May 17: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

With the Jays opening up an important early-season series in New York, Bob and Matt chat with ESPN's Buster Olney who says Toronto should still be considered a contender in the AL East.


Hour 1:

Leafs Banquet, was the Raffi Torres suspension too harsh, & Cathal Kelly - Toronto Star. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

Macko & Cauz talk MLB with Buster Olney, Washington Capitals with forward Tom Wilson, and discuss whether NHL players should go to the Olympics. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

Macko and Cauz chat with HNIC's Kelly Hrudey, Off The Record host Michael Landsberg, and more! Hour 3 Audio


Cathal Kelly, Toronto Star:

The Toronto Star columnist joined Bob and Matt to chat some hoops, including the future of Bryan Colangelo and Andrew Wiggins committing to the University of Kansas. The Raptors and MLSE as a whole seem to be dithering on the Colangelo decision, and it's become rather odd. Why would you send a lameduck GM to represent your organization at the NBA draft combine? It's becoming more apparent that Colangelo will return. As for Wiggins, the low-key way he conducted himself when making his decision was very intriguing. He's clearly a guy who doesn't like the spotlight, and that's commendable in this day and age.

Buster Olney, ESPN MLB Insider:

The Blue Jays can absolutely climb back into the playoff race. You could easily point out warts in each of the 5 AL East Teams, and if the surge of offence by Toronto we've seen over the past few games is for real, they can easily make up some ground. Much of the Jays problems revolve around injuries, Reyes and Johnson being out hurt a lot. With David Price, there have been warning signs around him since the beginning of the season. They could have gotten a huge haul for him prior to opening day, but now it's become increasingly likely they'll need to showcase him and he'll need to pitch well to move him prior to the trade deadline.

Tom Wilson, Washington Capitals:

Tom relived the moment when he broke his skate blade and had to hobble off the ice. He recounted how the Rangers bench was chirping him pretty hard as he was attempting to get off the ice as fast as he could. Seeing Nash, Callahan and Lundqvist was very cool, but he couldn't dwell on it too much as they're the enemy. It was important to maintain focus. Ovechkin takes a lot of heat but even if he's not scoring goals, he's still making an impact on both ends of the ice. All the Caps players were surprised when they learned he was playing with a fractured foot.

Kelly Hrudey, Hockey Night in Canada:

Hrudey played in the game when a hit like Raffi Torres' was commonplace. The ruggedness of yesteryear that separated hockey from others is going away. Brooks Laich is his favourite NHL player, and Laich said about 18 months ago that he wishes that the league would stop being babysat. Zdeno Chara is playing a ton of minutes right now, and he's such a big guy, all those minutes can really take a toll. There will be some wear and tear on him and it'll be interesting to track him going forward. Re: Team Canada -- still has Price as his starter, but guesses that Reimer will get an invite to the Training Camp in Calgary.

Michael Landsberg, Off The Record:

Michael and the guys debate wearing shorts and sandals in the workplace, Ilya Bryzgalov's comments on Joseph Stalin and if the Leafs should re-sign Tyler Bozak.

May 16: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

As the Leafs head home for the offseason, Bob and Matt chat with Jonas Siegel and James Mirtle about some of the potential moves Dave Nonis will have to consider.


Hour 1:

Jonas Siegel - TSN 1050 Leafs Beat Reporter, discussing James Harrison's $400k budget on his body. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

James Mirtle - The Globe and Mail, Gregor Chisholm -, and the 2nd Round NHL Drinking Game. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

Macko & Cauz talk with Josh Harding, and discuss the last nights NBA playoffs. Hour 3 Audio


Jonas Siegel, TSN 1050 Leafs Reporter

Looking at the tweet from Joffrey Lupul, it's clear that this loss will be relived for a long time. It won't be something you get over quickly. Jonas isn't sure you can learn much from the collapse. You can't garner much from a 10 minute span. You need to look at it in a broader scope. This team needs to improve their defence, and they couldn't withstand the injuries. They need some clarification on Bozak, on MacArthur and on the other UFAs. Also, what is Nazem Kadri? Is he a top line centre? Is James Reimer a top flight netminder? The Leafs have a lot of questions to answer.

James Mirtle, the Globe and Mail

The Professor joined the boys to give a post-mortem on the Leafs, and what he expects the team to do in the offseason. Mirtle says that the number one positive garnered from this season, is the consistency that Randy Carlyle has demonstrated this year. He knows what he wants from his players. And that really works for the players. All the players on the team knows where they stand, and Carlyle emerged as an inspirational figure for the team

Gregor Chisholm,

This is the 2nd year in a row with Sergio Santos where he's been injured and we just don't know when he'll return. All signs point to him being ready after 4-6 weeks, but with his track record, it's hard to pinpoint an exact date. We've seen John Gibbons tinker with his lineup, and Melky Cabrera is starting to swing the bat well, and when you have guys getting on base consistently in front of Bautista and Edwin, that will work well. You're also starting to see Bonifacio become a factor as well.

