August 15: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Filling in for Mike, Dave Bastl along with Ennis Esmer chat with Steve Simmons about the players that should be honoured next by the Leafs, and Dan Shulman joins the guys to discuss Edwin Encarnacion’s return and the Jays series versus the White Sox.


Hour 1:

Hour 1 of Mike Richards in the Morning, joined by two time Stanley Cup winner Drew Doughty and Jeremy Lalonde. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

Steve Simmons joins. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

Joined by Dan Shulman and Alex Marvez. Hour 3 Audio


Steve Simmons – Sun Media Columnist

Steve says you cannot argue for and against a Ted Kennedy statue because very few fans have ever seen him play. Steve says his top 3 choices should be Keon, Sittler, Salming or Sundin for the third. Steve says Johnny Bower is beloved in the city but the best player from that era is Dave Keon. Steve says Brendan Shanahan is in PEI to meet with Dion Phaneuf and Steve says he has been doing a lot of private meetings with players and staff. Steve says Shanny is doing this to set out some expectations for the upcoming season. Steve says every level of the Leafs has been researched by Shanny. Steve says the Jays have to start hitting and hold leads. Steve says the Jays looked good on Sunday but hope seems lost right now.

Dan Shulman – ESPN Baseball Voice

Dan said new MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred was Bud Selig’s guy and that was evident with unanimous owners vote. Dan says Manfred issues are bigger then reinstating Pete Rose into baseball such as labour peace and pace of the game. Dan says the Jays must win now and beat the teams with worst records over the next 3 weeks because the end of the season is difficult facing Yankees, Mariners, and Orioles. Dan says they need Encarnacion to play his position everyday and finally the Jays lineup is close to 100 per cent for the first time in 7 weeks. Dan says right now he likes the A’s/Mariners in the AL and the Nationals/Dodgers in the NL if the season ended today to face each other in the ALCS and NLCS.

Alex Marvez – Fox Sports One NFL Reporter

Alex talks Johnny Manziel and he reminds him of Jeff Garcia but looks small when he saw him in his first pre-season game. Alex wants to see Manziel with the first team offense but Hoyer is starting this week. Alex feels that because Manziel can run he expect him to see playing time quicker. Alex says Blake Bortles is not expected to be rushed into the starting job with the Jaguars because they have a lack of talent.

August 14: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Filling in for Mike, Dave Bastl along with Todd Hlushko chat with Drew Doughty about his Stanley Cup and Olympic gold medal season, and Josh Lewenberg checks in to break down the Raptors’ 2014-15 schedule.


Hour 1:

The crew discusses which former Leafs deserve (and not deserve) their statue outside the ACC. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

Drew Doughty and Ralph Krueger join a stacked second hour of Mike Richards in the Morning. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

The final hour of the Thursday edition of Mike Richards in the Morning with Dave Bastl and Todd Hlushko. Hour 3 Audio


Ralph Krueger – Southampton FC Chairman

Ralph talks about his transition from the NHL head coach to Appointed Chairman of Southampton FC in the English Premiership League. Ralph said it was about his ‘leadership’ qualities that lead him to his new job and he was responsible to hiring a new staff. Ralph talked about his international experience in hockey has helped him bring various ‘cultures’ of players together to make a strong team. Ralph says the biggest challenge is building the Southampton FC brand through various media platforms. Ralph says coming from Edmonton where the passion for the Oilers has translated to the fan base in Southampton where the team has been a staple since 1885. Ralph talks about playing in Liverpool and it will be a bit of a grudge match after Liverpool took 3 of their players in the off-season.

Drew Doughty – L.A. Kings Defenseman

Drew talked about the Atomic Ambassador Program by McDonalds….Drew says that he cannot pick one cup win over the other but maybe when he win his 3rd or 4th he may have one. Drew said it was extremely tough to adjust to the NHL season after winning Olympic gold and said he was terrible the first week he played in the NHL season but once the playoffs hit he was his old self. Drew said Darryl Sutter was hard on him after winning the gold medal to not take it for granted and prepare properly for the Kings playoff run. Drew talked about getting the Stanley Cup in London, ON a few weeks ago and spent it with family and friends. Drew said the biggest difference winning the Cup or gold medal is winning a Cup you are playing with guys for years that you are close too and the Cup is more difficult to win.

Josh Lewenberg – Raptors Reporter

Josh talked about the Raptors have a chance to get off to a great start to the season playing 9 of their first 12 games at home. Josh says in February it will be a very difficult schedule going on the road out west for 9 of 11 games. Josh talked about the Raptors being showcased on U.S. national TV for the first time in 2008. Josh says the Raptors fans have embraced this team and opened eyes around the league that the team and fan base are fun to watch. Josh says the NBA are the best league at reworking the scheduling marquee games and players on television and to showcase LeBron in Miami on Christmas is brilliant. Josh feels Andrew Wiggins coming to the ACC will be a big deal in the Toronto market. Josh feels the Cavs with LeBron and Love will be instant sellouts.

