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November 14: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Dave and Jeff O’Neill react to the Nazem Kadri suspension with Bob McKenzie and Darren Dreger and discuss how the Leafs will fill the hole left in the middle of the ice with the absence of their top three centremen.


Hour 1:

Dave Naylor and Jeff O'Neill discuss the impending Kadri suspension and present another edition of "Ask the O-Dogg." Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

Dave Naylor and Jeff O'Neill are joined by Darren Rovell, Bob McKenzie and Scott Hallenbeck. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

Dave Naylor and Jeff O'Neill are joined by Tim Graham and Darren Dreger. Hour 3 Audio



Joined the program to discuss what the Nazem Kadri suspension means for the Toronto Maple Leafs. Kadri received a three-game suspension for his hit on Wild goaltender Niklas Backstrom. This leaves the Leafs with a massive hole at center with the club already missing Tyler Bozak and David Bolland. Jordin Tootoo is an attractive option for a great number of teams but the fact he has another full year on his contract has teams shying away from him. Can we expect Mike Cammalleri to be moved from Calgary at some point? McKenzie also touches on what the Los Angeles Kings will do without the services of goaltender Johnathan Quick. Does this make Ben Scrivens the man in Hollywood? With all the speculation about who will be on Team Canada at the upcoming Olympics, who has the final say in the selection process?

5:15 – SCOTT HALLENBECK, Executive Director USA Football

Scott Hallenbeck joined the program to discuss the declining numbers in USA Youth Football. How much of the decline can be linked to the ongoing NFL issues with head injuries and lawsuits? USA Football feels the most important step is coach education. Coaches must be implementing proper fundamentals to players to ensure safety. Unfortunately the worst fundamentals are on display at the pro football and high college football levels which is what the youth are watching. Teaching these players the proper way to do things will make a great difference along with coaches reducing contact in practice and focusing on drills instead. Hallenbeck also states that the struggling economy likely isn't helping the numbers in youth football as the sport is an expensive one to join, and outlines the "Heads-Up" program the organization is currently involved with.

5:30 – DARREN ROVELL, ESPN Sports Business Reporter

Joined the program to discuss the Atlanta Braves new stadium deal. The club will be leaving Turner Field after only 17 years to move to a new publicly funded stadium in Cobb County, Georgia. The reason clubs are able to secure funding for these stadiums is due to the threat of relocation in some markets. The Indianapolis Colts threatened to leave the city prior to Lucas Oil Stadium being approved for building. Why is baseball free agency different from hockey? Is it due to history of collusion in the sport? The Owners have approved replay for baseball next year, but it will be tough to get the approval from the Umpires Union. What type of plays will be reviewed if it passes? Rovell also discusses the logic behind Adidas making T-Shirt Jerseys for NBA teams, and whether they will catch on throughout the league.

6:00 – TIM GRAHAM, Buffalo News

Tim Graham of the Buffalo News joined the program to discuss the change in front office of the Buffalo Sabres. Fans in Buffalo would much rather turn the page and try something new with the coaching staff, like the Bills model, then to use the Sabres approach and keep the same management team for years. Lindy Ruff, who was a highly admirable guy, saw his approach get old in Buffalo, but Darcy Regier lacked Ruff's personality and never endeared himself to Buffalo fans. Regier was unapproachable and highly aloof, and coach Ron Rolston was a spitting image of the GM. Owner Terry Pegula didn't want to make this move, but he had to for business purposes. Bringing in charismatic guys like Pat LaFontaine and Ted Nolan, who have Sabres ties, is a great move business-wise. Graham also discusses how the Buffalo teams can get free agents to sign with the club, despite the negative image of the city throughout professional sports.

