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December 19: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Filling in for Dave, Bill Hayes and Mike Hogan are joined by Jeff O’Neill to analyze the comments made by Dave Nonis regarding his head coach and the development of the team’s young talent, and Bob McKenzie checks in to talk about what to look for as Canada opens up its pre-tournament schedule tomorrow morning versus Finland.


Hour 1:

Bill Hayes and Mike Hogan discuss Leafs GM Dave Nonis' appearance on Leafs Lunch and go through another edition of "Ask the O'Dogg" with Jeff O'Neill. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

Bill Hayes and Mike Hogan are joined by Bob McKenzie, Don Maloney and Dave Naylor. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

Bill Hayes and Mike Hogan are joined by Tim Graham of the Buffalo News and TSN Hockey Insider Darren Dreger.



NHL on TSN analyst Jeff O'Neill joined the program for the weekly edition of "Ask the O'Dogg." After GM Dave Nonis went to bat for his struggling team in the media today, it's up to the players to change the performance now and get some results. O'Neill answers listeners questions about what the Leafs need to make a push in the playoffs, which teammates would have been best on an edition of HBO's 24/7, what it's like to ride the Subway in Toronto to a Leafs game, and shares what happens when you confuse a former teammate with your current boss in an embarrassing phone call.

5:00 – BOB MCKENZIE, NHL on TSN Insider

TSN Hockey Insider Bob McKenzie joined the program to explain what to look for in Canada's three preliminary games at the World Junior Hockey Championships. There are still cuts to be made, so it will be interesting to see which players will stand out in the games. Zachary Fucale likely has the inside edge on the starting goalie position, and the club will lean on Matt Dumba's leadership in Griffin Reinhart's absence due to suspension. McKenzie also weighs in on the struggles of the Ottawa Senators. The club held a closed-door meeting after last night's loss to New Jersey to address the lofty expectations the club has yet to fill this season.

5:15 – DAVE NAYLOR, Host of TSN Drive

Host of TSN Drive Dave Naylor joined the show on assignment in the southern United States. Naylor is working on a story about hockey teams in the southern states, and not necessarily NHL or AHL teams. Every Canadian kid grows up dreaming of playing in the NHL, and while few make it, some continue their playing career in minor professional leagues throughout the United States. Almost the entire roster of teams in the CHL or SPHL are made up of Canadian players, those with the desire to still play professional hockey. Naylor also checks in with his thoughts on Leafs GM Dave Nonis vote of confidence for head coach Randy Carlyle. It would be shocking if Carlyle were to be fired with how much the team has invested in his style of hockey.

5:30 – DON MALONEY, Phoenix Coyotes GM

Phoenix Coyotes GM Don Maloney joined the program to talk about the organization before tonight's game against the Maple Leafs. It is tough in the Western Conference with the top teams out there, but it makes for great hockey. Eliminating the doubt about the club's ownership has been huge for the team, allowing everyone to focus on hockey only. Shane Doan was bit by a tick over the Thanksgiving break and hasn't played since due to illness. He started skating again today, but no timetable for his return and the team is really missing his leadership in the locker room. Maloney also discussed goalie Mike Smith's chances for the Olympic team and talked about his dynamic young defenceman Oliver Ekman-Larsson's development to be included among the league's best.

6:00 – TIM GRAHAM, Buffalo News

Tim Graham of the Buffalo News joined the program to talk all things NFL. Coach Joe Philbin and GM Jeff Ireland have done some impressive work following the Martin-Incognito fiasco. Many thought the team would fold after losing the entire left side of the offensive line, but the team has been streaking thanks to a stout defense and Ryan Tannehill's development. Tannehill has played great in his second season and looks like the quality franchise quarterback the Dolphins have been lacking since Dan Marino. Graham also weighed in on the Washington Redskins situation with Robert Griffin III being deactivated for the remainder of the season. If you are affiliated with Washington you hope this season was an aberration for Griffin and not the norm going forward. Backup Kirk Cousins performed well in his absence and with two more strong performances he could become a promising trade chip for the club. Graham also provides updates on the Bills quarterback situation with EJ Manuel missing another game due to injury.

