March 28: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Bryan, Jamie and Jeff are joined by Jonas Siegel and Ray Ferraro to discuss the keys to a Leafs victory versus the Flyers, and Mike Florio joins Bryan to break down the Eagles release of DeSean Jackson.


Hour 1 (Leafs Lunch):

Hour 1 of Leafs Lunch. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (Leafs Lunch):

Hour 2 of Leafs Lunch. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 1 (The Bryan Hayes Show):

Hour 1 of The Bryan Hayes Show. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (The Bryan Hayes Show):

Hour 2 of The Bryan Hayes Show. Hour 2 Audio

March 27: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Bryan and Jamie react to Dion Phaneuf’s comments and discuss whether the Leafs are in “must-win” territory ahead of back-to-back games versus the Flyers and Red Wings, and Rick Vaive and Ray Ferraro check in to discuss the pressure of playing in Canada and being the Leafs captain.


Hour 1 (Leafs Lunch):

Bryan and Jamie discuss Dion Phaneuf, and are joined by former Leafs captain Rick Vaive. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (Leafs Lunch):

Bryan and Jamie discuss the Leafs, Flyers, and are joined by TSN Hockey Analyst Ray Ferraro. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 1 (The Bryan Hayes Show):

Bryan is joined by Chuck Gormley from CSN Washington, Aaron Portzline from the Columbus Dispatch and Helene St James of the Detroit Free Press. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (The Bryan Hayes Show):

Bryan is joined by Vincent Jackson of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Pittsburgh Pirates outfielder Travis Snider. Hour 2 Audio


12:30 - Rick Vaive, Former Toronto Maple Leafs Captain

Rick Vaive feels the Maple Leafs need to get things together if they want to make the playoffs. He believes it can be difficult to turn things around once things start to go bad. Vaive said Toronto is not a great hockey town, it is a great "Maple Leafs" town. Toronto bleeds blue. Vaive gave advice to Phaneuf on being a better captain. He said you have to have thick skin to play for the Leafs, and even thicker skin to be the Leafs captain.

1:00 - Ray Ferraro, TSN Hockey Analyst

He is surprised 6/7 Canadian teams won't make the playoffs. He says owners can meddle in Canadian markets because they are fans of the game. He talks briefly about the development of players. He discusses the end game of the playoffs: Stanley Cup versus just making the playoffs. He admits it's hard to win there. That once you make the playoffs, teams who aren't expected to win can surprise, citing his own cup run. They talk about pressure - Ferraro says both parties would quantify the responsibility on themselves. He says teams in the NHL don't have the same ability to go to an unlimited cap number and pay penalties as they do in MLB.

3:05 - Chuck Gormley, CSN Washington

He says the Capitals have gone on a tear since they reunited the line of Jay Beagle, Alex Ovechkin and Marcus Johansson. He says the team still needs to cut back on goals against and need to draw more penalties. He says if the St. Louis Blues can win the Stanley Cup they potentially could keep Ryan Miller. He talks about how Halak needs to play well down the stretch.

3:10 - Aaron Portzline, Columbus Dispatch

Portzline talks about Columbus’ tough schedule, which includes multiple back-to-back games AND a remake game for the game that happened with Rich Peverley. He says that the Jackets success largely depends on Vezina winner Sergei Bobrovsky and his health. He says the team doesn't have a legit top-line scorer (a Malkin, a Kane, a game-changer) and that they largely rely on rolling all four lines. He says they are a gritty team that plays hard and forcheck.

3:15 - Helene St. James, Detroit Free Press

She talks briefly about Jimmy Howard and his performance going forward. The Red Wings will be in tough with Columbus for the Wild Card spot up for grabs in the East (The Red Wings lost to Columbus on Tuesday). She addressed the Detroit Red Wings injury issues and when players will return (Zetterberg, Datsyuk).

