slaton with open arms. Now it’s about getting ready for tomorrow’s game vs. the Montreal Alouettes & trying to “turn this thing around.”

8:15 Dirk Hayhurst – TSN 1050 MLB Analyst

The Red Sox have the unfortunate task of dealing with a very fickle fan base in Boston & it seems they have “essentially checked out for the remainder of the season” (especially with the rumoured imminent trades of Lester/Lackey) If both of these players are traded what kind of message does this send to the rest of the team? The Toronto Blue Jays must withhold the temptation of trading one of their highly touted players (Stroman/Sanchez) in exchange for a more established pitcher like Lester/Lackey. The Houston Astros & Chicago Cubs continue to stockpile young assets/players however the jury is still out on whether this is the right approach due to both clubs shocking lack of progress.

8:30 Mike Tyson – Retired Professional Boxer

Mike Tyson joined Mike Richards to discuss a variety of topics including his stage show “Mike Tyson Undisputed Truth” which comes to the ACC on September 10th.

8:45 Michael Collins – Senior Golf Analyst

Even if Tiger Woods doesn’t end up catching Jack Nicklaus’ record of 18 majors, someone will. After 2000 Jack Nicklaus openly admitted that “Woods would shatter his record provided he stays healthy.” Fast forward to the present day where Rory McIlroy is all the rage however the comparisons between Woods are unfair because “they are two completely different players.” The biggest question in golf is “how hungry can you stay?” At this point there is no way that Tiger Woods should be part of the Ryder Cup come September because you have to ask yourself “is the Ryder Cup an exhibition or competition?” The problem from the Ryder Cup’s perspective is that “Tiger has the unique ability to draw massive numbers.”

July 30: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Mike and Dave are joined by Steve Simmons to discuss Miguel Cabrera’s big night in the Jays’ series opening victory over the Red Sox, and Pat Hickey checks in to provide the latest on the PK Subban negotiations.


Hour 1:

Maple Leafs re-sign Jake Gardiner, Jays defeat the Red Sox & another edition of "Bastl's Bytes." Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

John Kryk takes a look at some of the major stories surrounding NFL Training Camps. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

Jake Gardiner joins. Hour 3 Audio


7:45 John Kryk – Sun Media NFL Columnist

The Cleveland Browns “scrap at practice” has been grossly overblown by the media however the reality is that these types of things happen all the time behind closed doors. Here’s the latest on the Buffalo Bills: prospective buyers had until yesterday at 5PM to submit their bids & the major candidates were believe to be (Donald Trump, Jon Bon Jovi, Larry Tanenbaum, Terry Pegula, Tom Golisano) Surprisingly former Buffalo Sabres owner Tom Golisano didn’t place a bid yesterday & many feel that current Sabres owner Terry Pegula & Donald Trump could emerge as the strongest candidates.

8:15 Scott Ferguson – TSN 1050 MLB Insider

Right now Marcus Stroman is performing more like a starting pitcher & might potentially be the number one choice to start game one of a series if the playoffs were to start today. Reports indicate that the Jays are “done tinkering” (see Danny Valencia) however the team could definitely use another bat in the lineup. Perhaps “something happens” because the players feel they have proved their worth to ownership (remaining within striking distance of first place in the American League East division) We shouldn’t expect Jon Lester to come to Toronto because the Jays seldom make deals within their own division. At this point Lester is “as good as gone, now it’s just a matter of where he ends up.” It’s possible that the Seattle Mariners make a trade in order to “put them over the edge” because this team hasn’t had a lot of post-season success.

8:30 Daryl Ruiter – Cleveland Browns Reporter/Writer for 92.3 The Fan

There’s nothing wrong with a little “feistiness in training camp” when you’ve been the doormat of the NFL for the past twenty years. The interesting thing is that there are finally some names on the Browns roster that can create problems for the opposition. At this point it’s believed that the quarterback job is Brian Hoyer’s to lose much to the chagrin of Cleveland faithful. The Browns find themselves in a unique situation “not being forced to throw a rookie QB into the spotlight & ruin his confidence.” Cleveland has a very difficult opening schedule therefore starting the season 0-3 is a very realistic possibility. To his credit Johnny Manziel has done a great job of owning up to his mistakes & has been a pleasure to deal with from a media perspective. The funniest part is that the Brows might’ve made the best “mistake” by hiring GM Ray Farmer.

8:45 Jake Gardiner – Maple Leafs Defenseman

The best part of signing a five year $20.25 million dollar contract extension was the reaction from Jake’s father. Originally Gardiner & the Leafs were looking at a two year deal until both sides agreed that “a multi-year contract made more sense for both parties.” The defense corps should receive a nice boost from the off-season additions of Roman Polak & Stephane Robidas. Both players should add some veteran leadership which will benefit some of the younger players on the roster. The return of head coach Randy Carlyle is another solid move for this organization & it will be exciting to work with assistant coaches Steve Spott/Peter Horacheck. Now it’s about getting healthy during the off-season & preparing for another busy regular season.

July 29: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Mike and Dave are joined by Steve Simmons to discuss Miguel Cabrera’s big night in the Jays’ series opening victory over the Red Sox, and Pat Hickey checks in to provide the latest on the PK Subban negotiations.


