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July 25: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Bryan, along with Bill Hayes are joined by Hank Haney to chat about the Canadian Open and whether Tiger Woods deserves to be a captain’s pick for the Ryder Cup team, and Pat Gillick checks in to discuss his trade deadline strategies and how he dealt with ownership when making deals or asking for more money.


Hour 1 (Blue Lunch):

Hank Haney joins. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (Blue Lunch):

Pat Gillick joins. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 1 (The Bryan Hayes Show):

Jamie McLennan and Bob Weeks join. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (The Bryan Hayes Show):

Dan Shulman joins. Hour 2 Audio


12:30 – Hank Haney, Pro Golf Instructor & Tiger Woods’ former coach

He thinks that Canadian Open is important, but it suffers because of the scheduling – there’s a lot of golf going on at this time and big names don’t show up. He says they should worry about the event opposed to the people attending. He says while sometimes it can get rowdy, he prefers big crowds. He’s talks about Jim Furyk’s swing and discusses his consistent approach and willingness to learn. He talks about Tiger Woods and the adjustments he’s made to his swing over the years. He says Tiger has missed a lot of time with a knee injury and you can’t expect him to not slip because of that. He says that Tiger should without a doubt be picked for the USA’s Ryder Cup team and can’t even fathom the conversation of him not being selected.

1:30 – Pat Gillick, HOFer, Fmr Jays GM & Senior Advisor for the Phillies

Pat Gillick joins the show from Cooperstown to chat about the Hall of Fame inductions this weekend. He thinks that this is a great class of hall of famers and the inductees are special to the AL. He says Bobby Cox was a special manager because he was a player’s manager with an edge. Gillick speaks about the pressures for GMs at the trade deadline and the support from ownership when he was with the Jays.

2:15 – Jamie McLennan, TSN Hockey Analyst

McLennan joins the show to give his thoughts on if Reimer and the Leafs are heading toward arbitration. If they can’t avoid arbitration Reimer will need to sell his numbers and he has a good case to make comparatively to Jonathan Bernier.

2:30 – Bob Weeks, TSN Golf Analyst & Host SCORE Golf

Bob Weeks said there were some good stories yesterday at the Canadian Open but the cream of the crop is starting to rise. Weeks likes Jim Furyk’s chances and says that he just always seems to find an away to win. He says that Graham Delaet’s game is all about his putting game. He says that if Graham Dalaet won at the Open it would be massive for Canadian golf.

3 – Dan Shulman, Voice of Sunday Night Baseball on ESPN & TSN Baseball Anlayst

On the Oakland Athletics acquiring Deck McGuire, he says that the A’s are always looking to move pieces around in anticipation of more moves. He likes Marcus Stroman’s ability to battle back from adversity. He thinks that Marcus Stroman has the potential to start a playoff series because of his swagger. He compares his situation to Sonny Gray. He’d like him and Aaron Sanchez to get important innings. On the upcoming series it’s a must to take advantage of a injured Yankees team and take two of three games. He says that American League is more competitive than you’d think.

July 24: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Bryan and Bill Hayes are joined by Gregor Chisholm, who says the Blue Jays should hold onto Aaron Sanchez and Marcus Stroman, and Patrick Hruby and Dave Zirin check in to discuss Roger Goodell’s questionable punishment of Ray Rice.


Hour 1 (Blue Lunch):

Gregor Chisholm joins. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (Blue Lunch):

Hour 2 of Blue Lunch. Ian Pulver and Patrick Hruby join. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 1 (The Bryan Hayes Show):

Jeff Idelson and Scott Cullen join. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (The Bryan Hayes Show):

Dave Zirin and Jonas Siegel join. Hour 2 Audio


12:15 – Gregor Chisholm, TSN 1050 Jays Analyst & MLB.com

Gregor says that making your MLB debut in the situation that Sanchez did is extremely impressive. He says while the Blue Jays need to focus on the now, the future in the starting rotation is extremely bright. He says Sanchez will be a middle reliever and is on a relatively strict inning limit. He said Dickey battled last night and made the proper adjustments.

1 – Ian Pulver, NHL Agent Pulver Sports

Ian Pulver calls arbitration an important part of the CBA. He thinks that both the players and the teams benefit equally from the process. He says that the negative cases reported from arbitration are a bit of folklore although he admits it’s quite uncomfortable for both sides. He thinks that arbitrators can be biased if they are hockey fans, and that hurts the process. He says the idea of players wanting to play in their hometown depends solely on many variables.

1:30 – Patrick Hruby, Sports on Earth

Patrick Hruby says it’s extremely difficult to know what the NFL suspension protocol is. He says that hitting a woman is not the same as smoking marijuana. But, an inconsistent punishment is unpredictable. He says the NFL has spent a ton of money trying to market themselves to woman, and this doesn’t help. He says it puts the players union in a difficult position because it’s one of their own players, but they don’t want to support domestic abuse. He said it will be tough for Goodell to punish Irsay because technically he works for him.

