March 21: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Bryan, Jamie and Jeff debate who’s to blame for the Leafs’ continued defensive issues and if the returns of Jonathan Bernier and Dave Bolland are the answers, and are joined by Kevin Dineen to discuss his gold medal and the new opportunity he has with Hockey Canada.


Hour 1 (Leafs Lunch):

Hour 1 (Leafs Lunch). Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (Leafs Lunch):

Hour 2 (Leafs Lunch). Hour 2 Audio

Hour 1 (The Bryan Hayes Show):

Hour 1 (The Bryan Hayes Show). Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (The Bryan Hayes Show):

Hour 2 (The Bryan Hayes Show). Hour 2 Audio

March 20: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Bryan and Jonas Siegel break down the Leafs loss to the Lightning last night and are joined by Jeff O’Neill, Ray Ferraro and Martin Biron to discuss how the team is struggling to find secondary scoring and Randy Carlyle’s handling of James Reimer.


Hour 1 (Leafs Lunch):

Bryan and Jonas Siegel are joined by Jeff O'Neill and Ray Ferraro. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (Leafs Lunch):

Bryan and Jonas Siegel are joined by Martin Biron. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 1 (The Bryan Hayes Show):

Bryan is joined by Duane Ward. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (The Bryan Hayes Show):

Bryan is joined by Sherman Hamilton. Hour 2 Audio


12:35 – Jeff O’Neill, Leafs Lunch Co-host

The Leafs are having the same defensive issues they've had all year. They left Stamkos wide open throughout the game, which is basically a goal scorers dream. Good coaches get their player to commit to defense, Carlyle has talked about a system all year but we haven't seen one all season long. You know Carlyle doesn't want the team playing like this because you see the look of frustration on his face and you have to wonder if the players just aren't listening to him.

1 – Ray Ferraro, TSN Hockey Analyst

Reimer didn't really make any great saves last night, although outside of the first goal it's hard to say which goal you could really expect him to save. The Leafs have been down in games by the time Reimer has gotten settled and they’ve struggled to find their identity all season long. Didn't like the way the hit on Ranger looked, you don't want to blame Ranger but there wasn't any reason for Ranger to look behind him in that situation. When you get near the boards there's a feel you get to help brace yourself for the hit but Ranger instead choose to try and evade the hit.

1:30 – Martin Biron, NHL on TSN

Biron weighs in on Reimer’s performance in back-to-back games. Reimer has a duty as a professorial to be ready for every game, he looks awkward and indecisive in net and it shows that he’s very shaky mentally. Carlyle should focus on the defense and not on the goalies, because both goaltenders have been solid and everyone knows Bernier is the #1. Players need to be responsible for their own failures but if it’s a system failure, then the coaches need to be able to put a system in place for them team to be successful. As Goalies you want every goal back no matter how it was scored. When you look at a goaltenders performance you need to look at saves made on scoring chances rather than just saves in general.

2:45 – Duane Ward, Former Jays Closer & 2x World Series Champ

Duane really likes what he’s seen from Stroman this year although he admits he’s still a year away. Ward wouldn't have Sanchez in the rotation despite how bad the Jays starters have been because he's never thrown 100 innings and you need players that will get through innings to help your bullpen. You’re going to have guys moving up and down in the system just to relieve the stress on the bullpen if you don't have your starters going 200+ innings.

3 - Sherman Hamilton, NBA Canada TV Analyst

The Raptors can make some noise in the playoffs but they need to be able to make adjustments game to game to be successful against teams like Chicago that will grind out wins. As great as Lowry has played, you don't want your franchise to be stuck with a bad contract and the Raptors are better off playing it low-key not to give Lowry any leverage. Lowry has been the heart and soul of the team all season long and if they were to add a few more pieces they could be a competitor.

3:30 – Pierre LeBrun, TSN Hockey Insider

The Leafs are the most unpredictable team in the league right now. The Leafs defensive coverage has been abysmal and they’re showing the same traits they showed in Game 7 against Boston. The Leafs are near the bottom of goals against and you really can’t expect to give up so many goals and be successful. The Leafs goaltending duo has been one of the best in the league. Everyone seemed to get along at first but not it seems like everyone was hiding their true feeling and its all bubbling up to the surface. It seems inevitable that Reimer leaves the Leafs at the end of the season. He plays well enough to keep you in games but you have to wonder if he does enough to make you a winner. The Leafs should be very aggressive acquiring a top four defense men and with the cap going up it should make for an interesting off season.

