August 1: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Bryan, along with Bill Hayes chat about PK Subban’s surprise arbitration case and the impact it could have on his future in Montreal with Stephen Whyno, and Scott MacArthur joins the guys to discuss the frustration of Jose Bautista and other Blue Jays players after the team failed to make a move on trade deadline day.


Hour 1 (Blue Lunch):

Hour 1 of Blue Lunch. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (Blue Lunch):

Hour 2 of Blue Lunch. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 1 (The Bryan Hayes Show):

Geoff Baker and Rich Dubroff join. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (The Bryan Hayes Show):

Simon Tsalikis and Ken Crosina join. Hour 2 Audio


12:30 – Adam Stanley, Golf Writer

Stanley says that he wouldn’t be surprised if Dustin Johnson came back in a few months to half a year. He says it’s widely known that Johnson likes to party. He said the game of golf is a gentleman’s game, but players like to have fun off the course like most athletes. He said the tour hasn’t commented on it. He says that the Golf world is always trying to protect an image.

1:30 – Scott MacArthur, TSN1050 Blue Jays reporter

He says that Jose Bautista said players on the team reacted differently to the lack of trades. He says Jose Bautista’s getting up their age and it’s tough on him seeing the team stay silent. He says that the Blue Jays didn’t necessarily have the pieces in order to make the moves like the Red Sox did. He says AA shouldn’t get all the flack (although some is deserved) and he made a nice move in acquiring Nolan Reimold. He says that Colby Rasmus’ lateness is starting to reach a boiling point.

1:45 – Stephen Whyno, Canadian Press NHL reporter

Whyno says that it was clear that things didn’t go well between PK Subban and Marc Bergevin. He said things sure seemed tense among the two parties. He doesn’t think that tension will extend into the season and he said once hockey is back, things should get better. He says not settling things creates a slippery slope going forward.

2:30 – Rich Dubroff, Orioles Insider for CSN Baltimore

Rich Dubroff says that Baltimore remains confidence after a strong string of games following a tough schedule. He says that the teams starting rotation has been solid and the bullpen has been excellent, so the addition of Andrew Miller strengthens an already stable bullpen.

2:40 – Geoff Baker, Seattle Times

He says that the Mariners are chasing the second wildcard considering the records of Oakland and Los Angeles. He says that the team didn’t go all in during the deadline but they made a nice move improving their center field with the acquisition of Austin Jackson. He said without Robinson Cano this team would be worse than last season’s team. He says playing Oakland and Los Angeles so frequently doesn’t help.

3:00 – Ken Crosina, TSN Tennis Analyst

He says that the biggest difference between Genie and Milos, is that there isn’t a clear favorite on the women’s tour. He said that at her age, she has spectacular form which is beyond her years. He said that Raonic continues to make his big serve work and his upcoming hard court matches will favorite that approach.

3:30 – Simon Tsalikis, TSN690 Host

PK Subban is always the best player on the ice for the Canadiens and during the playoffs he was the best player as well. He is the face of the franchise and has the entire fan base behind him. He isn’t the vocal leader in the dressing room but he wants to show his actions on the ice.

July 31: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Bryan, along with Bill Hayes is joined by Pat Hickey who says the Canadiens and PK Subban will come to an agreement prior to going to arbitration, Luke Wilson checks in to discuss Marshawn Lynch returning to camp and what it’s like to play with Richard Sherman.


Hour 1 (Blue Lunch):

Pat Hickey joins. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (Blue Lunch):

Scott Ferguson joins. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 1 (The Bryan Hayes Show):

Robert Klemko and Dan Shulman join. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (The Bryan Hayes Show):

Luke Willson joins. Hour 2 Audio


Pat Hickey, Montreal Gazette

Pat Hickey says the situation could get ugly but it is likely not too. He gives is a 1% chance it goes to arbitration. He said that the Montreal Canadiens don’t have a history of signing contracts more than eight years, and that’s what PK Subban is seeking. He said he’s anxious to stay in Montreal. He expects PK to have a contract by tomorrow morning.

