May 24: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Dave and guest co-host Dave Feschuk chat with Bob McKenzie about Brad Richards' and Jonathan Toews' struggles and new Argos receiver Mike Williams joins the show to discuss what fans can expect from him in 2013.


Hour 1:

Dave Feschuk co-hosts with Dave and are joined by TSN Hockey Insider Darren Dreger and Bob Kravitz of The Indianapolis Star. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

Dave is joined by TSN Hockey Insider Bob McKenzie, ESPN Business Reporter Darren Rovell, Richard Griffin, and Adrian Dater of The Denver Post. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

Dave is joined by newest Argonaut Mike Williams and TSN Legal Analyst Eric Macramalla. Hour 3 Audio


4:15 – TSN Hockey Insider Darren Dreger

Commended Hockey Canada for safety of the players. The hitting age traditionally was 11 year olds and now the push is to bump the age to 13. Hockey Canada would invoke a by-law that will be mandatory, but they first have to have a majority vote for approval. Federations would have to educate the coaches coast to coast how to make and receive a hit. They are also promoting respect for one another in minor hockey for parents as well as players. There are changes coming at a variety of levels for the Canadian hockey, starting from the U17's to the juniors to the professionals. Canada recognizes that as a country internationally, they have to be better.

4:30 – Bob Kravitz of The Indianapolis Star

Discussed the Pacer's head coach Frank Vogel's decision to remove Roy Hibbert for the final possession of the game. Kevin Pritchard is one of the sharpest guys in the NBA. He would be a terrific pickup for the Toronto Raptors though it seems as though the Raptors will get it done with Masai Ujiri. Pritchard is burning to get a second chance and he deserves it. The Heat are vulnerable but Chris Bosh is playing well and a big difference is the addition to Chris Andersen.

5:00 – TSN Hockey Insider Bob McKenzie

Reflected on the benching of Brad Richards and he hasn't been the player he was expected to be. The bottom line was that the Rangers won last night and there are a lot of things wrong with the team. There aren't many players that ascend at the age of 32 years old. Last year in the playoffs he was a valued member of the team. This year was a shortened season and the only time that you saw Richards in the off season was behind Donald Fehr. Patrick Kane was so good at the beginning of the season and he was sitting on the bench for the majority of the third. Jonathon Toews has been the poster boy during this series especially because of the penalties last night. The Blackhawks are a team that can come back from this series.

5:15 – ESPN Business Reporter Darren Rovell

Took a look at the sales of merchandise in the NBA and the Celtics, Bulls, and Heat make up about 80% of the market. Adidas is looking to change the jerseys to shirt-jerseys. The year after next there can be corporate sponsor names on jerseys. MLS has expanded over the last few years, it isn't the next big thing and won't be the next big thing. Jay-Z is signing players who are well known and it is unclear how much he is certified. The runner rule is that if you're not certified, you can't show up to meetings and sign a player, and you must have a bachelor degree, which he doesn't have. Tim Tebow can make a lot of money speaking at churches, his marketability isn't completely busted. A lot of the sponsors will probably drop him as a spokesperson.

5:30 – Richard Griffin of The Toronto Star

Discussed the left handed prospect Sean Nolin and is up a little early. His last loss was in August of 2011 and his ERA since his last loss was 1.76. Everyone was expecting that Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion would provide for them early in the season but they didn't have clutch production until recently. The duo makes bigger hits and gets the team going. They can get back to respectability if they continue to play how they are.

5:45 – Adrian Dater of The Denver Post

Talked about the talks between Patrick Roy and the Colorado Avalanche. Joe Sakic was interested in Roy the whole time. At first he didn't want a guy from the juniors and only wanted experienced coaches but then he went back on his word and kept looking with Roy. He will be a curiosity for people because he is a legend, but he won't last long unless he wins. The Avalanche have a few young players that are talented and promising. Nathan MacKinnon is one of the talented prospects but Seth Jones will still go first overall. Roy will probably manage his temper and he has tamed it the last few years in Quebec. He will still be a fiery guy and he will scream and yell if things don't go his way.

