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Mar. 15: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Bryan and Jamie chat with Ray Ferraro and Maple Leafs VP of Operations Dave Poulin to discuss the return of Joffrey Lupul and the Dave Steckel trade.


Hour 1 (Leafs Lunch)

Hayes and McLennan talk about the Leafs 3-1 loss to the Pittsburgh Penguins last night. They also discuss possible moves as the trade deadline looms. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (Leafs Lunch)

Ray Ferraro joins and discusses Lupul's return. Maple Leafs VP of Operations Dave Poulin talks about the Dave Steckel trade as well as Jake Gardiner. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 1 (The Bryan Hayes Show)

Mariners outfielder Michael Saunders talks about the WBC brawl between Canada and Mexico and Bryan chats about what the Leafs need to do moving forward. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (The Bryan Hayes Show)

Keith Jones joins the show to talk about the NHL trade deadline on April 3, possible Cup contenders and whether the Ducks will resign Corey Perry. Hour 2 Audio


1:05 p.m. Ray Ferraro (TSN Hockey Analyst)

Who will be taken off the roster when Joffrey Lupul comes back this Saturday against the Jets? Even though Lupul will be in the lineup, Ferraro says many players are not 100% healthy when they come back. If Lupul feels that he is okay to play and the doctors have given him the green light, he will want to help out. The Winnipeg Jets are in the playoff mix for sure right now but if they lose their next few games, they will be battling for that spot again. Deals near the trade deadline will be very unpredictable because of how close the standings are right now.

1:45 p.m. Dave Poulin (VP Operations for the Toronto Maple Leafs)

On Steckel trade….said with Lupul coming back they needed to clear a roster spot. Couldn't send him to minors without clearing waivers. Thinks he's a terrific guy and very coachable. Poulin actually recruited him to Notre Dame. Bruce Boudreau knows him well from his Caps days. Between now and April 3, trade conversations are day-to-day. Can't predict what will happen or who will be available. It is difficult to know when to make a move depending on when each team in the NHL is ready for it. Trade conversations happen internally within the organization and externally with other teams which hopefully will lead to a trading partner. Poulin doesn't think the Leafs played well in Winnipeg. But the addition of Lupul now will fill the voids that the Leafs haven't had while he was gone. There isn't a separation between Reimer and Scrivens because they both have been playing very well. Jake Gardiner's agent's tweet saying "Free Jake Gardiner" was over-blown and since then, the organization has spoken to his agent. Gardiner hasn't been playing in the NHL yet due to his numbers and the situation right now. All parties have to be on the same page when the organization decides to bring him up. He went through a phase where he was ready to come back but is becoming more consistent now. When he is, they will bring him back. There are plans in place for Morgan Reilly and will be discussed at the end of the season but the Leafs don't want to bring him up yet before it will distract the chemistry of the team.

2:15 p.m. Michael Saunders (Seattle Mariners)

During the brawl between Mexico and Canada, Saunders was making sure no teammates were getting hurt. Bench clearing brawls are part the game and you need to protect your players. Both teams were upset by everything and emotions were high. Canada isn't recognized when it comes to the powerhouse teams in the world but they are proud to represent their own country. Saunders is proud to put on the colours for his country and playing for Canada shouldn't be taken lightly. It was special for Saunders to watch Felix Hernandez throw a perfect game last season. Hernandez earned his contract with the Mariners and no one deserved it more than him. He is excited for the upcoming season and satisfied with the moves the Mariners have made.

1:35 p.m. Steve Simmons (Toronto Sun columnist)

Simmons and McLennan reminisce on playing in very cold rinks when they were young. They discuss the competition of young junior hockey players in Canada right now. Junior players who are about eight or nine-years old are very good and then when they get older around 14-years-old, they may slow down. Some parents of young players put a lot of pressure on their kids but don't know that their kids are enjoying the position they are playing. Simmons goes on to discuss how certain players such as Wayne Gretzky and Eric Staal light it up whenever they come play in Toronto (compared to the success Crosby has had here as well). There is a lot on the line for John-Michael Liles tonight as he is back for the first time since being a healthy scratch for 12 games. Simmons doesn't think it is fair for Liles to prove himself again against such a powerful team like the Penguins. The Pens are an 'A' attraction of the NHL now.

