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Leafs Lunch and The Bryan Hayes Show: Week 14 NFL Picks

The Canadian Press

Bryan and Leafs Lunch and Hayes Show producer John Horn go head-to-head with their Week 14 NFL picks.

NFL Picks

Hayes' Picks (Record: 20-32): Horns' Picks (Record: 20-32):
Colts +7 Buccaneers -2.5
Chargers -7 Rams +6
Eagles -2.5 49ers -2.5
Steelers -3 Saints -3

December 6: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Bryan, Jamie and Jeff chat with Ray Ferraro about the Leafs escaping with a win versus the Stars last night and Ian Mendes joins the guys to discuss the Senators’ struggles and Saturday’s matchup with Toronto.


Hour 1 (Leafs Lunch):

Bryan, Jamie and Jeff last night's Leafs victory and preview their weekend back-to-back. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (Leafs Lunch):

Bryan, Jamie and Jeff are joined by TSN Hockey Analyst Ray Ferraro, TSN Radio 1200's Ian Mendes. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 1 (The Bryan Hayes Show):

Bryan is joined by Soccer Insider Steven Cohen. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (The Bryan Hayes Show):

Bryan is joined by TSN Hockey Insider Pierre LeBrun. and ESPN/The Herd Host Colin Cowherd.

December 5: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Bryan and Jamie tee up tonight’s Leafs/Stars game with Shawn Horcoff, discuss the impact of the Leafs’ injuries with Jonas Siegel and Ray Ferraro and Ken Campbell joins Bryan to talk about whether the Markham arena deal is dead.


Hour 1 (Leafs Lunch):

Bryan and Jamie are joined by Stars Center Shawn Horcoff and TSN Leafs reporter Jonas Siegel. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (Leafs Lunch):

Bryan and Jamie are joined by That's Hockey 2nite Host Steve Kouleas. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 1 (The Bryan Hayes Show):

Bryan is joined by TSN Hockey Analyst Ray Ferraro and Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (The Bryan Hayes Show):

Bryan is joined by Ken Campbell of The Hockey News and WWE Hall Of Famer, Bret "The Hitman" Hart. Hour 2 Audio


12:15pm Shawn Horcoff – Stars forward

Horcoff said there is no parity in the West, no easy nights, it’s a long season and they need to keep pace and hope a few teams drop off the pace. He said the media in Dallas is pretty quiet but there is a good following and as long as the team continues to play well he expects that to continue. Horcoff hasn't seen any of the criticism about Seguin that came from Boston since he’s been in Dallas. He’s played really well and he has nothing but good things to say about him. Horcoff thinks Jamie Benn is the best power forward in the league and although Team Canada has a lot of depth at centre, Benn deserves to be on the Olympic roster

12:35pm Jonas Siegel – Leafs Beat Reporter

Siegel said the injuries are piling up again, Bozak is out and the Leafs have to get through it like other teams do. The Leafs aren't panicking yet, they are still in a decent spot playoff wise and there are still a lot of games left in the season. He said that with so many injuries the Leafs are depending on other players that aren't used to a scoring role to score goals for them, they need more productivity from their defense. Carlyle could dress 7 defensemen tonight but Rielly may sit out tonight. Siegel said that Carlyle said there were simply other guys ahead of Smithson on the depth chart, he was winning them a lot of face-offs and it now jumbles up their penalty kill because of Bozak's injury.

1:05pm Steve Kouleas – Host of TH2N

Kouleas thinks if Gretzky wants to get back in the NHL and if he is involved he wants to be involved in decision making not just as an ambassador. There is nothing more he would want than a second team in Toronto, there is an appetite for hockey in the GTA and Gretzky would be the perfect guy to try and help push that. Kouleas said Clarkson needs to find his identity on the team and figure out his role. They are lucky right now to be in the playoffs and 3 games above .500, but at the end of the day they need to compete and start cycling the puck around. Right now the Leafs just need to get through this period of injuries and hope to be in a decent position in January. Kouleas thinks the Rangers needed to keep Lundqvist and it makes sense for the Rangers to have to deal with a few bad years later in his career and get as much as they can out of him for the next few years. Teams are acknowledging they gave out these bad contracts and are more worried about dealing with now than what there effect will be in a few years.

2:15pm Ray Ferraro - TSN Hockey Analyst

Ferraro said there was some risk for the Stars on making the deal for Seguin, they identified that they could buy low on him and its turned out to be a good deal for them. Lucic is probably the only other power forward that can compare with Benn but Benn is a much more natural scorer. Ferraro said when Subban screws up you notice because of the immense amount of attention on him, it was a mistake. Ferraro said it's unlikely Rielly will go to the World Juniors, it would give him a chance to play some more games but the bad state of the Leafs defense right now will likely keep him from going.

