May 14: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Bob and Matt break down whether changes could be coming in Pittsburgh following their second round exit with Craig Button, and Connor McDavid checks in to discuss his interest in the KHL, off-season training with Gary Roberts and the 2015 World Juniors.


Hour 1:

Hour 1 with Macko and Cauz joined by Craig Button and Brendan Kennedy. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

Hour 2 with Macko & Cauz joined by Connor McDavid and TJ Quinn. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

Hour 3 with Macko & Cauz joined by Jonah Keri and Bormani Jones. Hour 3 Audio


9:15 - Craig Button: TSN Resident Scout

Craig joins the show to share a little insight on the NHL Playoffs specifically what happened to the Penguins this year. He believes The Penguins are in need of slight changes for next season. Bylsma hasn't been able to take his team far enough in the playoffs with the talent they have. The Penguins don’t need tough guys to get on the ice and protect Crosby, they need complimentary players that can play with him and make the entire team more productive. The bottom six on the Pens leaves a lot to be desired and Shero has done a poor job bringing in players to surround Crosby and Malkin.

9:30 – Brendan Kennedy: Toronto Star

Brendan from the Toronto Star joins the show to elaborate on the Jays and the conditions that have the most effect on R.A. Dickey's knuckle-ball. He believes Dickey does much better in the warmer months of the season, having stated he did so in his Cy Young winning season. He weighed in on his article devoted to Tommy John surgeries around the league right now. A major cause is the increase in velocity today's pitchers are throwing with, as well as how much more monitored they are now as opposed to in the past. There is no single way to prevent torn UCL’s, and the rate at which players are having surgery is only increasing.

10:00 – Connor McDavid: Erie Otters

Connor McDavid of the Erie Otters joins the show to talk about his future in hockey with Erie and Team Canada. He was recently drafted 77th overall in the KHL but has no plans to pursue a career in Russia, but he did find it funny that he was even drafted. He said it will be a dream to play in the World Jr.’s this year when it is in Toronto and Montreal. He plans on joining Gary Roberts again this summer to train for the third summer in a row.

10:30 – TJ Quinn: ESPN Outside The Lines

Quinn joins Macko and Cauz to elaborate and explain the drug testing process for the players in the NFL. He states how the legalization of marijuana in some states might impact the NFL's drug testing in order to administer an HGH testing program. He believes it will be a huge social issue if each state starts to legalize marijuana and will most likely have a large impact on the NFL.

11:00 – Jonah Keri:

Jonah from joins the show to talk about the MLB and Jays right now. He starts off by mentioning how the cultural differences are from North America to other places in the world compare when it comes to excessive celebrations. He believes it shouldn't have as much of an impact as it does in the MLB and other sports in North America. He weighs in on where the Jays are right now and how they have been affected by injuries. He believes the Jays are just as good as any of the teams in the AL East and have a good chance at maybe winning the division this season.

11:30 – Bomani Jones: ESPN

Bomani joins the show to talk NBA and what's going on around the league with Donald Sterling and Magic Johnson. He believes that what is happening with Donald Sterling has a high possibility of happening again whether it's with him or someone else. He also weighs in on the drug testing in the NFL. He believes the young and older players have to come to a consensus with those who use/abuse either HGH or marijuana for something to happen because either way both of these substances will be obtained and used but those who want to use them. Finally, he points out that Westbrook has been the best player on the Thunder this playoffs whether you want to accept it or not. We apparently cant criticize Kevin Durant, but if you pay attention, Russ has been leading the team.

May 13: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Bob and Matt are joined by Katie Baker and Mike Futa to discuss how John Gibson has stepped in and provided a spark for the Ducks, and Gregor Chisholm checks in to chat about Brett Lawrie’s play and the struggles of the Jays’ pitching staff.


Hour 1:

Hour 1 of Macko & Cauz, joined by Tyler Dellow. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

Hour 2 of The Macko and Cauz Show, joined by Steve Aschburner and Katie Baker. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

Hour 3 of The Macko & Cauz, joined by Mike Futa, Gregor Chisholm and Harrison Mooney. Hour 3 Audio


9:15 - Tyler Dellow -

With a lot of talk on Carlyle's extension comes a lot of talk on roster adjustments. There appears to be a bit of a disconnect between Carlyle and Gardiner, but our eyes are trained to just see the mistakes that Gardiner makes rather than see the ten good short passes that he makes. Gardiner is a much better player than what people make him out to be. He also shares his view on Dion Phaneuf, saying his numbers have plummeted ever since Randy Carlyle has been the head coach of the Leafs.

10:00 - Steve Aschburner – Sr. Writer

The perception of the Raptors from the outside looking in is not quite as rosy as it is from the inside. They still have only won one playoff series and have not proven a lot despite how great this season felt. The crowd reaction and fan support won't make much of a factor on new players wanting to come to Toronto or any team for that matter. He also weighs in on LeBron as he continues to assert himself as a generational talent in the league that we will likely never see again.

10:30 – Katie Baker –

Katie speaks on the impact a new coach might have to a team and the possibility of the Leafs having a good season next year. She also comments on the impact Sidney Crosby's actions and how it is effecting the way the Penguins are playing. They compare the differences between Toews and Crosby in this years playoffs. She also talks about the possibility of the Ducks beating the Kings. She believes John Gibson is a great goalie and has what it takes for a good playoff outing.

11:00 – Mike Futa – LA Kings VP Hockey Ops + Dir. Player Personnel

Futa joined Macko and Cauz to talk his new role with the Kings and the teams run in the playoffs thus far. He weighs in on what he looks for when scouting a new player and all the pressure that comes with the job. He shares his views on where the Kings are in the playoffs right now and what they need to do in order to beat the Ducks. He also talks about the great coaching staff of the LA Kings and how Darryl Sutter deals with the media.

