May 16: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Bryan and Jeff discuss Ray Shero’s firing and the Penguins future and tee up tonight’s Game 7 between the Kings and Ducks with Ray Ferraro and Pierre LeBrun.


Hour 1 (Leafs Lunch):

Hour 1 of Leafs Lunch. Pierre LeBrun discusses Ray Shero's firing & Game 7 of the Kings-Ducks series. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (Leafs Lunch):

Hour 2 of Leafs Lunch. Ray Ferraro talks about the controversy surrounding Milan Lucic's post-game conduct. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 1 (The Bryan Hayes Show):

Hour 1 of The Bryan Hayes Show. Jack Armstrong talks about Andrew Wiggins and previewed the Conference Finals. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (The Bryan Hayes Show):

Hour 2 of The Bryan Hayes Show. Scott MacArthur talks J. P. Arencibia & the Jays' pitching and Aaron Ward talks Kings-Ducks Game 7. Hour 2 Audio

May 14: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Bryan, Jamie and Jeff tee up Habs-Bruins, Game 7 and discuss the playoff success of Jonathan Toews versus Sidney Crosby’s post-season struggles with Ray Ferrraro and James Duthie.


Hour 1 (Leafs Lunch):

Hour 1 of Leafs Lunch. Andy Brickley talked about the Habs-Bruins series & previewed their upcoming Game 7. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (Leafs Lunch):

Hour 2 of Leafs Lunch. Ray Ferraro talked about Sidney Crosby's struggles & Habs/Bruins, Game 7. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 1 (The Bryan Hayes Show):

Hour 1 of The Bryan Hayes Show. Chris Daniels discussed the prospect of a new NHL team in Seattle. Dave Zirin discussed NBA officiating & Michael Sam. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (The Bryan Hayes Show):

Hour 2 of The Bryan Hayes Show. Dan Shulman talked about the AL East & Rogers Centre Turf. James Duthie discussed talks Crosby/Toews and Habs/Bruins. Hour 2 Audio


12:45 – Andy Brickley, Bruins Colour Analyst NESN

Former Boston Bruin and current analyst for the team, Andy Brickley, joins the show ahead of tonight’s game 7 between the Habs and Bruins in Boston. He says the core group has gained a sense of confidence from their experience winning and losing in these situations and they know it takes to win. Bruins seemed frustrated early in the series. They played too polite and were too worried about penalties and about Montreal getting under their skin. This has been a tough series for Chara and he looked old and slow last game. P.K. Subban is such a gifted player, his challenge tonight will be his focus.

1pm – Ray Ferraro, TSN Hockey Analyst

Ferraro kept waiting for Crosby to have some sort of impact on the game last night but he was very pedestrian and the team has a whole couldn’t muster up anything. Clearly this team has lost there way, they’re simply not good enough and there’s no way they can go forward with this same group. He says Crosby may need more support from the guys around him and there’s no comparison between Crosby’s teammates and Toews' teammates. The Pens have more money locked up in Crosby/Malkin than Blackhawks do in Toews/Kane and when the Pens signed them to those deals, they should have had better young guys who were up and coming that make next to nothing. Ferraro picks Boston to win game 7 tonight, although he says Price could be the x-factor.

2:15 – Chris Daniels, Reporter for King 5 in Seattle

Chris Daniels joined the show to chat about Gary Bettman's trip to Seattle and the possibility of NHL expansion. He said the city of Seattle cares a lot about their sports and the NBA has been at the top of the expansion talk. He said there's been an arena project that has been approved in the last couple of years by the city counsel. Daniels said the deal on the arena can't break ground until a deal to put an NBA or NHL team is official. He said at the moment they are trying to change the configuration of the deal but there is nothing coming forward as of right now. Seattle would most likely be an expansion team in the NHL. He see's the BC area as being a huge draw for a Seattle. Daniels said Bettman has talked about how great a Vancouver-Seattle rivalry could be for the league, and there would be a lot of draw if Seattle did get a team.

2:30 – Dave Zirin, The Nation & Edge of Sports

Dave Zirin joined the show to chat about the Clippers being victimized by officiating in last nights loss. Zirin said the NBA has to review the way they call fouls or there will be more controversy again next season. He said the NBA should be more like the NHL in the way they review plays and have a booth the league goes to, to take pressure off the referees. Zirin also talks about Michael Sam trying to balance being a trailblazer and actually making the St. Louis Rams. He said the NFL is a conservative operation that shuns controversy.

3 to 3:30 – Dan Shulman, ESPN (in studio)

Shulman says there are a lot of talented teams in the AL East right now but injuries have made the outcome in the division very mediocre right now. Good news for Jays is that no one has buried them yet. There are pretty much two great teams in the AL right now – Detroit and Oakland. Dickey went from a tremendous pitchers park to a great hitters park. When evaluating pitchers, a lot of GMs tend to look at how successful they are against the AL East. He weighs in on Lind’s comments about the turf at Rogers Centre and says players hate it. Lawrie is a true 3rd baseman and this isn’t a permanent situation with him at 2nd.