2:20 – Jeff Idelson, President of the National Baseball Hall of Fame & Museum

Jeff said that accessibility of the Hall of Fame players contributes to the appeal of the Induction process for fans which he says is a Cooperstown perspective. He argues that baseball still reigns as America's pastime. He said that he & his colleagues have accepted PEDs as an important part of the sport's history. They use this history to educate newer generations.

2:30 – Scott Cullen, TSN Stats Guy

Scott Cullen thinks that the hiring of Kyle Dubas made a huge impact because they've come across as anti-stats. He’s surprised that more teams didn’t jump on the analytics train sooner. He says he’s avoided using the term Corsi because it inflicts so much rage. He parallel’s the situation to advanced stats in baseball. He thinks Corsi is a good place to start, but ultimately not an answer. He says that advanced stats have entered the realm of contract negotiations. He thinks that Jake Muzzin’s Corsi rating was legit because he played well on many different pairings.

3 – Dave Zirin, Edge of Sports & The Nation

Zirin weighs in on the Ray Rice suspension and says the NFL failed miserably on the opportunity to take a stand against violence against women. Instead they brushed the issue under the carpet, along with other issues like head injuries and how post concussion syndrome can lead to mood swings and disconnect from loved ones. The NFL is in a full scale PR marketing glitz right now to try sell the game to women that sport is ok for their children.

3:35 – Jonas Siegel, TSN 1050 Leafs Reporter (in studio)

Jonas says that if the Leafs are still likely not be a great team, they ought to not overspend. Jonas emphasized that the draft is still the best way to improve a team's personnel. When talking about Kyle Dubas, Jonas said that his presence represents the organization’s move to think differently.

July 23: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Bryan, along with Bill Hayes are joined by David Booth to chat about his decision to sign with the Leafs, and Jim Trotter checks in to discuss Tony Dungy’s comments regarding Michael Sam.


Hour 1 (Blue Lunch):

Hour 1 of Blue Lunch. Jeff O'Neill joins. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (Blue Lunch):

Hour 2 of Blue Lunch. Bill Paul and Eric Macramalla join. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 1 (The Bryan Hayes Show):

Scott MacArthur and David Booth join. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (The Bryan Hayes Show):

Craig Button and Jim Trotter join. Hour 2 Audio


12:30 – Jeff O’Neill, Leafs Lunch Co-Host & TSN Hockey Analyst

Jeff thinks that Dubas as an assistant GM isn’t a saviour, but he’s a bright hockey mind. He wonders how much Boston, Los Angeles and Chicago rely on analytics and thinks it’s a good tool but it’s not an answer. He thinks teams rely far too much on technology and advanced stats to prove what is problematic, but he thinks it’s as simple as scoring more goals than your opponent. He thinks Corsi may be amplified by good players playing on bad teams. He likes the Leafs signing of David Booth.

1 – Bill Paul, Tournament Director, RBC Canadian Open

Paul says they have dealt with rough conditions this morning but expects it to clear up by this afternoon. He says that he believes they have a great field of golfers for this week. He said the entire process is selling the tourney because there are more opportunities for golfers to golf elsewhere. He thinks that it would benefit golf Canada if a Canadian won the tourney because it would draw in fans and grow Canadian golf.

1:30 - Eric Macramalla, TSN Legal Analyst

Marcamalla talks about the new lawsuit Donald Sterling filed yesterday. He thinks that the evaluation for the Clippers is fair, but the issue for Donald Sterling is principle and he sees this going on for a while. He says Thomas Vanek is being relied on as a superficial level in the gambling investigation. He says he’s not facing charges and even if he was he’s innocent until proven guilty.

2:15 – Scott MacArthur, TSN 1050 Jays Reporter

MacArthur says the Blue Jays are overly reliant on the long ball, but it’s all better when they hit them. He says that players don’t favour the Astro Turf because it’s a grind playing on that field. He questions Anthony Gose’s baseball IQ although he sees his massive potential. He said that we could see Sanchez debut tonight in a non-leverage situation. He thinks the Blue Jays are trying to facilitate their problems internally instead of a trade.

2:30 – David Booth, Toronto Maple Leafs

Booth joins Bryan to talk about signing with the Leafs and says he’s excited to play for an original six and arguably one of the greatest franchises in the league, along with it being close to home. He says the Leafs treat their players world class and it’s a great opportunity to revive his career here. He’s motivated to prove himself because it’s been tougher the past couple years with injuries. He praises the Leafs as an organization and says they give their players everything they need to succeed. He talks about being compared to Mason Raymond and spoke to Mason about his experience in Toronto. He talks about the past year in Vancouver and says he struggled a bit there but was playing better hockey at the end of the season than he has in past seasons. He discusses analytics and says its a relatively new concept in the game.

