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May 16: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Dave and guest co-host Dave Feschuk are joined by TSN hockey insiders Bob McKenzie and Darren Dreger to chat about the Leafs season-ending media session and CHL president David Branch checks in to talk about a star-studded Memorial Cup.


Hour 1:

Dave Naylor and Dave Feschuk are joined by CHL President David Branch, Bob McKenzie and Buffalo Bills President Russ Brandon. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

Dave Naylor and Dave Feschuk are joined by Darren Dreger and Edmonton mayor Stephen Mandel to discuss the new arena deal. Hour 2 Audio


5:00 – TSN Hockey Insider Bob McKenzie

Joined the program to discuss the challenges that await the depleted Boston Bruins in the next round of the playoffs following their grueling seven game series with Toronto. What areas of concern must be addressed in the off-season for the Toronto Maple Leafs? McKenzie also touches on Canada's loss to Sweden in the World Hockey Championships.

5:15 – President of the Buffalo Bills Russ Brandon

Phoned in to discuss the Bills promotion of Doug Whaley to the vacant General Manager position following Buddy Nix resigning earlier this week. Did the announcement from Nix come as a surprise? With Whaley's background in analytical analysis, will the Bills base more of their personnel moves on this developing trend? Brandon also discusses the reasons for Whaley's promotion and previews the upcoming Buffalo Bills season.

5:30 – OHL Commissioner and CHL President David Branch

Joined the program to discuss the Memorial Cup in Saskatoon which opens tomorrow and features the top three-ranked prospects for the upcoming NHL Draft in Seth Jones, Nathan MacKinnon and Jonathan Drouin. With the host Saskatoon Blades losing in the first round of the WHL Playoffs yet still qualifying for the tournament, will there be a change to the tournament format for next year? Branch also touched on the illegal benefit penalties that were levied at the Portland Winterhawks earlier this season, and how the CHL will act in such a case going forward.

6:00 – Mayor of Edmonton Stephen Mandel

Joined the show to discuss the Edmonton Oilers new downtown arena scheduled for opening in 2016-2017 NHL season. After a long negotiating squabble between the city of Edmonton and team owner Daryl Katz, including Katz threat of moving the team to Seattle, the arena has been approved with a split in financing from Katz and the city. What were the reasons the city found feasible to split the cost of the new venture, and how will this deal benefit the city in areas other then hockey? Mandel also compares the funding of the arena to the funding of recreation centers.

6:15 – TSN Hockey Insider Darren Dreger

Checked in with a report from the Leafs locker cleaning day, which saw all the coaching staff and players speak to the media. Are the Leafs happy with the status quo in net and is James Reimer the number one goaltender going forward? Do the Leafs plan on shopping Dion Phaneuf and Phil Kessel a year before they become free agents? Dreger also weighs in on what players the Leafs will be interested in this off-season, and how the club plans to solve their center woes.

May 15: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Filling in for Dave, Mike Hogan and guest co-host Steve Milton are joined by Alex Anthopoulos to discuss whether the playoffs are still in reach and Bob Mckenzie checks in to chat about the Raffi Torres hit.


Hour 1:

Steve Milton co-hosts with Mike Hogan and are joined by Toronto Blue Jay VP and General Manager Alex Anthopoulos. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

Mike Hogan is joined by TSN Hockey Insider Bob McKenzie, Bruce Arthur of The National Post, and Richard Griffin of The Toronto Star. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

Mike Hogan is joined by TSN Hockey Insider Darren Dreger, and TSN NBA and NCAA Analyst Jack Armstrong. Hour 3 Audio


4:30 – Toronto Blue Jays VP and General Manager Alex Anthopoulos

Talked about the team's early season struggle and what they have to do in order to ensure that the playoffs are still in reach. The team isn't playing as well as they hoped even though the talent is there. They are slowly starting to get where they want to be. When Jose Reyes went down it didn't seem like there was a true lead-off hitter. The bottom of the line-up has been doing some things in the last few games. Reyes is no longer wearing the boot and he will be out until the all-star break but he can also be back before that. Every team in the division has the talent to be in the playoffs.