March 19: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Bryan, Jamie and Jeff debate who’s at fault in the James Reimer-Randy Carlyle controversy, and are joined by Ray Ferraro to discuss his son’s debut versus the Leafs last night and how Toronto’s style is not conducive to playoff success.


Hour 1 (Leafs Lunch):

Bryan, Jeff, and Jamie discuss the James Reimer/Randy Carlyle controversy and are joined by Victor Hedman. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (Leafs Lunch):

Bryan, Jeff, and Jamie discuss the Leafs/Lightning match up and are joined by TSN Hockey Analyst Ray Ferraro. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 1 (The Bryan Hayes Show):

Bryan discusses James Reimer, the Leafs, and March Madness and is joined by Jason Sobel of the Golf Channel. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (The Bryan Hayes Show):

Bryan is joined by ESPN Bracket Challenge Champion Craig Gilmore and NHL on TSN Host James Duthie. Hour 2 Audio


12:20 - Victor Hedman, Tampa Bay Lightning

The Tampa Bay defenseman talks about his team in the post-Martin St. Louis era. He says he was a great player to play with and a class act, but is also very fond of Ryan Callahan, claiming he essentially does everything for the team and is a great addition. Hedman is also very excited having Stamkos back in the lineup since he is one of the greatest players in the game. He concludes the interview talking about how his confidence has been high going into this season and has been high throughout, crediting assistant coach Rick Bowness for a lot of his success.

1:05 - Ray Ferraro, TSN Hockey Analyst

Ray talks about how great it was to watch his son Landon play last night in his NHL debut with the Red Wings. He also explains why they're so successful, saying that the Grand Rapids' (Detroit's AHL affiliate) system is identical to that one in Detroit, so the call ups are already familiar with what's going on with the NHL team. Ray also discusses how Randy Carlyle should not be putting more pressure on James Reimer, claiming that the guy is already dealing with a lot, and Carlyle should worry more about his team not committing to a defensive system.

3:00 - Jason Sobel, Golf Channel

Sobel discusses Tiger Woods, following the news that he's withdrawn from the Arnold Palmer Invitational, which is also 3 weeks prior to the Masters. He says that Tiger has finally come to accept that the injury could hurt him for a long time and that many can actually see him not beating Jack Nicklaus' Majors record as a career-wide failure.

3:20 - Craig Gilmore, last year's ESPN Bracket Challenge Winner

The Bracket Champion explains how he feels a lot of pressure this year from friends and basketball fans after winning last year's bracket. He also discusses how he picks his bracket, starting with his championship team, final four, and then the rest.

3:30 - James Duthie, NHL on TSN Host (in studio)

Duthie discusses his experience on CTV's The Social earlier today. He also feels that Hayes has already hit the panic button on the Maple Leafs and explains to him why he doesn't have to. Duthie feels that there shouldn't be any worry in Leafs land since they just came off a roadtrip that all teams would have trouble with. He also discusses Reimer's body language following the Carlyle comments and how that initial reaction proved he despises the coach.

March 18: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Bryan and Jamie along with Craig Button tee up tonight’s Leafs-Red Wings tilt with Jonas Siegel and Ken Daniels, and Ray Ferraro joins Bryan to discuss his son’s potential debut for Detroit and Patrick Roy’s return to Montreal.


