Mar. 8: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Dave and guest co-host Dave Feschuk chat with the agent for Ryan Getzlaf, Gerry Johannson and TSN Insider's Bob McKenzie and Darren Dreger weigh in on how the signing will affect Corey Perry.


Hour 1:

Dave Feschuk co-hosts with Dave and is joined by Dave Hodge of The Reporters and discusses Getzlaf's signing, Toronto Raptors, Maple Leafs, and more. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

Dave is joined by TSN Hockey Insider Darren Dreger, NHL Player Agent Gerry Johannson, and ESPN NFL Business Analyst Andrew Brandt. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

Dave is joined by TSN 1050 Blue Jay Reporter Scott MacArthur, TSN Hockey Insider Bob McKenzie, and former NFL player Wade Davis. Hour 3 Audio


4:30 – The Host of The Reporters, Dave Hodge

Joined the show and discussed the Ryan Getzlaf signing. Bobby Ryan would seem like a clear target for trade if they want to lower their payroll. A year ago it wouldn't have been predictable because Getzlaf didn't have a good year, but this year he bounced back and now has a chance to score more goals in this 48 game season than last year's 82 game season. When it comes to fighting, many people think that it should be taken out of the game and Dave mentions that he's not convinced that fighting should be in the game of hockey.

5:00 – TSN Hockey insider Darren Dreger

Discussed the signing of Ryan Getzlaf. He isn't a Crosby, Malkin, or Ovechkin and hasn't been since Anaheim won the cup. Corey Perry will probably want to see what free agency has to offer because there will be an abundance of teams interested in signing him. There was concern with the players in the realignment proposal, they'd prefer an 8 and 7 split for playoffs, but they signed. The IOC and the IHHF are all getting anxious because they want to know if players in the NHL will be taking part in the 2014 Olympics and he believes that the decision will be made before the end of this season.

5:30 – Gerry Johannson, NHL Player Agent

Agent for Ryan Getzlaf discussed his signing with the Ducks. Getzlaf wanted to stay with the Ducks and felt like now was the right time to engage the contract. He is now one of the highest paid players in the NHL, and he is a type of player that a team wants to build around. Although last year was an off year, he is a natural character, a leader, immersed in the community, and he is a great player to build a group around.

5:45 – ESPN NFL Business Analyst Andrew Brandt

Discussed how agents and teams can start negotiating. Players can't go on visits, take physicals, or go on any facilities but your own. Agents negotiate over a three day period, and as soon as it's done you may see deals and signings within minutes after. Wes Welker is in line with the Patriots, he's been the franchise tag player, and he may leave. The next three days will be important for him. Everyone expects that he will be back in new England with Tom Brady so teams have to throw out an offer that will blow him out of the water.

6:00 – TSN 1050 Blue Jay Beat Reporter Scott MacArthur

Discussed how Italy enforced the mercy rule on Canada after up 10 runs, 14-4. Josh Johnson played exceptionally at spring training, he was scheduled to only throw for three innings, however he was so efficient that they brought him back in for the fifth inning. Russell Martin signed with the Pirates and is getting used to a new pitching staff. He did his team and country a total disservice.

6:15 – TSN Hockey Insider Bob McKenzie

Sheds light on the Ryan Getzlaf contract signing. The signing makes it less likely that the Ducks will trade Corey Perry, but there is no relation. It could be argued that Perry should be offered more since he has scored more goals and he believes that Perry will test free agency. The Penguins should be concerned with goaltending because it shows that they didn't learn anything from last year's playoffs when they lost the Philadelphia.

6:30 – Wade Davis former NFL athlete

Discussed what it was like to be gay playing in a team game. He didn't tell anyone that he was gay and went to strip clubs, pretended he had girlfriends and kept an image of what he thought was masculine to not tell anyone. When he was alone, it was the hardest time to keep it a secret. During the time that he played there wasn't much talk about homosexuality or homophobia.

Mar. 7: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Dave and co-host Mike Hogan chat with OHL commissioner David Branch about the reduction in fighting in the CHL and Darren Dreger checks in to talk about the NHLPA's decision to accept the league's realignment proposal.


Hour 1:

Dave Naylor and co-host Mike Hogan talk Leafs, a possible Toronto casino with OLG Chairman Paul Godfrey and Toronto Rock with owner Jamie Dawick. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

Dave Naylor and Mike Hogan talk with CHL President David Branch on his league's new fighting rule that has reduced fighting by 27 percent. Bob McKenzie also weighs in on the fighting debate and hands out his mid-season awards and Toronto Star columnist Richard Griffin chats about the WBC and what the loss of Brett Lawrie means to team Canada. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

Dave Naylor and Mike Hogan are joined by Darren Dreger to talk NHL realignment and Argos President Chris Rudge. Hour 3 Audio


4:30 – Paul Godfrey, chairman of the OLG

Joined TSN Drive to discuss the MGM Proposal of a casino at the EX. It will be a total entertainment complex with the casino operating about 10% of the events. There will be a hotel and different multi-purpose facilities that will create jobs and increase tourism in the city. The discussion of problem gambling arose and he believes that although it is a negative aspect to the proposal, there is help offered to those who suffer from addiction gambling.