3:30 – James Duthie, NHL on TSN Host

Duthie agrees that Crosby didn’t have the IT factor this playoffs but also says the entire team didn’t have it either. There have been long stretches where Toews hasn’t done anything but he has a great supporting staff. For this reason, it’s hard to compare Crosby and Toews when discussing the best player in the NHL right now. There’s a real chance that both Shero and Bylsma are looking for work. Duthie can’t choose a winner in Boston tonight but says Boston is probably the better team. He’s thinks it’ll probably be a flukey goal that decides the game.

May 13: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Bryan, Jamie and Jeff talk playoff goaltending with Martin Biron and Ray Ferraro, and Bryan is joined by Greivis Vasquez and Marcus Stroman.


Hour 1 (Leafs Lunch):

Bryan, Jeff, and Jamie talk NHL playoffs, and are joined by TSN Hockey Analyst Martin Biron. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (Leafs Lunch):

Bryan, Jeff, and Jamie are joined by TSN Hockey Analyst Ray Ferraro, and Josh Yohe of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 1 (The Bryan Hayes Show):

Bryan discusses Donald Sterling and is joined by Greivis Vasquez. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (The Bryan Hayes Show):

Bryan is joined by Michael Sam's agent Cameron Weiss, and Blue Jays Pitcher Marcus Stroman. Hour 2 Audio


12:30 - Martin Biron, NHL on TSN

You knew Montreal was going to come out strong in game 6, the fans were buzzing but anything can happen in game 7 on Wed night. The French media did talk a lot about Gionta not shaking hands with Ginette Reno and it seems the players who've shaken her hand have played well. She’s become a good luck charm for the Canadiens and their fans. Carey Price has separated himself from Rask, Rask hasn't done anything to raise the bar and Price has kept the Canadiens in every game.

1 –Ray Ferraro, TSN Hockey Analyst

Gibson has a lot of confidence, he has a certain swagger that makes it seem like he's been around forever. Ferraro feels that Gibson, like Schneider, is a player that you watched play a couple times and immediately knew he was going to be good. Miller to San Jose sounds good but you have to wonder just how good he is now, and how much money will he want in free agency. Devante Smith Pelly is a big guy who can skate, he gets himself in positions to score and he’s got good hands. Anaheim has a lot of young talent that is already performing well in pressure situations and they seem to hit gold with every draft pick and college free agent. They know when to move on from players and usually already have talent there to replace them. You have to let your young players get time on the ice to develop, you can’t rely on trades to build your team and the Leafs have to let players like Ashton and Holland get a chance to develop. Phaneuf does have value in the league but the Leafs would need to take money back for a team to want to make a trade. If every player was constantly watched you would notice the bad things they do no matter how good they be.

1:30 – Josh Yohe, Tribune-Review

Crosby is such a beloved figure in Pittsburgh that he doesn't receive the criticism he probably should and the whole city seems to be waiting for something bad to happen tonight. Dan Bylsma will likely get fired if the Penguins lose tonight and also hearing that Shero’s job isn’t safe either. Shero has done a good job building the team, but after being up 3-1` against what some considered a lesser team, he likely wouldn't survive. Mario Lemieux likes to have star power on his team, and although they may consider Malkin, Yohe feels that Crosby and Malkin are the only two players safe on the Penguins.

2:30 – Greivis Vasquez, Toronto Raptors

Vasquez and his family love the city of Toronto because the fan base and the diversity of the City. He wants to be here for a long time. It’s a special feeling representing a entire country when you play for the Raptors. He's never seen anything like the fan support the Raptors fans showed during the playoffs, if they keep growing as a team he believes the Raptors could be the OKC of the East and they have a great future. Vasquez feels he’s a passionate player, he feels that he's improved every year he’s been in the league and he’s committed to the team and the city because they've given him a chance to showcase his game. No matter who’s in front of you on the depth chart you have to feel like your chasing them for the spot, Lowry is a competitive player and a great leader, and playing behind him was a great experience. In his mind the Raptors were going to win against the Nets, but the Raptors want to be more ambitious and make the playoffs something fans are used to.

3 - Cameron Weiss, Michael Sam’s Agent

It was an up and down weekend for Michael Sam during the draft, but they couldn't be happier with where he ended up, St Louis is familiar to Sam and they have one of the best defensive line coaching systems in the league. Michael Sam did have a lot of interest from a lot of teams coming into the draft and they expected to be drafted higher. Michael will have a chip on his shoulder and take it out on quarterbacks of the league. Sam understands that he needs to make the roster and go out there and perform to make a statement that he can be a football player while being gay. Michael’s kiss with his boyfriend wasn't planned at all, it was a natural reaction, and it was a beautiful moment for the two of them.

3:15 – Marcus Stroman, Toronto Blue Jays

Stroman chats about his first week in the big leagues and reflects upon his first MLB win, which was a week ago today. He believes he can be a starter in the major league and his doing everything the Jays ask of him right now to reach that goal. He’s proven himself to the people who doubted hum because of his size, as he was told often when he was younger that he couldn't be successful because of his height. He credits a lot of his success to his family who’s supported him throughout is journey to the majors. He talks about his experience at Duke and his love of fashion as well.

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