August 15: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Filling in for Bryan, Bill Hayes and Josh Lewenberg chat with Richard Griffin about Edwin Encarnacion’s return and why the Mariners could be the Jays’ primary competition for the AL’s second wild card spot, and Eric Staal joins Bill to discuss the off-season of changes in Carolina and his expectations heading into training camp.


Hour 1 (Blue Lunch):

Eric LeGrand joins. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (Blue Lunch):

Jon Krawczynski joins. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 1 (The Bryan Hayes Show):

Richard Griffin, Tim Graham and Noel Butler join. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (The Bryan Hayes Show):

Eric Staal joins. Hour 2 Audio


12:25 - Eric LeGrand, Tamba Bay Buccaneers Defensive Tackle & Recipient of the Jimmy V Perseverance Award

Eric LeGrand says that he’s working his way on getting back on his feet and is regaining some sensation in parts of his body. He says you always have to see the positive in every situation and that somebody always has it worse than you. He had a great support system that helped him overcome his struggles – not everybody has that support he says. He thinks within five to ten years they’ll figure out a great way to combat spinal cord injuries.

1:30 – Jon Krawczynski, Minnesota Associated Press

He says that fans around Minnesota are excited about the trade. They were bracing themselves to lose Kevin Love, and the fact they got one – and potentially two- dynamic youngsters for him, has to make them happy. He thinks Love will be booed heavily upon his return to Minnesota. He says it’s hard to blame Love for wanting out. He thinks there is plenty to build upon and that Wiggins will get his fair share of shots.

2:15 – Richard Griffin, Toronto Star

Griffin says the Blue Jays didn’t make moves because players were coming back from injuries and could fill potential needs. On the topic of off-days, he said that it was important for the Blue Jays to keep pitchers feeling fresh. He thinks the Seattle Mariners are a team to watch because of their elite pitching staff. He says as long as the Blue Jays are in contention Colby Rasmus will start most games in CF.

2:30 – Tim Graham, The Buffalo News

Tim Graham said that other potential ownership groups have looked disorganized and unfocused, which makes prospective owner Terry Pegula look like the best candidate. He says you can either think Bon Jovi isn’t going to move the team or not, but regardless they could have handled things much better. Pegula on the flipside has handled things well according to Graham. He thinks the Bills would be fine if there was a team in both Buffalo and Toronto.

2:45 – Noel Butler, TSN690 Soccer Analyst

Noel talks about a time when Chelsea FC would hand out buckets at their stadium for donations to their resources. When discussing Van Gaal & the expectations for him, he mentioned that Moyes couldn't achieve immediate objectives. Van Gaal expects to fit nicely into his marquee managerial role. He says that Alexis Sanchez will be a star in 2014 for Arsenal under Wenger's watch. He shows a seemingly effortless class. Noel also mentioned that Liverpool will be successful without Suarez.

3:00 – Eric Staal, Carolina Hurricanes

Staal calls the ALS Ice Bucket challenge a good cause; and he says he’s likely going to do it soon. He says that it was nice for him to meet new head coach Bill Peters - He thinks Bill Peters will bring the team confidence from Detroit and push guys to be the best every game. He says playing with his brother Jordan, he thinks of him more of a teammate than a brother on the ice. He obviously wants the best team possible for the Hurricanes.

3:15 – Dr. David Taylor, ALS Canada Director of Research

Dr David Taylor discussed the viral ice bucket challenge videos and the awareness that this has given ALS. There isn’t any way of knowing who will have ALS and is not gender specific.

3:30 – Kate Beirness, TSN Sportscentre Anchor

Fun chat about the TSN Kraft Celebration Tour.

August 14: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Filling in for Bryan, Gareth Wheeler and Mike Hogan chat with Joe Bowen about Ted Kennedy being unveiled as the first Leafs player to be memorialized with a statue, and Dan Shulman checks In to discuss why Edwin Encarnacion’s return may not help turn the Jays’ fortunes around unless their pitching steps up.


