March 13: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Bill Hayes and Steve Simmons chat with Darren Dreger and Bob McKenzie about what came out of the NHL’s general manager’s meetings and debate who they think the Leafs MVP has been this season, and Steve Buffery checks in to debate why he thinks Blue Jays ownership is failing the team.


Hour 1:

Bill Hayes and Steve Simmons are joined by Howard Beck to talk about the Knicks and Gary Gaetti to chat about Tracy McGrady's pitching potential. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

Bill Hayes and Steve Simmons are joined by TSN Hockey Insider Bob McKenzie and Toronto Sun columnist Steve Buffery. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

Bill Hayes and Steve Simmons are joined by Columbus Blue Jackets President John Davidson, Darren Dreger and Jonas Siegel. Hour 3 Audio


4:30 – Howard Beck, National NBA Reporter for Bleacher Report

Howard Beck speaks about the Phil Jackson possibly joining the Knicks in a front office role and discusses what brings to the club. He believes the presence of Jackson in New York will bring a lot of creditability to the organization and suggests the team will have a ton of cap space to work with for the 2015 season whether Carmelo Anthony remains a Knick or signs else where. He believes owner James Dolan will need to get out of the way of personal decisions if Jackson or anyone else who comes in to run the team is to have success. He suggests unless Jim Buss is willing to change his mind and relinquish his role as executive vice president of player personnel for the Los Angeles Lakers that the chances ofJackson joining the team is slim. He touches on the idea of tanking and suggests most of the teams in position for a lottery pick were poor teams to begin and are actually rebuilding their club.

4:45 – Gary Gaetti, Manager of the Sugarland Skeeters (Tracy McGrady invited to Spring Training)

Gary Gaetti, manager of the Sugarland Skeeters speaks about Tracy McGrady’s chances of earning a roster spot with the club and says the former NBA All-Star has a good arm. He says McGrady’s fastball touches the mid 80’s, while he also throws a split finger, change up, and a very good knuckleball. He suggests focus is often placed velocity and believes most pitchers are reluctant to develop the knuckleball out of fear that it might affect their other pitches.

5:00 – Bob McKenzie, TSN Hockey Insider

Bob McKenzie speaks about the NHL GM meetings and believes a tweak to face-offs could be the most controversial among the changes that have been discussed. He suggests changes to improve player safety would slow things down and could affect the quality of the game. He touches on Ryan Kesler’s knee injury that he suffered Wednesday against the Jets and believes he could miss a significant amount of time. He discusses the Canucks hiring of John Tortorella and how that came about and believes Vancouver could be hard pressed to clean house by firing Tortorella and GM Mike Gillis because they each have four years remaining on their contracts at roughly two million per season. Who is the Leafs MVP this season?

5:30 – Steve Buffery, The Toronto Sun

Steve Buffery speaks about Rogers Communications reluctance to spend the kind of dollars that the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees spend year in and year out to contend in the AL East and suggests they should consider selling the club if they’re unwilling to open their wallets more often. He believes that if the Jays are to contend that they will need to overpay for players to sign with the organization.

6:00 – John Davidson, Blue Jackets President of Hockey Operations

John Davidson, president of hockey operations of the Columbus Blue Jackets and former goaltender speaks about the club’s slow start to the season and discusses what the shift to the Eastern Conference has meant for the organization. He discusses how the team has been built and the club's ability to battle injuries this season. He touches on why the team was able to move Marian Gaborik and why he felt the sniper wasn’t a fit with the Blue Jackets. He talks about why he feels Nathan Horton will have a stronger season with the club next season and why he believes Columbus is turning into an attractive city to play in. He provides his thoughts on Rich Peverley’s collapse and discusses the plans that were put together to handle the situation.

6:15 – Darren Dreger, TSN Hockey Insider

Darren Dreger speaks about the recommendations made at the NHL GM meetings and believes the competition committee will have something to say about some of these changes that were suggested. He touches on the situation in Vancouver with the Canucks and the Los Angeles Kings acquisition of Marian Gaborik and what he’s been able to add to their roster. He suggests the Kings are built similarly to the way team Canada was built at the Olympics and believes the Boston Bruins are the closest team in the East that can play a similar style.