Hour 1 (Leafs Lunch):

Bryan, Jamie, and Craig Button preview Leafs - Red Wings, and are joined by TSN 1050 Leafs reporter Jonas Siegel for a Leafs game day update. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (Leafs Lunch):

Bryan, Jamie, and Craig Button are joined by Pat Hickey of the Montreal Gazette, and Red Wings Play-by-Play announcer Ken Daniels. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 1 (The Bryan Hayes Show):

Bryan discusses March Madness and is joined by Dave Zirin of the Edge of Sports. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (The Bryan Hayes Show):

Bryan is joined by TSN Hockey Analyst Ray Ferraro, TSN 1050 Jays Reporter Scott MacArthur, and TSN Basketball Analyst Leo Rautins. Hour 2 Audio


12:30 - Jonas Siegel, TSN 1050 Leafs Reporter

Jonas joins the show from Detroit for a game day update on the Leafs Red Wings game. He says Bernier wasn't on the ice for the fifth straight day and it’s clear he’s not healthy. The Leafs are being cautious with Bernier, groin injuries can linger and they don't want to push Bernier before he is ready. Reimer has done well in this stretch of games though. The first line of JVR-Bozak-Kessel wasn’t expected to produce like it has and they’ve cooled down, Kessel especially. They need players like Kadri, Raymond and Lupul to step up and provide some offense when the first line isn't going. Siegel noted that you have to wonder whether the first line guys will begin to wear down playing so many minutes especially with Kessel playing extra minutes on the 4th line.

1 - Pat Hickey, Montreal Gazette

Pat Hickey weighs in on Patrick Roy returning to Montreal tonight for his first time as an NHL coach and the guys discuss how he’s done with the Avalanche this year. Hickey initially thought Roy would have some trouble with talent in the NHL. The few player moves that Colorado has made this year were directly made for Roy, and Talbot especially, has been a good fit on the Avalanche. Hickey recalls Roy’s last game as a Hab from his view in the press box and recounts how the trade went down. He believes Roy wanted out of Montreal well before that game.

1:30 - Ken Daniels, Red Wings TV PxP

Jonas Gustavsson has been a major part of why the Red Wings have made it as far as they have this year. Daniels has no idea how the Red Wings have done as well as they have considering the large amount of injuries. The Red Wings and Leafs used to have a more serious rivalry years ago, recently it has tempered down but Daniels thinks a playoff series between the two could rekindle that rivalry. If Todd Bertuzzi cant go in Landon Ferraro will likely play, the Red Wings are counting on their players coming back, and just have to keep grinding for the rest of the season.

2:30 – Dave Zirin, The Nation Edge of Sports

James Dolan admitted that he made many mistakes with the Knicks, and only when you have years of mediocrity is when you start to realize your mistakes. There is a feeling in the NFL that Goodell has an image of policing black players in the NFL, and with Jim Irsay's recent troubles it gives Goodell a chance to show that they care about their image at the ownership level as well. Its going to be interesting to see what Goodell does with Irsay as you cant punish an owner the same way you could a player. This year the NCAA tournament is wide open, their isn’t any one team that people expect to make it to the final four, and there could be a Final Four without a #1 seed.

3 – Ray Ferraro, TSN Hockey Analyst

Ray starts off by discussing the possibility of his son Landon playing for the Red Wings tonight and shares some advice he gave him if he gets in for his first NHL game. Mike Babcock has done an amazing job with the Red Wings considering the injuries, the Leafs have a good chance tonight to help solidify their playoff position. Patrick Roy has found a perfect position for himself in Colorado, Ray said he didn't like Roy's antics at the start of the season but the players in Colorado stood behind Royand he seems to have the full support of the players.

3:20 – Scott MacArthur, TSN 1050 Jays Reporter

Scott talks about Romero’s struggles at the plate today and says it’s almost like the Jays are back to square one with him. The Blue Jays don't really seem to know who they can trust to play in the 4th game against Tampa and they’re giving various players opportunities to determine who is going to be in their rotation.

3:30 – Leo Rautins, Raptors/ NBA Analyst

There is a wide variety of Canadians in the NCAA tourney this year, the talent is much deeper than previous years with multiple players being considered first-rounders in the draft. Iowa State is a fun team to watch, Baylor is also another team that plays at a fast pace and they also have a few Canadian players. Wiggins has played really well these past few games and, although he's still a few years away from being completely NBA ready, teams are going to be throwing everything at him with Embiid injured. Its hard to say Wichita is undeserving of the #1 seed being undefeated, but if they are truly as good as they are they should prove themselves in the NCAA Tournament.

