August 22: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Filling in for Dave, Bill Hayes along with Steve Simmons break down Tim Leiweke’s decision to step aside with Bruce Arthur, Darren Dreger and Rick Westhead, and Rich Griffin joins the show to discuss the dire straits the Blue Jays are in as September nears.


Hour 1:

Bill Hayes and Steve Simmons are joined by Bruce Arthur and Kevin Sutherland in the first hour of TSN Drive. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

Bill Hayes and Steve Simmons are joined by Darren Dreger to chat Tim Leiweke and Richard Griffin to talk Blue Jays in the second hour of TSN Drive. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

Bill Hayes and Steve Simmons are joined by Rick Westhead to talk Tim Leiweke and Dallas Braden to chat MLB in the final hour of TSN Drive. Hour 3 Audio


Bruce Arthur, Toronto Star

Arthur says that Leiweke tried to pour as much cold water on the initial report as possible, but never indicated that he was committed to MLSE long-term. Arthur could picture Leiweke having leaked this story in the first place, in order to make the MLSE board to make a decision one way or the other. Leiweke has a destination in mind, and its uncertain if he wanted to get out to get to that destination, or if his bosses didn’t want him making the decision. Arthur says Leiweke’s replacement needs to handle two colossal dogs in Rogers and Bell, in addition to turning this organization into a professional winner.

Kevin Sutherland, Champions Tour Golfer

Shot the first recorded 59 in Champions Tour History, 7th player ever to break 60 in a PGA Tour Sanctioned Event. Sutherland says the best score he’s had on tour was 62 at the Canadian Open five years ago, and hadn’t really come close to breaking 60 before. Sutherland says the round just snowballed so fast, and he says he putted very well, but he also drove the ball incredibly well. It didn’t really dawn on him that he could’ve shot 58 until later in the evening, especially when so many people were talking about the history that he could’ve made by doing just that.

Darren Dreger, TSN Hockey Insider

Dreger said that if you talk to those close to Tim Leiweke, this isn’t surprising. Many believe this was his intent all along. Dreger says that wherever Leiweke lands, he’s looking for a considerable challenge. Dreger says that Brendan Shanahan isn’t ready to run MLSE, at this point. There are those that believe that there is a mountain of animosity between Rogers and Bell, but there are others who says it’s simply not true, and are committed to making the appropriate decisions. Dreger says he’d be heavily on Leiweke being gone long before June of 2015.

Rich Griffin, Toronto Star

Griffin says that positional depth is something that the Blue Jays definitely need to address, and that’s something that AA will be looking at in the offseason. Griffin says it is in their hands to get into the mid to high 80’s in wins, but they just haven’t shown enough this season to believe that they can do it. Sean Nolin might get a look in September, alongside Daniel Norris. Griffin believes that Jose Reyes’ reaction to balls is stunningly low on the diamond. When your footwork is behind, it makes it more difficult, and the reality is, Reyes just isn’t a good shortstop.

Rick Westhead, TSN

Westhead believes that COC Exec Chris Overholt is a prime candidate for the MLSE gig after Leiweke departs, but also wouldn’t rule out some female candidates as well. Westhead believes that there is a possibility that Leiweke could head back to LA to work with the Clippers or to help get an NFL team back to LA.

Dallas Braden, ESPN MLB Analyst

Braden discussed the Blue Jays rotation, and how they were 5th in ERA in April, and since the start of June, they’ve really slowed down. Mark Buehrle is a guy that Braden studied closely, and he’s been very inconsistent in the last 2 months or so. Pitchers are creatures of habit, and a lot of the game is mental. Braden also discussed Gordon Beckham’s acquisition by the Angels, and if the Jays missed out on him. When the Jays lost Edwin Encarnacion, they really seemed to lose their identity, and certain players were expected to pick up the slack, and that simply did not happen.

August 19: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Filling in for Dave, Mike Hogan along with Bill Hayes chat with Pedro Gomez about Melky Cabrera’s impending free agency, and Steve Simmons checks in to weigh in on the new front office hirings by the Leafs and the Tim Leiweke rumours.


Hour 1:

On the first hour of TSN Drive, Mike Hogan and Bill Hayes discuss the reports that Tim Leiweke is leaving MLSE and Rick Westhead joins the show. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

On the second hour of TSN Drive, Pedro Gomez discusses the MLB season and Steve Simmons talked about the Leafs new analytics department. Hour 2 Audio


Rick Westhead, TSN Senior Correspondent

Westhead says there have been conflicting reports about an agreement in principle with Todd Bertuzzi and Steve Moore. Tim Danson, Moore's lawyer, is as savvy as anyone, and his camp is completely circled and is not available for comment. Westhead says this is one of those ripples in which the NHL wants to distance themselves as much as possible.

Pedro Gomez, ESPN

Gomez believes the PED usage in Melky Cabrera’s past could factor in to his free agent valuation at the end of the season, but because he’s been so good this year in spite of the testing, he’s likely to get a multi-year deal for a whole lot of dollars. While Yu Darvish cleared waivers, Gomez still believes it to be very very unlikely that he’s traded. The Royals have been playoff-free for 28 years, and it certainly appears that the streak is on the verge of concluding.

Steve Simmons, Sunmedia, TSN’s The Reporters

Simmons says it’s responsible for every hockey club to invest in as many different outlooks as possible, and that’s what the Leafs are doing. Simmons says that the analytics community is the most defensive group he’s encountered in his time. Simmons says that “something is up”, with Tim Leiweke. Leiweke has made significant moves in a year, but he’s found that he’s swimming upstream. Bell and Rogers aren’t thrilled with him, and Leiweke isn’t thrilled with MLSE. Simmons says there was a rumour that Brendan Shanahan is going to be Leiweke’s replacement, but the future is cloudy in life after Leiweke for MLSE.

August 18: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Filling in for Dave, Mike Hogan along with Bruce Arthur are joined by Alex Anthopoulos to discuss what his club needs to do to get back in the race and whether the team’s stance is on Melky Cabrera’s upcoming free agency.

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