May 24: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

With John Tortorella deciding to make Brad Richards a healthy scratch in Game 4, Bob and Matt chat with Adam Proteau of The Hockey News and James Mirtle of The Globe and Mail about whether that signals the end of Richards' time in New York.


Hour 1:

Who's had the more disappointing playoffs - Hawks or Rangers? & Adam Proteau - The Hockey News. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

James Mirtle - The Globe and Mail, discussing Alfie's comments on the Sens' chances vs. the Pens. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

Macko and Cauz are joined by Austin Croshere to talk NBA Playoffs and Michael Landsberg. Hour 3 Audio


Adam Proteau, the Hockey News

When you embarrass and humiliate someone like Brad Richards, the relationship between him and the team might be unsalvageable. Torts and Richards go back quite a ways, but after signing that huge contract a few offseasons ago, and for the Rangers, a team that hasn't treated their high priced players well in recent years, it could have an effect on free agents going forward as well.

James Mirtle, the Globe and Mail

"The Professor" joined Macko and Cauz to chat about the latest in the NHL playoffs, and the possibility that the Rangers ultimately amnesty Brad Richards after the season. The new Cap Recapture rule implemented with the new CBA is extremely penal with regards to the old school, cap diving contracts, and Richards' is certainly no exception. It's a different situation than with the Canucks and Roberto Luongo, as it appears Luongo can still be a valuable piece, while the jury is still out with regards to Richards' future.

Austin Croshere, Longtime NBAer, Indiana Pacers Analyst

At the NBA level, you have to have confidence in what your coach is trying to do, but a star player like Hibbert, he would usually expect to be out there in a defensive situation. When you lose like the Pacers did, there will be second guessing, but Hibbert and Vogel have a lot of respect for each other, so the animosity will blow over. LeBron and Shaq are both dominant forces, but someone has to get Shaq the ball, while LeBron is dominant wherever and whenever he is on the floor. With Dwight Howard, their entire roster in Orlando was designed around him. Stan Van Gundy was an excellent coach with the Magic. In Dwight's year with the Lakers, there was a ton of ups and downs both on and off the court.

Michael Landsberg, Off The Record

The Host of OTR checked into the program to chat about Daniel Alfredsson's statement on the feasibility of a Sens comeback, how Alfredsson was hypocritical, and how Glen Sather is to blame if anyone takes the fall in New York.

May 23: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Bob and Matt chat with Scott MacArthur about Jose Bautista's heroics in yesterday's win over the Rays and Craig Button checks in to discuss Alain Vigneault's firing and whether the Pens/Sens series is all but over.


Hour 1:

Recapping last night's NHL and NBA Playoffs, Vigneault's firing, & Scott MacArthur - TSN 1050 Blue Jays reporter. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

Craig Button - NHL on TSN, Robert Weintraub - author of "The Victory Season", April Fools pranks gone wrong. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

Macko and Cauz talk with Dwight Walton, John Buccigross, and wrap up the show. Hour 3 Audio


Scott MacArthur, TSN 1050 Blue Jays Analyst

The Blue Jays are 9-6 in their last 15 games, and Scott maintains they don't need a long winning streak to climb back into the race. They need to tread water until Jose Reyes' return, and Bautista's day was very important. If he's hot and if this is a sign that the power stroke is coming back, it can add up to a victory or two along the way. Sean Nolin is expected to start on Friday, and he's been real good in AA this year. And tonight, Kevin Gausman makes his ML debut for the Orioles, the 4th overall pick in last year's MLB draft.

Craig Button, NHL on TSN

When Mike Gillis came on, Vigneault was already in tow. Gillis kept Alain, and they had a lot of success together. As good a coach as Vigneault is, there comes a point in time when change is necessary. When you're a team that's right up against the cap like Vancouver is, you have to get more lower priced players into your lineup. The Penguins in Game 3 were excellent, and it was only because of Craig Anderson that the Sens had a chance to win that game. Daniel Alfredsson is an excellent leader, and he was being frank when he said that it probably wasn't feasible for the Sens to come back.