4:45 – Jamie Dawick, owner of the Toronto Rock

Discussed the fundraiser for Toronto's Daily Food bank. He has told the people of Toronto that if the building is sold out on Friday that he will donate $25,000 to Toronto Daily Food Bank. It is for a good cause and is encouraging all fans to go out to the game.

5:00 – TSN Hockey Insider Bob McKenzie

Has recently gone over 500,000 twitter followers and discussed how twitter and social media has impacted the sports world. It is a personal news feed that goes to your phone 24/7. The debate of fighting came up and the NHLPA doesn't want to get rid of fighting. The Ottawa Senators have done a lot to stay in a playoff position and Paul McLean has done all he can after so many of his all stars have been injured. He believes that the league MPV at this point is Patrick Kane because of how much he has contributed to the Blackhawks' success.

5:30 – OHL Commissioner and CHL President David Branch

Discussed the fighting policies in the OHL. Players in the OHL will get suspended once they get more than 10 fights. It is getting to a point where they can analyze it and suggest that fighting will be decreased. They are down 27% in fighting majors from last season. The OHL takes great pride in being the top developing league for the NHL that allows players to work on their skills and has terminated the one-dimensional player who can only fight. Major suspensions are also down significantly in the league such as blows to the head and hitting from behind.

5:45 – Toronto Star MLB Columnist Richard Griffin

Discuss the loss of Brett Lawrie in the World Baseball Classic. It is more of a loss for the Toronto Blue Jays. It will be a challenge for Canada to get out of the first round of the WBC. At a certain point, players have to think about the long term rather than the short term. He doesn't believe that John Gibbons trusts Emilio Bonafacio in the starting rotation at this moment. He is a good player coming off the bench and can play all field positions and may even play third base while Lawrie is out.

6:00 – Toronto Argonauts President Chris Rudge

Discussed the loss of the Labour Day game. It is traditionally a Hamilton game and Toronto would have been happy to have the game but it didn't work out. With the game being at Varsity Stadium, they decided to make it a two or three day festival and make an event of the game. Discussion about the Rogers Centre changing the turf to better suit the Blue Jays arose and Rudge discussed the Argonauts' options.

6:15 – TSN Hockey Insider Darren Dreger

Gives insight on the NHL realignment. The NHL believes that Columbus should be moved east as well as Detroit. The biggest area of concern for the Toronto Maple Leafs is the middle of the ice. Nazem Kadri has been really good, but he still has a lot of developing and growing to do. He is playing against third line defence and will not be the same once he is on the top line against the top defence. He still has defensive mistakes to clean up on. The contending teams always find a way to get better.

6:30 – TSN Legal Analyst Eric Macramella

Debates the importance of visors in the NHL for player safety. The players must agree that it is mandatory to wear a visor in order for it to change. The CBA is always going to be the starting point where any changes occur. Eye injuries are devastating but they're not affecting enough of the players for the insurance companies to step in. The NFL has eliminated head shots and the NHL isn't there yet. He believes within 15 years, there will be no fighting in the NHL and that visors will be mandatory.

Mar. 6: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Dave and co-host Dave Feschuk are joined by Maple Leafs VP of Hockey Operations Dave Poulin and TSN Hockey Insider Bob McKenzie to debate the current issue of mandatory visors in the NHL.


Hour 1:

Dave Naylor and Dave Feschuk talk about the NHL "visor" debate, SAVETSN690, and the Argos. They are joined by Mitch Melnick and Drew Edwards. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

Dave Naylor and Dave Feschuk talk more about the NHL "visor" debate with Bob McKenzie, the Maple Leafs with Dave Poulin, and the Raptors with Sam Mitchell. Hour 2 Audio


4:15 Mitch Melnyk

According to the CRTC, Bell Media cannot have rights to more than three English-speaking radio stations; therefore, the CRTC is making them turn TSN MTL into a French-speaking radio station. Bell has requested that they become an exception to this rule, asking permission to operate four English-language stations, instead of three. In order to make this happen, Bell needs you to go to SAVETSN690.CA and sign the online petition to keep this an English-speaking radio station!

4:45 Drew Edwards

No Labour Day game for the Ticats or the Argos. The Rogers Centre controls the dates for the Argos, and the dates they were offered weren't the best. However, just because they will get a taste of the Varsity Stadium during Pre-season does not by any means, mean that their long-term solution will be to make that their stadium. The Ticats plan to play in the stadium at the University of Guelph; teams that win are more enjoyable to watch, so their success determines if they will continue to play in that stadium or not.