6:15 – DARREN DREGER, TSN Hockey Insider

TSN Hockey Insider Darren Dreger joined the program to talk about Nazem Kadri's three-game suspension. Losing yet another center, what does this mean for the Leafs down the middle? The club will likely recall Trevor Smith and have Jerred Smithson, James Van Riemsdyk and Jay McClement as the top three centers. While Van Riemsdyk continues to struggle at center, the team doesn't have much choice to move him right now. The reason Kadri got the third game is that Backstrom is likely injured with a concussion from the hit. Dreger also weighs in on the search for a GM in Buffalo and that Rick Dudley might have the inside track to take over the struggling club.

Tomorrow: Live from Special Olympics Gala at The Westin Harbour Castle. Guests include: Brian Burke, Brendan Shanahan, Geraldine Heaney, Jamie Sale, Bob Nicholson

November 13: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Dave and Dave Hodge discuss the Sabres management and coaching changes with Buffalo’s new president of hockey operations Pat LaFontaine and Bob McKenzie checks in to chat about who the team may look to as their next general manager.


Hour 1:

Dave Naylor and Dave Hodge are joined by Argos Darren Dreger,Marcus Ball and John Chiles in studio and new Sabres President of Hockey Operations Pat LaFontaine.

Hour 2:

Dave Naylor and Dave Hodge are joined by TSN Hockey Insider Bob McKenzie and Toronto Star MLB Columnist Richard Griffin.

Hour 3:

Dave Naylor and Dave Hodge are joined by ESPN's Dan Shulman.


4:30 – ARGOS IN STUDIO ? Marcus Ball and John Chiles

Marcus Ball and John Chiles complemented Ricky Ray on his consistent quarterback play. They both think that Hamilton is Toronto's biggest rival when it comes to football. Marcus doesn't take regular season stats in to account when it comes playoffs because in the playoffs it's all about that one game. Chiles in confident in the depth of the Argos and believes that they will overcome the Kackert injury.

4:45 – Pat LaFontaine, Names Sabres President of Hockey Operations Today

Pat Lafontaine is really excited to take on this new challenge the be an NHL GM especially because it's in Buffalo the city his kids were born and where he played. Lafontaine says he will keep his potential general managers a secret but says the people he does bring in will be the best quality people available. Lafontaine wants to see how his players respond to the new faces before he makes a decision on weather or not Ted Nolan will be here long term or not.

5:00 – Bob McKenzie, TSN Hockey Insider

Bob McKenzie talked about the Sabers hiring Pat LaFontaine saying that it came as a shock to him. McKenzie identified Rick Dudley as one of the candidates to be the new Sabers General Manager. When it comes to goalie fights McKenzie says that they want to create a rule that won’t cause more problems. McKenzie says that hockey talks about rule changes more then any other sport and that bothers some GMs.

5:30 – Richard Griffin, Toronto Star MLB Columnist

Richard Griffin doesn't see the Blue Jays trading Bautista at all, but added John Gibbons wouldn't be against trading him. Griffin doesn't think the Jays will be able to attract a free agent pitcher if they trade Jose Bautista. Griffin thinks that Arencibia won’t be a starting catcher for the Blue Jays next season but still sees him as a valuable piece for the Blue Jays.

6:00 – Dan Shulman, ESPN, Called Kansas/Duke Last night

Shulman believes that Wiggins has handled the pressure well but thinks there may be too much attention on him. Shulman feels that Wiggins looked a little less assertive then Parker and Randle and thinks it may be just due to jitters because of how big of a game it was. Shulman doesn't see any similarities between LeBron James and Andrew Wiggins but thinks he draws the comparison because he is a prodigy, Shulman compares Wiggins to Tracy McGrady.

6:15 – Darren Dreger, TSN Hockey Insider

Darren Dreger talked about the hiring of Pat LaFontaine and Ted Nolan in Buffalo, he said that these players are now auditioning for jobs with the Sabres in the future. Dreger says that players love Ted Nolan because he is a players coach. Dreger thinks that Morgan Riley will be in the lineup tonight as the Leafs take on the Wild.