Scott Ferguson, TSN1050 Blue Jays Analyst

Fergy says that once the injured players comeback the Blue Jays have a potent lineup, but he questions whether there pitching will be strong enough. He thinks they should acquire a starting pitcher. He says there always question mark surrounding J.A. Happ. He says that now is the time is the time for Oakland Athletics. He says that it would make sense if the Tigers acquired David Price.

Robert Klemko, The

He says that the Ray Rice press conference was disappointing because key details weren’t addressed. He says that Ray Rice struggled as a football player last season because of different reasons, and his two game suspension means that other running backs will get chances. He says in terms of new technology, its slow in the NFL because older coaches are not inclined to look at new statistics.

Dan Shulman, Voice of Sunday Night Baseball on ESPN

Dan Shulman says that Billy Beane gave up a really good player in Yoenis Cespedes for Jon Lester. He says it’s extremely risk on Oakland’s part but makes the team better because their exception depth. He doubts that Jon Lester will be a member of the Boston Red Sox next season and expects the team to pursue James Shields. He thinks that the Angels should make a move because their time is now. He wouldn’t trade Aaron Sanchez and Marcus Stroman for David Price. He reiterates that players can still be traded during the waivers trade deadlines starting August 1st.

Luke Willson, Seattle Seahawks Tight End & 2014 Superbowl Champion

Luke Willson says it’s good news that Marshawn Lynch is coming back to the team. He says that Richard Sherman is an intense guy on the field, but an extremely nice guy off the field. He thinks the division is going to be very competitive this season.

July 30: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Bryan, along with Bill Hayes chat with Michael Traikos about why the Leafs extension with Jake Gardiner is a good one, and Scott MacArthur and Jim Caple check in to discuss the Blue Jays interest in Jon Lester and the lift that Marcus Stroman has given the team since being added to the rotation.


Hour 1 (Blue Lunch):

Michael Traikos joins. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (Blue Lunch):

Jim Caple joins. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 1 (The Bryan Hayes Show):

Michael Schottey joins. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (The Bryan Hayes Show):

Erik Kratz and Jeff O'Neill join. Hour 2 Audio


12:30 - Michael Traikos, National Post

Michael Traikos of the National Post says that he loves the Jake Gardiner deal and says that the move is a good sign if you’re a Leafs fan. He says a lot of fans are confused by Carlyle being hard on Gardiner and take it as him not liking him. He’s going to wait and see what changes Carlyle makes for the lineup and whether he’s going to change his attitude.

1:00 - Jim Caple, Senior Writer for

Jim Caple says that he would be very willing to trade for Jon Lester, but wouldn’t sell the farm system to get him. He said that veterans are always a better pickup because prospects don’t always pan out. He doubts David Price is going to be dealt. He says that the difference between the Mariners, Blue Jays and Angels is substantial. He also questions if there is going to be any major trades.

2:15 - Scott MacArthur, TSN1050 Blue Jays reporter

MacArthur recalls R.A. Dickey telling him that the team would need contributors that didn’t start the season with the team. He said that Marcus Stroman has given the Blue Jays a remarkable stretch of performances. He says that Jon Lester and John Lackey could be dealt together like when the Cubs dealt multiple pitchers in the same deal. He talks about the Jon Lester trade speculation, and suggests the rumors are just fodder. He says Twitter elevates rumors. He says Boston’s philosophy is changing.

2:30 - Michael Schottey, National Lead NFL Writer for Bleacher Report

Michael Schottey says that its all about Buffalo winning in order to succeed in the NFL despite their advertising and support shortcomings. He said Ralph Wilson was a respected owner and Buffalo loves him, but he didn’t do everything he could to keep the team in Buffalo. He says that Josh Gordon may get off on a technicality, and the case presents an interesting precedent because of the suspension of Ray Rice and the pending suspension of Colts owner Jim Irsay.

