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Apr. 10: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Bryan and Jamie chat with Ray Ferraro about tonight's Leafs/Rangers game and Ilya Bryzgalov's strange recent comments. Anthony Gose also joins the show to discuss his start with the Buffalo Bisons.


Hour 1 (Leafs Lunch)

Bryan and Jamie talk about the Leafs' possible playoff match ups and about Ilya Bryzgalov's character. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (Leafs Lunch)

The guys chat with TSN Analyst Ray Ferraro about rookies experiencing big cities for the first time. The Olympics/NHL situation also discussed. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 1 (The Bryan Hayes Show)

Bryan Hayes chats with Anthony Gose about playing in Buffalo, and working to make the Jays. Notah Begay III also discusses the Masters this weekend. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (The Bryan Hayes Show)

TSN's James Duthie joins the show to discuss the NHL and the Sochi olympics. Bryan's dad, Bill Hayes chats about the Jays and the Masters. Hour 2 Audio


1:05pm Ray Ferraro - TSN Hockey Analyst

Ray talked about young players experiencing big cities for the first time and recalls his time in LA. Noodles joked about his time in the minors in Vegas and how it was tough sticking to hockey. Ferraro tells a story about an old Avalanche player who had a huge night at the casino. The boys also joked about pre-season games and how players just want to get in shape and get out of there. Ferraro discusses the financial situation between the NHL and the IOC. The NHL wants the rights to the Olympic highlights, but the IOC mindset is: where does it end? Ray told the guys he's picking to win the Masters. He likes Tiger Woods, Graeme McDowell and Brandt Snedeker.

2:20pm Anthony Gose (Buffalo Bisons/Blue Jays prospect)

Anthony discussed how he's enjoying Buffalo, but misses the weather and lifestyle in Vegas. He knows that if he played better, he wouldn't be in the situation he's in. The Jays are in the business to win games, and he ompletely understands being sent down to Buffalo. Gose knows that if you don't show up and perform, you're not going to be there. He also talked about being traded a couple years ago and how it's a business. People are going to do whatever they feel to help their team. Gose also said he needs to improve on running the bases, staying consistent on defence, and most importantly, hitting the ball. The goal is to work on his approach and discipline. Anthony said the biggest difference between the pitchers in the majors and minors is that in the pros, they don't let up and it's all about getting it done. In the big leagues, pitchers will do whatever it takes to get you out.

2:35pm Notah Begay III (Golf Channel Analyst/Former PGA Tour player)

Begay remembered his first time at the Masters in 2000, and how every young player has in their mind that this is a culmination of everything playing at Augusta. He talked about the small greens and the huge changes in elevation being the two most surprising features. Begay said that Augusta is a "man's golf course" and gives credit to the 14 year old from China, but that he will probably have a tough time on this course. Notah says that if Tiger Woods can maintain his power for the next 7-10 years, it's possible he can win another 8-10 majors. He also weighed in on rivalries being started by contracts and personalities, and how they're fueled by the media. He doesn't see the rivalry connection between Rory and Tiger. Being a good friend of Tiger Woods, Begay discussed how you can learn a lot about a person from watching them play golf, but having said that, not a lot of people know what Tiger is like in his personal life. He also talked about how it was tough seeing his good friend Tiger go through his problems publically a couple of years ago. "Mike Weir's legacy is a proud legacy" Begay says. He chats about how Mike is a true gentleman, always gives back to the community, and how well he approaches his family life and the game of golf. Notah will always hold Mike Weir in high regard.

3:00pm James Duthie IN STUDIO

James jokes about how he hates using lineups when doing shows on TV. Duthie also previewed the Quiz on NHL on TSN: "Who is the bigger comeback player of the year: Ovechkin or Bobrovsky?" Duthie also said that the Washington Capitals aren't the pushover Southeast division team like in years past. He has a feeling that we could see a Montreal/Toronto playoff matchup, which will be off the charts. James says that if the Senators make the playoffs, MacLean is the coach of the year. If they don't, he'll switch his vote to Therrien with the Habs. Bryan and James talk about how Ottawa is dangerously close of now missing the playoffs. The 2014 Olympics situation is also discussed. Duthie said that both sides know that is has to happen. He talks about the massive insurance costs associated with the Olympics. The next 2 winter Olympics are in Russia and South Korea and that from a business model, it doesn't work for the NHL, unless it's held in North America. James also commented on watching PVR games, and how to avoid people telling you what happens in games before you watch them.