Tomorrow: Ask the ODog with Jeff O’Neill, Darren Rovell

November 12: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Dave and Dave Hodge chat with Bob McKenzie about the discussions taking place at the NHL’s general manager’s meetings and Mark Cohon joins the guys to discuss the CFL’s divisional final’s and the Argos prospects for a new stadium.


Hour 1:

Dave Naylor and Dave Hodge chat with TSN 1050 Raptors Reporter Josh Lewenberg.

Hour 2:

Dave Naylor and Dave Hodge chat with TSN Hockey Insider Bob McKenzie, TSN Reporter in Edmonton Ryan Rishaug and NFL Business Analyst ESPN/MMQB Andrew Brandt.

Hour 3:

Dave Naylor and Dave Hodge chat with CFL Commissioner Mark Cohon and ESPN.com MLB Writer Jerry Crasnick.


4:30 - Josh Lewenberg - TSN 1050 Raptors Reporter

Lewenberg feels that the Raptors are taking a lot of difficult shots and that's why they aren't making many. Lewenberg said that DeRozan and Gay are pretty similar players a long wing that don't really excel defensively, he feels that the Raptors may be better off trading one of them for a more legitimate scorer.

5:00 - Bob McKenzie - TSN Hockey Insider

McKenzie said that trying to reduce the shootout is beginning to pick up a lot of traction he broke down some ways the NHL is looking to do that but also added that the shootout isn't going anywhere. McKenzie says that they don't want to eliminate goalie fights they just want to protect the goalies that don't want to fight. McKenzie said that Stamkos will probably be out three-months and says he might play in the Olympics in a perfect world, he also added that the surgery went well. McKenzie thinks that Jamie Benn might be one of the players looked at as somebody to replace him.

5:15 - Ryan Rishaug - TSN Reporter in Edmonton

Rishaug feels that Yakupov put on a poor me act in front of the Edmonton media, he thinks it's unfair because they tried so hard to protect him from trade rumors. Rishaug feels that Yakupov should have kept this ordeal more private and feels that all he's doing is pouring gasoline on the fire. Rishaug feels this can be chalked up and says that the Oilers still really believe in Yakupov. Even though Yakupov is saying he doesn't want to go anywhere Rishaug isn't buying it.

5:30 – Andrew Brandt – NFL Business Analyst ESPN/MMQB

Brandt continued to talk about the Martin/Incognito situations, he said that this things become models when they go in to these mainstream media outlets and made it clear that there will be consequences. Brandt says that Incognito will get another job because he's a survivor and has had trouble with many teams in the past, Jonathon Martin on the other hand may have a more difficult time. Brandt talked about his history with the Packers and what he went through with Brett Favre to find a backup QB and compared it to the Aaron Rodgers situation that the Packers GM is experience now.

6:00 – CFL Commissioner Mark Cohon

Cohon is excited for the Grey Cup this year and thinks it will be a great game no matter what the match up. Cohon is very excited for the future of the CFL in southern Ontario with Hamilton getting a new stadium and the possibility of the Argos getting a new stadium. Cohon says that he grades his officials on every call and calls what happened in the Hamilton/Montreal game on the weekend unfortunate. Cohon talked about the possibility of the Argos getting a new stadium or possibly refurbishing a stadium to be more fit for the Argos.

6:30 – Jerry Crasnick – ESPN.com MLB Writer

Crasnick says that we're going to see a lot of smaller guys sign first before the bigger names sign contracts. Crasnick talked about instant replay and said that they are definitely looking to expand replay in 2014. Crasnick also reported about negotiating rights that may be put in play between MLB teams trying to sign players from Japan.

November 11: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Dave, Bruce Arthur and Dave Feschuk are live from the Hockey Hall of Fame and chat with Bob McKenzie and Mike Babcock about this year’s inductees and the Steven Stamkos injury.