3:15 -Jeff O'Neill, TSN NHL Analyst & co-host of Leafs Lunch

Jeff O’Neill says that Marcus Stroman reminds him of Flash Gordon. O’Neill wonders what everybody has been impressed with so much this offseason. O’Neill wonders if he’s going to be worth the money and says he’ll need to play like he did in the playoffs to justify it. He thinks P.K. Subban needs to get paid.

3:45 - Erik Kratz, KC Royals Catcher

Erik Kratz says that its nice to be on the Royals because they are contenders. He says that he’s excited for a bigger chance at more playing time. He talks about being on the Blue Jays and says that he had a really good group of guys. He understands that general managers have tough decisions to make. He thinks Marcus Stroman has great potential.

July 29: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Bryan, along with Bill Hayes are joined by Scott MacArthur to discuss the Blue Jays series in Boston, and Sean McAdam checks in to chat about the rumours that have Alex Anthopoulos and the Jays linked to Boston ace Jon Lester.


Hour 1 (Blue Lunch):

Scott Miller joins. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (Blue Lunch):

Gregg Rosenthal and Jonas Siegel join. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 1 (The Bryan Hayes Show):

Scott MacArthur and Eric Adelson join. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (The Bryan Hayes Show):

Steve Simmons and Sean McAdam join. Hour 2 Audio


Scott Miller, National MLB writer of Bleacher Report

Scott Miller says that acquiring Valencia is a good move for the Blue Jays and he said it’s an important proactive move. He doesn’t think that the Blue Jays should make reactionary trades or bow down to fan pressure. He doesn’t want to make a guess on Melky Cabrera’s future contract but says it’s going to be big. He said the market for his services could be large.

Gregg Rosenthal,

Rosenthal says that the Donald Trump wouldn’t be welcome by other NFL owners, and is likely submitting a Bills team as a publicity stunt. His belief is that the Bills will stay in Buffalo, but it’s possible that another team will move. He says that the EJ Manuel has the right intangibles but he compares him to a better Tim Tebow.

Jonas Siegel, TSN 1050 Maple Leafs reporter

Jonas Siegel - Nothing is really etched in stone for the Leafs, you can plug different players into different spots in the line up, and its going to be interesting to see how the Leafs line up shapes up with all the options they have. With the forwards the Leafs have your not going to have a 4th lineup without skill, you should see a line up that will contribute and Carlyle will have to figure out how to manage ice time. The problem Carlyle will likely face is that he doesn't have a line to put out there against other teams top line. The biggest question for training camp is Carlyle and how he adjusts and adapts to new team, and how much of a leash he has during the season.

Scott Macarthur, TSN1050 Blue Jays reporter

MacArthur says that he would lean towards Ryan Goins or Munenori Kawasaki being sent down because he has options and Juan Francisco doesn’t. He said that Francisco and Valencia may platoon in the future when Lawrie comes back, but the focus is certainly on the immediate. He says that Reyes was playing with an injury for a considerable time and he’ll grind it out. He talks about who is going to be gone on the Blue Jays, potentially including Colby Rasmus, Brandon Morrow and Casey Janssen.

Eric Adelson, Yahoo Sports Contributor

Adleson talks about E.J Manuel and says that there is a big test for him with the improved offense in front of him. He says that the Seahawks have a good amount of depth behind Marshawn Lynch and the fact that he isn’t the focal point of the offense means he might not get a huge contract.

Steve Simmons, SunMedia & Reporters

Steve Simmons - There are some prospects in the Jays system that teams have interested in, but the Jays have to decide if they're willing to give those prospects up for half a season of a player. The assumption for the Jays right now is that they're in the run for the playoffs, but right now the Orioles are playing really well against some of the best teams without getting good pitching. The one thing in the Jays favor right now is that they have a mostly young rotation, and assuming they can re sign Cabrera they still have a chance to make a good run next year. Right now the Leafs have about 10 guys fighting for about 6 spots, all those guys have a chance and it will come down to whoever plays the best, and Simmons like the idea of having veterans fighting young players for spots. The difference your goign to see with Carlyle is that the Leafs wont have a waste of a 4th line, and it seems likely that the Leafs have told Carlyle that he has to change. Every player the Leafs have signed are from the Western Conference, that have played on tough teams and in tough games, and those guys will bring some spirit to the Leafs that they didnt have last season.