3:20 - Vincent Jackson, Tampa Bay Buccaneers WR

Vincent Jackson is a fan of all sports, and enjoys the Lightning being in his backyard. He doesn't think fighting would be a good idea in the NFL, especially for receivers if they were put against linemen. The military was dear to his heart growing up, as he grew up in a military household. Growing up in Colorado his favourite team was the Denver Broncos. Jackson joked about ways around the new field goal post dunk celebration rule, laying the ball up over the rim. Jackson mentioned he was fine with playing Thursday Night games and that he would also be fine with expansion in the league. Jackson is excited for the upcoming season and can feel excitement in Tampa Bay.

3:30 - Travis Snider, Pittsburgh Pirates Outfielder

Snider says Pirates players and coaches push each other. He doesn't believe the Pirates accomplished anything despite their playoff appearance. Snider talks about instant replay, saying he thinks the new system will tighten the sport up and allow for more correct calls. He understands that sports is a business and he's the product. He talks about dealing with the pressures and being distracted by things such as social media. He says he is very happy for his good friend Dustin McGowan. Says he was an inspiration for guys that went through injuries.

March 26: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Bryan, Jamie and Jeff break down the latest Leafs loss and chat with Ray Ferraro about who should shoulder the blame: Randy Carlyle or Dion Phaneuf?


Hour 1 (Leafs Lunch):

Bryan, Jeff, and Jamie discuss the Leafs loss to the St Louis Blues and take your calls. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (Leafs Lunch):

Bryan, Jeff, and Jamie discuss the Leafs playoff chances and are joined by TSN Hockey Analyst Ray Ferraro. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 1 (The Bryan Hayes Show):

Bryan takes your calls as he discusses the Leafs and their recent losing skid. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (The Bryan Hayes Show):

Bryan is joined by the Voice of ESPN Sunday Night Baseball Dan Shulman, and Host of NHL on TSN James Duthie. Hour 2 Audio


1:30 - Ray Ferraro, TSN Hockey Analyst

Ray recaps last night's Leafs loss to the St. Louis Blues, he feels that the Blues were simply the better team and people are somewhat overreacting about the game. He thinks the biggest issue with the team right now is that they little to no belief/confidence in themselves and that the way they're built; they were bound to struggle since it's only a slightly above average team. Ray isn't exactly sure what it is, but it could be a behind-the-scenes struggle in the locker room - perhaps the players don't like the coach, a coach that is in the hot-seat this offseason if the Leafs miss the playoffs.

3:00 - Dan Shulman, ESPN (in studio)

Dan Shulman says he wasn't much of a fan of Opening Day in Australia, but that it wasn't something to showcase to North American baseball fans, but fans on that side of the world. He says he's surprised about the rotation on the Jays since he felt they would have grabbed someone from the outside, but it is a rotation that can succeed if they at least play at an average skill-level with limited injuries. Dan also finds it rather comical that this same lineup (essentially) was deliriously favourited to win the World Series last year and those same people think they'll end up in the dumps this year. Shulman then discusses some college basketball, in particular Ennis and Wiggins. He feels they'll be NBA stars but it would be in their best interest to stay in college (which they likely won't do). What Wiggins has to do, by his estimation, to be a top NBA player is to develop a killer Michael Jordan-esque instinct. Shulman concludes by stating Wiggins to Toronto would have been the worst possible thing for his development.

3:30 - James Duthie, NHL on TSN Host

Duthie feels for the Leafs to get back into the playoff hunt, they'll need to get at least 4 of their next 6 possible points, but it's going to be tough since it seems like every game is a 3-point game nowadays. If they Toronto Maple Leafs don't make the playoffs then Duthie feels that they might get rid of Dion's captaincy status, but it's more likely that they'll be getting rid of Carlyle.

March 25: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Live from the ACC, Bryan and Jeff tee up Blues/Leafs with Kelly Chase, Steve Ott, Jonas Siegel and Ray Ferraro and discuss whether Jonathan Bernier’s speculated return will be enough to snap the team’s five-game losing streak.