Josh Harding, Minnesota Wild Goaltender

The Wild Goaltender and Masterton Trophy nominee joined Macko and Cauz to chat about his candidacy for the Masterton Trophy, and to look back on how he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. The organizations, from the players to the management, were very respectful and loyal to him all throughout the process. The Wild gave him the chance to play in the NHL, and the way that they've stood behind him has been greatly appreciated by both him and his entire family.

May 15: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

With the Leafs officially looking towards 2013-14, Bob and Matt talk second round playoff matchups with Kenny Albert of the MSG Network and Rob Rossi of the Pittsburgh Tribune Review.


Hour 1:

Bob & Matt talk RA Dickey, Lithuanian arm wrestling, and focus on the Sens-Pens series with Rob Rossi. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

Bob & Matt are joined by Kenny Albert from the MSG Network, and Dave Reid from the NHL Network previewing Round 2 of the playoffs. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

Macko and Cauz were joined this hour by Craig Button from the NHL on TSN and Gary Lawless of the Winnipeg Free Press. Hour 3 Audio


Rob Rossi, Pittsburgh Tribune Review

Rossi joined Macko and Cauz to discuss the importance of Matt Cooke to the Penguins lineup. He's kind of the glue guy for the team over the past few years. The Pens have been so fixated on winning Cups, but haven't even been able to get over the hump of the 1st round. Now that they took out the Isles, this is a team that is on a mission. Rossi believes that whoever faces the Pens is going to be the sentimental favourite, and the most interesting team that Ray Shero said about the Pens is how they're not going to be likeable in other cities, and that's really been apparent so far in the postseason.

Kenny Albert, MSG Network

The voice of the Rangers checked into the program to break down tomorrow night's Game 1 between New York and Boston. As many times as Claude Julien has referred to the Bruins as a Jekyl and Hyde team, that also is personified with the Rangers as well. This is a team that has looked so good on some nights and so bad on others. As long as you have Henrik Lundquist, you'll always have a shot to win, but the onus is on Brad Richards and the Rangers offensive starts to start earning their keep.

Dave Reid, Longtime NHLer, Co-Host of That's Hockey 2Nite

Ovechkin doesn't have a very strong supporting cast in Washington when it comes to playoff hockey, and there wasn't a lot of offence produced by the other players on the squad. It appeared that they missed Alexander Semin, he's a dynamic option offensively, and without him, they didn't have enough potency on the offensive end. With the Maple Leafs, the forecheck just wasn't there in the 3rd period. It was almost as though they were playing basketball. It wasn't the gameplan to play that passively, and playoff experience definitely factored into it.

Craig Button, NHL on TSN

TSN's Resident Scout and GM checked into the program to chat about the future of the Leafs. Dave Nonis has a ton of difficult decisions to make this offseason, the first of which involves Tyler Bozak. Do they want to sign him long-term as one of their top centres? Is a Kadri/Bozak duo enough longterm? It's tough to rationalize it, as finding a top tier C is almost impossible in today's NHL. Secondly, the future of Dion Phaneuf is an interesting one as well. He's eligible for UFA at the end of NEXT season, and will be looking for a long-term, big money deal. It's almost impossible to see him earning near his 6.5M per year, especially long-term, so it will be very interesting to see how it all shakes out.

Gary Lawless, TSN 1290

Derek Boogaard's lawsuit could be the the tip of the iceberg with regards to the beginning of the end for fighting in the NHL. This lawsuit names the NHL, all of the Board of Governors, Gary Bettman, and there will be more of these. Whether it's successful or not, it doesn't matter. This is the beginning of the end for fighting in the NHL. Once the ball gets rolling, it's just a matter of time. All it takes for one judge or one jury to rule one way, and it could change the face of the league for many years.

May 14: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Following their tragic Game 7 overtime loss, Bob and Matt chat with Mark Recchi, James Duthie and Jeff O'Neill about what went wrong and where the Leafs go from here.


Hour 1:

Macko and Cauz looked back on last night's Leafs devastating loss and were joined by former NHLer Mark Recchi. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

Macko and Cauz were joined by James Duthie from the NHL on TSN and Shawn Simpson from the Team 1200 in Ottawa. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

Macko and Cauz were joined by Jeff O'Neil, TSN 1050 Leafs analyst and Adam Proteau of The Hockey News. Hour 3 Audio


Mark Recchi, Longtime NHLer, Dallas Stars Hockey Operations Advisor

The three-time Stanley Cup champion, including one with the Bruins, looked back at the series, and Boston has learned from some tough losses in the past. There are always losses you can build off of, you learn from it and grow as players. Zdeno Chara was a huge part of last night's game, he's a Norris Trophy winner and he was asked to do more than what he normally does. It was a great performance from him, and even though he played a ton of hard minutes, his play didn't suffer at all. Recchi also talked about his former teammate Jaromir Jagr, and how he's going to be a perfect fit for Boston going forward. He doesn't believe that Game 7's should be called differently than any other game, and it's wholly dependent on the referees and the way they decide to call the game.

