Mar. 22: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

After another shaky performance from James Reimer, Bryan and guest co-host Jeff O'Neill chat about whether the Leafs should make a move for a goaltender at the deadline.


Hour 1 (Leafs Lunch)

Bryan Hayes and Jeff O'Neill discuss what the downfall for the Leafs was last night: giving up a two-goal lead or not performing well in the shootout? Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (Leafs Lunch)

Matthew Barnaby joins hour two to discuss whether visors should be mandatory and the kinds of moves the Buffalo Sabres may make near the trade deadline. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 1 (The Bryan Hayes Show)

Bryan Hayes spoke to callers about whether a shootout is unnecessary and what others would do to replace it? Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (The Bryan Hayes Show)

Rod Smith is in studio with Bryan Hayes to talk about the difficulties of interviewing NHL coaches as well as working with Jay Onrait and Dan O'Toole. Hour 2 Audio


12:30 p.m. Steve Staios (Leafs Player Development Advisor)

Jake Gardiner's strength is his skating. The Leafs have worked hard and have showed up in every game, even against tough teams. As a development coach, there isn't a particular way to help players prepare for shootouts. However, Staios and his team try to give junior players advice on consistency and develop them at a young age. He would like to see a longer overtime in the NHL rather than the shootout but doesn't think this will change any time soon.

1:05 p.m. Matthew Barnaby (NHL Analyst)

In Barnaby's opinion, the player should have the right to choose whether they want to wear a visor or not. However, he recommends that all players should wear visors but he wouldn't have because of the style of game he played. Ryan Miller is a very good goaltender but he shouldn't be so outspoken about everything - enough is enough. Leading up to the trade deadline, Buffalo will not trade Miller away. Even though the Sabres should be sellers, Barnaby doesn't foresee them giving away players. If Buffalo were to give Miller away, they would have to pick up a high prospect. Barnaby says that many teams think they are contenders but they are "pretenders" at the end of the day. In the west , the Canucks are a great team but they are not on par with Chicago or Anaheim at this point.

3:05 p.m. Rod Smith (TSN Sportscentre Anchor)

Rod Smith joins the studio to discuss interviewing NHL coaches. In-game interviews with coaches are tough and asking "what do you do to get your team going until the end of the game?" has become very cliche. When Smith interviewed coaches, he tried to make a conversation with them so they don't have the opportunity to answer with a "yes" or "no". Brian Burke was a good example of this. Smith's response to Jay Onrait and Dan O'Toole saying he is very professional: Love working with them and they have great topics to talk about on their podcasts. Smith agrees that even if teams don't like the idea of the shootout, it is part of the game and they have to live with it and find ways to win in it. Some suggestions instead of having the shootout is to have 4-on-4 hockey because the amount it takes for teams to complete the shootout, 4-on-4 can be played.

3:30 p.m. Wallace Matthews (ESPN New York)

Derek Jeter may miss a few games at the start of the regular season. With all the Yankees injuries, they may not be the team that will dominate every year like before. There will be many turnovers when their star players leave in a few years and the team needs to build around it.

Mar. 21: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Bryan and Jamie chat with Ray Ferraro, Steve Simmons and Pierre LeBrun about the Leafs win last night versus the Lightning, the impending Joffrey Lupul suspension and tonight's game against the Sabres.


Hour 1 (Leafs Lunch)

Bryan and Noodles recap last night's Leafs win, Lupul's head shot on Hedman, and preview tonight's game with Steve Simmons. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (Leafs Lunch)

TSN Hockey analyst Ray Ferraro, Nick Foligno of the Columbus Blue Jackets. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 1 (The Bryan Hayes Show)

Jays talk and NFL HOF running back Thurman Thomas checks in to chat about the new NFL rule changes. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (The Bryan Hayes Show)

Bryan is joined by TSN Hockey Insider Pierre LeBrun and Scott Raab. Hour 2 Audio


12:45pm Steve Simmons (Toronto Sun) from Buffalo

Steve weighed in on the Leafs game tonight in Buffalo, the return of Jake Gardiner and what he thinks will happen with Mike Komisarek. Says there are teams that are interested in him.