Robert Weintraub, Author of "The Victory Season"

Weintraub's Book: THE VICTORY SEASON: The End of World War II and the Birth of Baseball's Golden Age tells the triumphant story of baseball in North America after World War II – with a strong Canadian connection – bringing to life the legendary 1946 season that embodies what is now considered the game's golden era. He chatted about the Jackie Robinson film "42" and if he felt it was a fair and accurate representation.

Dwight Walton, TSN NBA Analyst

Frank Vogel was in a damned if you do, damned if you don't situation last night. The Miami Heat present a ton of matchup problems, and keeping Hibbert on the bench was a result of the Heat playing Chris Bosh at the 5. The Lakers catered to Steve Nash and to Mike D'Antoni by bringing him in as the Coach, and that clearly backfired with all of Nash's injuries and his questionable future with the team.

John Buccigross, ESPN

The ESPN anchor joined us from Bristol to chat about the healthy scratching of Brad Richards and how his concussion last year clearly has impacted his play this year. For Richards to be a healthy scratch in an elimination game, it goes to show how disappointing his play has been for Tortorella this year. He also chatted about eating an entire bucket of chicken, a yearly tradition at ESPN.

May 22: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Bob and Matt are joined by Grantland's Zach Lowe to chat about Bryan Colangelo's reign as Raptors GM, the Rudy Gay trade and the possibility of the team hiring Masai Ujiri.


Hour 1:

Bob & Matt look at the final call in last night's Blue Jays game, as well as being joined by Sean McIndoe discussing different types of fans. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

Bob & Matt are joined by Zach Lowe from Grantland, discuss Sergio Garcia's remarks, and chat with Ben Wagner from the Buffalo Bisons. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

Bob & Matt are joined by Jonathan Davis from, discuss the future of John Tortarella and chat with Bruce Buffer from the UFC. Hour 3 Audio


Sean McIndoe, Down Goes Brown

The Grantland columnist checked into the program to chat about the Leafs heartbreaking loss and to rank the 20 types of depressed sports fan, ranging from the fan that punches a wall to the over-the-top meltdown fan.

Zach Lowe,

Masai Ujiri was thrust into a difficult situation with the Carmelo trade in Denver, and he came out sparkling, and that's a big reason he's as well regarded as he is. Colangelo has made some poor decisions, but the reality is, as a GM in this league, you need some luck. There's no real formula to get a Tim Duncan instead of Andrea Bargnani. Rudy Gay is solid as your #2 option, but the success of your team will be wholly dependent on who your top dog is. The Raptors need to find that #1 option, but it'll be tough because they're paying Gay the big dollars.

Ben Wagner, PxP Voice of the Buffalo Bisons

Last night's performance by Ricky Romero was a step in the right direction. He induced a lot of ground balls, and looking back the entire body of work, his first 5 innings were the best he's thrown since coming to Buffalo. Romero realizes that minimizing walks is very important, and he's been digesting a lot of video to correct his mechanical flaws.

Jonathan Davis, West Coast Hockey

Jonny Davis jumped on Macko and Cauz to chat about the Kings-Sharks series, and how Joe Thornton has been the X-Factor in Games 3 and 4. Coming back from a 0-2 deficit is a difficult proposition, especially against a team as hardened as the Kings, but the Sharks might just have the star power to come back. Logan Couture has emerged as a true star in this series, and deserves serious consideration for a spot on Team Canada in 2014 and as one of the best young players in the NHL. As for the Kings, the top line of Williams, Brown and Kopitar really need to get it together and put some goals on the board. Jeff Carter and Mike Richards have been consistent throughout the playoffs, but the "top" line needs to play up to their potential if the Kings are to repeat.

Bruce Buffer, Octagon Announcer for the UFC

The voice of the UFC joined Bob and Matt to talk about his new book, "It's Time: My 360 Degree View of the UFC", and to reflect back on his time as a ring announcer with the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Buffer has a great respect for the fighter, and he wants his passion to come through with his calls. He tries to honour the sport every night with what he does. Buffer also told the story of how he found out that Michael Buffer was his brother when he was 30 years old.