Hour 1 (Blue Lunch):

Joe Bowen talked about Ted Kennedy & his place in Leafs history. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (Blue Lunch):

Josh Lewenberg joins. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 1 (The Bryan Hayes Show):

Dan Shulman joins. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (The Bryan Hayes Show):

Shea Emry and Jason Logan join. Hour 2 Audio


12:15 – Joe Bowen, Voice of the Maple Leafs

He says nobody questioned the decision to honor Ted Kennedy as the first Maple Leafs player who would get a statue. He calls Kennedy the quintessential Maple Leafs, who was a lunch bucket kind of player that wasn’t flashy, but got things done. He would love to see a Toronto Maple Leafs hall of fame.

1:00 – Josh Lewenberg, TSN1050 Raptors Reporter

Josh Lewenberg says the Raptors schedule allows them to carry over good vibes from last season because a relaxed schedule early in the season. He said the team has some tough stretches on the road, so all they can really hope to do at that point is take advantage of the relaxed portion of the schedule. He says that what stands out if that the team will play half an hour later.

2:30 -3:00 – Dan Shulman, Voice of Sunday Night Baseball on ESPN

Shulman says that the Blue Jays have certainly disappointed over the last week, and they need their offense to get healthy and perform. The schedule late in the season will have them face teams ahead of them in the Wild Card race and AL East, and they need to take advantage of that. He says he would take Stroman in a one game playoff series. He thinks that Edwin will help the teams hitting, but won’t cure it. Shulman says the MLB needs to find a new way to make baseball more interesting to young fans – by A) Marketing its stars and B) Limiting mound visits.

3:00 – Shea Emry, Argonauts Linebacker

Shea mentioned that short weeks between games are common in the CFL. When talking about the difference in the team's open field tackling and overall defending, he credited their preparation. They understand their individual assignments and how they mesh together. Shea said that discipline and attention to detail are important in the quest to eliminate penalties. When he gets "kill shots", he is mainly concerned with the overall significance of the hit within the context of the game. The mere impact isn't as important. He talked about the rough start across the East and he confirmed his team's greater effort level. He cited the "look good, feel good, play good" cliche when asked about the new Argo jerseys.

3:30 – Jason Logan, Editor of SCORE Golf Magazine

Jason Logan says that it’s important for Tiger to not force himself back into the sport, and focus on getting healthy. He says a bit of it was taking the bullet so Watson wouldn’t be criticized in not picking Woods. First and foremost Wood’s struggles are physical, but there are mental struggles as well – even as he admits it’s hard to write him off. The way he looks at things, with Tigers injuries and struggles we haven’t seen Rory McIlroy vs Tiger Woods.

Friday: Eric LeGrand, Brian Davis, Eric Staal

August 13: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Filling in for Bryan, Gareth Wheeler and Mike Hogan are joined by Scott MacArthur to discuss why pitching is the key for the Blue Jays down the stretch, and Paul Bissonnette joins the show to discuss his participation in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.


Hour 1 (Blue Lunch):

Hour 1 of Blue Lunch. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (Blue Lunch):

Scott MacArthur and Josh Martin join. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 1 (The Bryan Hayes Show):

Tim Booth and Joe Yerdon join. Hour 1 Audio


1:00 – TSN1050 Blue Jays reporter Scott MacArthur

Scott MacArthur says that the Blue Jays are giving fans baseball that matters despite the fact that their odds aren’t particularly strong. He says they’re hanging around and that’s a good reason to hope. He says that the many teams have their own problems which had led to the Jays staying in the race. He doesn’t believe in momentum in baseball. He says the Blue Jays success lies on how they pitch. He thinks that the Blue Jays have been too home run reliant, despite having the ability to play small ball.

1:30 – Josh Martin, Bleacher Report Lead NBA Writer

Martin says that it is silly that Drake got fined, but understands the NBA’s fine. He says that retaining Kyle Lowry certainly helped raise the credibility of the Toronto Raptors. He thinks by default the Raptors should be a top four seed in the Eastern Conference, because the division is so weak. He calls the Eastern Conference a tossup. On the topic of Donald Sterling, he doesn’t think Sterling has any legal recourse. He thinks support of the Clippers will go up without him.