Tessa Bonhomme – Former Olympic Hockey Gold Medalist

Tessa talks about the McDonalds Atomic Ambassador program getting more young players involved who get supplied with new equipment and meet their hockey heroes. Tessa says her passion for the game has not left her and she was so proud of last year’s team winning the gold medal for Canada. Tessa says her favourite memory from 2010 Olympics was the opening ceremonies and being with her teammates hearing a roar across the city of Vancouver after Canada won their first Olympic gold medal on home soil.

August 13: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Filling in for Mike, Dave Bastl along with Todd Hlushko are joined by Scott Ferguson to discuss how the Jays are going to need more from RA Dickey and Mark Buehrle down the stretch to compete for a playoff spot, and John Kryk checks in to provide the latest on the Bills sale.


Hour 1:

Arsenal legend Ray Parlour joins Dave and Todd to break down the start of the EPL season. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

John Kryk stops by to discuss the latest in the Buffalo Bills ownership saga. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

Scott Ferguson joins the gang to discuss the Blue Jays loss to Seattle. Hour 3 Audio


Ray Parlour – Arsenal Legend/TalkSport

Ray feels Arsenal can defend their FA Cup title. Ray feels Manchester United will be a threat in the EPL this season and have played well in pre-season. Ray talks about Liverpool losing Saurez and when you lose one of the best players in the world it will hurt but he was expected to leave anyway. Ray feels Chelsea will be the favourites heading into the Premiership season but it is tough to pick a clear cut favourite until the transfer period is finished. Ray says there are many teams that could crack the top 4 and mentioned Stoke City as a team to watch. Ray talked about the disappointment in England after the country could not make it past the group stage in Brazil. Ray expects a much younger team in 4 years and they have to look at the USA, Columbia on how to play as a team.

John Kryk – Sun Media NFL Columnist

John said it is pretty status quo with the ownership of the Bills with Golisano, Pegula, Trump, and Bon Jovi. John really feels Pegula will emerge as the winner. His company just scored a massive gas/oil deal of 1.75 billion dollars and he can outbid anyone because he has deep pockets. Reports claim the Bills the deal could be just under a billion to 1.3 billion dollars. John talked about the Browns adding Rex Grossman to their QB depth chart because he has a relationship with Kyle Shanahan and help tutor Manziel/Hoyer and is a good insurance policy. John says he expects more joint practices between teams because it gets boring just practicing against the same players each day. John says he expects the Bills to have a new owner next month.

Scott Ferguson – Jays Analyst

Scott says defense was costly for the Jays in their loss to the Mariners. Fergy feels Dickey could have some success tonight and eat up some innings after their bullpen has been used heavily. Scott says the Jays need to get better consistency from Dickey and Buehrle down the stretch and Dickey needs to eat up some innings. Fergy talked about the huge series this weekend with the Mariners and Tigers highlighted by Felix Hernandez and David Price. Fergy feels the winner could get the leg up in the wild card race.

August 12: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Filling in for Mike, Dave Bastl along with Todd Hlushko chat with Craig Button about Canada’s opener at the Ivan Hlinka Tournament, and Warren Sawkiw checks in to discuss the tough test the Jays are facing in their three game series versus the Mariners.


Hour 1:

Craig Button stops by to discuss the Ivan Hlinka Tournament and Bastl tries convincing Kevin Durant to come to Toronto Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

Warren Sawkiw drops by to discuss Felix Hernandez and the impact of the Manny Machado injury Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

Hour 3 of Mike Richards in the Morning. Hour 3 Audio


Craig Button – TSN Hockey Analyst at Ivan Hlinka Tournament

Craig says Canada has a lot of skill and very smart with great determination. Craig says if the Swiss goalie was not so good then it would have been a double digit victory. Craig says 10-12 kids from Canada could be first round picks next year while the rest of the world combined may have 5 or 6. Craig says the hockey in the tournament is at a top level and Canada are able to draw the best 18-year-olds this time of year because at the World U-18 in the spring there are many players cannot join Canada because they are in the CHL playoffs. Canada has won 18 of the 24 past tournaments and is a big stepping stone for the World Junior team. Craig said there are 160 NHL personnel at the tournament which says a lot of the quality of the tournament. Craig talked about head coach Jody Hull and has a chance of working his way up the Hockey Canada coaching ranks.