3:15 p.m. Keith Jones (Comcast Sports/NBC/TSN)

It is getting to the point where teams know that they will or will not make the playoffs. There may be panic within the Flyers and Rangers organizations right now. Jones is worried about John Tortorella because he may snap any time or call out his players. However, Peter Laviolette is different in that sense. Jones thinks the Boston Bruins would be the team who can beat the Chicago Blackhawks down the road. The Ducks are a Cup contender right now because everyone is contributing including their young players who have been called up. However, if they trade Corey Perry, it will be hard for the Ducks to be a Cup contender because of his physical play. Doesn't think Perry will be traded. Leafs fans should be proud of the way their team played against Pittsburgh because of the fact that they can actually compete against a team like the Penguins. The Leafs are a much better hockey club this year than the previous years. Doesn't think teams will be afraid to sign Kessel next season because he has something unique about him and is a dangerous opponent to play against.

Mar. 14: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

From the ACC, Bryan and Jamie chat with Jonas Siegel, Phil Bourque, Dan Dunleavy, Ray Ferraro and Steve Simmons about tonight's Leafs, Penguins matchup and how Sidney Crosby raises his game when he comes to town.


Hour 1 (Leafs Lunch)

Live from the ACC, Hayes and McLennan talk about a Leafs must-win tonight against the Penguins. Jonas Siegel, Phil Bourque & Dan Dunleavy join on-set. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (Leafs Lunch)

Ray Ferraro calls in to talk about the new NHL realignment. Steve Simmons gives his input about how well Sidney Crosby is playing. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 1 (The Bryan Hayes Show)

Bryan Hayes previews Leafs-Pens, talks NFL Free Agency and is joined by Sun Columnist Steve Simmons to talk all things Blue Jays. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (The Bryan Hayes Show)

Dave Zirin joins the show to talk about athletes suffering depression & Joseph Goodman discuss the hardest NBA team to beat right now, the Miami Heat. Hour 2 Audio


12:20 p.m. Jonas Siegel (TSN 1050 Leafs beat reporter)

Jonas discusses the lineup adjustments the Leafs have made for tonight against the Pitsburgh Penguins. He says teams have to go with the goaltender who is winning at the moment that being is James Reimer. Many players on the Leafs who have come up from the AHL this year are beginning to wear out such as Mike Kostka. If Holzer is pulled from the lineup, Jake Gardiner must be called up.

12:30 p.m. Phil Bourque (Penguins radio colour commentator) and Dan Dunleavy (Leafs Radio Voice)

Phil Bourque called Sidney Crosby a "skilled-grinder" because he works so hard every time he is on the ice. Crosby will be a difficult player to bring down. If the Leafs win against the Penguins tonight, there is still playoff hope for them. The Leafs should have won against the Jets on Tuesday because the Leafs need to collect wins from teams who are below them in the standings. The discussion also shifts to the Philadelphia Flyers and the Pittsburgh Penguins rivalry. It is due to undisciplined play. There is so much animosity between the two teams that it gets the Penguins off their game. Something needs to happen in Philly such as a big trade, if they want a chance at the playoffs this year.

1:20 p.m. Ray Ferraro (TSN Hockey Analyst)

If the Calgary Flames do not decide to keep Jerome Iginla, they need to have a plan to build for the future. Ferraro doesn't think that the current changes to the playoffs due to the new NHL realignment will work in the future. NHL officials will probably discuss and make future changes to the structure of the playoffs. Ferraro then has some fun with a tweet sent out by Jay Onrait.

1:35 p.m. Steve Simmons (Toronto Sun columnist)

Simmons and McLennan reminisce on playing in very cold rinks when they were young. They discuss the competition of young junior hockey players in Canada right now. Junior players who are about eight or nine-years old are very good and then when they get older around 14-years-old, they may slow down. Some parents of young players put a lot of pressure on their kids but don't know that their kids are enjoying the position they are playing. Simmons goes on to discuss how certain players such as Wayne Gretzky and Eric Staal light it up whenever they come play in Toronto (compared to the success Crosby has had here as well). There is a lot on the line for John-Michael Liles tonight as he is back for the first time since being a healthy scratch for 12 games. Simmons doesn't think it is fair for Liles to prove himself again against such a powerful team like the Penguins. The Pens are an 'A' attraction of the NHL now.

3:05 p.m. Dave Zirin (Edge of Sports)

People love sports because it is "chaos out of order". If players or coaches make mistakes, they will be fired. But the skilled players can play out of that "order" and still be great. That is what makes people watch sports. Many athletes who suffer from pre-disposed depression is completely different from concussions. There are many factors that cause athletes to become depressed. Zirin thinks that Kobe Bryant has been doing phenomenal this season. People are still thinking about what Denis Rodman is doing when he went to North Korea to try and bring the country and the united States together. The more we think about Rodman and Kim Jong-Il, Zirin thinks that people will start to lose their brain cells.

