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May 9: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Bob and Matt chat with Jeff O'Neill and former Leaf Alyn McCauley about Toronto coming up just short last night versus the Bruins and Craig Button checks in to talk about who should be blamed for the Canucks playoff failure.


Hour 1:

Macko and Cauz toke your calls, broke down last nights Leaf/Bruins game and were joined by Paul Hendrick of Leafs TV. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

NHL on TSN analyst Craig Button, RDS analyst Marc Denis and Golf Talk Canada's Mark Zecchino join Macko & Cauz. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

Former NHLers Alyn McCauley and Jeff O'Neill join Macko & Cauz to discuss the NHL playoffs. Hour 3 Audio


Paul Hendrick, Leafs TV

The pre-eminent host on Leafs TV joined the program to chat about who's to blame for last night's OT winner scored by David Krejci. The onus ultimately falls on Dion Phaneuf, but there are a few culprits at fault for that goal. The reality is, Dion has played heavy minutes all season, and last night was no exception. He has been ridden hard throughout the year, and ultimately, Phaneuf is a guy who takes a lot of chances, and occurrences like that will happen.

Craig Button, NHL on TSN

When evaluating the Maple Leafs, you have to acknowledge that they've shown resiliency. The fans, the team and the management should be thrilled with the way this team has played this season. They don't go away, and some teams shrivel up and give up, the Leafs don't do that. Button considers the David Krejci OT winner to be a stoppable puck, and Reimer has progressed very nicely, but he needs to be pushed. But the bigger question is, can Ben Scrivens push him? Tim Thomas had Rask pushing him, and that was always important. Re: The Canucks – the biggest concern is how they're not able to overcome any type of adversity. Some of their trades that they made, and some of their depth, including Derek Roy and Mason Raymond, just isn't enough. It falls on Gillis.

Marc Denis, Longtime NHL Goaltender, RDS Analyst

With the breaking news that Carey Price will miss Game 5, the guys were joined by RDS Analyst Marc Denis to discuss the dropoff in Price to Budaj, and how the Canadiens will respond to their star goaltenders absence. Montreal has gotten away from their game, and much of that has had to do with injuries. P.K Subban, at times, has been the best player on the ice, but at times, he's been very irresponsible. To be an NHL goalie, you need to have a certain presence, and act a certain way. Marc Andre Fleury just doesn't have the confidence right now, and that's why Bylsma is going with Vokoun.

Mark Zecchino, Golf Talk Canada

The host of Golf Talk Canada joined the guys to chat about the Vijay Singh lawsuit with the PGA Tour, and how it is primarily viewed as a joke amongst other tour members. Singh has earned more than 65M on Tour, so for him to turn around and sue them in a frivolous lawsuit, is very disrespectful.

Alyn McCauley, Pro Scout for the LA Kings, Former Toronto Maple Leaf

The former Leaf chatted about his time with the Maple Leafs, and how he'd scout the Toronto Maple Leafs. Alyn believes that it's important to keep the Leafs off the PP, as it's a potent offensive group that can do a lot of damage. With his job as a pro scout based in the Southern Ontario area, he's seen a lot of the Leafs and has been continually impressed with what he's seen. He also looked back on his time with the Maple Leafs, and recalled, that after a 3 Overtime game against the Senators in the playoffs, there was a long lineup for intravenous to replenish the players' fluids.

Jeff O'Neill, TSN 1050 Leafs Analyst

The O Dog opines that they played well enough to win the game, but a few crucial mistakes cost the Maple Leafs. He also reflected back on players wives, girlfriends and other family being involved in a TV broadcast. Boston has proven that game in, and game out, that if they need to close out a series they probably will. It will be interesting to see how the Leafs bounce back. It's tough to tell a team to trudge through and win three in a row against a team of the caliber of the Bruins.

May 8: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

To tee up tonight's Game 4, Jeff O'Neill checks in to discuss how tonight may be a must-win game for the Leafs and Gregor Chisholm of MLB.com joins Bob and Matt to discuss the scary situation involving J.A. Happ last night.