Hour 1 (Leafs Lunch):

Longtime NHLer Kelly Chase joins Bryan and Jeff, plus Jonas Siegel and Steve Ott. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (Leafs Lunch):

TSN Hockey Analyst Ray Ferraro joins the boys and Bryan and O-dog break down the Leafs goaltending questions. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 1 (The Bryan Hayes Show):

The Bryan Hayes Show, live from the Air Canada Centre, with guests Pierre LeBrun and Dave Zirin. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (The Bryan Hayes Show):

The Bryan Hayes Show, live from the Air Canada Centre, with guests Scott MacArthur and Jim Ralph. Hour 2 Audio


12:00 – Kelly Chase – Longtime NHLer, Blues Radio Analyst

Kelly joins the boys during the first half hour of Leafs Lunch to tee up tonight’s game against the Blues, and how the team has been able to completely buy into Ken Hitchcock’s message, and specifically his defensive system. The Leafs are horrible defensively, but they’re very capable of exposing teams on the rush and they can’t be taken lightly, even by a strong Blues team. Brett Hull warned the Blues players early this year about Hitchcock’s style, but promised that if you buy into Hitchcock’s plan, you will never be more prepared as a player. Kelly also discusses players like Phil Kessel and reluctance to commit to the defensive side of the game, and how players like Derek Roy have scaled back their offensive game to fit into the system.

12:15 – Steve Ott – St. Louis Blues forward

The notorious agitator joins the guys live from the ACC and discusses the trade that sent him to St. Louis, and how happy he is t be playing for a contender after being traded from Buffalo. Ott also talks about how the young core on the Blues has bought into the defensive system, which was in place even before Ken Hitchcock came around.

12:30 – Jonas Siegel – TSN 1050 Leafs Reporter

Jonas joins ahead of tonight’s Leafs-Blues game to chat about the Leafs woes, and the possibility of Jonathan Bernier returning to the Leafs lineup tonight. Jonas also compares the Leafs young defense to players like Shattenkirk and Pietrangelo, and comments on the Leafs coaching issues and lack of defense, as well as Randy Carlyle’s decision to start either Reimer or Macintyre if Bernier can’t go tonight.

1:00 – Ray Ferraro – TSN Hockey Analyst

Ray’s giving Leafs no chance against the Blues tonight – the Leafs can’t stop the cycle, which big strong teams like the Blues love to execute. The Blues have some great young players like Shattenkirk and Tarasenko, and because of the Blues’ depth these players aren’t asked to do too much. The Leafs have a huge game tonight, and it’s going to be extra hard for a guy like David Bolland to be at his best in only his 3rd game since returning. Leafs are still four big moves away from being a true contender – need to address #1 centre. Leafs have too many players who are asked to play outside of their role for far too long. Dallas Eakins was right to bench Taylor Hall for the water bottle incident, but Hall’s lack of maturity is a big problem in Edmonton.

2:00 – Pierre LeBrun – TSN Hockey Insider /

At this point the Leafs are who they are – not a lot of people thought they would be much better than where they currently are, but it’s the process that has frustrated most fans more than the team’s current standing. Pierre also discusses the bad blood in last night’s Habs-Bruins game, and tees up tonight’s Leafs-Blues game, which he is surprisingly picking the Leafs to win. The Leafs defensive play is mind-boggling because this entire season was supposed to be about learning from Game 7, yet aside from adding Bernier and Bolland, you had to believe the rest of the team would make a commitment to improving defensively this year, and there’s no question Dave Nonis needs to somehow upgrade the top 4 on the blue line.

2:30 – Dave Zirin – Edge of Sports

Dave joins the show to chat March Madness and the notion that players like Andrew Wiggins are being rushed to the NBA before being fully developed. Zirin disagrees completely with Charles Barkley’s assertion that these players are too young for the NBA, and notes that only one player on the NBA’s three all-NBA teams was an NCAA champion. Player rights are completely absent on the NCAA’s agenda, and that ignorance from the organization will be one of the key factors in the NCAA going down.

3:00 – Scott MacArthur – TSN Blue Jays Reporter

Scott checks in from Florida at Jays Spring Training with an update on Jose Reyes, who will likely play DH tomorrow to gauge how he feels and to determine whether or not he will travel with the team to Montreal. Scott discusses the Jays depth options should someone like Reyes or Lawrie go down for significant time, and believes that defense at shortstop should be the main focus if Reyes did happen to get injured again. Scott also talks about the unlikely possibility of the Jays signing second-basemen Stephen Drew to a one-year deal, especially because a one-year deal would need to come before Opening Day if the Jays want the ability to tender him a qualifying offer.