Hour 1:

Dave Naylor, Bruce Arthur & Dave Feschuk kick off the show live from the HHOF and chat Leafs, Richie Incognito and a wild weekend in the NFL and CFL. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

Dave and Bruce Arthur chat with TSN Hockey Insider Bob McKenzie, CFL Analyst Duane Forde and NFL Analyst Herm Edwards. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

Dave & Bruce Arthur finish off the show live from the Hockey Hall of Fame with guests Mike Babcock, Borje Salming, Bob Gainey & Ed Belfour. Hour 3 Audio


5:00 – Bob McKenzie – TSN Hockey Insider

Bob joins the show live from the HHOF and discusses how big of a loss Steven Stamkos is to the Lightning and their fans, and the dynamic of Steve Yzerman’s decision on Stamkos’ Olympic prospects. Bob also talks about some of the other players with their spot on Canada’s roster in question, including Rick Nash who is nearing a return and Claude Giroux after a torrid start in Philadelphia. Bob also delves into Bryzgalov signing in Edmonton, which was a bit of a panic move for the Oilers, and Brendan Shanahan’s future in the NHL head office.

5:15 – Duane Forde – CFL on TSN Analyst

Duane breaks down this past weekend’s CFL playoff action and what was a cold West Semi-Final in Regina last night. Travis Lulay proved that he was the right quarterback to start for the Lions, but much like the rest of the team he just couldn’t keep up with a tough Roughriders team last night. Duane breaks down the West Final and the similarities between Saskatchewan and Calgary, and also looks at how Hamilton will fare against Ricky Ray.

5:30 – Herm Edwards – ESPN NFL Analyst

Herm discusses an exciting weekend in the NFL including Jay Cutler’s return from a groin injury and Marc Trestman’s decision to leave him in the game, as well as the Cowboys less-than-impressive effort in Sunday Night Football and their ability to generate more revenue than any other team regardless of their record. Herm also discusses Ben Roethlisberger’s future in Pittsburgh amidst reports of him seeking a trade, as well as the ongoing story in Miami and whether or not they should clean house in coaching and management.

6:00 – Nick Cotsonika – Yahoo! Sports Columnist

Nick joins the show live from the Hall of Fame and talks about his piece on Chris Chelios’ career and his rise through the Canadian junior leagues after nearly calling it quits as a teenager. The essence of Chelios is never thinking about tomorrow – he never even thought about playing in the NHL, he just wanted to play hockey and going to Moose Jaw was ‘making it’ for him at the time. Nick also chats about Brendan Shanahan’s new career as the head of the NHL’s discipline and how he’s handling the thankless job despite being fairly sensitive about criticism of him during his playing time.

6:15 – Mike Babcock – Detroit Red Wings Head Coach

Red Wings and Team Canada head coach Mike Babcock joins the show live from the Hall of Fame to talk about his experience coaching players like Chris Chelios and Brendan Shanahan in Detroit, and what their influence on the team meant for the continued success of Red Wings teams and the example they set for the younger players in that organization. As head coach of Team Canada in the upcoming Sochi Olympics, Mike also offers his thoughts on the injury Steven Stamkos sustained this afternoon - he is such a great player and the league needs his flash and charisma.

6:30 – Borje Salming – Former Maple Leafs defenseman

The legendary Leafs defenseman joins the show to talk about his own induction into the Hall of Fame and the type of players who have been inducted throughout the years. Borje also discusses his early years as a Maple Leaf and being deemed a “chicken Swede”, and how he overcame that adversity to become beloved in the city.

6:45 – Bob Gainey – Former GM, currently a team consultant for the Dallas Stars

Bob stops by to chat about his induction to the Hall of Fame and the feeling of being recognized, and discusses the exceptional class of players being inducted tonight and how quickly Chris Chelios made an impact in the NHL when he began his career in Montreal.

6:55 – Ed Belfour – Hall of Fame NHL goaltender

Ed dropped in during the final segment of the show to chat about the excitement of Hall of Fame weekend and the teams he was apart of during his career, as well as his time in Toronto and what it meant to play in front of Leaf fans night after night.

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