2:35pm Mike Florio - Pro Football Talk & NBC Sports

Florio said the NFL needs to justify the fees they are charging for the NFL Network and as long as they have games no matter the quality the cable providers can justify them. The Saints don't play well on the road and the Panthers are right now in a better position even if they don't end up as division champions. Florio thinks Peyton Manning will likely be the MVP. There are other QB's who have been playing well but none have put up the numbers that manning has. Florio said at some point the Eagles have to decide weather they want to commit to Foles and sign him to a long term extension. Vick is done as the starter for the Eagles and Florio doesn't see any team really giving him a chance as a starter and at the end of they day it might be better for Vick to stay as Foles back up.

3:05pm Ken Campbell – The Hockey News

Campbell said if there was a rink in Quebec City they could have landed the Thrashers at the time. Even if a team like Florida came out wanting to move its unlikely they would move the team to Toronto/Markham. Seattle is the most likely destination for a team in the NHL. Campbell said the Leafs are doing everything they can to prevent another team in the GTA and he cant imagine they would want to share a building if another team were to come, they could share on a temporary basis but the Leafs would want to control the situation as much as possible. Campbell said its good on the people of Markham for them to stand up and say they don't want to have to pay for the rink and they have the right to do so and someone would need to step up to help pay for the arena for it to be possible.

3:35pm Bret Hart - Hall of Fame WWE Wrestler

Hart said it’s been a while since he looked back on his old wrestling shows, he’s watched a few things on Youtube but he prefers watching the whole show. Hart said he felt the support of Canada when used to wrestle and it was significant when he came to the WWE that he was Canadian. A lot of fans recognized him as one of the best and he felt like people got behind him even if they were American. Hart said he regrets a lot of things and he wished he kept carrying on with the WWE and got a chance to do story lines with guys like The Rock. There weren’t any scripts back then, he was able to say what he wanted to say and be himself. Hart said it was always more fun being a bad guy, fans were a bit less clued in and fans were genuinely angry at him. He helped come up with the “sharpshooter” with Vince McMahon, he had been told to come up with a submission hold as a finishing move and the Scorpion was one that he saw that was available for him to use.

Friday’s Show: Colin Cowherd, Steven Cohen, Pierre LeBrun

December 4: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Bryan, Jamie and Jeff break down another Leafs loss and discuss the arrival of the HBO cameras with Ray Ferraro and Trevor Smith, and Bryan is joined by Trent Dilfer who chats about Mike Tomlin's fine and the Bills continued struggles.


Hour 1 (Leafs Lunch):

Bryan, Jeff and Jamie break down the Leafs loss to the Sharks and discuss the impact of the HBO 24/7 cameras, which arrived today. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (Leafs Lunch):

Bryan, Jeff and Jamie are joined by TSN hockey analyst Ray Ferraro and Leafs forward Trevor Smith discusses the team's struggles and the arrival of the HBO cameras. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 1 (The Bryan Hayes Show):

Bryan is joined by ESPN NFL analyst Trent Dilfer.

Hour 2 (The Bryan Hayes Show):

Bryan is joined by ESPN New York's Wally Matthews, The Boston Herald's Scott Lauber and the NHL on TSN's James Duthie.


1:05pm Ray Ferraro – TSN Hockey Analyst

Ferraro said the craziest coaching meltdown he’s ever experienced was in junior when his coach threw a garbage can full of liquids in the dressing room. Guys had garbage dripping off them. In his career he was threatened to be sent to the minors many times. The guys then spoke about the HBO 24/7 camera invading the Leafs starting today and there will be some people who will never understand what goes on in sports locker rooms and all the guys agreed they miss that kind of free-flowing camaraderie where you could say what you want and not worry about what people think. Ferraro had a plethora of stories about coach meltdowns and hints it’s not at all uncommon. He also discussed the Leafs upcoming schedule and addressed Hayes’ conspiracy theory that Bettman planned this with 24/7 in town.

1:35pm Trevor Smith – Maple Leafs Centre

Smith thought the HBO 24/7 show was going to be a lot more intense. There weren’t nearly as many cameras as he thought there would be. He thinks it will escalate in the days ahead. He joked that he saw a camera on Dion Phaneuf today so he tried to walk by in front of it to get some face time. With the cameras always on the team, he feels it will give them added motivation. Last night’s game was a good test for Toronto. San Jose shut them down in the third once they had the lead. That’s how Toronto needs to learn to play and could benefit from adapting the Sharks style. Smith also addressed his tenure in Toronto and how he plans to stick around and not get sent back to the Marlies. He thinks Carlyle sometimes jumbles his words but he’ll have fun with the 24/7 show and will come across fairly well.