3:30 p.m. Joseph Goodman (Miami Herald)

Hayes and Joseph Goodman talk about the historical 20-game winning streak that the Miami Heat has achieved so far. Goodman doesn't know how far this can go because there is added pressure where there is a win streak on the line. Lebron James has elevated his game and is leading his team with points, rebounds and assists. However, it is Dwyane Wade's game who has picked up dramatically since his injury. Goodman thinks that Wade's legs are definitely back - it shows when he attacks the basket, whereas last season he missed a few dunks because his legs were tired. The question surrounding the NBA right now is: "Who can beat the Miami Heat right now?"

Mar. 13: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Bryan and Jamie chat with Ray Ferraro and James Duthie about Leafs-Jets and the Gardiner twitter controversy and Mike Fiorio of Pro Football Talk checks in to discuss all of the latest NFL signings.


Hour 1 (Leafs Lunch)

Bryan Hayes and Jamie McLennan break down last night's loss to the Jets and the controversy surrounding the tweet sent by the agent of Jake Gardiner. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (Leafs Lunch)

Bryan and Jamie were joined by TSN hockey analyst Ray Ferraro to talk Leafs/Jets and Gardiner. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 1 (The Bryan Hayes Show)

Bryan Hayes was joined by Mike Fiorio of Pro Football talk.com and Andrea Perrone to talk about the new Pope. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (The Bryan Hayes Show)

Bryan was joined by James Duthie to talk about the latest in the NHL, Carlos Condit to discuss UFC 154 and James Van Riemsdyk of the Maple Leafs. Hour 2 Audio


1:05pm Ray Ferraro (TSN Hockey Analyst)

Ray weighed in on the tweet by Jake Gardiner's agent. Said that it was a bad move and a dumb move by his agent and no other agents he knows would do something like that. Said that Gardiner should call his agent and tell him to retract it. Ray also weighed in on Roberto Luongo starting for the Canucks last night and how the Canucks will move forward with their goalies. He also had some strong comments about yet another John Tortorella rant (he doesn't give any credit to the Sabres after they beat the Rangers last night) Said the Rangers better keep an eye on Torts and should tell him to perhaps dial it down a little.

2:05pm Mike Florio (Pro Football Talk/NBC Sports)

Mike joined the show after free agency opened yesterday and discussed several of the big moves that have happened along with some of the moves that may happen. Reggie Bush has signed with the Detroit Lions. Will Wes Welker get a deal done with the Patriots (obviously not now), why did the Dolphins sign Mike Wallace and how the Bills handled Ryan Fitzpatrick. Mentioned that he doesn't think Ed Reed will be going back to the Ravens.

3:05pm James Duthie (NHL on TSN)

Had some funny comments on the Pope. Finds it amusing that it gets so much attention but the "thrill" of the reveal is always worth watching. Weighed in on Gardiner and his agent and mentioned that the Leafs shouldn't freak out because of their 3 game losing streak.

3:30pm Carlos Condit (UFC Fighter)

Talked about his upcoming fight at UFC 158 in Montreal. Weighed in on what the fans are like in Montreal and what it was like fighting GSP in his hometown. What kind of fighter Johny Hendricks is and what he has to do to win. Was asked whether he thinks the UFC is getting watered down with too many events and not enough fighters especially with all the injuries. Condit addressed rumours that the fighters were thinking about forming a union.

3:45pm James Van Riemsdyk (Leafs forward)

Van Riemsdyk joined the show to discuss the loss to the Jets last night. Mentioned how Randy Carlyle changed things up at practice today and how the team played a little ball hockey at practice. Discussed the game plan against Sidney Crosby and the Pens and also talked about interacting with fans.

Mar. 12: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Bryan and Jamie preview tonight's Leafs/Jets game with Jonas Siegel and Ray Ferraro and chat with "The Voice of the UFC," Mike Goldberg in studio.


Hour 1 (Leafs Lunch)

Bryan and Jamie take calls, preview tonight's Leafs-Jets game and chat with the voice of the Winnipeg Jets Dennis Beyak. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (Leafs Lunch)

Bryan and Jamie talk the latest in the NHL with TSN Hockey Analyst Ray Ferraro, and the voice of the UFC Mike Goldberg drops by the studio. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 1 (The Bryan Hayes Show)

Bryan Hayes talks with Flyers' forward Danny Briere and takes calls regarding shootouts in the NHL. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (The Bryan Hayes Show)

Bryan Hayes talks with Alex Marvez of FOXSports.com with NFL free-agency around the corner and checks-in with TSN 1050 Leafs reporter Jonas Siegel. Hour 2 Audio


12:45pm - Dennis Beyak – Winnipeg Jets Play-by-Play

Dennis Beyak chatted with Bryan and Jamie about the Winnipeg Jets and their struggles. The Jets seem to struggle scoring the first goal of the game at home, but have had a lot of good first periods where they have not scored. Ondrej Pavelec has been the goalie the Jets want him to be. The last 10-12 games Pavelec has been in net, he has been very good. He was the reason they won in Florida and New Jersey. According to Beyak, Jets' captain Andrew Ladd has been Mr. Consistency. Ladd is a player that brings his game every night, and coaches love those kinds of players. Beyak also discussed the Jets' lack of depth and the 2016 Heritage Classic.