5:00 – TSN Hockey Insider Bob McKenzie

Explained that the reason that the NHL requested an in person hearing is so that they have the option to suspend a player for more than six games. He should get between three and five games. When a player gets suspended in the regular season they have to pay a fine but if they get suspended in the playoffs, they don't get a financial penalty. Raffi Torres has done a good job on staying on the right side of things until last night, it looked as though he was just finishing his check, however he didn't go body on body. There isn't as much talent on the San Jose blue line although they have made some huge strides on the top line. The Penguins are able to flip a switch that no team in the east can match. The Senators will be fine if they stay out of the penalty box. Every round is different between any two teams.

5:30 – Bruce Arthur of The National Post

Said that the apology from ESPN regarding Chris Broussard's comments were not genuine. They had to have known what Broussard was going to say because he must have expressed his opinion previously. If they were going to debate the Jason Collins situation, you have to have a sports spin on it. Homophobic slurs will be treated the same as racial slurs as the world changes. Homosexuality will never be a majority, but there will be a huge transition between now and then.

5:45 – Richard Griffin of The Toronto Star

Talked about how RA Dickey was able to get the knuckleball going. JP Arencibia looks like he is swinging at the count instead of the pitch. He is proud of the numbers that he puts up, but pitchers make adjustments when they see guys at bat swinging. Jose Reyes would make a difference in the batting lineup and when he comes back in addition to the defense he provided, they will have a chance to claw their way back to .500.

6:15 – TSN Hockey Insider Darren Dreger

Doesn't think that the fans will be exhausted from the amount of outdoor games announced for next year's NHL schedule. The original plan was to have The Heritage Classic in Canada every two years. The players want to play in the outdoor games because they get a share of the revenue. There is a gap between the NHL and the European market that would only make sense to close.

6:30 – TSN NBA and NCAA Analyst Jack Armstrong

Wasn't surprised to see Andrew Wiggins' decision to go to Kansas. He will get the opportunity to play the minutes and develop his skill within the probable one year he is there. It has gotten to the point where coaches are coaching with the junior mentality where they get players for only one or two years. The mentality now is compared to a professional team where its all about the next year. Schools can't offer anything different except the development reputation, environment, and academics. The Raptors influenced a lot of kids in Toronto to play basketball. They have the potential to turn it around next season. If they start the year off like they did last season they may end up with Wiggins.

May 14: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

In the aftermath of the Leafs crushing Game 7 loss in Boston, Dave and guest co-host Mike Hogan chatted with Bob McKenzie and Darren Dreger about where things went wrong and what the team will look to improve in the off-season.


Hour 1:

Dave is joined by TSN 1050 Maple Leafs reporter Jonas Siegel and Jim Ralph to talk about the Leafs' game seven loss to the Bruins. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

Dave is joined by TSN Hockey Insider Bob McKenzie, GM of the Red Wings Ken Holland, Dave Poulin, and ESPN's Dan Shulman. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

Dave is joined by sports psychologist Dr. Saul Miller and TSN Hockey Insider Darren Dreger. Hour 3 Audio


4:00 – Jim Ralph and Jonas Siegel

Joined Dave for a round table discussing last night's Maple Leafs collapse. The Leafs were shocked that they were up by three goals during the third period and just fell apart. The Bruins only needed the second goal and they knew it was over. It seemed as though the Leafs didn't expect Boston to care to come back, but they did. Randy Carlyle said that this was a great testing ground to see what kind of character the team had. Some players raised their value and some guys didn't step up. No matter how the Leafs lost last night, losing was disappointing. James Reimer went through so much adversity last year and there so many question marks. He learned that you can't get wrapped up in the media and he understood how everything works. The Leafs became confident with momentum and then got paralyzed with it.