2:33pm Trent Dilfer – ESPN NFL Insider

Dilfer said playing in Toronto is not the reason Buffalo isn’t making playoffs. NFL players are creatures of habit and playing in Toronto is no different than playing an away game. The Bills have been missing consistent line play, especially on the offensive side of the ball. Dilfer trusts the integrity of Mike Tomlin and doesn’t think he intentionally did what he did. However, it is an appropriate punishment for the act and he’s happy the team wasn’t punished with a draft pick as a result. He spoke about rules being in place for a reason and you can push their boundaries but you can’t go outside the lines. The reality is so much of our nation looks up to these players and coaches and they shouldn’t set bad examples by flat-out cheating. Dilfer is really surprised Aaron Rodgers hasn’t been cleared to play. He had a similar injury and was back in six weeks. Rodgers had reverence for Brett Favre’s toughness. He felt he had to have the same toughness as Favre. Favre would play through an injury like Rodgers’, but he never seemed to get those types of injuries.

3:05pm Wally Matthews – ESPN New York

Matthews said one of the things the Yankees wanted to do was get a bit younger. They also wanted to get more guys on base. It doesn’t really jive with their plan to lower their salary and he believes they’re still going after Robinson Cano. The Yankees have determined $25 million is the most they’ll pay for anybody and they’re against the idea of signing players for an extended period. Ellsbury is an exception because he’s a younger player.

3:10pm Scott Lauber – Boston Globe

Lauber doesn’t think many people had the Yankees at the top of their list in the Ellsbury sweepstakes. There are some similarities to the Johnny Damon situation here. He doesn’t think the Red Sox need to go “tit-for-tat” with the Yankees this offseason after winning the World Series. The two organizations are in a much different place. The Sox feel their farm system will pay big dividends in the upcoming years. The Yankees on the other hand have built their team this way for a long time by buying free agents. They’ve painted themselves into a corner as far as this is how they have to build teams. This is similar to the offseason of 2008 where they went out and spent big after missing the post-season.

3:35pm James Duthie – NHL on TSN Host

Duthie did an interview with Will Ferrell on Monday for a half-hour special that will air on TSN. He’s a really fun, really nice guy. He thinks Ferrell was really exhausted after spending about three hours in character in Winnipeg. Duthie has the feeling Gretzky is coming back to the NHL. He predicts within a year Gretzky will be the president of an NHL team. You can’t completely judge his coaching in Phoenix because of the personnel he had to work with. A position as President would probably better serve a guy like Gretzky. He would probably make more of an impact on a lesser team than the Maple Leafs.

Thursday’s Show: Mike Florio, Bret “Hitman” Hart in Studio, Ray Ferraro

December 3: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Live from the ACC, Bryan, Jamie and Jeff are joined by Joe Pavelski to talk Leafs/Sharks and the U.S. Olympic team, Dave Poulin checks in to discuss the Leafs’ tough upcoming schedule and Jerry Crasnick chats with Bryan about the catching moves made by Alex Anthopoulos.


Hour 1 (Leafs Lunch):

Bryan, Jeff and Jamie preview tonight's game against the San Jose Sharks and are joined by Sharks forward Joe Pavelski. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (Leafs Lunch):

Bryan, Jeff, and Jamie are joined by Dave Poulin and Ray Ferraro. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 1 (The Bryan Hayes Show):

Bryan is joined by ESPN's Jerry Crasnick. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (The Bryan Hayes Show):

Bryan is joined by Golden State Warriors President/CEO Rick Welts and FOX Sports 1's Alex Marvez. Hour 2 Audio


12:15pm Joe Pavelski Sharks Forward

Pavelski talked about the strong start to the season for San Jose and some of the players who have stepped up throughout the lineup. He talked about the depth in the Sharks lineup that has contributed to their success, as well as the honour of getting a chance to play for the US Olympic team.

12:35pm – Randy Hahn - Sharks play-by-play voice

Hahn joined the guys live at the ACC to tee up tonight's game and discusses the amount of media buzz surrounding the Sharks as they travel through Canada. He also talked about Todd McLellan's experience coaching under Mike Babcock and the influence it's had on the Sharks now, as well as how Doug Wilson has stuck with the core group in San Jose and had added pieces that fit into the system.

1:05 pm– Dave Poulin - Maple Leafs Vice President of Hockey Operations

Poulin spoke on a number of Leafs topics including the upcoming schedule ahead and how the team needs to play better. He addressed the teams struggles on the blueline and how he wished Cody Franson used his deadly shot more often. Poulin also spoke about keeping Morgan Rielly on the Leafs and not sending him to the World Juniors. He also said the Leafs have lost twice to the Sabres and twice to the Blue Jackets and how they have to forget about all these losses and move forward.

