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July 29: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Filling in for Dave, Mike Hogan, along with Jonas Siegel are joined by Dirk Hayhurst to debate what Alex Anthopoulos is likely to do prior to the trade deadline, and Ray Petkau checks in to discuss James Reimer’s mindset heading into camp and the relationship the goaltender has with Randy Carlyle.


Hour 1:

Michael McCann and Scott Ferguson join the show. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

James Reimer's agent, Ray Petkau, and Blue Jays analyst Dirk Hayhurst joined the show. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

Richard Justice and Matt Williamson joined the show. Hour 3 Audio


Michael McCann – Sports Illustrated Legal Analyst

Michael McCann talks about how he was surprised the judge did not allow Donald Sterling to appeal the transaction, but was not surprised he lost. He doesn't believe Sterling looked credible on the stand, and thinks he came off looking angry. McCann explains there are two types of appeal; one denied by the judge yesterday that he can appeal the injunction. He says Sterling has to find a court that will give him an injunction to have any opportunity at stopping the transaction from occurring. McCann thinks the NBA would have voted Sterling out far before a Doc Rivers or Clippers player boycott occurred.

Scott Ferguson – TSN 1050 Blue Jays Analyst

Scott Ferguson says the Blue Jays should only go after Jon Lester if they can sign him because there’s only two months of certainty with Lester. He says the Blue Jays might even need more pitchers if they have to shut Drew Hutchison or Marcus Stroman down due to innings count limits. Ferguson doesn't see Edwin Encarnacion or Adam Lind returning within the coming days. He doesn't see the Rays sending David Price to a team within the division in any circumstance.

Ray Petkau – James Reimer’s Agent

Ray Petkau says James Reimer wasn't happy with a few situations last season, but it’s not unlike a regular player/ coach situation that occurs every year with every team. He thinks Reimer is going to have to outperform Jonathan Bernier, but says they’ve been told it’s still an open competition at camp for the starting goaltender role. He says he thinks Reimer is better than a lot of people give him credit for, but admits he is clearly biased on the situation. Petkau says Reimer was more disappointed about the team not making the playoffs than anything else, and the summers progression (including his stink with Canada at the World Championship) helped him realize he wants to be with the Maple Leafs.

Dirk Hayhurst – TSN 1050 Blue Jays Analyst

Dirk Hayhurst says Rogers operates in a different way than other MLB owners do because they can’t simply write off expenses. Hayhurst says he doesn't see the Blue Jays making a move to push them over the top, but sees the Jays making small moves and hoping it carries them long enough for their injured players to get back to push them over the top. He goes into his article today with Sportsonearth.com about his personal account of the way professional baseball players treated women when he played. He says players would video tape women without the women’s consent and it became a huge chest beating competition between the men involved.

Richard Justice – MLB.com

Richard Justice talks about the Jon Lester situation and whether the Blue Jays should make a move at him. He says if the team has a chance to win, you have to put all your chips in and make a run at it. He recalls talking to Billy Bean about making a move before the trade deadline, and Bean told him they would never be in a better position to win, so they had to put themselves over the hill. Justice says baseball is just like playing poker, and if you think there’s an opportunity to win you put all your chips on the table.

Matt Williamson - NFL Scout for ESPN, Co-Host of ESPN’s Football Today Podcast

Matt Williamson is excited to see how Robert Griffin III performs in the season opener this year because it will quickly become known if he’s healthy or not. He says DeSean Jackson and Jordan Reed will open the field up for the Washington team. He believes Chip Kelly knows what he’s doing with the Eagles, and getting Jackson out of the locker room will solve some of his problems. Williamson doesn't think Eli Manning will complete 70% of his passes, but the new offense will allow him to complete more than last season.

July 28: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Filling in for Dave, Mike Hogan, along with Bruce Arthur chat with newest Leaf Daniel Winnik about his decision to sign with his hometown team, and Scott MacArthur joins the guys to discuss how the Jays plan to manage the workload of Aaron Sanchez and Marcus Stroman down the stretch.