6:15 – DARREN DREGER, TSN Hockey Insider

TSN Hockey Insider Darren Dreger joined the program to preview tonight's match-up at the ACC between the Leafs and the Phoenix Coyotes. He also checks in with why Tom Wilson will not face supplementary discipline for his hit on Brayden Schenn.

Tomorrow: Football Friday Feat Jesse Palmer and Chris Schultz, Darren Rovell, ESPN Business analyst, Bill Deane, Baseball Hall of Fame voting expert and prognosticator

December 18: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Filling in for Dave, Bill Hayes and Steve Simmons discuss whether the Leafs have tuned out Randy Carlyle and are joined by Darren Dreger and Bob McKenzie to chat about the trade options for Dave Nonis.

Hour 2:

Bill Hayes and Steve Simmons are joined by TSN Hockey Insider Bob McKenzie, TSN Drive host Dave Naylor, On Location for a TV Assignment and CTE Expert, Former Wrestler and Founder of the Sports Legacy Institute Chris Nowinski.

Hour 3:

Bill Hayes and Steve Simmons are joined by former NHLer and Author of “Journeyman” Sean Pronger, TSN Hockey Insider Darren Dreger and Author and Contributor to GRANTLAND Jonah Keri.


5:00 – Bob McKenzie, TSN Hockey Insider

McKenzie doesn't think that the Flames are going to get a new GM soon and thinks the search will play out through the new year. McKenzie talked about Steen's new contract adding that it's not just scoring goals that he's good at he's a really good hockey player overall. McKenzie feels that the Leafs are working the phones trying to make a move but believes that trading Gardiner would be a bad idea. McKenzie started talking about the Tom Wilson hit which led to the topic of respect among players in the NHL, McKenzie feels that there isn't a lack of respect in the league there's just to much hitting.

5:15 – Dave Naylor, Our Host, On Location for TV Assignment

Dave Naylor spoke about his interview yesterday with Dr Ainissa Ramirez where she believes that the NFL should ban the helmet because it's used as a weapon. Naylor believes that this is a challenge because kids have grew up with the helmets we see today. Naylor thinks that taking away a the face mask might be a better idea because it will tempt players less to stick their head in to certain areas that may be dangerous.

5:30 – Chris Nowinski, CTE Expert, Fmr Wrestler and Founder of the Sports Legacy Institute

Chris says that CTE doesn't just come from playing violent sports and says that Ryan Freel had a concussion past that wasn't treated properly and that's why he suffered from CTE. Chris says that a minimum of five percent of former NFL players have this disease and added it shouldn't be taking lightly. Chris believes that baseball should have concussion doctors on the sidelines just like football even though they might not occur that often. when asked about fighting in hockey he said that we should inform the players that fight whats ahead of them if they chose to keep punching each other in the face.

6:00 – Sean Pronger, Fmr NHLer and Author of “Journeyman”

Sean says that throughout his career there was many moments when he thought he should pack it in. Sean said that writing this book came organically and added he use to write blogs for his bother Chris and just kept going with writing from there. Sean said that the best coach he ever played for was former Leafs coach Ron Wilson and added that John Muckler was his "least good" coach he ever played for. Sean Pronger said that he loved playing in the NHL and described it as a constant unknown. Sean talked about his experience with Randy Carlyle back the AHL saying that he definitely holds players accountable. Sean also talked about how it was growing up with Chris Pronger and when he new he was going to be a huge star.

6:15 – Darren Dreger, TSN Hockey Insider

Darren Dreger aid that Dave Nonis is putting the accountability on the players not the coach at this point. Dreger feels that the Leafs first line isn't producing like it should be and feels that's one of the reasons for their poor play. Dreger says that Cody Franson is a very good trade bait because he's a right handed defenseman. Dreger feels that the Leafs need Morgan Riley and feels that him not going to the World Juniors is good for Riley's mind.

6:30 – Jonah Keri, Author and Contributor to GRANTLAND

Jonah discussed what the mind set when voting guys in to the baseball hall of fame saying that it's more then just numbers but what you remember from them as a player. Jonah feels that were getting really good non-PED candidates that are not making ballets but doesn't know why this is happening. Jonah talked about the Montreal Expos and what needs to come in to play for them to come back. Jonah feels that Montreal is a great city and would be a great place for baseball but says their are to many things that would have to come in to play for that happen at this point.

