July 16: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Bob and Matt are joined by new Leafs assistant coach Steve Spott to discuss his new role and what new philosophies he’ll bring to the staff, and Jim Rutherford checks in to chat about the health of his captain and how he’s spent the off-season looking to improve the Penguins’ depth.


Hour 1:

Joined by Adam Proteau – The Hockey News and Keith Law – ESPN.com Senior Writer. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

Joined by Marco Andretti – Indy Car Driver and Steve Spott – Toronto Maple Leafs Assistant Coach. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

Joined by Cabbie Richards – LIVE in Hollywood for ESPY’s and Jim Rutherford – Pittsburgh Penguins GM. Hour 3 Audio


Adam Proteau – The Hockey News

Mike Babcock gets results no matter what players think of him and at the end of the day results is all that matters. There is still a possibility that he will make his way to the Toronto after the coming season if things don’t go glowingly for Carlyle. It will be interesting to see what comes of the Predators now that Trotz is out of town. They have made a lot of bargain buys for forwards – but there is a reason that Ribiero and Roy were available on such cheap deals.

Keith Law – ESPN.com Senior Writer

There is no one in the Jays system at this point that is so likely to become a stud that they should be wary of dealing them altogether. Aaron Sanchez has a great arm, but the organization has done a poor job of cleaning up his delivery, so the team has to be willing to listen to offers on him. Daniel Norris is finally starting to put the pieces together, but the sample size of success is so short that it is hard to say what will come of it. The Jays obviously still need starting pitching, and an impact starter is obviously a bigger need than a back end guy at this point.

Marco Andretti – Indy Car Driver

Started competitively in go-karts at nine years old and obviously racing has always been in his blood. Racing was just a lifestyle growing up so it was never really a question that he was going to be driving for the rest of his life. His first pro race was the Indy 500 and he finished second and was quite upset by it which garnered some criticism. But the 500 is the one race where if you’re not first – you’re last.

Steve Spott – Toronto Maple Leafs Assistant Coach

It has been a whirlwind couple of weeks for him but he is incredibly excited to be working with the Leafs and thinks that he can bring a lot to the table to help the team. He spoke with Carlyle and had to make sure that he was willing to take a bit of a back seat in terms of decision making. Advanced analytics are becoming a bigger part of the game – but the coaches have to be careful not to overwhelm the players with too much information. Communication is a huge part of his job and he can act as a buffer between the head coach and the players and to make sure that the players can trust him.

Cabbie Richards – LIVE in Hollywood for ESPY’s

Fun chat with Cabbie about hosting the ESPY’s in Hollywood alongside Tristan Thompson.

Jim Rutherford – Pittsburgh Penguins GM

When he stepped down from his job with the Hurricanes, he had no intentions of jumping back into the game so quickly. But when the surprise call came from the Penguins he decided that if he was going to take another job – it was going to be with a respected organization like the Penguins. Always viewed the Penguins as an elite team from afar and he thinks that they are well suited to win the Cup once again. Very fortunate to have great people around him those have helped him keep an eye on valuable players that may not have come to the surface otherwise. Penguins will need to become a deeper team if they are going to be successful deep into the playoffs. Expects Crosby to be 100% coming into training camp.

July 15: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Bob and Matt are joined by former Raptor Morris Peterson and assistant coach Jesse Mermuys to chat about the importance of Kyle Lowry re-signing and the early impressions of Bruno Caboclo, and Gregor Chisholm and Richard Griffin check in to discuss whether the Blue Jays should still be considered contenders heading into the season’s second half.


Hour 1:

Hour 1 with Macko & Cauz joined by Jeff O'Neill. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

Hour 2 with Macko & Cauz joined by Morris Peterson, Gregor Chisholm and Jesse Mermuys. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

Hour 3 with Macko & Cauz joined by Rich Griffin and Gary Roberts. Hour 3 Audio


Jeff O’Neill – TSN Hockey Analyst

You don’t see quite the same amount of Toronto area players returning to the city to play in hockey in the same way that you see in basketball. The ones that have decided to come back to the Leafs are later in their careers and we wont really see the impact of guys coming home unless we see someone like Tavares or Stamkos return. Carlyle will surely be under more pressure this season as he has two head coach types as assistants now. The most dominant player that he saw that was on a LeBron level in his prime was Eric Lindros as he was able to do anything he wanted and was able to do whatever he wanted when he was on the ice.