Hour 1:

Hour one of the TSN Drive with Mike Hogan & Bruce Arthur. TSN Senior Correspondent Rick Westhead, and newly signed Maple Leaf Daniel Winnik join. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

The second hour of the TSN Drive with Mike Hogan & Bruce Arthur. Deadspin founder Will Leitch, and seven-time MLB All-Star Tim Raines join. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

The final hour of the TSN Drive with Mike Hogan & Bruce Arthur. ESPN Reporter Bob Holtzmann, and TSN 1050 Blue Jays Reporter Scott MacArthur join. Hour 3 Audio


Rick Westhead - TSN Correspondent

Rick Westhead talks about how hard it was to leave the Toronto Star, and how great it is they look after their people when in dangerous situations abroad. He says he's going to be covering business related sports stories for TSN and relating them to the average fan. Westhead goes on to talk about the unionization of junior hockey and how most junior players don't go on to the NHL, so they look at benefits as a positive. He thinks the idea has traction because the Premier of Ontario, Kathleen Wynne, has voiced interest in learning more and taking it up.

Daniel Winnik – Toronto Maple Leafs

Daniel Winnik says he hasn’t spent much time in Toronto in many years so it will be an exciting homecoming. He says the Maple Leafs want him to be a penalty killer and another team was in the running for him (but doesn't want to mention what team it was). He says he went to the World Cup and enjoyed the atmosphere. Winnik talks about the West Division as really tough and the Kings overpowered them in Game 7. He says all the teams in California are so deep and so big. Winnik says he’s ready for the additional attention in Toronto and doesn't think it will negatively affect him.

Will Leitch - Senior Writer for SportsOnEarth.com, Contributing Editor for New York Magazine, Founder of Deadspin

Will Leitch says we have more access to players with social media in today's sports world, but we know the players themselves less. There is a disconnect between fans and players today, and it seems like fans have more invested in the games than even the players do. Leitch talks about what Stephen A. Smith said and how Michelle Beadle did the courageous thing by pointing it out. Beadle speaking against Smith opened up the story and made us think about how horrible his comments were.

Tim Raines – Former Montreal Expo

Tim Raines says he thinks what happens is when you put new guys on the Hall of Fame ballot, players from former years get buried in everything. He says if it was meant to be, then it’s meant to be. Raines hopes one year they will come to their senses and get him in. He says he played the game the way he thought it was supposed to be played, he helped his team win, and his statistics speak for themselves. Raines says the writers look at baseball in their individual way and he can’t say anything to influence them to put him in. He hopes Montreal will get a team back because it wasn't the cities fault they lost it, and he hopes he can be a part of it when and if it happens.

Bob Holtzmann – ESPN Reporter

Bob Holtzmann talks about Johnny Manziel saying he’s excited to get back to football, and he’s made rookie mistakes and wants to move forward. He says if Manziel turns the Browns around he becomes a hero, but if he gets an opportunity and falters there’s going to be ridicule. He thinks if the Browns do what the Colts did, and reform their team around a young quarterback they’ll be celebrated. Holtzmann says the biggest story in Indianapolis is the running back situation, all the injuries and whether they are going to start Trent Richardson. He talks about Jim Irsay passing out one-hundred dollar bills to fans at training camp and says Irsay has always done crazy things and he’s never understood it. Holtzmann checked out a Montreal Alouettes game and quickly touches on Chad Johnson wanting to rewrite the last chapter in his career.

Scott MacArthur – TSN 1050 Blue Jays Reporter

Scott MacArthur talks about how Jose Reyes needed a little time to re-energize and Melky Cabrera has been playing well all season for the squad. MacArthur says the Toronto Blue Jays are being cautious with Aaron Sanchez and that’s why he’s in the bullpen. He says he thinks the Blue Jays can ride Marcus Stroman with how well he’s pitched and believes the fans are hoping they don’t pull the plug on him either. MacArthur’s opinion is Jose Bautista has one guaranteed year left on his contract, and if the team doesn't improve itself, Bautista will have every reason to ask out.

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