May 21: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Bob and Matt chat with Dave Feschuk about Tim Leiweke's decision to look for another GM (possibly Masai Ujiri?) to replace Bryan Colangelo and Gregor Chisholm of checks in to discuss R.A. Dickey's solid start and the surprising call-up of Anthony Gose.


Hour 1:

Macko and Cauz discussed Blue Jays baseball, NHL playoffs and were joined by Dave Feschuk of the Toronto Star. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

Bob and Matt chat with Gregor Chisholm of about R.A. Dickey and Anthony Gose and Chicago Blackhawks Radio Analyst Troy Murray about the Hawks facing a surprising series deficit versus the Red Wings. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

Macko and Cauz were joined by Joe Haggerty of Comcast SportsNet in Boston and Mike Halford to talk about the NHL playoffs. Hour 3 Audio


Dave Feschuk, The Toronto Star

The Toronto Star columnist checked into Macko and Cauz to chat about the future of the Toronto Raptors and Bryan Colangelo. It's been widely reported that Colangelo is out as GM and will reprise a non-basketball role with MLSE. It appears that the organization is chasing Masai Ujiri, but to this point, Denver has not given the Raptors permission to speak with him. Colangelo and Coach Dwane Casey's fates are intertwined, and it'll be an important stepping stone leading into an essential phase in the franchise's history. Brian Shaw is an interesting candidate, he has some cache from his days with the Lakers and could be a good fit.

Gregor Chisholm,

The William Faulkner of joined Bob and Matt to discuss about the resurgence of R.A Dickey and the call-up of Anthony Gose. Dickey has been solid as of late, going deep into ballgames in spite of his sore neck and back. He's not pitching at the Cy Young level he established last year, but he's giving the team a chance to win and giving the bullpen a chance to rest up for some of the less established starters on the team. Anthony Gose's recall was surprising to both him and the media. He hasn't had a great start in AAA, but he offers great speed on the basepaths and a great glove in the outfield. He's a versatile player that can do a lot of things.

Troy Murray, Chicago Blackhawks Radio Analyst

Last night was a tough loss for the Blackhawks. It appears they're run into a hot team at the wrong time, and they'll need to snap out of their goal scoring funk ASAP if they want to come out of this series with a W. Jonathan Toews is a complete player, and he is going up against a top shutdown defenceman, but he is feeling some pressure and some frustration, but he's a great individual and a great hockey player. He will snap out of it. In a lot of ways, the Selke trophy is a better indication of overall value to your team as opposed to the Hart. His former teammate Patrick Roy is a good fit in Colorado. He's worked hard and put a lot of passion into his coaching, and he deserves a chance.

Joe Haggerty, Comcast SportsNet Boston

The Bruins are looking more and more like the Bruins team that was expected at the beginning of the season. It seems as if the series against the Leafs was a rallying point and has spurred them on against the Rangers. This is a team that knows how to handle adversity due to the past experiences, and that was a big difference in the series against the Leafs. The Bruins having been there before, they had to know the approach required to overcome that deficit.

Mike Halford, Pro Hockey Talk

The King of PHT checked into the program to break down the latest in the Patrick Roy saga in Colorado and also to chat about Doug Wilson's $100,000 fine from the NHL. Roy has been a coach in the Q for 7 years, and each of the 7 years he made the playoffs. He has a history in the city and the team, and it's going to be interesting to track how things go under his tenure. Francois Beauchemin is the unsung hero in the year's NHL. He played on a torn ACL, and had such a good year. He somehow got better after tearing a significant ligament in his knee. It's a remarkable story that's really gone under the radar.

Macko and Cauz: May 13-17.

Macko and Cauz: May 6-10.

Macko and Cauz: Apr. 29-May 3.

Macko and Cauz: Apr. 22-26.

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