Tomorrow: Don Maloney, Phoenix Coyotes GM, Tim Graham, The Buffalo News, Bill Deane, Baseball Hall of Fame Voting Expert, Jeff O’Neill

December 17: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Dave and Dave Hodge are joined by Bob Mckenzie, Darren Dreger and Jonas Siegel to discuss the tough start David Clarkson has had to his Leaf career, the future of Morgan Rielly and potential destinations for NHL expansion.


Hour 1:

Dave and Dave Hodge are joined by former Blue Bombers Kicker and radio host now on TSN 1290 Troy Westwood and the New Head Coach, Women’s Olympic Hockey Team Kevin Dineen.

Hour 2:

Dave and Dave Hodge are joined by TSN Hockey Insider Bob McKenzie, TSN 1050 Maple Leafs Reporter Jonas Siegel and Stepfather of the Late Ryan Freel, Clark Vargas.

Hour 3:

Dave and Dave Hodge are joined byNFL Business Analyst Andrew Brandt, TSN Hockey Insider Darren Dreger and Dr Dr. Ainissa Ramirez, Journalist, Scientist and Author of Newton’s Football, Science and America’s Game.


4:30 – Troy Westwood, Fmr Blue Bombers Kicker and radio host now on TSN 1290

Troy Westwood says that his max is about 57 yards and says that the combination of distance and accuracy is getting ridiculous in football today. Troy described kicking a football to swinging a golf club, sometimes you think you've hit it good and far but it might hook just like a golf shot. Troy thinks that place kickers are getting to good and believes that the NFL should narrow the uprights to make field goals harder. Troy enjoys watching solid defense in sports so unlike most football fans wasn't upset at the low scoring field goal feast that took place last night.

4:55 – Kevin Dineen, New Head Coach, Women’s Olympic Hockey Team

Kevin Dineen discusses the process of being named the new Canadian woman’s hockey coach and his experience with coaching at a variety of different levels. He touches on the differences between the men’s and woman’s game and contrasts the style of play between the NHL and Olympic sized rinks.

5:00 – Bob McKenzie, TSN Hockey Insider

Bob McKenzie speaks about Morgan Rielly and the possibility of playing in the World Juniors. Is Reilly better off to stay with the Maple Leafs or is it better for his development to play in the tournament? He talks about David Clarkson’s struggles, the ups and downs of the Leafs and whether the they're better than last year’s squad.

5:15 – Jonas Siegel, TSN 1050 Maple Leafs Reporter

Jonas Siegel talks about the Maple Leafs’ needs vs. Morgan Rielly’s development. Is Penguins’ defenceman Olli Maatta the real deal? He also speaks about the Maple Leafs’ goaltending situation and who he expects to get the call tonight as the Leafs prepare to host the Florida Panthers. Is tonight a dangerous matchup for Toronto and are the Leafs in a slump or is this who they are?

6:00 – Andrew Brandt, NFL Business Analyst

Andrew Brandt speaks about the latest in the NFL concussion lawsuit and why the $765 million dollar settlement might not be enough. Does Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo lack discipline? He touches on the Green Bay Packers quarterback situation and who the Packers are likely to go with in Week 16. He also talks about college football and agents, and recalls his close call with Ricky Williams.

6:15 – Darren Dreger, TSN Hockey Insider

Darren Dreger speaks about Kevin Dineen’s dismissal in Florida and why GM Dale Tallon needed to make the move. Could Seattle or Las Vegas land NHL franchises? He also talks about the contract situations of Dion Phaneuf and Andrei Markov and what it could take to get a deal done.

6:30 – Dr Ainissa Ramirez, Journalist, Scientist and Author of Newton’s Football, Science and America’s Game

Ainissa Ramirez speaks about why the removal of helmets in football could reduce concussions in football. In her book Newtons Football she proposes different ideas to decrease the amount of trauma to the head. She believes head-to-head collisions are the problem and players would be forced to tackle differently by removing helmets. Is the face mask be responsible for players playing more dangerously?

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