March 17: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Bryan and Jamie recap the Leafs effort versus the Capitals in which they were able to slow down Alex Ovechkin, but couldn’t overcome a poor start, and are joined by Ray Ferraro and Kerry Fraser to break down a wild game between the Habs and Sens Saturday night.


Hour 1 (Leafs Lunch):

Bryan Hayes and Jamie MacLennan recap yesterday's Leafs/Caps game and are joined by Dave Poulin. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (Leafs Lunch):

Bryan Hayes and Jamie MacLennan are joined by former NHL referee Kerry Fraser & TSN Hockey Analyst Ray Ferraro. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 1 (The Bryan Hayes Show):

Bryan Hayes Show chats TFC, Raptors, and Blue Jays, with TSN 1050 Jays Reporter Scott MacArthur. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (The Bryan Hayes Show):

Bryan Hayes is joined by Cathal Kelly (Toronto Star), Jonathan Osorio (Toronto FC) and Mike Johnson (TSN Hockey Analyst). Hour 2 Audio


12:30 – Dave Poulin, Toronto Maple Leafs VP of Hockey Operations

Dave Poulin says he gets nervous this time of year watching hockey because there’s so many games that seem to go into overtime, it’s almost a given. He says that the team and management don’t look far ahead at this point in the season since they want to stay in the now and keep their focus game in game out. Poulin explains that the team needs to find consistency and that experience of the core group of guys playing together is key to winning. He also says Bernier is getting an MRI today, that it’s in Bolland’s hands to get back into game shape and feels that the defense plays better in front of Jonathan Bernier because of his calm play.

1:00 – Ray Ferraro, TSN Hockey Analyst

Ray talks about the debacle that was the Habs-Sens game from Saturday. He was very surprised that there was no real explanation given by the refs to the Sens, which he finds to be very bizarre given what normally transpires in a game. He feels that it wasn’t warranted by the refs as the Senators didn’t overstep any boundary, and says they should offer up some sort of explanation.

1:30 – Kerry Fraser, Former NHL Referee

He feels that it doesn’t make sense that the referees used the excuse of not being able to hear anything for allowing that controversial goal in the Sens/Habs game. He explains how he would have handled the situation and would never call that a goal.

2:30 – Scott MacArthur, TSN 1050 Jays Reporter

Scott MacArthur feels that the Blue Jays are treating Brandon Morrow much differently than Buerhle or Dickey, by being much more careful. They only have him pegged as the 5th starter because that way he can get an extra start in the first 2 months of the season and in spring training as well. He knows Morrow is experiencing some difficulties with his fastball placement, which is one of the many question marks around this rotation. MacArthur also discusses Hutchison’s consistency in Spring Training and how he’s earned a spot in the starting lineup.

3:00 – Cathal Kelly, Toronto Star

Following TFC’s big win this weekend, Cathal Kelly feels that the first half was the best one that they’ve ever played. He feels that they can be the best team in the MLS if they can keep it up. Cathal also wants BMO field to become an energetic atmosphere once again. He also doesn’t feel that Canadians will tune into March Madness just to watch the young Canadian kids, aside from perhaps the phenoms.

3:15 – Jonathan Osorio, TFC Midfielder

A Toronto FC player and Toronto native, Osorio talks about the great play of his team and especially Jermaine Defoe’s debut. He was impressed by the overall play of the team saying that the team has high expectations now for the first time, and also feels that soccer can become as big as hockey in Toronto.

3:30 – Mike Johnson, TSN Hockey Analyst

Mike Johnson talks about how difficult it would be for Bolland to come back from as serious an injury as he suffered and if he can come back then it would be like a deadline acquisition for the Leafs. He feels that it was a great move for the team to keep James Reimer since he’s proven his worth. Johnson also says that the Ottawa Senators should have themselves to blame for Saturday’s game, and that their season is now over. He also drops a bomb saying that Kris Letang told his Pittsburgh Penguins teammates to hit him at practice.

Leafs Lunch and The Bryan Hayes Show: March 10-14

Leafs Lunch and The Bryan Hayes Show: March 3-7

Leafs Lunch and The Bryan Hayes Show: February 24-28

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