3:30pm Bill Hayes IN STUDIO

Papa Hayes joined the show to discuss the Jays troubles early on and said not to panic its only 7 games in. Yes, its disappointing but there is still time to iron things out. Thought the opening ceremonies before the first game were a little over the top. The father and son duo also talked about Milos Raonic and Canada's Davis Cup Team and what it meant for Canadian sports fans, They also touched on the Masters.

Apr. 9: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Bryan and Jamie recap Leafs/Rangers with Ray Ferraro and Jason Sobel of The Golf Channel joins the show to discuss Masters contenders.


Hour 1 (Leafs Lunch)

Hayes and Noodles recap last night's Leafs-Rangers game, take your calls, and pick their Hyperbaric Chamber players of the game. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (Leafs Lunch)

Bryan and Jamie chat with TSN Hockey Analyst Ray Ferraro, and talk about the Leafs being the real deal this year. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 1 (The Bryan Hayes Show)

Hayes talks about fans booing their home team, the Leafs potential in the playoffs, and unruly Blue Jays fans. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (The Bryan Hayes Show)

Hayes is joined in-studio with Steve Simmons of the Toronto Sun to chat about the Blue Jays, and Bryan is joined by Jason Sobel of the Golf Channel. Hour 2 Audio


1:05pm Ray Ferraro - TSN Hockey Analyst

Rob Ford popped his head in the Leafs' dressing room last night after the win over the Rangers, so naturally Hayes and Noodles asked Ray about any locker-room cameos he experienced during his career. When Ferraro was playing in Los Angeles, Cuba Gooding Jr. would poke his head in the room every now and then. When Noodles was playing in New York, he arrived at the rink one day to find Susan Sarandon in his stall and he had no place to put down his gear. As the Leafs prepare for the playoffs and sit in fifth place, Ferraro believes the team has proven itself and doesn't expect the same implosion as last year. The Leafs' have scoring, depth, and Carlyle pushes them in the right direction. The past franchise's problems have nothing to do with this year's Leafs roster, according to Ferraro. If you've followed the league for the last decade, you know the Leafs' past woes, but Ray says it really doesn't matter. This is a different team. On the topic of J.S. Giguere's blow up last night after the Avs' loss to Calgary, Ferraro said Giguere has been a pro's pro and he's allowed to be frustrated with his team right now. The guys chatted about Giguere's overall frustration with the team and the "Vegas trip" talk seems to just be one example of this. The owners seem to be more engaged with their other franchises than they have been with the Avs according to Ray. The Avs have plenty of young talent, but no direction.

3:02pm Steve Simmons - Toronto Sun (In Studio)

Is it time to push the Blue Jays panic button? Hayes and Steve broke down the Jays' struggles so far in what the is being made out to be their year. According to Simmons, the games in April count. Teams go through these kinds of slumps, but almost every aspect that you expect this team to succeed at, they haven't. The other team that only has two wins is Houston and as Simmons put it, "If you put Houston and Toronto in the same sentence, people get nervous." Yahoo Sports posted a story about Blue Jays fans leading the league with unruly behaviour. Simmons said, baseball has always been a family game, but no one is going to want to buy tickets with those kinds of things happening. The team has attracted younger fans in their twenties, but there needs to be security there to police the unruly behaviour. There is a fine line between being involved in the game and being too rambunctious that it disrupts other people's experience.

3:30pm Jason Sobel - Golf Channel

Hayes and Simmons chatted with Jason Sobel about what to expect at this year's Masters tournament. Can Bubba Watson repeat this year? It is very rare that a player wins two majors in a row let alone two Master's. There are just so many talented players out there now, according to Sobel. Over the last few years, there has been good young American players winning majors, and Sobel feels Rickie Fowler could fall into that category if he were to win. On the topic of Mike Weir, it's the ten year anniversary of his last Masters win in 2003. Weir is not a big driving guy and taking into consideration the injuries he's suffered along the way, he hasn't been able to play like his old self.

Apr. 8: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Bryan and Jeff O'Neill tee up tonight's Leafs game with Jonas Siegel, Ray Ferraro and Rangers play-by-play voice, Sam Rosen. ESPN's Mike Tirico and Bob Harig also join the show to chat Masters and Tiger Woods.