5:00 – TSN Hockey Insider Bob McKenzie

Described the fans' anger during the Bruins/Leafs game and it seemed as if it was over. The Leafs looked as they were fatigued and Dion Phaneuf looked as if he was trying to conserve energy. Cody Franson and Jake Gardiner were running around in the defensive zone. Fatigue was definitely a factor and that's when they started to break down. Zdeno Chara was running around the ice when the Leafs got the first few goals and he was mentally fatigued more than physical. Boston has a tremendous fourth line and they play a big role in the game. The NHL won't respond to Alex Ovechkin's quote about a game seven between the Rangers and the Capitals being forced for higher ratings. Ottawa certainly has a chance to beat the Penguins but if Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin play to their potential they can roll over the Senators.

5:15 – Detroit Red Wings Senior VP and General Manager Ken Holland

Described the excitement and anticipation for the second round series between the Red Wings and the Blackhawks. The Red Wings have been in playoff mode for the last month of the regular season. The players have really stuck to the program and the leaders have stepped up to keep everyone calm. The team is trying to move up a younger generation of Red Wing players to get them comfortable with the playoff experience. They're learning on the fly and with the veteran players with the experience they're guiding the younger guys through the playoffs. The Blackhawks are the best team in the league and they have a very deep team. They're going to get their scoring chances and goals but Jimmy Howard has faced a lot of quality scoring chances and given the team a chance to win every night.

5:30 – Vice President of Hockey Operations for the Maple Leafs Dave Poulin

Described the displeasure of losing a game seven when he played and was leading by three goals. It is much easier to play because you feel you have control over what happened. Yesterday's game didn't seem like the Leafs were under siege. Once the Bruins got the third goal that is when the crowd and the team got going. Through the course of the series, the Leafs were getting better in many situations. For all of the heat that Phil Kessel has taken here, he took his game to a different level during these playoffs in all three zones. The direction of the team is positive and direction of each player, they look like they are all going in the right direction. Mikhail Grabovksi had a difficult year but he competed hard. Dion Phaneuf played about 26 minutes a game and he gives the team everything he has. He is a high profile player and he demands a lot from his player. He has grown a lot since the time he was named captain and will continue to. Some of the decisions that management makes regarding contracts are dependent on the direction that they believe the players are going. The goal is to keep the team getting better and the Marlies are what pushes the Leafs. The team is leaning more towards trades rather than picking up a player in free agency. The Marlies are a young team and they attract interest from all over the league and that makes the Leafs a deeper team.

5:45 – Voice of MLB on ESPN Dan Shulman

Couldn't believe that the Leafs blew the lead against the Bruins in game seven. Everything changed when they had the lead in game seven and looking back, they choked. The style of Florida State doesn't suite Andrew Wiggins. Kansas is the best choice that he could have made. He has a better chance of winning a national championship if he went to Kentucky. He is clearly the best player that is going to play next year. Barry Zito pitched great in the playoffs. After so many years of wrestling with the big contract, he got to a point where he just goes out and does what he has to do and is more comfortable with his situation.

6:00 – Sports Psychologist Dr Saul Miller

Believes that teams that are the underdogs don't always believe in themselves. Experience does play a factor in the game and Boston just kept playing and didn't give up until it was over. Confidence comes from success in the past and when something starts to go wrong the underdog thinks "what is going to go wrong?". The injuries that Boston had brought them down a bit and they began to think that they wouldn't be able to beat. There is the thought of don't blow it rather than let's play.

6:15 – TSN Hockey Insider Darren Dreger

Reflected on the collapse of the Maple Leafs in game seven. After Boston tied the game up there was no doubt that they would win in overtime. The Leafs have to upgrade the middle of the ice and they're looking for a top line centre. Tyler Bozak will have a lot of suitors for free agency. David Clarkson has a lot of grit and fire power. The Leafs have to focus in on a three four or five defenseman. Their not strong defensively, and don't have a great collection of shut down players. Dion Phaneuf's contract will be a delicate situation. They have to be absolutely sure that he is your number one defenseman or even the number two. Toronto has interest in keeping Clarke MacArthur but they're not willing to overpay for him.

May 13: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Ahead of Game 7, Dave and guest co-host Steve Milton tee up Leafs/Bruins with Bob McKenzie, Gary Roberts and Jonas Siegel.