1:05pm - Ray Ferraro – TSN Hockey Analyst

TSN Hockey Analyst Ray Ferraro joked with Bryan and Jamie about the amount of fans (or lack there of) wearing Ferraro and McLennan jerseys. Ferraro also talked about being 20 years-old and seeing teammates having a cigarette in between periods in the hallway.Ferraro gave his opinion on the Kaspars Daugavins shootout attempt against Boston last night. Entertaining or too flashy? If Spezza were to pull that move would the reaction from fans and media been different? The guys discussed various flashy shootout moves and the outcomes. On the topics of Jake Gardiner and John-Michael Liles, Ferraro thinks that Liles could help their power-play, but Jake Gardiner could be the future.

1:30pm - Mike Goldberg – Voice of the UFC

Mike Goldberg chatted with Bryan and Jamie about his signature calls and techniques on calling fights. Sometimes it is better to pull back on the calls and let the picture do the talking. Goldberg used to be the voice of the Minnesota Wild and call games when Jamie was playing there. Goldberg also discussed the differences and similarities between calling UFC fights and NHL games. Goldberg previewed the UFC 158's match-up between Georges St-Pierre and Nick Diaz. He also touched on Ronda Rousey's fight and how tough she really is.

2:05pm - Daniel Briere – Philadelphia Flyers Forward

Briere saw Daugavins' shootout attempt and loved it. If it was not for Daugavins hesitating at the end, he would have had it. As players and as fans you want to see things like that. Briere thinks that four-on-four in the NHL is really exciting, and three-on-three would create even more space, but that would be a big step.On the Flyers' playoff hopes, Briere said they need to be more consistent and stay healthy. He chatted about everyone on his team having only a "so-so" season and the Flyers not being where they should be. Briere also touched on concussions in the NHL, and Sidney Crosby's performance this season. Said Crosby is finding his form and has his swagger back.

3:00pm - Alex Marvez – FOXSports.com NFL Insider

As NFL free-agency approaches, Alex Marvez talked with Bryan about the Percy Harvin trade. Marvez said if the Seahawks get the Percy Harvin they need he can be the missing piece, however he does come with baggage. He was disruptive behind the scenes with Minnesota and he needs to stay healthy. Marvez discussed the rumours around Ed Reed, the Baltimore Ravens, Joe Flacco, and the Anquan Boldin trade. They also chatted about the Darrelle Revis situation and the NFL salary cap's effect on free-agency.

3:30pm - Jonas Siegel – TSN 1050 Leafs Beat Reporter

Jonas and Bryan previewed tonight's Leafs-Jets game in Winnipeg. The Jets surprisingly have not played well at home and the Leafs have been pretty good on the road, but this is not the time take your foot off the gas if you are the Leafs. Reimer will get the start tonight and gets the chance to prove he deserves to be the number one goalie in Toronto. Siegel also touched on the Leafs' penalty-kill and how effective it has been as of late.

Mar. 11: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Bryan chats with Ray Ferraro about Alex Ovechkin's comments and the Leafs loss to the Bruins. Ernie Whitt, Gord Ash and Tom Verducci also join the show to talk about the WBC.


Ray Ferraro:

Bryan and Jamie chat with TSN Hockey Analyst Ray Ferraro about his troubles in Boston, Ovechkin and the Leafs-Pens game. Audio

Chuck Gormeley:

Bryan and Jamie talk with Washington Capitals Insider Chuck Gormeley of CSNWashington.com about Ovey's recent comments on NHL officiating. Audio

Tom Verducci:

Bryan Hayes talks the latest in baseball with Tom Verducci of SI.com. Audio

Ernie Whitt:

Dave Naylor chats with former MLB catcher and Team Canada manager Ernie Whitt about the WBC. Audio

Gord Ash:

Bryan Hayes talks the latest in baseball, the WBC, and spring training with Milwaukee Brewers' Assistant GM Gord Ash. Audio


Jonas Siegel - Maple Leafs Reporter:

Maple Leafs Beat Reporter Jonas Siegel gave an update on Joffrey Lupul's status and how far away he is from returning to the lineup and what to do with Jake Gardiner. Lupul hasn't been cleared for contact. The fact that Lupul is skating and shooting around is the first step in the right direction for him and good sign. At this point with Holzer slipping a little bit it's impossible to ignore Jake Gardiner and the skill set he can bring to this team right now.