3 – Craig Button, TSN Hockey Analyst

He remembers when Brendan Shanahan said that today’s game isn’t the same as the game old players used to play. He says that the Toronto market place is a hockey mad environment where things are dissected which is why it’s important to build a team to win. He said we have to give credit to Shanahan for doing his due diligence with Nonis and Carlyle.

3:30 – Jim Trotter, ESPN NFL Analyst

Trotter says Tony Dungy’s comments about Michael Sam have been disappointing and he’s been speaking out of both sides of his mouth a bit. You can’t say that you don’t have a problem with his sexual preference and then say you wouldn’t draft him. There are different type of distractions ie issues with the law, ect, but its another thing to say it’s a distraction about the way that someone is living his life. He wonders if his religious beliefs are factoring in on this. Trotter has spoke to one of the Rams players and asked him if there were distractions in camp because of Sam. The player said there were no issues at all and it couldn’t be further from the truth.

July 22: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Bryan, along with Bill Hayes are joined by Kyle Dubas to chat about his surprise hiring by the Leafs, and Dirk Hayhurst checks in to discuss Drew Hutchison’s struggles and Aaron Sanchez’s call-up.


Hour 1 (Blue Lunch):

Bryan and Bill Hayes are joined by Steve Simmons. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (Blue Lunch):

Bryan and Bill Hayes discuss the Dubas hiring. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 1 (The Bryan Hayes Show):

Bryan is joined by new Leafs assistant GM Kyle Dubas and TSN 1050 Jays reporter Dirk Hayhurst. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (The Bryan Hayes Show):

Bryan is joined by Dominic Moore of the New York Rangers, and Steve Kouleas from TSN's That's Hockey. Hour 2 Audio


12:30 – Steve Simmons, Sun Media & The Reporters

Steve Simmons says that Brendan Shanahan has put his stamp on the organization with the shrewd hiring of Kyle Dubas. He wonders why they’ve kept Dave Nonis and Randy Carlyle and fired everyone else around them? He speculates that the Leafs are going to bring in another person into management soon. He says Dubas wasn’t brought in just as a stats guy, but a good hockey guy as well. He expects Shanny to give Nonis & Carlyle a chance, despite the recent hirings basically putting them on an island.

2:15 – Kyle Dubas, Leafs Assistant General Manager

He's been lucky in his career to get to where he is now, he was given a lot of good opportunities through his career, and he's excited to be where he is now. Dubas wants to learn from the Leafs, he wants to learn from the different perspectives in the front office, and he hopes to bring his own new perspective to the Leafs and their operations. He had to learn how to be successful in Sault Ste Marie. He says you need to find out how to be successful in different markets and advanced stats was his way of making his team successful in the market they were in. The OHL and NHL are completely different, he viewed his job in the Soo as having to give these players the best opportunity to make the pros and give them the chance to make plays with the puck. No matter how old a player is they want to make plays with the puck and he believes that will be the same in the NHL. Dubas believes analytics is in a primitive stage and there has been some great work done already by smart people who are beginning to get hired by NHL teams. He's already learned a lot from talking with Dave Nonis, Nonis was once a young assistant like him in Vancouver and he’s enjoyed talking to him about his experiences there.

2:30 – Dirk Hayhurst, TSN 1050 Jays Analyst

Dirk thinks that Drew Hutchison is still a young pitcher and as such he’s bound to struggle at times. He’s not a battle tested veteran. He says that Sanchez will come out of the bullpen because of his usage so far and the fact they don’t want to overextend him. He says that baseball is becoming more comfortable with Tommy John surgery instead of opting to try to cease the struggles by softer throwers or pitch counts. He doesn’t think Chase Headley is going to be the saviour in New York and the Padres missed on the chance to trade him in his peak.

3:15 – Dominic Moore, New York Rangers (in studio)

Dominic Moore talks about his experience at the ESPYs last week, as he was up for Best Comeback Athlete, and gives his thoughts on Drake’s performance. He talks about making into the finals with the Rangers and the rumoured Stanley Cup hangover. He says that while you enjoy the Summer when it’s there, he craved coming back to hockey. He says that he’s not sure how he feels about expansion, but he thinks it’s a good thing to expose the game to more people.

3:30 – Steve Kouleas, TH2N Host (in studio)

The Leafs hiring Dubas today is a bold move and it seems as if the NHL is in a new era where advanced statistics are being looked at more and more. It will be interesting to see what impact Dubas' has on the team. The Leafs don’t have a top talent like a Toews or Getzlaf, and if you don't have one of those guy you should take the time to build like the Sabres are doing rather than chase those top teams to no avail. The Leafs current administration has had enough time and they seem to be opening their eyes to all possibilities in a constantly changing and evolving game. The Leafs are still a long ways away, they need to get to a good start early on but what happens this year will likely be irrelevant to where they are in 2018 or further.