Hour 1:

Bob & Matt are joined by Adam Proteau of The Hockey News looking at the ousting of the Vancouver Canucks and the rest of the NHL playoffs. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

Katie Strang from ESPN.com joins to chat NHL playoffs, as well as a chat with Gregor Chisholm from MLB.com looking at the Blue Jays. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

Bob & Matt are joined by Jeff O'Neill previewing game 4, as well as a chat with Sean Burke of the Phoenix Coyotes looking at the Vezina. Hour 3 Audio


Adam Proteau, The Hockey News:

One of Macko and Cauz's favourite guests checked into the program to discuss the litany of complaints amongst playoff teams about referees so far this postseason. Both the Leafs/Bruins and Sharks/Canucks have taken exception to a considerable amount of incidents that have occurred so far. They also chatted about the Leafs, and Proteau expects that Matt Frattin will have a breakout performance tonight. Finally, they discussed some of the other ongoing NHL series, and how the Canadiens and Pens have goaltending problems that might not be correctable. It'll be tough for either team to justify pulling Carey Price or Marc Andre Fleury considering their past play, so they might have to live and die with them.

Katie Strang, ESPN.com

ESPN's star hockey reporter joins Bob and Matt to discuss the two New York based series involving the Islanders + Penguins and the Rangers + Capitals. Strang believes there's a very strong chance that Tomas Vokoun starts in Game 5. Marc Andre Fleury has not been strong at all in the postseason, and it might be best served to keep Fleury on the bench and see if he can bounce back later in the playoffs. She doesn't believe that Tortorella is in any danger of losing his job, even if the Rangers bow out early.

Gregor Chisholm, MLB.com

The author of the North of The Border blog chatted with Mackowycz and Cauz about Jay Happ's injury and how the Jays proceed with their rotation. Happ is in stable condition, and is expected to be released from the hospital today. The Jays have a tough decision to make with regards to Happ's replacement, as they could go a bunch of different ways. Brett Cecil can be stretched out, or they could bring up Claudio Vargas from AAA.

Jeff O'Neill, TSN 1050 Leafs Analyst

Macko and Cauz welcomed the O Dog to break down tonight's super important Game 4 between the Bruins and the Maple Leafs. Being more mentally proficient is the key for the game tonight, and O'Neill contends that tonight is a must-win game if the Leafs have any hope of coming back to win the series. Being down 3-1 in a series heading on the road is a very tough spot, so tonight's game will be essential for Toronto. He also chatted about Marc Andre Fleury, and how the Pens need to stick with him. He's their guy, and it's important to ride out the tough times with him.

Sean Burke, PHX Coyotes Asst. to the GM + Goaltending Coach

Sean reflected back on the 25th anniversary of Jim Schoenfeld calling NHL referee Don Koharski, and how the incident is viewed many years later. He also discussed the Vezina Trophy voting, and how he'd vote for Antti Niemi over Lundqvist and Bobrovsky. Bobrovsky played on a non-playoff team, while Lundqvist benefits from the East Coast media and a very sound defensive squad. When you play out West, there are some secrets that are kept under wraps, and Niemi's great play has been one of them. Burke also commented on James Reimer, and the difficulties of playing goal in a media market like Toronto. Reimer's been very solid throughout the year, and with all the scrutiny that he's under at all times, it helps to develop thick skin and that's something he's done very well.

May 7: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

In the aftermath of the Leafs Game 3 loss, Bob and Matt chat with Nick Cotsonika from Yahoo! Sports, Sean Fitz-Gerald of the National Post and James Mirtle to discuss the mistakes that cost Toronto their first home playoff win in nine years.


Hour 1:

Macko and Cauz discussed last nights Leafs playoff game and were joined by Nick Cotsonika from Yahoo sports. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

Macko and Cauz were joined by Sean Fitzgerald from the national post and James Mirtle from the Globe and Mail. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

Macko and Cauz were joined by Michael Landsberg from Off The Record and Dallas Green of City and Colour. Hour 3 Audio


9:30 - Nick Cotsonika – Yahoo! Sports

Nick joins the show to chat about the atmosphere at last night's Leaf game, as well as discuss what went wrong for the Leafs. Last night's crowd was impressive, even though it has only been one home playoff game. This is the Bruins series to lose, they have a deeper and more experienced team - it just depends on what Bruins team shows up. The Leafs hit two posts last night that could have changed the game; it was a lot closer than it appeared. Milan Lucic has taken a lot of criticism but he just seems to ramp up his game come playoff time, comparable to Johan Franzen in Detroit. Nick also talks about the changing of the guard in Detroit, and the tough position the Canucks now find themselves in after coming so close to winning the Stanley Cup.

10:00 - Sean Fitz-Gerald – National Post

Sean Fitz-Gerald joins Bob and Matt on location at Leafs practice to chat about last night's loss and the Bruins series so far. The Leafs-Bruins series has been a tale of three games – in Game 1, the Bruins controlled the play, Game 2 was the chess match, and Game 3 saw the Leafs actually outshoot the Bruins and still lose. Zdeno Chara is so valuable; he has that huge reach and already has the experience of winning a Stanley Cup which makes him a superstar. Some of the mistakes made last night like the Kessel giveaway are brain farts, not necessarily something you can fix with coaching. Sean also responded to Steve Simmons' thought on putting Mike Komisarek into the lineup for Game 4 – Komisarek has certain qualities, but the Leafs probably don't want to get slower and Komisarek doesn't have good foot speed.