1:05pm Ray Ferraro (TSN Hockey)

Ferraro joined Leafs Lunch from the airport and immediately took some digs at Hayes for being sick the past couple of days. The guys discussed the Lupul hit on Hedman last night and Ferraro believes he will get 1 o 2 games for the hit. His past will be in his favour but he has to be accountable for the hit. Says he likes the way Gardiner plays and he looked good with Liles last night. Ferraro hopes that the Trade Deadline isn't quiet and the only way it will be busy is if a couple of teams tank in the next couple of weeks. Thinks there will be some moves but not many. Ray also talked about the GM meetings and weighed in on the goalie equipment issue saying their pads are so big you can't even see their pants.

1:30pm Nick Foligno (Blue Jackets forward)

Foligno joined the show and said the tide turned on their season after 1-0 loss to the Blackhawks, realized how well they were playing, and have got points in 11 straight games since. The fan support has been growing with the success. John Davidson has been a great calming presence. He's gotten to know the players but kept out of the way of the coaches at the same time. For him, wearing a visor is a "no brainer", but believes it should be a choice for players, not instituted by the league. "We're grown men." Foligno also discusses his video gaming history with his siblings, including who would win in a (electronic) hockey fight.

2:40pm Thurman Thomas (Hall of Fame Running Back)

Thomas joined the show and talked about being a player in the NFL and staying with one team for your entire career. Says the Bears and Ravens should have kept Brian Urlacher and Ed Reed on their respective teams but football is a business. Thomas discussed the new rules involving running backs being penalized for using the crown of their helmets but believes the rules are for the safety of the game. How will this new rule affect the game and will it causes other injuries. He said the new rule changes will change the game for both the good and the bad. Wished the NFL would have changed the game 20-30 years ago so the game is safer for the players. Thomas also said the NFL is going in the right direction and Roger Goodell has done a good job and the game continues to grow. Thomas said he was sad to see Ryan Fitzpatrick be released from the Bills and the blame shouldn't have all fallen on him. The Bills defence was horrible last year and is more to blame. Says as a Bills fan it is difficult to understand all the coaching changes over the past few years.

3:05pm Pierre LeBrun (ESPN//TSN)

Pierre called in to talk about all things NHL. Said the Leafs will buy out Komisarek and then another team will pick him up in the off-season. Said it was the right move and the right time to bring up Jake Gardiner. Discussed what went on at the Team Canada meetings today involving Steve Yzerman and how the Canadian management team looked over their list of players for Socchi. It's not official yet but the NHL will be involved in the Olympics again. LeBruin is predicting a Leafs overtime win tonight against the Sabres and predicted they'll play the Bruins in the first round of the playoffs.

3:30pm Scott Raab (Esquire Magazine/Book Author)

Scott joined Hayes to talk about the big comeback by the Heat last night in Cleveland. How big would that win have been if the Cavs could have ended the Heat's long winning streak. Are Cleveland fans over the fact that LeBron has left and gone to Miami and what is with Dan Gilbert trying to make peace with LeBron. Says many people think LeBron will one day play in Cleveland again. Also discussed whether the Cavs would ever retire LeBron's jersey one day down the road.

Mar. 20: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Guest host Mike Hogan and Jamie McLennan are joined by Jonas Siegel, James Mirtle and Dave Mishkin to talk about what the Leafs have to do to snap their losing streak tonight versus Tampa Bay and Lightning CEO Tod Leiweke checks in to discuss his team's growth off the ice.


Hour 1 (Leafs Lunch)

Mike Hogan fills in for Bryan Hayes, as Jonas Siegel stops by as well as a Round Table with James Mirtle and Dave Mishkin in the first hour. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (Leafs Lunch)

Mike Hogan and Jamie McLennan are joined by Ray Ferraro and debate whether Wayne Gretzky or Bobby Orr was a better hockey player. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 1 (The Bryan Hayes Show)

Mike Hogan is joined by Tampa Bay Lightning CEO Tod Leiweke and ESPN Baseball Writer Jayson Stark. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (The Bryan Hayes Show)

Mike Hogan is joined by Eric Prisbell of USA Today and World Figure Skating Champion Patrick Chan. Hour 2 Audio

Mar. 19: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Mike Hogan and Jamie talk with Lance Pugmire of the LA Times about the Perry extension and Sam Mitchell and James Duthie drop by to chat about March Madness and the Leafs.