5:00 Bob McKenzie

Dave Naylor and Dave Feschuk talk to Bob McKenzie about collectively bargaining the mandatory rule of wearing a visor during the game to avoid injury. During the lockout the topic was briefly brought up by the NHL, however, the NHLPA refused to further comment on this topic. They brought up the topic of Ottawa's captain, Daniel Alfredsson and his choice removing himself from a Senators jersey, or if he even will continue to play next season, period. The Bruins have voiced their interest in him if he were to be traded. However, Ottawa is trying to keep him around if possible.

5:30 Dave Poulin

Joins Dave Naylor and Dave Feschuck, they talk about the players that have surprised them the most on the Leafs. The combined defensive effort from the three defenseman, Kostka, Fraser and Holzer; has caught him the most by surprise. They also talk about fighting in the NHL in comparison to the NCAA where no fighting is allowed. The theory that goes along with that is that there is more "stick work" that comes into play when there is no fighting involved. There is a certain accountability that comes with fighting in the NHL. Dave Poulin, touches on Gardiner, and his time with the Marlies right now, saying that he is getting better playing well, and getting his "swagger" back. Finally, he talks about why visors are not yet mandatory in the NHL. However, he believes from experience that wearing them becomes a "comfort" issue, more so, than a "look" issue, which is what turns the players off from agreeing to wear them.

5:45 Sam Mitchell

Joins Dave Naylor and Dave Feschuk to talk about the Toronto Raptors and their current roster. They talk about Andrea Bargnani, and drafting him as being Colangelo's first "big move" as GM of the Raptors. They also said him being the #1 pick overall, causes pressure to the coach that a lot of people do not realize. Mitchell says he stopped Bargnani from shooting threes at one point because he wanted Andrea to understand how lethal he could be playing inside the arc. He wanted him to get comfortable with that aspect of his game before he shot the three and drew the defense away from him.

Mar. 5: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

NHL SR VP of Player Safety, Brendan Shanahan joined Dave to talk about the recent player suspensions he's handed out and how he takes into account the history of each player when considering possible discipline.


Brendan Shanahan

The NHL's head disciplinarian discussed Patrick Kaleta's five-game suspension.WATCH!


Hour 1:

Kate Beirness co-hosts with Dave and is joined by Steve Simmons of Sun Media from Florida to discuss the Blue Jays during spring training. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

Kate and Dave are joined by TSN Hockey Insider Bob McKenzie, Senior VP of Player Safety and Hockey Operations, and ESPN voice of MLB Dan Shulman. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

Kate and Dave are joined by Bill Pangos, head cooch of the womens' basketball team at York University as well as TSN Hockey Insider Darren Dreger. Hour 3 Audio


4:30 – Steve Simmons of Sun Media

Joined the show from Florida and discussed the concerns that teams have during spring training. John Gibbons is very low key and he wants a club that shows up and does the job and Brett Lawrie is very passionate and is wound up. They're total opposite personalities and they've come to like each other. The Toronto Maple Leafs have a lot of positives this year, they're in a good position in the standings and Randy Carlyle has done a great job with this team.

5:00 – TSN Hockey Insider Bob McKenzie

Informs Dave and Kate that there is a month until the NHL trade deadline. The Florida Panthers need to move veteran players in order to start to rebuild this year because they aren't having the same success as they did last year. With the shortened season, everything is more intense so it is harder to gage the buyers and sellers. The Edmonton Oilers are still rebuilding and they might not make the playoffs this year, but they are growing and will eventually be a playoff team.

5:30 – Senior VP of Player Safety and Hockey Operations Brendan Shanahan

Discusses the discrepancies of hits and how there are different types of hits and how the impact players. The process of going through the steps to decide on a suspension is up to the employees who watch every game and send it to Shanahan and there are assessments that are made individually by a number of people. Patrick Kaleta's history did have an impact on the hit against Brad Richards, however, he knows that if he has another incident like this, it won't be good. Injuries are considered when giving out suspensions.

6:00 – Bill Pangos, York University Basketball coach

Talked about his son Kevin attending the number one ranked Gonzaga. Kevin knew in grade 11 that all he wanted to do was play basketball. He wanted to stay in Canada and wanted to graduate with a Canadian high school diploma. He didn't need to go down south to get experience in basketball. Basketball Canada did a great job that put together a program for basketball. Gonzaga did a great job with recruiting and they find international players and execute unselfish team play.