11:15 – Gregor Chisholm –

Gregor Chisholm of joins Macko & Cauz to talk about the Jays lineup, what’s been working for them as well as what they need to improve on. He believes that Brett Lawrie isn't the franchise player everyone thinks he is. Lawrie has struggled with injury and also needs defensive improvement. The pitching staff has been quite poor in the late innings of games and needs to be better in order for the Jays to have a chance at a playoff spot this season.

11:30 – Harrison Mooney – Yahoo! Sports

Harrison Mooney of Yahoo! Sports Puck Daddy Blog joins Macko & Cauz. Harrison talks about the racial remarks that have been impacting the NHL lately. He speaks on P.K. Subban and states how he is playing some of the best hockey he has ever played. The amount of black NHL players is greater now than it has ever been and Mooney states that these racial remarks need to stop because it is giving the NHL a bad image. Subban does not need anyone to stand up for him, as he is clearly the heart and soul of the team and he is enough of a player to support himself.

May 12: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Bob and Matt discuss the latest on the Dion Phaneuf trade rumours with James Mirtle and James Duthie, and Mitch Melnick joins the guys to tee up tonight’s Habs/Bruins matchup on TSN 1050.


Hour 1:

Hour 1 with Bob & Matt. Joined by Mitch Melnick & James Mirtle. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

Hour 2 with Bob & Matt. Joined by NHL on TSN Host James Duthie. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

Hour 3 with Bob & Matt. Joined by Michael Landsberg as well as Scott MacArthur. Hour 3 Audio


9:15 - Mitch Melnick - TSN 690

P.K Subban was correct in his assessment of the Shawn Thornton situation, and that it would have been huge news had HE been the one spraying a player with water. Subban has proven himself as a leader, and has been given the right to say what he wants, and do what he wants because he is able to back it up with his actions on the ice - as well as his maturity off the ice. The Habs will draw a huge boost from the crowd at the Bell Centre tonight, but will need Carey Price to play out of his mind if they plan on pushing this series to a Game 7. Boston has all the momentum following a dominant performance on Saturday night, led by their net-minder in Tuuka Rask. The Habs need to play their own game, and not get involved in the mind games that the Bruins seem to be forcing upon them.

9:30 - James Mirtle - The Globe & Mail

The Dion Phaneuf rumours definitely have validity to them, in part due to the "culture change" comments coming from Shanahan & Leiweke. Simply changing the assistant coaches is not enough change, and trading away not only your Captain, but a player you just signed to a massive contract would rock Leaf Nation. The markets that made the most noise following the Phaneuf chatter were Edmonton, Minnesota & Dallas. All teams that have money to spend, and need to spend it on defense. He would make for a great fit with the Wild, potentially being paired with Ryan Suter. Phaneuf's play has been more scrutinized than maybe it should due to the less-than-stellar play of the Maple Leafs over his time here.

10:00 - Tony McIntyre - Founder/Owner of Nike CIA Bounce AAU Basketball; Father of Tyler Ennis

Several young Canadian NBA talents went through Tony's program - including Andrew Wiggins, Tristan Thompson & Anthony Bennett. All of these players became extremely talented at different times in their young careers, but you could tell early on they were all something special. It is a matter of making the right decisions, and surrounding the players with the right people to make sure they have all the opportunities to succeed. It has been tough to get Canadian teens to stay in Canada through their post-secondary years, something that can be attributed to a lack of funding in Canadian basketball programs. Only by going down to the United States can these talents get all the attention they deserve.

10:30 - James Duthie, NHL on TSN Host

It has been a roller coaster ride for Martin St. Louis this season between his shunning from the Canadian Hockey Team, being traded out of Tampa Bay, then being booed after not performing for the Rangers. While this is a terrible thing to happen for Marty, you cannot help but cheer for him going forward in these playoffs. If the Pens lose Game 7 versus the Rangers, they will once again be a franchise in purgatory - succeed in the regular season, but falter in the playoffs. While Head Coach Dan Bylsma may not be fired, the Pens upper brass will need to take a look at the core of the team, and a major change could be made.

11:00 - Michael Landsberg - Host of Off The Record

The Leafs knew they would hear it from fans if they ended up losing Dion Phaneuf for nothing, something that may have played a role in his huge contract. The Leafs haven't wanted to load up his playing time as much as they have over his tenure in Toronto, they simply haven't had any better options. The Leafs management has made it very clear they need changes in the "culture" around Maple Leafs hockey, which means they need to shake things up. They cannot simply say the culture needs change, and expect it to happen overnight. As for the Habs, P.K. Subban continues to make headlines for both good and bad reasons. He came into the league like a lightning rod and was criticized because not only was he doing things that hadn't been seen before. Moving on to the NFL, Browns receiver Josh Gordon faces a year long suspension following another failed drug test. The NFLPA hurt themselves when negotiating the new CBA last summer, which ultimately led to this potential punishment.

11:30 - Scott MacArthur - TSN 1050 Jays Beat Reporter

The Jays pitching has and will continue to be an issue throughout the course of the season. Specifically the bullpen, which doesn't seem to have any sort of order to it. Even with Casey Janssen returning off the DL, there is no guarantee he can stay healthy for an extended period of time. Speaking of no guarantees, it is difficult to say whether Colby Rasmus can continue his recent hot streak. He is still striking out as much as he has throughout his career, and will probably continue to be an all-or-nothing player at the plate. Colby's talent has never been questioned, but when things begin to go south for him, he presses too hard, which only compounds the problems.

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