March 27: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Filling in for Bob, Mike Hogan along with Matt are joined by Josh Lewenberg to discuss Dwane Casey’s coaching strategy heading into the playoffs, and Adam Proteau and Craig Button check in to chat about the Leafs lack of quality blueliners and the team’s matchup versus ared hot Claude Giroux and the Flyers, Friday on TSN 1050.


Hour 1:

Matt Cauz and Mike Hogan were joined by Adam Proteau to discuss the Leafs and Chris Taylor, a cancer survivor. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

Matt Cauz and Mike Hogan were joined by Josh Lewenberg and Dr. Peter Fergsuson. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

Matt Cauz and Mike Hogan were joined by Warren Cromartie, Gareth Wheeler, Adrian Truss, and Craig Button. Hour 3 Audio


Adam Proteau, The Hockey News

Adam welcomed Matthew back from Florida with his usual chirps, and said that the Philadelphia Flyers could be amongst the most dangerous teams come playoff times. They have 2 very strong lines going right now, and Claude Giroux could be the hottest player in the league.

Josh Lewenberg, TSN 1050 Raptors Reporter

Dwane Casey wants to try and limit minutes of his star players, but the Eastern Conference is so close that the Raptors need to win. The Raptors also want to go into the playoffs with momentum so it doesn’t seem likely that they'll rest anyone. The Raptors were getting lots of attention yesterday that it was similar to them being in the playoffs.

Warren Cromartie, Longtime MLBer w/ the Montreal Expos, Founder and President of the Montreal Baseball Project

Warren discussed the feasibility of Montreal getting another baseball team with Matt and Mike. Even to this day, the Expos brand is amongst the top 10 most popular, so there's no doubt that the return of a team to Montreal would be well received by those in and out of Montreal.

Craig Button, NHL on TSN

The flaws that are prevalent with the Leafs were there at the beginning of the year, and they're there now. Carlyle can't do anything about his lack of strong defencemen. They have a gaping hole that plagues the team, and there's really nothing they can do at this point. In any case, they need to try a few different things down the stretch and see what kind of solutions they can come up with.

March 26: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Filling in for Bob and Matt, Mike Hogan and Todd Hlushko are joined by Bruce Arthur to discuss the Leafs late-season collapse, and Gregor Chisholm checks in to chat about the Blue Jays’ decision to go with Dustin McGowan in the starting rotation over J.A. Happ.

March 25: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Filling in for Bob and Matt, Mike Hogan and Todd Hlushko are live from the ACC to tee up Blues/Leafs on TSN 1050 with Tim Taylor, Mark Masters, Jonas Siegel and Bernie Federko.


Hour 1:

Mike Hogan and Todd Hlushko were joined by Director of Player Development for St. Louis Blues Jim Taylor and TSN Leafs Reporter Mark Masters. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

Mike Hogan and Todd Hlushko were joined by TSN 1050 Leafs Reporter Jonas Siegel, St. Louis Blues Colour Commentator Bernie Federko. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

Mike Hogan and Todd Hlushko were joined by Senior Writer Dan Rosen and ESPN Baseball analyst Buster Olney. Hour 3 Audio


9:15 - Tim Taylor, Director of Player Development for St. Louis Blues

Tim Taylor talks about the success of the St. Louis Blues and explains why the players they've drafted have become such stars in this league. He also explains the value of recent call-up Dmitrij Jaskin, saying that he's a great asset due to his strength and physical play, he's someone that head coach Ken Hitchcock can fit anywhere into the lineup. Taylor attributes Jaskin's success due to the fact that he doesn't just blend in to the team, that he tries hard and stands out because of it. He also talks about the great play of Jaden Schwartz and how vital he will be to their success in the playoffs.

9:45 - Mark Masters, TSN Leafs Reporter

Mark joined Mike and Todd at the ACC to preview tonight's game. He feels that the team has been struggling due to heavy inconsistency, especially on the back end. They need to tighten up their defense and play to their skill so that they can make the playoffs, which they are severely in danger of missing.