Sean McAdam, Comcast Sports Network

McAdam says that the likelihood that the Red Sox trade Jon Lester is not a lock but is very likely. He thinks that Lester has a ton of value because he’s steadily performed in a big market, mix that in with the fact that it’s a weak pitching market he’s going to get prime money. He said there has been a couple of turning points for the Red Sox have lead the Red Sox to consider dealing Lester. He said the Red Sox won’t just giveaway Jon Lester.

July 28: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Bruan, along with Bill Hayes are joined by James Reimer to discuss his two-year extension with the Leafs, and Rich Griffin checks in to tee up the Blue Jays’ series with the Red Sox and debate the team’s biggest need with the trade deadline approaching.


Hour 1 (Blue Lunch):

James Reimer and Matt Florjancic join. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (Blue Lunch):

Richard Griffin joins. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 1 (The Bryan Hayes Show):

Mark Zecchino joins. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (The Bryan Hayes Show):

Nick Cafardo and John Kryk join. Hour 2 Audio


12:00 - James Reimer, Toronto Maple Leafs Goaltender

James Reimer says that he’s relieved to avoid arbitration. His agent was well prepared going into the case should it have happened. He says this was the right move to re-sign with the Leafs because he’s excited about where the franchise is going; he says they made good strides. His relationship with the team is improving. He says that at the end of last season he didn’t think there was a place for him, but over the summer it became clear this is the right place for him. He is excited for Brendan Shanahan and his moves. He tries not to pay too much attention to the media and his relationship with Randy Carlyle is fine.

12:30 - Matt Florjancic, WKYC in Cleveland

Florjancic says that it's going to be competitive for the starting quarterback job for the Cleveland Browns between Brian Hoyer and Johnny Manziel. Manziel has brought a lot of people in to watch him play, but the Browns haven't been showcasing him too much. He says that whoever wins games for the Browns will be the starting quarterback because the Browns haven't had a winner in forever.

1:30 - Richard Griffin, Toronto Star

Griffin says that the Boston Red Sox have been a bizarre team over the last three years. The final wild card spot is open for the Blue Jays to grab, and riding the youngster puts them in a tough spot. He said that players thought yesterday was a statement game that added much needed swagger. On the Headley trade, he said back problems have made the Blue Jays pass on him. He says Edwin is still a ways away from coming back from injury.

2:30 - Mark Zecchino, GolfTalk Canada

Mark Zecchino was surprised that Jim Furyk couldn't get it done at this weekends Canadian Open. He can’t imagine how the tournament would have faired if RBC wasn’t involved. He says the field would have been significantly weaker without it. He says that if Graham DeLaet can put like he did on Friday, he will win many tournaments, but he says he tried a little too hard and fell apart. He was impressed with Canadian’s play at the open.

3:00 - Nick Cafardo, Boston Globe

Cafardo says that the Red Sox are definitely listening on Jon Lester, but doesn’t think the Dodgers are as interested as rumors suggest. He says that the Red Sox don’t want to reload, they want to contend. They’re rolling out a ton of youngsters and have a healthy amount of cap space to make big moves in the offseason. He thinks that the Blue Jays have shown great resiliency despite injuries. He doesn’t think the Blue Jays give up Sanchez or Stroman but need to add another pitcher.

3:30 - John Kryk, SunMedia NFL Columnist

He says that a reason why Tom Brady is so accurate because he’s so meticulous about practicing his throws. He says that if Manziel starts the season at QB, he jokes it will take him until Thanksgiving to have more stars than Hoyer. He remains skeptical on Manziel’s pocket presence. He says that he is not sure whether the Bills are all in on E.J Manuel.

Leafs Lunch and The Bryan Hayes Show: July 21-25

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