Hour 1 (Leafs Lunch)

Mike Hogan and Jamie McLennan talk about Corey Perry's contract extension with Anaheim and chat with Lance Pugmire of the LA Times. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (Leafs Lunch)

Mike Hogan and Jamie McLennan talk with TSN Hockey Analyst about tonight's Habs-Sabres game and the recent locker room drama in Buffalo. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 1 (The Bryan Hayes Show)

Mike Hogan was joined by TSN Analyst Sam Mitchell, Alex Marvez of, and race car driver James Hinchcliffe. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (The Bryan Hayes Show)

Mike Hogan, in for Hayes, chatted with NHL on TSN host James Duthie, and Leafs beat reporter Jones Siegel. Hour 2 Audio


12:45pm Lance Pugmire - LA Times

Lance Pugmire puled over on way to Disneyland with his kids and chatted with Mike and Jamie about the electric atmosphere in Anaheim when the Corey Perry extension was announced. At the end of the day, the almighty dollar was there and pumped in a little more for Perry. Perry got the money he believed he was worth and saw the quality of Anaheim's roster, which Pugmire said kept Perry with the Ducks. Bobby Ryan strikes Pugmire as someone who has bought into the team mentality in Anaheim and has been contributing significantly.

1:05pm Ray Ferraro - TSN Hockey Analyst

Mike and Jamie checked in with Ray in Montreal who is covering tonight's Habs-Sabres game at the Bell Centre. Ferraro expects Buffalo to play very physical as Patrick Kaleta is back in the line-up. Buffalo gives up a pile of goals and Montreal scores a lot of goals. Ferraro believes the game is going to be about Buffalo's ability to defend against the Canadiens. Also made reference to what a mess the Sabres have been all season. The best way to solve the internal problems the Sabres are having is behind closed doors in the locker room. According to Ferraro, fans shouldn't have access to everything that goes on behind closed doors. There is no benefit for these kinds of issues to be brought into the media. Ferraro also talked about the Canucks' recent struggles and power-play problems after yet another loss last night in . They don't have enough consistency to play the way they need to for 60 minutes.

2:05pm (in studio) Sam Mitchell - Former Toronto Raptors Head Coach

Sam talked with Mike about his one trip making it to the NCAA March Madness tournament during his playing career. Mitchell remembers how big the tournament really is and how it was just fun to have an opportunity to play in it. Sam also talked about the idea of coaching again and how he would approach it. The guys also touched on the concept of student-athletes and when players are ready to go to the pros. Sam said there could be some upsets and there are teams like Duke who could go out early. Sam also had fun ripping into Hogan's choice of clothing today.

2:30pm Alex Marvez -

Alex Marvez talked about the latest with regards to the NFL owners meetings and it looks like there could be a Super Bowl in Minneapolis in either 2018, 2019, or 2020. The guys touched on Jake Long's signing with St. Louis and the big money he'll be receiving. Marvez also broke down the latest in NFL free-agency and some of the Miami Dolphins signings.

2:45pm James Hinchcliffe - Indy Car Driver

Hinchcliffe discussed what goes on during the Indy Car racing off-season. Racers fill their time with a lot of physical training and work with their teams to analyze the previous season. Hinchcliffe also talked about the lack of practice racers actually get compared to other sports like basketball. Hogan then praised Hinch for "getting it" when it comes to being a public figure and then discussed what Tiger Woods must go through on a day to day basis.

3:05pm (in studio) James Duthie - Host of NHL on TSN

After his piece on TSN last week, Duthie talked about the dynamics between Luongo and Schneider in Vancouver and the trust factor between the two. James discussed the shortened season and how exciting it has been because of the condensed schedule. The guys also talked about the NHL trade deadline and what fans can expect. Will the Leafs make any significant moves by the deadline? Are the Luongo trade rumours dead?

Mar. 18: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Bryan and Jamie chat with Ray Ferraro and Rob Longley about the positives and negatives in the Leafs loss to the Jets and Joffrey Lupul checks in to talk about his return.


Hour 1 (Leafs Lunch)

Bryan and Jamie talk everything Leafs and chat with Rob Longley of the Toronto Sun. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (Leafs Lunch)

Bryan and Jamie talk with TSN Hockey Analyst Ray Ferraro about Patrick Kaleta's recent comments, Leafs vs Jets, and take your calls. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 1 (The Bryan Hayes Show)

Bryan Hayes talks March Madness "expertise" and chats about the Jays with Richard Griffin of the Toronto Star. Andrea Perone gives us the wire. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (The Bryan Hayes Show)

Bryan Hayes talks with Raptors' head coach Dwane Casey and Leafs' forward Joffrey Lupul. Hour 2 Audio


12:30pm Rob Longley – Toronto Sun

Longley came on with Hayes and McLennan to talk about the Maple Leafs current skid and thinks that if it hits ten or more games the team will become sellers. Longley also mentioned that it was a head scratcher to not see Grabovski in the shootout against Winnipeg at all on Saturday night. Longley said that while Reimer is likely to start on Wednesday that the team's goaltending has by no means been a lock with regard to who will start every game. Longley called the goaltending decisions a coin flip from game to game.