6:30 – Jonas Siegel, TSN 1050 Maple Leafs Reporter

Jonas Siegel speaks about Johnathan Bernier returning to LA to play the Kings and touches on why he has been able to have a strong first season as an NHL starter. He talks about price that the Leafs paid to obtain him and why the Leafs were able to get him at a relatively cheap cost. He suggests the Leafs will need to upgrade their defence during the off season and believes Phil Kessel has been the club’s MVP. He provides an update on the progress of Dave Bolland’s injury and more.

March 12: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Dave and Dave Hodge discuss the divide between John Tortorella and Mike Gillis and what the future holds for the two considering their lengthy contracts, and Mathieu Schneider checks in to chat about some of the NHLPA’s proposals at the GM meetings.


Hour 1:

Dave Naylor and co-host Dave Hodge talk about Rich Peverley's news conference and chat with Scott MacArthur. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

Dave Naylor and Dave Hodge chat with Bob McKenzie, Jessica Shepherd and Mathieu Schneider. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

Dave Naylor and Dave Hodge talk to Toronto FC GM Tim Bezbatchenko, recap NHL GM Meetings with Darren Dreger and talk NFL Free Agency with Herm Edwards. Hour 3 Audio


4:30 – Scott MacArthur, TSN 1050 Blue Jays Reporter

Scott joined TSN Drive to discuss Ervin Santana’s decision to sign with the Braves and how close he was to signing with the Blue Jays. Scott pointed out that if Braves pitcher, Kris Medlen did not hurt himself and require Tommy John surgery, Ervin Santana would be a Blue Jay. Now that the Jays lost out on Santana, Drew Hutchison, has a better chance making the club, with Todd Redmond and J.A. Happ filling out the final rotation spots.

5:00 – Bob McKenzie, TSN Hockey Insider

Bob joined the show to look at what the future holds for both Mike Gillis & John Tortorella in Vancouver. Bob discussed what exactly the Vancouver Canucks were looking for when they were in the hiring process for a new head coach in the summer and why management was so impressed with John Tortorella. It’s very difficult to fire both the General Manager and Coach when they have four years left on their deals, paying them $2 million each.

5:15 – Jessica Shepherd, MLive / The Saginaw News

Jessice is covering the story of the tragic death of Terry Trafford and was a guest on TSN Drive to discuss what she has learned so far. She spoke to Terry’s girlfriend, where she explained to Jessica that Terry was very devastated to learn he was being cut from the Saginaw Spirit for violating team rules. One of the biggest questions in the investigation is what exactly was the cause of death and what Terry was doing during his disappearance.

5:30 – Mathieu Schneider, NHLPA Special Assistant to the Executive Director

Mathieu was on the bench the night Jiri Fishcer collapsed on the bench and it was one of the scariest moments he has ever seen. Mathieu was the NHL General Manager’s meetings in Florida for the NHLPA, where he presented a couple of areas the league should look into, including safety for the defensemen and the removal of the trapezoid. A lot of the discussion was about how to create more scoring and less shootouts in the game.

6:00 – Tim Bezbatchenko, Toronto FC General Manager

Tim joined TSN Drive and looked ahead to the start of the MLS Season for Toronto. It was a very busy off-season and not much concerned about the pressure towards the team because of the character of the players they brought in. Tom looked at what other clubs have done to improve their stadiums and wants Toronto FC to expand BMO Field to create one of the best atmospheres in the MLS. Tim also discussed the reaction from general managers and owners around the league pertaining to the amount of money spent by Toronto FC this off-season.

6:15 – Darren Dreger, TSN Hockey Insider

Darren discussed why Mike Gillis decided not to commit to John Tortorella when asked if his job was safe with the Canucks. Not much progress made in these meetings, so a lot more work will need to be done for both the PA and the league to find an agreement on certain changes to the game. One of the issues discussed at the meetings was changes to the Draft Combine and possible changes to the Draft Lottery.