Hour 1:

Steve Milton of the Hamilton Spectator co-hosts with Dave and are joined by former Leaf Gary Roberts, Gary Lawless of TSN 1290, and Jonas Siegel. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

Dave is joined by TSN Hockey Insider Bob McKenzie, Bryan Hayes, Bruce Arthur of The National Post, and former Maple Leaf Jeff O'Neill. Hour 2 Audio


4:00 – Former NHL forward Gary Roberts

Discussed the emotions that come with playing in a game 7. There is a lot of momentum going into the game and it is important that the players have confidence in their goalie. Playing back-to-back games is probably an advantage for the Leafs. Boston is an experienced team and have been through different playoff scenarios. If James Reimer can continue to play like he has over the last few games, the Leafs have a good chance to win this series. Boston has a few players that haven't been effective. There is a lot of pressure on each player on the Leafs because they are always criticized playing in a market like Toronto. Reimer handles the energy and he handles the game well. He has the mentality to be a good playoff goalie. The Leafs have done a great job in the last six months in bringing the team together that gives them a chance to win game 7. Randy Carlyle instills the fear in his young players and they need that in order to be successful. Boston didn't think that this series would be this tough. Zdeno Chara is one of the most honest players and he has to get the team to step up, specifically the first line.

4:30 – Gary Lawless of TSN 1290 in Winnipeg

Said that Joe Colborne was supposed to be a scratch and instead Tyler Bozak was the scratch. Randy Carlyle has a lot of tricks up his sleeve. He used to go and watch pregame skates of the opposition and take notes because he likes to know what he is up against. He is one of the best coaches in hockey right now. When he was coaching in the AHL he coached like an NHL coach, he held his players to a high standard and worked hard to win.

4:45 – TSN 1050 Maple Leafs Reporter Jonas Siegel

Explained that Joe Colborne was told that he would be playing in game number six because Tyler Bozak wouldn't be able to play. During the pre-game skate, Bozak did his line rushes and didn't touch the puck much. Colborne wasn't allowed to tell anyone that he was playing except for his parents. Korbinian Holzer made the trip to Boston with the team while Bozak stayed back in Toronto. The players seemed nervous today and there is a different sense about game 7 than game 5 or 6. The Leafs have risen to the moment the last few games.

5:00 – TSN Hockey Insider Bob McKenzie

Gave his opinion on yesterday's lineup situation and Randy Carlyle's decision to make a real last minute change. Until the official final lineup goes in, anything can happen. The defense pair of Cody Franson and Jake Gardiner has been unbelievable. Franson has always been a good defenseman and he has been a beast in this series. Claude Julien coaches a different style than Randy Carlyle where he has kept his lines the same during the whole series. Jaromir Jagr is one of the hardest players to play with because he is an "east west" type of player. Washington didn't play with a great sense of urgency last night. Both Alex Ovechkin and Rick Nash are counted on for offensive production. Which ever of those two breaks out in game seven will be on the team that wins.

5:15 – Bryan Hayes

Described how hard it is for Leaf fans to be optimistic. When he broke down the series, it is evident that the Leafs deserve to go to the second round. Being at yesterday's game was incredible because the crowd was great. The city is ready to explode and there was finally a unity between the upper bowl and the lower bowl. For the most part, it has been a fun ride and everyone wants to see it continue.

5:30 – Bruce Arthur of The National Post

Reflected on the series between the Leafs and the Bruins from Boston and at the beginning of the series the Leafs didn't look like they could compete with the Bruins. Game after game, the team has grown together and it is a coin flip game, where any team can win this series. Jake Gardiner has gotten a lot better over the last few games. The Leafs are a really young team and Boston has ended with a game seven so many times. Phil Kessel is a point a game player in the playoffs and he is the player you want in terms of high end offensive talent.

5:45 – Former Maple Leaf Jeff O'Neill

Described playing in an important game 7. Claude Julien has to shake something up in his lineup. Nazem Kadri loves the big stage and he is so creative. Jake Gardiner and Cody Franson looked great as a pair on the blue line. The Leafs have proven that they can beat the Bruins and they stole the momentum from them in this series. There is going to be some nervousness in the arena during game 7. Toronto believes that they are the better team.

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