6:00 – Toronto Argonaut Mike Williams

Discussed his injury when he was with the Seahawks. Montreal called him to find out how his injury was and he wasn't ready to play. The Argonauts called a few weeks later to attend the camp in Florida and didn't have any expectations and he liked the way the team was run. It is going to be a great experience to play in Toronto. It is important to take advantage of every opportunity to learn.

6:15 – TSN Legal Analyst Eric Macramalla

Explained that players would go after the employer, which would be the NHL if there was a lawsuit. It would not be surprising to see fighting phased out of the league. There are changes being seen in the game regarding head shots and there is a legal basis for the suspensions. It is not illegal to tape someone without their knowledge as long as you're in the conversation. Rob Ford should fire his lawyer because of the bad judgment he has. As long as he wants to stay in office he has to stay the course saying he didn't do it.

May 23: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

With the Avalanche announcing Patrick Roy has officially been named as the team's new head coach, Dave and guest co-host Steve Simmons chat with Michael Farber and Bob McKenzie about whether they think Roy will make a successful transition from junior hockey and Marlies head coach Dallas Eakins checks in to recap his team's season and discuss potentially making the leap to the NHL.


Hour 1:

Dave Naylor and Steve Simmons discuss NHL Playoffs and Patrick Roy's hiring with Sports Illustrated's Michael Farber. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

Dave Naylor and Steve Simmons are joined by Bob McKenzie, Bruce Arthur, Dallas Eakins and Pitch FX developer Dan Brooks. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

Dave Naylor and Steve Simmons were joined by Darren Dreger, Eric Duhatschek and Scott McArthur. Hour 3 Audio


4:45 – Sports Illustrated's Michael Farber

Joined the program to discuss the hiring of Patrick Roy as the new head coach of the Colorado Avalanche. How will the seven years of coaching experience in the QMJHL Roy has make him different then other former star players who have struggled to make the transition to head coach? Will the hiring of Roy resonate in the Denver market where the Avalanche struggle for attention? Farber also gives his take on the current state of the Avalanche roster.

5:00 – TSN Hockey Insider Bob McKenzie

Joined the program in-studio to discuss the new hiring of Patrick Roy as the Colorado Avalanche head coach. Did the recent hiring of Roy's former teammate Joe Sakic as the VP of Hockey Operations, have a direct correlation to the announcement today and how close are the Avalanche to turning the corner and becoming a competitive hockey team? Is Roy equipped to change the persona that coaches coming straight from Junior hockey struggle in the NHL? Who would be on Roy's list of potential assistant coaches? McKenzie also weighs in on Brad Richards being a healthy scratch in game four tonight versus Boston, and if this spells the end for the John Tortorella- Brad Richards relationship.

5:15 – Bruce Arthur of the National Post

Weighed in on the Ottawa-Pittsburgh series that the Pens lead 3-1 heading back to Pittsburgh. Should we read more into Daniel Alfredsson's post-game comments or was it just a moment of honesty from the veteran forward? Ottawa went into this series with a realistic approach towards Pittsburgh, and knew they would have to get some breaks to beat the high-powered Pens. Barring a Tomas Vokoun meltdown, is there any way that Ottawa can get back into this series? Arthur also discussed game one of the NBA Eastern Conference final, won by a LeBron James buzzer beater.

5:30 – Toronto Marlies Head Coach Dallas Eakins

Joined the show to discuss the end of the Marlies season and the possible NHL job opportunities that may present themselves to him this off-season. After the collapse by the Marlies in the 3rd period of game six, Eakins explains what happened, and what the coach must do in the days following the loss to ensure the players go into the summer in the right mindset. Who are the Marlies that might be making the leap to the NHL next year? With his name being mentioned for virtually any coaching position, is now the time for the jump to the next level?

5:45 – Dan Brooks, a Brown University Neuroscientist and developer of Pitch FX

Joined the program to discuss the Sharks-Kings series and the dominance of Joe Thornton. What has the addition of Brent Burns and TJ Galiardi to Thornton's line done to bring the best out of the centerman? How has the move of Burns from defence to forward opened things open for the Sharks? Duhatschek also discusses how the Kings can win the series and how the emergence of Antti Niemi has helped the Sharks gain the upper hand.