1:35pm – Ray Ferraro

Ferraro played referee as Hayes and O'Neill argued about who would win a treadmill running contest and Ferraro admitted he could never wager on Hayes. They also had a discussion about annoying "runners" who brave the elements no matter what. On the hockey front, Ferraro spoke about the Leafs struggles on the blueline and now without Kadri how thin they are at centre. He also talked about the strong play of the Habs and the coaching style of Michel Therrien and he said there is no way the Canadian Olympic team can't have PK Subban on it.

2:35pm – Jerry Crasnick - ESPN Baseball

Crasnick broke down the end of JP Arencibia's time in Toronto. Going forward Arencibia has to wait to see how free agency shakes out - Jarrod Saltalamacchia is still available and looks likely to sign in a place like Minnesota. Arencibia's future might be more of a platoon guy like Jeff Francoeur tried to be toward the end of his career. Crasnick also assessed Dioner Navarro as a starting catcher and said the Jays certainly have enough offense to carry him even if he isn't the most durable catcher. Crasnick also spoke on Robinson Cano's future with the Yankees and believes that he ultimately wants to stay in New York.

3:03pm – Rick Welts - Golden State Warriors President & CEO

Welts discussed the success the Warriors have been having of late at both the gate and on the court. Steph Curry is a star player, marketable and definitely someone they can build a team around. Welts spoke about his time in the NBA front office and contract situations with star players. He also had some nice things to say about Tim Leiweke and how he thinks he is a great marketing guy for MLSE. They have known each other for years and believes he is a perfect guy for the Raptors and MLSE to rely on to help improve their products. Welts also spoke about the announcement he made 2 1/2 years ago that he was gay and how he has been accepted throughout the league. He also spoke about how well he knows Jason Collins who also announced he was gay earlier this year.

3:35pm – Alex Marvez - Fox Sports 1

Marvez recapped the weekend in the NFL and the Seahawks claim of supremacy after an impressive win over New Orleans last night. He spoke about the East-coast bias that has prevented the Seahawks from being talked about as much as they should be and how Drew Brees continues to struggle outdoors since joining the Saints. Marvez also gets into the playoff race shaping up and some of the officiating issues of late including what might happen to Mike Tomlin after his sideline incident.

Wednesday's show: Trent Dilfer, James Duthie

December 2: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Bryan, Jamie and Jeff break down the Leafs’ ongoing struggles with Ray Ferraro and Scott Stinson joins Bryan to discuss the issues remaining with the proposed Markham arena deal.


Hour 1 (Leafs Lunch):

Bryan, Jeff and Jamie recap the Leafs' Saturday night loss to the Habs. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (Leafs Lunch):

Bryan, Jeff and Jamie chat with TSN Analyst Ray Ferraro. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 1 (The Bryan Hayes Show):

Bryan is joined by Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports.

Hour 2 (The Bryan Hayes Show):

Bryan is joined by The National Post's Scott Stinson and John Wawrow of the Associated Press.


1:05pm Ray Ferraro – TSN Hockey Analyst

Ferraro spoke about whether the Leafs should panic right now and how the defence has been below average this season and they need help. He said Kadri’s play has gone downhill and needs to improve. Ferraro also spoke about fighting in hockey as well as Canada’s World Junior team selections.

2:15pm Jason La Canfora – CBS NFL Insider

La Canfora spoke about the poor officiating at the end of the Giants-Redskins game and how that sort of thing can’t happen in the NFL. They are lucky the game had little or no impact on the playoff push. He said the Chiefs 9-0 record was a bit deceiving and they weren’t really Super Bowl contenders anyway. La Canfora said that the Panthers are a legitimate threat and they can win in many different ways and in many different situations.

3:05pm Scott Stinson – National Post

Stinson spoke about the new arena in Markham and how it is not close to getting finalized. Only $10 million out of $320 million has been collected. Stinson said there isn’t a team planned to play in the new arena and Gary Bettan isn’t making any promised.

3:35pm John Wawrow – Associated Press Buffalo

Wawrow spoke about the Bills visit to Toronto this weekend and said the fact they played in the Dome this weekend was not good for them and actually benefitted the Falcons since they play home games at a Dome. The Bills may not have blown a 14 point lead outdoors. He said the crows in Toronto is more for the casual NFL fans not like in Buffalo where they “love” there team. Wawrow said to not think the Bills are a lock to move to Toronto down the road as there are many road blocks they will have to go through to make it happen.

Tuesday’s Show: Dave Poulin (Leafs VP of Hockey Operations), Pierre LeBrun, Rick Welts (President of Golden State Warriors), Alex Marvez (Fox Sports 1)

Leafs Lunch and The Bryan Hayes Show: Nov. 25-29

Leafs Lunch: November 18-22

Leafs Lunch and The Bryan Hayes Show: November 4-8

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