Warren Sawkiw – TSN Baseball Analyst

Warren talked about the Jays rough outing against the Mariners and said realistically if the Jays win one game in Seattle that would be a positive because the Mariners are rolling at home. Warren said losing Manny Machado in Baltimore will be significant because he is a leader on that team. Warren reflected back to the 1994 strike when he was in the minors and was not happy with the strike that cancelled the season. He was not a ‘union guy’ and was not happy with the hard line the players took in the strike.

Lorie Kane – LPGA Golfer

Lorie has admitted that she has never cheated on the longest drive contest. Lorie says the London Hunt Club has hosted the LPGA many times and says the course looks great and Canadian Pacific are great sponsors. Lorie talked about the community CP charity work and she has personally visited the London hospitals and the money raised next week will help so many people. Lorie talked about 16-year-old Canadian golf phenom Brooke Henderson and she has come to Kane for advice and guidance. Lorie says everyone needs to rally behind her and help her rise through the ranks. Lorie says she doesn’t dwell on the past but her first tournament win was special in St. Louis. Lorie says being named to the Order of Canada was a very proud moment.

August 11: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Filling in for Mike, Dave Bastl and Todd Hlushko chat about Rory McIlroy’s one shot win at the PGA Championship with Mark Zecchino and Bob Weeks, and Dirk Hayhurst joins to discuss the Blue Jays’ 19 inning win.


Hour 1:

Bob Weeks joins David Bastl and Todd Hlushko to discuss Rory's PGA championship victory. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

Hour 2 of Mike Richards in the Morning. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

Hour 3 of Mike Richards in the Morning. Hour 3 Audio


Bob Weeks – Score Golf Magazine

Bob talked about how dark it was when Rory sank his final putt at 8:41 pm. Bob said there was no way they could have played another hole last night. Bob talked how TV and everyone wanted to finish Sunday night and there was no way they wanted to play Monday morning. Bob talked about the PGA deciding that Rory would play up with Phil Mickelson and Fowler. Bob said he talked to Rory and he said Rory did not want to classify himself as the ‘next one’. Bob liked the way Rory’s ‘B’ game is better then most players ‘A’ game. Bob said Graham DeLaet is still learning how to play major championship golf but performed well despite getting over the flu and a neck strain. Bob said Ricky Fowler had one bad hole and he has matured and muted things down and his game has elevated. Bob said he would not pick Tiger Woods for the Americans because his back is bad and his game is not good enough. Bob feels Tiger needs to shut it down for a year.

Dwight Anderson – Argos Defensive Back

Dwight talked the weird schedule having 11 days off then having to play 2 games in 5 days. Dwight says the players leave it up to the coaches to put together a game plan for both games. Dwight says mentally you are prepared to play close games but physically it is very taxing. Dwight says the Argos are looking forward to getting some revenge after an opening season loss. Dwight says the Argos are better then there record indicates and they are getting healthier which will be a true reflection of this team. Dwight had some fun talking about former teammate Drew Willy and plans to tell him he wants a couple of interceptions out of him.

Dean McNulty – Sun Media Auto Racing

Dean says he does not expect any charges to be filed against Tony Stewart. Dean said he spoke to a lawyer and by Kevin Ward Jr. going out of his car to confront Stewart put himself in danger and it was not Stewart’s fault. Dean questions why Tony Stewart would even race in a ‘beer league’ of auto racing events in the first place it would be like Sidney Crosby playing in a beer league taking shots on a goalie. Dean says this could affect Tony Stewart’s career especially if sponsors begin to pull out. Dean feels this incident will force racing organizations to institute rules that keeps drivers in the car or limit them to an area after an accident and will keep them off the track.

Mark Zecchino (In-Studio)

Mark feels Tiger Woods will come back but will never have a better ranking then Rory McIlroy again. Rory hits the ball better, putts better, and is younger then Tiger. Mark understood why Phil Mickelson was upset on the 18th because no officials explained to him that Rory would play the hole with him. Mark says yesterday’s PGA Championship was the best tournament of the year with its star studded leaderboard. Mark says Tiger can’t carry the groceries through the door let alone to play well and win a major tournament. Mark feels Rory could win two more playoff events and claim the FedEx Cup because of the momentum he is generating.

Dirk Hayhurst – MLB Analyst

Dirk said he called the last 18-inning marathon last year when a day game turned into a night game and they are always travel days. Dirk expected the Tigers to beat them up because of the pitching matchups but credits the Jays to win 2 of 3. The KC Royals were the big winners of the weekend because they needed the Tigers/Jays lose while they kept winning to move closer to the second wildcard position. Dirk feels the Jays are in a good position when Marcus Stroman can go toe-to-toe with Max Scherzer and that showed Dirk he can pitch against anyone. Dirk feels Buerhle and Dickey are not.

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