2:05 – Tim Booth, Seattle AP Writer

Seattle sports fans will always buzz around the Seahawks especially after the Super Bowl win. Tyrell Pryor had his moments in the preseason game, but the Seahawks know what Tavaris Jackson can do as a backup for Russell Wilson. The style of defense that the Seahawks play is very entertaining and doesn’t take away from the product that their showing.

2:30 – Joe Yerdon, ProHockeyTalk

The Panthers can’t charge the amount of money for tickets as the Leafs or any of the bigger hockey market cities. There has been talk that the Panthers cannot sustain in Florida for a little while now. There are other cities that have buildings ready or could be ready, and the owners can dangle that saying that they might move. Krug is using the only option he has to get the Bruins to talk to him but it may backfire where he might only have the KHL to go to. Everyone who is great wants to play in the NHL.

3:00 – Paul Bissonnette, NHL Player

Fun chat with Paul about how the idea of the ALS ice bucket video came along.

3:30 – Jeff Johnson, Former Argonaut

The Argos adjusted their game plan last night and they got the ball in the receivers’ hands quickly and utilized their running backs. Looking ahead to the BC Lions, they’re a physical team and their defense is also physical. The Argos defense maybe similar to what we saw against Winnipeg but from an offensive perspective it will be physical. Khalif Mitchell will be fired up to be playing his old team.

Thursday’s Show: Joe Bowen, Glen Johnson, Dan Shulman

August 12: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Filling in for Bryan, Gareth Wheeler and Josh Lewenberg discuss the tight playoff race in the American League, talk UFC with Mike Goldberg and get an NFL training camp update on Michael Sam and Johnny Manziel with Alex Marvez.


Hour 1 (Blue Lunch):

Gareth Wheeler and Josh Lewenberg discuss the Jays loss to the Mariners, and the NBA's fine of the Raptors and Drake. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (Blue Lunch):

Gareth Wheeler and Josh Lewenberg discuss Steve Ballmer's purchase of the Clippers, the MLB playoff race, and are joined by Bob Nightengale of USA Today. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 1 (The Bryan Hayes Show):

Gareth Wheeler is joined by Soccer Insider Steven Cohen, and Businessman/Shark Tank Panelist Kevin O'Leary. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (The Bryan Hayes Show):

Gareth Wheeler is joined by the Voice of the UFC Mike Goldberg, and Alex Marvez of Fox Sports 1. Hour 2 Audio


1:33pm Bob Nightengale – USA Today

Nightengale spoke about the 1994 Major League Baseball work stoppage and how baseball still might be in Montreal if it wasn’t for the strike. He said an extended run to the World Series could have helped save the Expos and there would have been many new season ticket holders which would have helped. He also talked about the steroid era which he said will always be a cloud over the sport. On the topic of financials, he said MLB is still making a killing but the league needs to find a way to reach out to younger viewers. TV viewership is down and the average viewer is approx 52 years old which isn’t good.

2:33pm Steven Cohen – Soccer Insider

Cohen said soccer has grown in leaps and bounds in the US and people are still enjoying it even after the World Cup. It's likely you will see the Community Shield match come to America soon. He said NBC has done a phenomenal job with their showing of BPL games and they have played a major role in helping grow the game in America. Manchester City hasn't done much to improve themselves from last year and they will likely focus more on the Champions League than they will on the Premier League. Man United’s following is so large you have to wonder if their North American fans rival that of teams like the Cowboys or Yankees. Man U are in a decent spot this year because they will have more time to rest and prepare between games without the Champions League and they should look to get better especially on defense.

2:45pm Kevin O’Leary – Businessman / Financial Guru / Shark Tank

O’Leary said he started his career at CTV and he’s glad to be home working for Bell in his new capacity. He wants to use this platform to create dialogue about his different agendas. He said that he wouldn’t want to invest in sports teams because the majority of them don’t make any money. In response to a Buffalo billionaire saying investing in an NFL team is dangerous because of head injuries, O’Leary said it’s impossible to say a sport will ever be safe because even in less dangerous sports serious injuries happen just like in hockey. He also spoke about the Clippers misfortune and was surprised how fast things moved with the sale. He said he isn’t 100% comfortable with the sale of the Clippers based on some of the facts that have come out.