July 21: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Bryan, along with Bill Hayes are joined by Cody Franson to chat about his new deal and the trade rumours that have been attached to him this off-season, and Steve Tolleson checks in to chat about the Jays’ upcoming serious with the Red Sox and whether the team feels like it can compete with their current roster.


Hour 1 (Blue Lunch):

Hour 1 of Blue Lunch. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (Blue Lunch):

Jonas Siegel and Pete Prisco join. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 1 (The Bryan Hayes Show):

Steve Tolleson and Cody Franson join. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (The Bryan Hayes Show):

Jeff O'Neill and Pedro Gomez join. Hour 2 Audio


12:33pm Peter Oosterhuis – The Golf Channel / CBS Golf Analyst

Oosterhuis, the winner of the 1981 Canadian Open, was amazed by McIlroy’s 2nd round scores in the past but he is an amazing talent and he showed it this weekend. He said McIlroy is going to be taking Tiger’s place at the top of the golf world and he isn’t sure if Woods will regain his form. He said if Garcia doesn’t win a Major it will be a disappointing thing. He is an emotional guy and is often stressed out and buckles under pressure. He has the talent but he needs a more calm demeanor. On Rickie Fowler, he has the talent to go places and should be a contender especially with the clothes he wears.

1:17pm Jonas Siegel – TSN 1050 Maple Leafs Reporter

Siegel gave his thoughts on the Maple Leafs and Cody Franson agreeing on a one-year deal ahead of their arbitration case.

1:33pm Pete Prisco – CBS NFL Insider

Prisco addressed the Tony Dungy comments on Michael Sam being a distraction for any team he coached. He said he doesn’t agree with what Dungy said and he is surprised that he said it. No one cares what players do off the field. Prisco said Marcell Dareus has a pattern of bad behaviour and he should show up in camp in shape, there is no excuse for it. On the NFL in Toronto, Prisco said both Buffalo and Toronto need new stadiums. The Rogers Centre is a horrendous venue, it is outdated and uncomfortable. Stadiums dictate what happens in the NFL. Who gets the Super Bowl, who gets expansion teams stadiums determine everything and whoever builds a new stadium will have the best shot. Even the Jaguars have updated their stadium with the best wireless out there, huge screens etc… He said the NFL will never allow gambling in stadiums but some states will allow it soon.

2:17pm Steve Tolleson – Blue Jays Infielder

Tolleson joined the show and spoke about how the All-Star break was agood timing. He said the Jays have the pieces to compete and the AL East especially since the AL East doesn’t have the star power in the past which helps. He said he can’t explain why so many players in baseball are getting hurt these days but players are throwing hard and hitting further and working to the max so injuries happen. Tolleson echoed what Jose Bautista said at the All-Star Break saying a move would show they are trying to win but if they don’t make a move he feels they have what it takes once the key injured players come back. When you lose all those guys all at once, it’s not easy.

2:32pm Cody Franson – Maple Leafs Defenceman

Franson said arbitration is not a fun process and agreeing to this deal was fair for both sides. On the fact he has signed 1-year deals three years in a row, he said this was the best route for him but he certainly hopes he’ll get a longer term deal next year. He has never had the feeling of security and it’s no big deal but a two year deal would be nice to help him relax a little. On almost being traded to Montreal, Franson called the experience nerve-wracking and understands that it’s a business in the NHL. He said he expected moves to be made at the end of the season following the Leafs collapse but he reiterated that he wants to remain with the Leafs. On the rumor that he would was going to be part of the Josh Gorges trade with the Habs and Leafs, he said he prefers not to think about that or to even enquire with his agent if that story was true that he was about to be moved. No one was happy with the end of last season and the team expected moves would happen in the off-season, he just hoped it wouldn’t be him.

3:05pm Jeff O’Neill – TSN 1050 Leafs Lunch

O’Neill joined the show and spoke on a number of topics including the Leafs agreeing to a deal with Cody Franson, McIlroy winning the Open Championship and selfies. He also suggested Rickie Fowler should change his first name to “Rick.”

3:33pm Pedro Gomez – ESPN Baseball Analyst

Gomez said that Toronto is the largest single team market in all of baseball but the Jays may have added all their payroll a year ago. From what he knows, the Jays are scouting players on other teams but teams will want players back. He said there isn’t that much out there that is worth acquiring. When talking about the AL East, he picked the Baltimore Orioles to conquer the field. In spite of this, he sees the Yankees having a realistic chance. Gomez said that the AL East could only require 88-90 victories to win the division. He also said that the Washington Nationals help to put pressure on the Orioles by commanding attention within their shared market.

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