Hour 1:

Former boxer Michael Strange provides some insight into his "90 Marathons in 90 Days Box Run." Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

Taylor Pendrith chats Canadian Open, & Steve Simmons join. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

Hour 3 with Mike Richards in the Morning joined by Eric Macramalla. Hour 3 Audio


6:45 Michael Strange – Retired Boxer “90 Marathons in 90 Days Box Run”

11 time amateur boxer Michael Strange joined Mike Richards & David Bastl to provide some insight regarding his “90 Marathons in 90 Days Box Run.” For more information please visit

7:30 Taylor Pendrith – Kent State Golf Team & Team Canada Mens Golf

Obviously it was a privilege/treat to participate at the RBC Canadian Open this past weekend. Taylor went into this tournament with a “ho hum attitude” however there is definitely an increased sense of pressure/media presence at these tournaments. Pendrith’s performance at the Canadian Open provided a huge boost of confidence & it was refreshing being around some of the players he grew up idolizing. Pendrith’s greatest strength is his drive of the tee (longest drive is 365 yards) & coaches Herb Page/Rob Wakeling from Kent State have really helped Taylor hone his craft.

7:45 Steve Simmons – Sun Media & The Reporters

Edwin Encarnacion was the Blue Jays MVP until he got injured however Melky Cabrera has been a consistent force amidst all the injuries surrounding this ballclub. It will be interesting to see what direction the Jays/Cabrera decide to take during this offseason. At this point it would seem that Daniel Winnik will play on the Maple Leafs third line next season which makes you wonder exactly where David Clarkson will fit into the lineup. Winnik is described as a high energy forward that is defensively responsible & can be slotted pretty much anywhere in the lineup. Head coach Bruce Boudreau relied heavily upon Winnik last year in Anaheim therefore it would be safe to assume that Randy Carlyle adopts a similar template. The Leafs have taken a low risk approach with their recent signings (David Booth/Daniel Winnik) which could create some healthy competition among the Leafs/Marlies for spots on the third/fourth lines. Adolpho Birch defending the NFL’s two game suspension for the Ray Rice incident was absolutely disgraceful. It appears that the league has simply thrust Birch into the limelight “in order to clean up Roger Goodell’s mess.” Furthermore we are still searching for the conclusion to the Jim Irsay/Indianapolis Colts incident from earlier in the spring.

8:15 Pat Hickey – Columnist Montreal Gazette

All the focus right now is towards Friday’s arbitration hearing between PK Subban & the Montreal Canadiens. So far we’ve only seen witnessed one case actually reach arbitration (Vladimir Sobotka) therefore there is hope that a deal can be struck at the eleventh hour. Both sides feel that they have very convincing arguments & it will be fascinating to see how this situation plays out. Mr. Hickey thinks that the Subban camp might ask for 9-10 million dollars per season because “that is what the current market dictates.” Montreal usually doesn’t like to sign players to deals longer than four years however they might make an exception in this case. If Subban re-signs with the Canadiens “don’t expect him to be named captain for the upcoming season.”

8:30 Eric Macramalla – TSN Legal Analyst

The latest on the Donald Sterling case is that “the team will be sold & Sterling can’t do anything to block it.” Sterling still has the ability to appeal the decision however he can’t block the sale “therefore he has officially lost control of the team.” Some wonder if the whole Donald Sterling incident was overblown “because it was a lawful conversation held in private.” Ray Rice’s two game suspension for basically knocking his fiancé out has caused waves in the legal world because the league is still trying to “gather all of the necessary information.” Mr. Macramalla also feels that “there is a less than 1% chance that the Canadiens/Subban go to arbitration.”

July 28: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Mike and Dave Bastl recap Tim Clark’s come-from-behind win at the Canadian Open and chat about James Reimer coming to an agreement on a two-year deal with Steve Buffery.


Hour 1:

Tim Clark wins the Canadian Open, Blue Jays defeat the Yankees, Argos fall to the Roughriders, & TFC blows a golden opportunity. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

Steve Buffery of the Toronto Sun recaps the Canadian Open & provides his reaction on the James Reimer signing. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

Theory of a Deadman join Mike Richards in the morning to chat on their upcoming album "Savages". Hour 3 Audio


7:45 Steve Buffery – Toronto Sports Columnist

The Maple Leafs decision to re-sign James Reimer to a two year contract is a “deal that makes sense for both parties.” Perhaps Toronto needs to get a specialized goaltending coach in order to help Reimer work on the “technical aspects of his game.” The biggest question is whether “Reimer accepts a backup role with the team this season.” It’s difficult to determine if the 2014-15 edition of the Leafs are better than the 2013-14 version however the return of Leo Komarov should pay dividends. The major problem for the Leafs is that the key players on the team (Kessel/Phaneuf) tend to go into prolonged slumps. Jim Furyk’s second place collapse/finish at the RBC Canadian Open left many spectators wondering “what went wrong?” Tim Clark took a completely different approach on the back nine “throwing caution to the wind rattling off six birdies & ultimately winning the tournament.” Canadian Taylor Pendrith earned quite a reputation after his performance at the Canadian Open & generated a “significant amount of buzz at RBC.” If Pendrith doesn’t shoot a seventy five during his second round “who knows where he would’ve finished.”

Mike Richards In The Morning, July 21-25

Mike Richards In The Morning, July 14-18

Mike Richards In The Morning, July 7-11

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