6:30 – Herm Edwards, ESPN NFL Analyst

Herm joined TSN Drive to recap the first 48 hours of NFL Free Agency. The Broncos made a huge improvement in their defense, bringing in DeMarcus Ware and T.J. Ward. Herm looked at possible landing spots for Michael Vick, where Oakland and Cleveland, who will draft a QB at the draft, may be the best place for him. Eric Decker is not a number 1 WR in the NFL, but a very good one that can help a team. It will definitely be difficult to post the same numbers he did in Denver with Peyton Manning.

March 11: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Dave and Dave Hodge discuss the scary incident involving Rich Peverley with Jiri Fischer, and get the latest on the NHL GM’s meetings and the future of John Tortorella with Bob McKenzie and Darren Dreger.


Hour 1:

Dave Naylor and Dave Hodge chat about the Leafs big win in Anaheim on Monday, Rich Peverly's scary incident, and are joined by Jiri Fischer. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

Dave Naylor and Dave Hodge are joined by Bob McKenzie, Jonas Siegel, and Dan Shulman. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

Dave Naylor and Dave Hodge are joined by Eric Macramella, Darren Dreger, and Richard Griffin. Hour 3 Audio


4:30 – Jiri Fischer, Detroit Red Wings Director of Player Development

Jiri Fischer speaks about Rich Peverley’s collapse at the Dallas Stars bench and on Monday and recalls his personal incident where he went into cardiac arrest in 2005 that ended his career. He discusses all the positives that have come from his personal experience and touches on his work with the heart and stroke foundation. He talks about his plans to get in touch with Peverley and the thought process that went into his decision to retire from the NHL. He speaks about his personal recovery process and how he got involved with the Red Wings’ front office.

5:00 – Bob McKenzie, TSN Hockey Insider

Bob McKenzie speaks about changes being discussed to the NHL overtime format that would help reduce the number of shootouts. He suggests by making the changes longer in overtime that the USHL were able to reduce the number of shootout games by 10 per cent. He suggests the NHLPA is not interested in adding more time to overtime and the possibility of returning to a slower game by allowing defenders to slow down the opposition. He believes that the game does not need any major changes, but that the game will likely have some minor tweaks. He also discusses possible changes to face-offs, Rich Peverley’s incident.

5:15 – Jonas Siegel, TSN 1050 Maple Leafs Reporter

Jonas Siegel speaks about the emergence of Tyler Bozak and his play with Phil Kessel and James van Riemsdyk. He believes the Leafs top line seems to work best with Bozak between the two snipers and suggests that they have been the top line in hockey for the past three months. Did the Leafs retain Bozak this offseason to keep Kessel happy? He provides his thoughts on what to expect from the Leafs for the rest of their California trip and more.

5:30 – Dan Shulman, The Voice of MLB and NCAA Basketball for ESPN

Dan Shulman speaks about Tyler Ennis and where he expects him to go into the draft and believes Andrew Wiggins has met exceptions in his first season with the Kansas Jayhawks. He suggests Wiggins needs to develop more of a killer instinct to take his game to the next level. He believes Jabari Parker is further along in his development at this point than Wiggins and would take Parker with the first pick if he was an NBA general manager. He believes Syracuse could have a deep run and believes many teams would like to avoid Wichita State.

6:00 – Eric Macramella, IN STUDIO, TSN Legal Analyst

Eric Macramella talks about Steve Moore had to end his career and suggests because he went to Harvard University that his earning potential has likely been compromised because of his inability to focus. He believes it will be difficult for both sides to come to an that both sides will argue how much Moore could have made had he had a 10 year career, while Todd Bertuzzi’s lawyers may argue that he was a marginal player and may have only played a few more seasons. Do hockey players consent to permanent injuries when taking on the ice.

6:15 – Darren Dreger, TSN Hockey Insider

Darren Dreger speaks about how the game between the Dallas Stars and Columbus Blue Jackets and possibly allowing more interference on plays that would help take some pressure of defensemen. Could the NHL return to Quebec after a new building is constructed? He provides his thoughts on John Tortorella’s future with the Vancouver Canucks as the club continues to struggle. He suggests the Canucks could be on the hook for roughly $16 million dollars if they decided to fire both Tortorella and GM Mike Gillis.