6:15 – TSN Hockey Insider Darren Dreger

Weighed in on the NHL coaching positions that are available this off-season. Is this the year that Marlies head coach Dallas Eakins gets his NHL shot, and what other AHL names could be in play for the job openings? Who are the front-runners for the Vancouver Canucks coaching position? Dreger also discussed USA Hockey's decision to not retain Brian Burke as the GM for the 2014 Olympic roster and touched on Donald Fehr's request to address fighting in the NHL.

May 22: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Dave and guest co-host Mike Hogan chat with Darren Dreger and Bob McKenzie about the firing of Alain Vigneault and who the Canucks will look at as a possible replacement.


Hour 1:

Mike Hogan co-hosts with Dave and are joined by Tim Graham of the Buffalo News. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

Dave and Mike are joined by TSN hockey Insider Darren Dreger, ESPN NFL Analyst Herm Edwards, and Raptors Broadcaster Matt Devlin. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

Dave is joined by Matt Sekeres of TEAM 1040 Vancouver and TSN Hockey Insider Bob McKenzie. Hour 3 Audio


4:30 – Tim Graham of The Buffalo News

Informed Dave and Mike that the engagement ring that Mario Williams gave to his fiance was close to $200,000. He has caused a headache for the Bills and he filed the lawsuit in Texas where he is a celebrity. The story took a turn when his fiance's attorney revealed the texts about suicide and overdosing on pills. This is a look into a potentially troubled soul who may need some help. The Bills invested a lot of money in him and it was considered a big win when he signed. The stakes are too high when it comes to suicide and he is known as someone who owns a lot of guns. According to the text he has a lot of narcotics and is going through a really bad breakup. He didn't deny anything he said in the texts. It seems as though he is searching for some sort of happiness and if he does need help he should get it.

5:00 – TSN Hockey Insider Darren Dreger

Mentioned that there were multiple reports about Alain Vigneault getting fired, however, it has not been confirmed yet. He is a highly respectable head coach and probably won't be a free agent for a long time. He is compared to Lindy Ruff as they both expect a lot from their players and are tough coaches. The Dallas stars would probably be very interested in both coaches. Mike Gillis and management could be blamed because he couldn't move Roberto Luongo. Vigneault is a demanding coach and there is a veteran core in Vancouver so they have to get the best coach available. Ruff has to be the top contender to coach the Canucks. John Tortorella probably won't get fired after this series because the season was "goofy" for the Rangers. It is unlikely that the Senators beat the Penguins. If Evgeni Malkin and the Penguins don't play well, there is a chance that the Senators can walk away from this series. The measure of talent lies heavily with the Penguins.

5:30 – ESPN NFL Analyst Herm Edwards

Wasn't surprised about the NFL changing its draft date to May. Brian Urlacher scared people through their TV's. Lawrence Taylor was one of the toughest player to play against. It is very difficult to get to the NFL, there are only 1800 professional football players. It is so hard to get to the big leagues but so easy to get cut. The hardest thing was benching Vinny Testaverde, but he was a pro's pro and did what he had to for the team. It looks as though Tim Tebow's career is over but he wants to continue to play football.

5:45 – Raptors and NBA Broadcaster Matt Devlin

Thinks that Masai Ujiri seems to be the number one candidate for the Raptors GM position. Troy Weaver is also another name that is being mixed in. Ujiri has a great resume and will directly report to Tim Lieweke. He has done an excellent job in Denver and learned a lot when he was in Toronto. He can be comfortable in Toronto and can see a better opportunity in the east. The Heat are the best team because they have the best player in the league.

6:00 – Matt Sekeres of The Team 1040 Vancouver

Discussed the firing of Alain Vigneault. Mike Gillis took a lot of heat this season because he was unable to move Roberto Luongo. Vigneault and Gillis didn't have the same views on some of the hockey operations. The next coach has to be the type of person who will listen to the GM. This team has missed their chance at a Stanley Cup, but they are expected to be a playoff team next year. The best year of their window was two years ago.