6:15 – TSN Hockey Insider Darren Dreger

Talks about Korbinian Holzer after signing a two-year extension and how he is a player that needed the right opportunity and has proven himself. Jake Gardiner suffered a concussion and is playing with the Marlies in the AHL. He was sent back for conditioning reasons, down there he is getting the minutes and the experience and is ready to play in the NHL, but the Leafs aren't ready bump anyone back down. Randy Carlyle is in a good position because there is a lot of depth in the line up.

Mar. 4: Show In Review

Darren Dreger and Bob McKenzie join Dave to talk about the Kaleta suspension, while guest host Dave Feschuk calls for the NHL to protect their stars so players like Brad Richards and Erik Karlsson stay on the ice. (Photo: The Canadian Press)


Hour 1:

Bruce Arthur co-hosts with Dave as they are joined by Dave Feschuk and discuss everything in the NHL, MLB, and NBA. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

TSN Hockey Insider Bob McKenzie, founder of You Can Play Patrick Burke, and skip of team Newfoundland & Labrador Brad Gushue join the show. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

Bruce Arthur co-hosts with Dave and are joined by TSN Hockey Insider Darren Dreger to discuss the Maple Leafs new trade and the role of Mike Brown. Hour 3 Audio


4:00 – Bruce Arthur co-hosts with Dave and are joined by Dave Feschuk

Converse about the Brad Richards hit from behind. They discuss the severity and seriousness of hits from behind where in minor hockey and pick-up hockey, hits from behind have paralyzed players. Suspensions are determined after the hit is committed. Players that are more skilled than others, such as Brad Richards, aren't protected against hits that can hurt them and their careers. Paul Kariya once said that star players have to be protected and that reckless play has to be stopped.

4:15 – Mike Brown is headed to Edmonton now because the Maple Leafs have other guys who are willing to fight and keep the physicality of the team. He isn't the type of player that makes or breaks a team. The Leafs aren't better this season because of the fighting, they're better because their penalty kill has improved and their goalies have been outstanding. Fights and standing up for teammates mean something to players in terms of being part of a team, but when looking at fights and statistics, they don't impact teams' wins or goals.

4:30 – The Raptors have to develop their players right now. Terrence Ross has to play minutes because there is no immediate future of this team. In order to improve the franchise, there has to be standards. Dwane Casey wants to win every game possible to further his coaching career, it's not always as simple as to play their young players. Coaches and GM's should be hired at the same time so that they can come and go at the same time. The Raptors aren't famous outside of Toronto, which isn't a great record.

4:45 – In the "Nayled It or Failed It" segment they debate whether or Magic Johnson's decision to put up $1 million will entice LeBron James to participate in the Slam Dunk Contest. Baltimore Ravens' quarterback Joe Flacco signed the biggest contract in NFL history signing $20.6 million over six years, did the Ravens nail it or did Flacco nail the Ravens? Continuing with the topic of contracts, the LA Angels renewed Mike Trout's contract for $510,000...Nayled or Failed?

5:00 – TSN Hockey Insider Bob McKenzie

Sheds light on the hit on Brad Richards, because it was Patrick Kaleta who was the one who hit him. The suspension will not be more than five games. He believes that hitting from behind has to be enforced more and taken out of the game to protect players. Roberto Luongo won't be traded to the Florida Panthers because if they really wanted him, they would have had him already. Now that Vancouver has been winning and he is playing, he doesn't want to leave to go somewhere where there is no playoffs. He still has to waive his no-trade clause and the decision is ultimately up to him.

5:30 – Patrick Burke, founder of You Can Play

Discusses the one year anniversary of his organization. It has been a very positive and encouraging year where the hockey community has backed up the foundation a lot. He believes that there is going to be an athlete in hockey that will come out to the media and announce that he is openly gay. The organization does real work with athletes and is hoping to expand to team up with the NFL, NBA, etc.

5:40 – Brad Gushue, Skip of team Newfoundland and Labrador

Discussed how teams shuffle players around to mix it up after a few years. After the Olympic year next year, there will be teams that change their rosters. The rocks that they will use in Sochi will be different because when throwing the rocks, they have a different outcome every time. It is a skill to be able to tailor the throws after a few turns. If this is the set that they use in Sochi, the benefits are that players get a chance to use them at the Brier.

6:15 – TSN Hockey Insider Darren Dreger

Talked about the history of Patrick Kaleta and his dirty and dangerous plays. The fact that Brad Richards was able to return to the game is the only reason that he didn't get a suspension of double digits. There was interest in Mike Brown, he has a role and is a tough guy and an honest player, but the role outside of the enforcing type role, his ice time was going to diminish. When there are quality guys like Matt Frattin that are ready to come back to the lineup, you have to make that move. Ben Scrivens and James Reimer have been playing well and goaltending isn't a top priority for the Leafs before the trade deadline.

TSN Drive with Dave Naylor: Feb. 25-Mar. 1.

TSN Drive with Dave Naylor: Feb. 18-22.

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