10:15 - Jonas Siegel, TSN 1050 Leafs Reporter

Jonas joined Mike and Todd at the ACC as well to talk about the Leafs struggles lately. There's a surprising goaltending controversy brewing with Reimer's poor play but Jonas feels he should still start in lieu of Drew McIntyre. He feels that it will be an interesting offseason considering the way the defense has played this year, and that he expects more from Morgan Rielly and Jake Gardiner.

10:30 - Bernie Federko, St. Louis Blues Colour Commentator

With the success the Blues have been having, Bernie Federko explains how it's the core that's essentially grown up together in the NHL. He also says that the Blues have a tremendous transitional game which helps them play that effective brand of hockey. Federko then delves into Ken Hitchcock's coaching style and how he has a defense first mentality, but still had to re-adjust it a tad to because the Blues were the first team that he's coached with such a young core.

11:00 - Dan Rosen, Senior Writer

Rosen discusses Jeff Carter's return to Philadelphia and how great he played, even with the Philly faithful tossing the boos at him and Mike Richards. He also explains why Mike Babcock has done a tremendous job with what's essentially an AHL team in Detroit. Rosen continues to talk about the Eastern Conference playoff bubble and says that a team that can definitely come out on top is Columbus, since they have games in hand (but a tough schedule).

11:30 - Buster Olney, ESPN Baseball

Buster Olney discusses the growing pains of the Toronto Blue Jays and doesn't expect much from them, especially in that AL East this year. He also previews Tanaka's season and says that from what he saw this spring, he feels he can be pretty dominant, sometimes even scaring hitters with a Roger Clemens-like splitter. Olney then explains why the Yankess will improve this year, since they should score more runs with the addition of Ellsbury, Beltran and McCann, however the Red Sox and the Rays (who he says can even win the World Series) are his AL East favourites.

March 24: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Filling in for Bob and Matt, Mike Hogan and Todd Hlushko chat with James Mirtle, James Duthie and Darren Pang about the issues that have cropped up during the Leafs’ five-game losing streak and whether Randy Carlyle’s handling of James Reimer has damaged the goalie’s confidence.


Hour 1:

Mike Hogan and Todd Hlushko were joined by James Mirtle to discuss the Leafs goaltending issues. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

Mike Hogan and Todd Hlushko were joined by Brendan Kennedy and James Duthie. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

Mike Hogan and Todd Hlushko were joined by included Darren Pang and Hour 3 Audio


James Mirtle, Globe and Mail:

The Maple Leafs, in retrospect, should not have played Jonathan Bernier in the game against LA in which he hurt his groin. Reimer should have played more games earlier on, and fatigue has set in for Bernier, that could have definitely made a difference. The numbers point to there being a systemic problem with this team, the coaching staff and management deserve blame.

Brendan Kennedy, Toronto Star:

Dustin McGowan might have a place on the starting rotation as the Blue Jays have been increasing his pitch count each game and he still feels good. It is a big game for Happ as he is expected to pitch against starting hitters and he needs to be better to get a spot on the starting rotation. Ryan Goins would only have to hit a .230-.250 if he wants to make the Jays roster because of his strong defence.

James Duthie, NHL on TSN

Throwing Drew MacIntyre against the Blues is a risky proposition. It really is a tough situation. It’s ridiculous to blame the media for what’s happened with the goaltending, and if this thing derails and the Leafs miss the playoffs, there are going to be a lot of fingers pointed at Randy Carlyle.

Darren Pang, Longtime NHL Goaltender, St. Louis Blues TV Analyst

Pang didn’t like the Reimer/Carlyle dialogue that came along, and something like that should stay in the dressing room. It can’t be good for Reimer’s confidence. He just needs to prepare for each of the players and sequences for what the Blues are going to present tomorrow, but they aren’t an easy team to play.

Mark Osborne, Leafs TV

A lack of leadership has really jumped out to the forefront, and we are seeing some frustration from a guy like Phil Kessel. We have seen a little bit of emotion provided by Kessel, and that’s shown some maturation. From a core perspective, there might be something that guys like Lupul and Phaneuf can do in terms of motivation.

Macko and Cauz: March 17-21

Macko and Cauz: March 10-14

Macko and Cauz: March 5-7

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