6:15 – TSN Hockey Insider Bob McKenzie

Believes that the core of the Canucks team will be back and they need a veteran coach to turn the page and bring in a lot of younger players in the Canuck organization. Dave Tippett is one of the most interesting coaches in the NHL, his contract is up at the end of June. From a draft perspective, they have to be careful not to read too much into the tournament. There is a larger issue of the quality of officiating over some games that may result in coach's challenge.

May 21: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Dave and guest co-host Steve Simmons chat with MLSE president and CEO Tim Leiweke about his decision to remove Bryan Colangelo from basketball operations and Bob McKenzie checks in from the Memorial Cup to discuss Max Domi and the latest on the Patrick Roy-Colorado Avalanche rumours.


Hour 1:

Steve Simmons of Sun Media co-hosts with Dave and are joined by the host of The Reporters on TSN Dave Hodge. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

Dave is joined by TSN Hockey Insider Bob McKenzie, head coach of OKC Barons Todd Nelson, Tim Lieweke, and Dan Shulman of MLB on ESPN. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

Dave is joined by TSN Hockey Insider Darren Dreger and Stephane Leroux of RDS. Hour 3 Audio


4:30 – Dave Hodge of The Reporters

Thinks that Patrick Roy would make the Colorado Avalanche a more colourful team in the NHL. He is an obvious choice for the Denver market and with Joe Sakic involved, you can't help but connect this team with the prosperous Avalanche. Roy isn't considered a junior coach because there aren't many superstar NHL players that go from the junior level to the NHL as a coach. Referees are hesitant when it comes to making calls because there is always a chance that a call will result in a suspension. Pavel Datsyuk is a great story as well as the Red Wings as a whole. If they go on and beat Chicago, this will be remarkable. Ottawa has a chance to upset the Penguins after watching what they did in the last series.

5:00 – TSN Hockey Insider Bob McKenzie

Checked in from the Memorial Cup in Saskatoon and described Max Domi's highlight assist. His skill level is on par with any of the guys who will go top 10 in the draft. Players that are ranked in the range of 15-25 in the NHL Central Scouting ranking means that those players will be in the late first round draft or early second round once European prospects are factored in. Joe Sakic wants Patrick Roy to be the Avalanche coach, he has a great personality and he won't go anywhere unless it is done the way he wants it done. He will want top dollar and recently the Avalanche haven't been known as an organization that offers top dollar. Making the jump from coaching junior players to NHL players is difficult. There is a huge learning curve and if it was anyone except Roy, it would be frowned upon.

5:15 – Oklahoma City Barons Head Coach Todd Nelson

Was aware that there was a tornado warning and expected it. He was at the facility prior to the tornado when the trainer advised him to stop. It came faster than expected and it surprised a lot of people. The players individually are donating funds to Red Cross. The Oklahoma City Barons are in the process of putting something together to help with the relief.

5:30 – Incoming MLSE President and CEO Tim Lieweke

Decided to keep Bryan Colangelo in the Raptors organization because he has a great relationship with the Toronto community and will be a part of the business side of things. The team has to know how to win and they have to figure out to win. It is important that Colangelo is excited doing the job that he has been given. Every organization is unique and this decision is based on part that he was already here and based on the timing of the decision that management has to make about team operations. There are some general managers who are more aggressive and will ask Colangelo's opinion so it will depend on the general manager that is hired. The next GM will have a fresh view of being competitive and winning. There was no consensus when it came to the decision of Colangelo. The roster isn't right there, they have a lot of work to do and have to improve on the roster with minimal resources. The Raptors need to find someone who is extremely right and rational. There has to be a general manager who understands drafting and development well. A general manager has to be someone who isn't isn't bias about a player because they drafted him. There is a good buzz on the GM search, there are resources. From an ownership standpoint, ownership has deep pockets and they're willing to spend money. A fresh start will help the organization and Lieweke is passionate about trying to rebuild this organization. The hard part is redefining the Raptors in the NBA and getting a good reputation.