3:30 – Jim Ralph – Leafs Colour Analyst

Jim joins Bryan in the booth ahead of tonight’s Leafs game, and discusses the Leafs trouble with bad starts, and the need for them to increase the intensity early in the game as opposed to in the final few minutes. Ralphie talks about the unpredictability of the final stretch in the NHL regular season, and the need for Toronto to simply worry about winning their own games and letting the rest play out. Jim also discusses the Leafs issues in net, and describes the feeling of losing your game as a goaltender, which it seems Reimer is going through right now.

March 24: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Bryan, Jamie and Jeff debate who’s to blame for the Leafs struggles and whether Drew MacIntyre should get the start Tuesday night with Ray Ferraro and are joined by Claude Loiselle to discuss the mindset of James Reimer and what the team has to do to get things turned around.


Hour 1 (Leafs Lunch):

Bryan, Jeff and Jamie talk about the Leafs struggles and chat with Leafs VP and Assistant GM Claude Loiselle. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (Leafs Lunch):

Bryan, Jeff and Jamie debate about what's wrong with the Leafs and who should start in net vs. St. Louis. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 1 (The Bryan Hayes Show):

Bryan and Jeff talk Leafs with Ray Ferraro and hoops with Jack Armstrong. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (The Bryan Hayes Show):

Bryan is joined by Neil Davidson and Steve Simmons. Hour 2 Audio


12:30 - Claude Loiselle, Leafs VP and Asst. GM

Claude Loiselle feels that the Leafs need to treat their last remaining games like a playoff run. He believes that once the team gets back into a groove (following that Western road swing) they'll be back to playing winning hockey. Loiselle also discusses David Clarkson's poor play and how he's trying too hard to prove himself. He also doesn't feel that Carlyle's comments have anything to do with Reimer's poor play and that there's no need to panic in Leaf land.

2:00 - Ray Ferraro, TSN Hockey Analyst

Ray doesn't believe that the goaltending is solely to blame, he hasn't been too impressed with the play of the defense either and believes they need to step it up as well. He admits that he would play Drew MacIntyre tomorrow since it seems that James Reimer is in disaster mode. Carlyle should have treated him better during this last little stretch.

2:30 - Jack Armstrong, TSN NBA & March Madness Analyst

Jack Armstrong talks about the March Madness tournament thus far. He doesn't feel that Andrew Wiggins hurt his draft stock by losing in the tourney over the weekend and that his coach, Bill Self, wasn't utilizing him enough. Jack then compares Wiggins to Durant, explaining how he didn't make it deep into the college tournament either and that Tim Leiweke and MLSE might even make a run for Durant in 2 years time.

3:00 - Neil Davidson, Senior Sports Writer - Canadian Press

Neil Davidson talks about the success of Toronto FC. He says that the atmosphere was electric this past Saturday in their match against D.C. United but the same can't be said about the pitch, which got annihilated during the game. He feels that the new technology that they're talking about will eventually be installed but it will be a long process since the field is owned by the city, which would use taxpayer money to upgrade it. Davidson also explains the parking situation around BMO Field.

3:30 - Steve Simmons, Sun Media & TSN's The Reporters (in studio)

Steve talks about the Leafs struggles. He feels that in this losing streak, every part of the team is a disaster, from the goaltending, to the forwards, coaching staff, etc. Him and Bryan then delve into Tim Leiweke and what's going on with MLSE, he thinks that Leafs management isn't nervous about job security since Leiweke has bought into their philosophy. Simmons also exclaims that he's the sort of leader that will go after the big fish, saying he almost got Ilya Kovalchuk in L.A. and that they were moves that GM Dean Lombardi wasn't very fond of making.

Leafs Lunch and The Bryan Hayes Show: March 17-21

Leafs Lunch and The Bryan Hayes Show: March 10-14

Leafs Lunch and The Bryan Hayes Show: March 3-7

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