1:05pm Ray Ferraro

Ferraro joined the guys to talk about his thoughts on Patrick Kaleta and Ryan Miller's comments regarding Kaleta being a healthy scratch after returning from suspension. Ray said that if Kaleta had an issue with being scratched then he should have gone to his coach or the particular player he thinks were involved and not handle it through the media. What Kaleta needs to do is shut up and just work harder to get back into the line up. Ray also touched on the Flyers and Rangers chances of making the playoffs saying that he believes the New York Rangers have more potential to make it than the Flyers do. The Flyers biggest problem is their defense and that will likely cost them the playoffs because they are in a transition period with their blue line. Ferraro also handed out praise to the Ottawa Senators for what they have been able to accomplish despite huge injuries to their team and said that he can't figure out why Maple Leafs Grabovski was not in the shootout. "Grabovski would be in my top six at least." It makes no sense not to have him in there over Kulemin who has also struggled this year.

2:30pm Richard Griffin – Toronto Star

Griffin joined Bryan to talk about some MLB action around some spring training camps. Griffin noted that Halladay has been struggling big time this spring with both his command and velocity and will not be the opening day starter this year for the Phillies. Griffin said that many in baseball have speculated his intense workout routine and all the inning's pitched over the last number of years are finally catching up to him. As for the Blue Jays pitching struggles with Ricky Romero, Griffin noted that Romero is getting the chance largely because of his contract in contrast to that of Happ's. Romero is slated to make $7.5M this year and next guaranteed whereas Happ will be making $3.5M. Griffin mentioned that while Rasmus has the CF position locked in that the gap between he and Anthony Gose is not very large at all. Gose has proven he'll be a dynamic player when it's his time with the team and that if an outfielder goes down that he's without a doubt the first call up.

3:00pm Dwayne Casey – Raptors Coach

Coach Casey joined Bryan to talk about the Raptors plans for the end of the season, heading into the off-season as well as what he likes from the team. Casey mentioned that the team realistically has no playoff hopes but they still will work to establish their defensive identity as well as more of an offensive strategy. Casey complimented the work of both Ross and Valanciunas saying that Ross did several good things against the heat that he liked his aggressiveness on offense as well as defense. Valanciunas is still adapting to the speed of the NBA game and most of this season was spent doing that because the European style is much different. Casey was upset with how his team gave the Heat too much respect in the first half of the game yesterday but like how they established some aggressiveness in the second half for stretches before the Heat took over and pulled away. When listing areas and players who need improvement all of Ross, DeRozan, and Gay made the list along with several others as Casey put it that have various things he expects improvements from them on in the off-season. Casey also said that it would be beneficial to the team to have Bargnani back next season because he is one of the best three point shooters in the league at his position but has just had horrible luck with injuries. Casey also noted the passion and love of basketball he has noticed in the city and believes that if the Raptors as well as other organizations in the league added more Canadians to their rosters that it would do wonders for the sport in this country as well as the Raptors. He also had some good fun talking about how his Kentucky Wildcats aren't in the NCAA tourney this year.

3:30pm Joffrey Lupul - Maple Leafs Winger

Maple Leafs forward Joffrey Lupul joined the show to discuss his spectacular return to the lineup and what he feels the team has to do to turn things around. Lupul mentioned that he feels Randy has done a great job identifying roles for players and noted that you can tell that all the guys know what is expected of them. In regard to the current skid the team is on, Lupul said that all teams go through these kinds of skids and that he's confident the team will snap out of him on Wednesday against the Lightning. When it came to drawing comparisons between last year's collapse and this year's losing streak Lupul disagreed saying that everything is new and different this year and that you cannot really compare the two seasons fairly.

Leafs Lunch and The Bryan Hayes Show: Mar. 11-Mar. 15.

Leafs Lunch and The Bryan Hayes Show: Mar. 4-Mar. 8.

Leafs Lunch and The Bryan Hayes Show: Feb. 25-Mar. 1.

Leafs Lunch and The Bryan Hayes Show: Feb. 18-22.

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