Ray Ferraro - TSN Hockey Analyst:

Ray Ferraro joined Bryan and Jamie to discuss the craziness that happened on Friday when he and Chris Cuthbert arrived late to the game they were broadcasting in New York because of a snowstorm in Boston which cost them to miss several flights. Ovechkins comments regarding officiating and what the Canucks have to look at addressing through trades if possible. Ferraro said that Ovechkin making the comments he did about the ref's were not sharp at all. He also mentioned what really sets Ovechkin apart from Crosby is hockey IQ which Ovechkin doesn't have very much of where as Crosby see's the play unfolding really well. As far as his thoughts on the Canucks are concerned, they have a serious problem at centre currently and only have 1 top line centre and even if they get Kesler back will have to acquire another. The Canucks are likely stuck with Luongo till the summer and Ferraro mentioned he'd be shocked if a team picked him up.

Chuck Gormley - Comcast Washington Capitals Beat Writer:

Chuck joined Bryan to chat about Ovechkin's comments about the referees singling out his team this year and whether or not he and Crosby can be compared anymore. Gormley commented on what Ovechkin said about the ref's saying that you've got to watch what you say about them because it will eventually catch up to you. Gormley also mentioned that you can't compare Crosby to Ovechkin anymore because they are just very different players. You will not see Ovechkin do the things Crosby does or see him score 65 goals in a season again, he is a 30-35 goal scorer. He also touched on whether Ovechkin is the right fit as captain of the team saying that the Capitals have not even considered stripping him of his captaincy and that it would be unproductive to do so.

Tom Verducci Sports Illustrated Senior Writer:

Tom Verducci of Sports Illustrated joined Bryan to discuss the WBC tournament results so far and get his thoughts on the Blue Jays leading up to the season. Verducci talked about the Canada Mexico brawl and said that Jose Bautista is wrong because Canada made a legitimate play against Mexico. He also pointed out that there are different rules in the WBC than in MLB and questioned whether Bautista or Mexico knew that. Verducci also commented on rumours that the Yankees are looking at Chipper Jones, Scott Rolen, & Derek Lee as options to fill in at 1st and 3rd base saying that the Yankees are both smart and desperate by doing this. The Yankees are trying to patch some holes on the team not re-make it, this is smart because these players are all short term options and wouldn't require giving up a prospect (which the Yankees don't have) to acquire them. Verducci said he believes the Blue Jays are going to be very good this year and groups them in with the Dodgers in the category of good but will have to watch them play to say whether or not each will make the playoffs still. He also compared them to the Angels of last year and cautioned that it may take some time for them to gel together perfectly and mentioned how the rough start L.A. had last year cost them the playoffs.

Gord Ash - Milwaukee Brewers Assistant GM:

Milwaukee Brewers Assistant GM Gord Ash joined Bryan to talk about the importance of the WBC to the baseball world. Ash mentioned that he disagreed with Bautista's comments about Team Canada bunting when they were ahead of Mexico and feels that that baseball has a few too many unwritten rules that may need to be written. He also commented that the tournament is a big deal globally for virtually every other baseball country aside from here in North America and that the WBC will get bigger over time. Ash said the best time to play the tournament is every four years either during the middle of the season or at the same time it is now, during spring training. He also mentioned that the tournament does more good in the long run despite some teams not liking its timing and that it will get bigger over time but for now it's still in its infancy stages.

Pierre LeBrun - TSN Hockey Insider:

Pierre LeBrun TSN's Hockey Insider joined Bryan in studio to talk about what has been a whirlwind NHL season. LeBrun said that there will be no asterisk of any sort next to this year's Stanley Cup winner's and that whoever wins it is a legitimate championship win. LeBrun also mentioned that according to a few GM's he's spoken with, there will be a lot of moves being made within 10 or so days of the trade deadline. When the topic of Gretzky's comments on Crosby's play this year came up, he said Crosby is back to his usual self and is really hitting his stride and producing Gretzky like numbers. Pierre also said that MLSE has approached the NHL vigorously about hosting all the league's annual events in one year and that they are very excited about the possibility of doing so.

Leafs Lunch and The Bryan Hayes Show: Mar. 4-Mar. 8.

Leafs Lunch and The Bryan Hayes Show: Feb. 25-Mar. 1.

Leafs Lunch and The Bryan Hayes Show: Feb. 18-22.

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