10:30 - James Mirtle – The Globe and Mail

James joins the boys in the booth at the ACC and recaps last nights Bruins Leafs game and discussed the issue with Bozak's face-offs, saying that the Leafs need to win more face-offs to win the game. Mirtle breaks down the Bruins second line how that line won the game for them, and also calls Phaneuf's play tentative and uncertain. Mirtle also thinks that Liles will replace O'Byrne in game four. The Blues last years LA Kings and thinks they'll go to the western conference finals.

11:00 - Michael Landsberg – TSN's Off the Record

Michael joins the show for the fastest segment in sports radio to discuss the atmosphere at the ACC last night. The atmosphere in the ACC was great, but wasn't any different than what you would get in Ottawa, Vancouver, or any other city that has playoff hockey. The Leafs defense is made up of a lot of journeymen who have never been consistently good NHL defensemen. If the Leafs are going to beat the Bruins they need to have better goaltending – Reimer wasn't bad last night but he wasn't great either. Mike also talks about old Hockey Night in Canada days, when the broadcast would start 30-60 minutes after the games had begun.

11:30 - Dallas Green – City and Colour

Dallas joins Bob and Matt to chat about being a Leafs fan growing up and his love for the Toronto sports teams. With the hiring of Tim Leiweke as CEO of MLSE, it's tough to say that the Raptors will someday become as big and as important as the Maple Leafs. This is predominantly a hockey town, and you can see that in sports highlight shows that show 20 minutes of hockey highlights and a couple of basketball highlights. Part of the appeal of teams like the Yankees or the Red Sox is their winning history, that's the problem with teams like the Jays and Raptors and why they don't see the same type of support. To have the ACC rocking last night was great for the team and city despite the fact that the Leafs lost the game. Dallas also talks sports clichés and brings his own blend of music clichés into the mix.

May 6: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Bob and Matt are live at the ACC to tee up tonight's Game 3 and chat with Dave Feschuk, Jonas Siegel and Joe Haggerty about the keys to tonight's pivotal matchup.


Hour 1:

Macko and Cauz are LIVE from the ACC talking Leafs playoff hockey with Dave Feschuk as Toronto prepares for the first playoff game in nine years. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

Macko and Cauz LIVE at the ACC as the Leafs prepare for the return of Playoff hockey in Toronto and are joined by Jeff O'Neill and Jonas Siegel. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

Macko and Cauz continue their show LIVE from the ACC. Bruins insider Joe Haggerty joins the show to talk Leafs/Bruins Game 3. Hour 3 Audio


9:30 - Dave Feschuk – Toronto Star

Dave joins Macko and Cauz to preview Game 3 of the Leafs and Bruins tonight. The Bruins don't get excited about any of this, it being their sixth straight playoff run. It's different for the Leafs players, if you live in this city you know how much making the playoffs means to these fans. You can't underestimate this Bruins team, despite the fact that they haven't been that dominant thus far, they've been here before and it's something you have to be aware of if you're the Leafs. Dave also discusses last night's fight-filled Senators-Canadiens game, and the countless dirty plays that the Habs were responsible for.

10:30 - Jonas Siegel – TSN 1050 Leafs Reporter

Jonas joins the show to talk about the masterful job Randy Carlyle did of matching Claude Julien's lines on Saturday, and how Julien will respond on the road without the luxury of the last change. The four players Carlyle inserted into the lineup were very effective, but it will be interesting to see how Boston responds tonight. James Reimer battled throughout the game and made the stops he had to make, but unlike Matt, Jonas doesn't think Reimer's performance was very outstanding.

11:00 - Joe Haggerty – Comcast Sports Network

Joe joins Bob, Matt, and Jeff and receives a special Leafs hat as a gift, and chats about the support given to the marathon bombing victims and first responders at TD Garden on Saturday. For the Bruins to be successful tonight they need Zdeno Chara and Dennis Seidenberg back together and neutralizing the Leafs best players. The two of them have been together since Game 3 against Montreal during the Bruins' Stanley Cup run, and have been a solid pairing since on the Bruins back-end. Jaromir Jagr must have some sort of Czech strain of the flew, because it seems like he's been battling it for over a week.

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