6:30 – Richard Griffin, The Toronto Star Columnist

Richard Griffin speaks about the Blue Jays’ pursuit of starting pitcher Ervin Santana and believes another team also rumoured to be interested, the Atlanta Braves, will be more likely to go via the trade route to address their pitching concerns. He suggests it makes no sense for Santana to sign with the Minnesota Twins who have offered the right-hander roughly $30 million over three years because the veteran could likely earn that much by playing just two seasons. He believes Melky Cabrera is healthy this season and suggests there should not be any concerns with Jose Reyes’ health. Could the Jays look to Stephen Drew to fill out at second base?

Tomorrow: Andrew Brandt, ESPN Business Analyst, Wayne Parrish, Basketball Canada, In Studio, Scott MacArthur with the Blue Jays

March 10: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Dave and Bruce Arthur are joined by Darren Dreger and Bob McKenzie for the latest on the NHL’s GM meetings, including possible changes to overtime, and John Clayton checks in to preview the start of NFL free agency.


Hour 1:

Dave Naylor and co-host Bruce Arthur compare this season's Leaf team to last years, the NHL GM meetings, BMO's facelift, Ervin Santana, and more. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

Dave Naylor and Bruce Arthur are joined by Bob McKenzie, 2014 Brier champion Kevin Koe, and Minnesota Wild GM Chuck Fletcher. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

Dave Naylor and Bruce Arthur chat with ESPN NFL analyst John Clayton, hockey insider Darren Dreger and Jordan Conn, staff writer at Hour 3 Audio


5:00 – Bob McKenzie, TSN Hockey Insider

Bob McKenzie provides his thoughts on how the NHL will move to change the overtime format to decrease the number of shootout games. Could a simple adjustment such as having teams make the longer change during overtime period help create more goals? He also touches on how the NHL can eliminate cheating on the face-offs and could the salary cap drop next season from the projected $71 million to $68 million? He discusses why it took so long for the Washington Capitals to sign 2010 draft pick Evgeny Kuznetsov and what he adds to the Caps.

5:15 – Kevin Koe, 2014 Brier Champion, Team Alberta

Kevin Koe speaks about the difficult path his team took to win the Brier and provides his thoughts on representing team Canada at the next Brier. He discusses why Carter Rycroft was named the MVP and how his team was able to recover from giving up an early deuce in the final. He expects to see more changes with the different rinks across the country with the Olympics now finished.

5:30 – Chuck Fletcher, Minnesota Wild GM

Chuck Fletcher speaks about possible changes to the overtime format that would help reduce the number of shootout games. He suggests that most people do not want to return back to the era of tie games, but believes that going to a three-on-three format could be just as gimmicky as the shootout. He disagrees with the idea where coaches could be awarded a challenge. Could too much video in the game ruin it and could the World Cup of Hockey return to the NHL? He discusses why he felt Matt Moulson was the right fit for his club and provides his thoughts on why some of the rental players were able to be obtained at much cheaper compared to previous trade deadlines.

6:00 – John Clayton, ESPN NFL Analyst

John speaks about the NFL free agent market that will kick off on Tuesday and provides his thoughts on where Michael Vick could end up. Could Chicago Bears backup quarterback Josh McCown receive a big payday and is running back Darren Sproles worth fewer than three million on the open market? He believes that there is a strong market for cornerbacks and safeties and suggests teams that look to build their roster through free agency often do not see much of an improvement.

6:15 - Darren Dreger, TSN Hockey Insider

Darren Dreger speaks about some of the ideas that have been tossed around at the NHL GM meetings to reduce the number of games that head into shootouts. Could the three-point system be altered and could we see more video come into play next season? He suggests that some of the GMs like the way the game is being played and may be opposed to changing the current system. He believes there could be additional video review on specific plays where goaltenders are interfered with.

6:30 – Jordan Conn,

Jordan speaks about his article surrounding the idea of building a Canadian college basketball dynasty and suggests 10 time national champion Carleton University Ravens have played well against some of the division 1 teams in the NCAA. He suggests there are fewer restrictions with Canadian universities compared with NCAA schools and indicates that the restrictions in the United States could make Canadian universities more attractive.

Tomorrow: Dan Shulman, ESPN, Andrew Brandt, NFL Business Analyst, Eric Macramella, TSN Legal Analyst, In Studio

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