Morris Peterson – Former Toronto Raptor

There are definitely some comparisons between the Vince era Raptors teams and what happened with the team last year and hopefully for years to come. The growth of Lowry this season was impressive especially after he was almost dealt midway through the season. He took a leadership role and you saw the growth of him and DeRozan throughout the season. You can understand why LeBron wanted to return to Cleveland, as he is passionate about bringing a championship back to his hometown.

Gregor Chisholm – MLB.com

There is a serious danger that the Jays could fall out of the race in the next couple of weeks if they are not careful. The break came at the perfect time as they are dealing with injuries – but so is the rest of the division. It is nothing new to hear Bautista complain about the turf, but he has a very good point and it could be an impediment towards playing in Toronto. If the next few weeks don’t go according to plan for the Jays – there is an outside chance that they become sellers in a couple of weeks.

Jesse Mermuys – Toronto Raptors Assistant Coach/Summer League Coach

Some of the best moments with the team are the summer meals where you are able to set goals and look back on the past season and reflect on the success. The biggest thing with Lowry that carried him through the season was his consistency. Every single day he was in the gym putting in the time and the work towards becoming a better person and a better pro. Bruno was the only player that was really going out there and taking the game personally yesterday, and as an 18-year old it was remarkable to see from a kid and it made the team incredibly proud to see such an effort.

Richard Griffin – Toronto Star

The Jays continue to wish to add pieces to improve the team, but it seems that the purse strings remain tight as they are forced to contemplate passing the hat around if they want to add to the team. Everyone was on the same page and enthusiastic coming into last season with the flurry of moves that we saw – but we saw how poorly that went. But coming into this season there was a level of disillusionment about the state of the roster and how capable they were of competing within the East. Bautista was going hand in hand with the team and he bought into how the team was going to be a contender – but they risk losing the room if they aren’t making the playoffs in the next couple seasons.

Gary Roberts – 3x NHL All-Star/Gary Roberts High Performance Institute

Each player is different when you are training them in the off-season. Players like Stamkos and Neal had injuries during the seasons so they only took a few weeks off at the end of the year before they got back in the gym. There is almost too much hockey being played by some kids these days with the number of national teams and development teams that they are a part of. They need a chance to rebuild their bodies and get off the ice and take care and recuperate. Now that we know that Sid had a wrist injury during the playoffs is explains why he wasn’t able to be successful in the playoffs.

July 14: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Bob and Matt discuss the Leafs’ hiring of two new assistants for Randy Carlyle and the impact they will have on the team moving forward, and former Blue Jays Shawn Green checks in to chat about participating in the Home Run Derby.


Hour 1:

Hour 1 of Macko & Cauz joined by James Mirtle. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

Hour 2 with Macko & Cauz joined by Jeff Carlisle. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

Hour 3 with Macko & Cauz joined by Michael Landsberg and Shawn Green. Hour 3 Audio


James Mirtle – The Globe and Mail

Mirtle joins the show to discuss the new members of the Leafs coaching staff, saying he was not surprised with Spott’s promotion due to the success the Marlies had this season. Mirtle also weighs in on how much of a factor the Marlies will play in making up the Leafs bottom-6, as well as the pressure Randy Carlyle faces going into this season.

Jeffrey Carlisle – ESPN Soccer Columnist

Jeff checks in from Brazil following yesterday’s World Cup Final to put a wrap on the tournament. Jeff chimes in on Lionel Messi’s legacy despite not winning the World Cup, and also discusses the aftermath in Brazil with not only the 7-1 loss, but the repercussions from hosting the tournament.

Michael Landsberg – Host, Off the Record

Michael joins the program following his big World Cup party to discuss a variety of topics including LeBron James’ return to Cleveland, shoes on/off in the house, as well Vince Carter not returning to Toronto after all.

Shawn Green – 2x MLB All-Star, Former Blue Jays OF

Shawn joins the show to chat a little about his career as well as what it was like for him to be apart of an All-Star Home-run Derby. He also discusses the impact players like Carlos Delgado and Tony Fernandez had on his career, and retells a good story about being banned from the Blue Jays batting cages.

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