3:03pm Mike Goldberg – Voice of the UFC / NFL on Fox

Goldberg said he’s excited to be calling NFL broadcasts this season for Fox and it has no effect on his UFC broadcasting duties. He’s hoping that he has good chemistry with colour analyst Brendon Ayanbadejo so they’ll get to call more games. He said he has covered pretty much everything in sports from a broadcast standpoint including the CFL when it aired on ESPN2. Doing NFL games is the pinnacle. Goldberg isn’t sure why the UFC hasn’t come back to Toronto but he says they are planning to visit at some point. He said with the UFC becoming mainstream it hasn’t changed the renegade tag, which has lead people to challenge the sport opposed to the athletes involved when PEDs come into play.

3:33pm Alex Marvez – Fox Sports 1

Marvez is at Rams campin St. Louis and said the team is impressed with Michael Sam as a football player. The Rams have a deep defensive line and Sam will have to play well to make the team. Sam hasn't been a distraction at all in training camp, he's turned down multiple big interviews with big name shows and you can tell he's trying to earn his way into the NFL. The Rams are basing their season on Sam Bradford playing well and being healthy, but the team is improved in multiple areas and the defense should be one of the top in the league. On the Browns front they want to make sure they make the right decision if they start Manziel, they don't want to throw him out there if he's not ready. During week 3 of the preseason is when you'll get a better sense of who will start.

August 11: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Filling in for Bryan, Gareth Wheeler along with Josh Lewenberg chat with Brian Wacker about Rory McIlroy’s dominance in 2014, and Scott Ferguson joins Gareth to tee up the Blue Jays matchup versus Felix Hernandez and discuss Melky Cabrera's future.


Hour 1 (Blue Lunch):

Eric Adelson joins. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (Blue Lunch):

Brian Wacker joins. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 1 (The Bryan Hayes Show):

Stephanie Myles and Scott Ferguson join. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (The Bryan Hayes Show):

Tim Hauraney joins. Hour 2 Audio


12:30 – Eric Adelson of Yahoo Sports

Eric Adelson says that the series was huge for the Blue Jays because they battled hard and came out with a well earned win. He says the difference between the Blue Jays and Tigers dressing room was quite contrasting. He feels like getting experience together is important for a group of veterans and youngsters without a ton of playoff experience. He said the game did feature huge wasted opportunities, but there weren’t a lot of errors.

1:30 - Brian Wacker,

Wacker says that this weekend was a defining moment for McIlroy and his career. Wacker says that McIlory dealt with a lot of problems on and off the golf course – including a sponsorship deal that have him drastically change his equipment that made his struggles at the time even more scrutinized. While he thinks there are a ton of quality players, he called McIlroy a once in a generation player.

2:15 – Stephanie Myles, Sports

Myles says that our expectations of performance have risen due to the success of Milos Raonic. She says that he is 23-years-old and he’s going to have speed bumps, so we can’t expect him to win everything right away – especially with fierce competition on the men’s side.

2:30-3:00 – Scott Ferguson, TSN Baseball Analyst

Scott Ferguson says that the 19 inning game has the potential to be a defining moment for the Blue Jays should they make the playoffs. He says the Blue Jays have had success against Felix Hernandez before, so they have to take that against him tonight. He thinks the Blue Jays should have picked up a pitcher at the trade deadline, but says they have ample time to do so still. He said that if the Blue Jays missed the playoffs it would be good for the growth of younger players but it would be disheartening for the veteran players. He says the better Melky Cabrera plays, the harder it will be to resign him after the seasons over. He says it’s important the Blue Jays fill in roster spots with young players.

3:30 – Tim Hauraney, TSN NASCAR Analyst

Tim said that racers walking on the track must remember that cars are still going at well over 100km/h. These types of cars are designed for throttle & messy conditions. He noted that a driver always knows when they have contributed to the wreck of another driver. With that said, it's a tough ask to slow down & steer away in a racing situation. In terms of new rules for racing, Tim anticipates new restrictions on drivers & their walking on the tracks.

Leafs Lunch and The Bryan Hayes Show: August 4-8

Leafs Lunch and The Bryan Hayes Show: Leafs Lunch: July 28 - August 1

Leafs Lunch and The Bryan Hayes Show: July 21-25

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