James Duthie, NHL on TSN

The host of the NHL on TSN joined the guys to discuss the Rangers/Caps series, and how the Rangers have perfected the art of drawing penalties. With the Leafs, once you get beyond the gut wrenching pain of the 24 hours after a tough loss, as time goes by, it's like a Great War story. What a story to have as a Leafs fan. Yes, they blew it, but it was still a heckuva game, and if he was a die hard Leaf fan, eventually, he'd appreciate that game in the future for sure.

Shawn Simpson, Team 1200 Ottawa

The Team 1200 host joined the program to tee up the Sens/Pens series that begins tonight, and how it's unfair to expect Jason Spezza to return tonight, but his return is very likely shortly in this series. This is the next Captain of the team after Alfredsson retires. As for Paul MacLean, he schooled Michel Therrien unlike any other coach has done in the last 20 years. You have to be thrilled to see him have that type of success, he's the type that embodies the city of Ottawa. Re: the series with Pittsburgh, the Sens don't have the depth up front, but they do have size on defence. The hope that Ottawa has is that they have better goaltending, and how Pittsburgh isn't firing on all cylinders right now.

Jeff O'Neill, TSN 1050 Leafs Analyst

The O Dog isn't sure you really learn anything from a loss like that, it's hard to judge certain individuals on 10 minutes of play. You can't make hard decisions on those 10 brutal minutes, but sometimes you're only as good as your bad contracts. Most nights you can say that about Dion Phaneuf and Mikhail Grabovski. These guys are getting paid a ton of money, and you need to put those guys under the microscope.

Adam Proteau, the Hockey News

The absence of Tyler Bozak was very noticeable, especially in the faceoff circle. The Leafs lost over 70% of draws last night, and it'll be interesting to track his contract negotiations. Bozak is a smart player and he's a solid player, but he clearly was playing hurt, and that could cost him in his talks with Dave Nonis.

May 13: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

On the day of the Leafs biggest playoff game in nine years, Bob and Matt chat about what to expect in Game 7 versus the Bruins on TSN 1050 with the Toronto Star's Dave Feschuk, Buffalo Sabres forward Cody Hodgson and Jeff O'Neill.


Hour 1:

Macko and Cauz chat Leafs/Bruins with the Toronto Star's Dave Feschuk. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

Macko and Cauz chat with Buffalo Sabres forward Cody Hodgson about his games versus Boston and talk wall-to-wall Leafs Playoff Hockey. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

Macko and Cauz are joined by Jeff O'Neill, Michael Landsberg and Mayor Rob Ford checks in and predicts a 4-3 OT win for the Leafs. Hour 3 Audio


Dave Feschuk, The Toronto Star

A Monday morning staple, the Toronto Star columnist chimed in with Macko and Cauz to break down a wild night in Toronto last night, as the Leafs took out the Bruins to force a game 7 in Beantown tonight. Dave has been thoroughly impressed with the work on James Reimer. He's a guy who's been under fire for his entire Maple Leaf career, and he's been a shining light for the Maple Leafs in their first round series. The Bruins are a team that just hasn't shown the same fight and resilience that they have in the past. They're in real danger of blowing this 3-1 lead, and tonight's game could be pivotal for a number of Bruins, including their coach.

Cody Hodgson, Buffalo Sabres

Playing against Chara is very intimidating, and the only thing you can do is go at him as much as possible. You have to just try and outwork him the best you can. Playing against the Bruins can be tough, they have a ton of competitors that push the lines, including Brad Marchand. He also reflected back on his time in Haliburton with Matt Duchene, and his golf tournament coming up for flood relief in the Haliburton area.

Jeff O'Neill, TSN 1050 Leafs Analyst

The "O Dog" checked into the program to chat about how the Leafs are doing a good job of defending the Bruins top 6 forwards, but Claude Julien has refused to make any adjustments. He won't move Jagr around, and he's been one of the Bruins most dynamic player. Phil Kessel has been a strong force in the playoffs so far, he's not always the most vocal player, and it's become apparent that the Bruins are having issues contending with the foot speed of Kessel and the Leafs.

Michael Landsberg, Off The Record + Toronto Mayor Rob Ford,

Landsberg joined Macko and Cauz, and a special guest caller, the Mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford, to give his prediction for the tonight's Leafs game. He predicted a 4-3 OT victory for the Leafs with Joffrey Lupul netting the winner.

Macko and Cauz: May 6-10.

Macko and Cauz: Apr. 29-May 3.

Macko and Cauz: Apr. 22-26.

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