Hour 1 (Leafs Lunch)

Bryan and Jeff recap the Leafs-Devils game from Saturday night and check-in with TSN 1050 Leafs reporter Jonas Siegel. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (Leafs Lunch)

Bryan and Jeff preview tonight's Leafs-Rangers game, and chat with TSN Hockey Analyst Ray Ferraro, and Rangers play-by-play voice Same Rosen. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 1 (The Bryan Hayes Show)

Bryan Hayes talks about the latest with the Blue Jays, and chats with ESPN's Mike Tirico about the Masters and what to expect from Tiger Woods. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (The Bryan Hayes Show)

Bryan Hayes talks with USA Today's Eric Prisbell, ESPN.com's Bob Harig, and tees up tonight's Leafs-Rangers game. Hour 2 Audio


12:45pm Jonas Siegel (Leafs reporter)

Siegel joined Bryan and Jeff O'Neil to give the guys an update on the status of Joffrey Lupul. Siegel said that he doesn't believe Lupul is close to return due to him only skating for very brief periods yesterday and today. Siegel also mentioned that he believes it's a concussion based on how Lupul was skating to the bench and walking back to the dressing room after the hit. He said the Leafs don't want to label it a concussion just yet until they are 100% sure that's what it is. Reimer came up huge in New Jersey and aside from the penalty kill, he was the only reason they won that game. Look for Reimer to be starting in net tonight against the Rangers.

1:05pm Ray Ferraro (TSN Analyst)

Ferraro joined the guys for Leafs Lunch to and immediately golf was the topic of discussion. After getting away from the links, the fellas talked about some of the team's in the NHL turning things around as the playoffs approach. Ferraro said that if the Penguins carry some of these injuries to key players into the playoffs then it definitely gives some other teams a chance to knock them off. He also mentioned that he feels that if Crosby were to finish the season on the injured reserve that he should still be in the running for MVP. Ray said that the idea of multiple outdoor games for the league is a bad idea because it waters down the uniqueness of the spectacle. Also that January 1st is the NHL's time each year to do something that separates them from any other league by putting on an event that no other league can do.

1:35pm Sam Rosen (Rangers voice for MSG)

Rosen joined the guys to chat about how the Rangers season has unfolded thus far. Rosen commented that Rick Nash has been a great addition for the team but the plan of having a "super line" with Nash, Gaborik, and Richards just could not produce what was expected. Gaborik struggled this season and didn't meet expectations but with the removal of him and the addition of Clowe, Brassard and others has boosted them team's offense all throughout the line up. Rosen mentioned that Brad Richards has certainly picked up his game now and that's a result of him shooting more and moving around more on the power play. Rosen also said that he and John Tortorella have always had a good relationship and although sometimes there have been instances where there have been disagreements, he can see that Tortorella really cares about winning with this team. O'Neill then brought up a story about yelling at a bad driver during the Stanley Cup Finals in Carolina. Turned out it was Sam Rosen!

2:35pm Mike Tirico (ESPN)

Tirico joined the show to talk about the Masters and give some NBA playoff predictions. Tirico said that he doesn't believes Tiger doesn't feel any pressure at all and that if anything the pressure drives him to want to perform even better. Tirico said that whenever Tiger is in the mix it adds to the viewership of the tournament significantly and that if you're going to this tournament, your main reason for going is to see Tiger make history. Tirico said with regard to Kevin Ware's gruesome injury that he's never seen anything like that before. He added that he thought the broadcast crew and guys working in the trucks did the respectful thing by not showing the injury over and over. Tirico went as far to predict that the Miami Heat will win the championship this year and will go 16-4 in the entire playoffs en route to winning everything. Tirico added that he thinks that while the Knicks streak is impressive that the team will only likely win a playoff series or two. If Miami is engaged and healthy, they are unstoppable.

3:05pm Eric Prisbell (USA Today)

Prisbell joined Bryan to talk about the March Madness tournament and preview the game for tonight. Prisbell thinks that with Louisville, the best defensive team in the country and Michigan's high powered offence--this will be a very good game. Prisbell said that tonight's matchup has the makings of being one of the best the final four has seen in years. Prisbell also remarked that Florida Gulf Coast's team will be one he remembers for years because of how they made history as the first 15th seed to make the Sweet Sixteen and how their fans were going wild even as they were being eliminated. Prisbell also mentioned that he thinks Nik Stauskas will absolutely be a tremendous NBA talent because of his focus, incredible work ethic, and deadly shot from behind the arc.

3:35pm Bob Harig (ESPN.com Golf Writer)

Harig spoke to Bryan today about the biggest storyline headed into the Masters tournament--Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods. Harig said that he believes he saw enough out of McIlroy this past weekend to be convinced that he will be a contender at the Masters. He's definitely not forgotten how to win and thinks that Rory comes into the tournament feeling really good about himself. Harig also commented that Rory getting on track and winning a major or two this summer would be a huge thing for the sport.

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