5:45 – Voice of MLB on ESPN Dan Shulman

Discusses the growing anger coming from John Tortorella and why he is being a bit of a hypocrite in the playoffs while ripping on players and sending mixed messages. Rumours swirling around the Winnipeg Jets and whether or not they are considering a coaching change. He also expects that a decision on the future of Alain Vigneault has already been made and expects an announcement of his firing this week.

6:15 – Darren Dreger

Took a look at the New York Yankees and all of their players are producing. Vernon Wells' father was a big Yankee fan and it was always a dream for his son to play for the Yankees. The Cardinals have a lot of players that "find baseball heaven" when they play there. Bryan Colangelo would do some things over if he had the chance. It is a bit of a unique situation but there isn't much of a downside as long as he is willing to work at a different position. If the Raptors didn't have all of the injuries at the beginning of the season they could have been a playoff team. They have to cut their losses with Andrea Bargnani.

6:30 – Stephane Leroux

Reviewed Patrick Roy behind the bench and said that he is great. He is the biggest figure in the Quebec Junior Hockey League. It will leave a big hole when he leaves for the Avalanche. He has a temper but it is because there was something that triggered him. He isn't afraid to let his emotions go and especially to the referees. He always has something to say at the end of the game and of course his comments are bigger than anyone else because of who he is. Some NHL coaches are calmer than when they are in the juniors. Roy learned about the coaching job over the past few years and didn't go straight from being a player to an NHL coach.

May 20: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Dave and guest co-host Kate Beirness are joined by Bob McKenzie from the Memorial Cup to discuss the top draft eligible players competing and the Patrick Roy-Colorado Avalanche developing story and TFC president Kevin Payne checks in to chat about his team's continued struggles this season.


Hour 1:

Kate Beirness co-hosts with Dave and are joined by Steve Simmons of Sun Media for the first hour. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

Dave and Kate Beirness are joined by TSN Hockey Insider Bob McKenzie and Bruce Arthur of The National Post. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

Dave and Kate Beirness are joined by TFC President and GM Kevin Payne, Nate Timmons of, and TSN 1050 Jays Reporter Scott MacArthur. Hour 3 Audio


TSN Hockey Insider Bob McKenzie

Believes that Nathan MacKinnon won the head to head battle against Seth Jones on Saturday night, he has performed at the highest level over the last few nights. Saskatoon is a big and strong team that worked extremely hard and played the best game they have played all year. The London Knights have Max Domi and Bo Horvat will push for top 10 status in this upcoming draft. The Colorado Avalanche have been careful with their money and Patrick Roy is looking for the same deal as Scotty Bowman had with the Red Wings. He wants to have a lot say in regards to who is in the dressing room and who plays. If the Avalanche is willing to go down that road, Roy knows that it is a good spot and he will be working with Joe Sakic. Logan Couture will play and he only missed less than four minutes, if his knee is sore he will be able to overcome it. The Red Wings limped into the playoffs and have younger defense who are prone to make mistakes. The Blackhawks haven't been challenged all season, so if they lose game three it will be interesting to see if they can catch up from behind. Jason Spezza had some good shifts, participated in the powerplay and he helped move some of the players around.

Bruce Arthur of The National Post

Was told that Tim Leiweke did not want Bryan Colangelo to be apart of the Raptors any longer. Larry Tanenbaum was still on Colangelo's side, and it seems that Colangelo will still be involved with MLSE but will having nothing to do with the Raptors. The bar is set low in Toronto. Masai Ujiri doesn't have the same track record as Colangelo. The Senators are a great team to watch but the Penguins have been great the first two games. One game can swing any team any way, but the Penguins keep coming. Erik Karlsson played the majority of his minutes against Sidney Crosby and shut him down.

TFC President and General Manager Kevin Payne

Discussed the first step of TFC and that was to be competitive in every game. The team has found "a unique way to shoot ourselves in the foot" every game this season. The players are willing to work hard and the quality of play has improved. The fans have the right to be frustrated, but they recognize the improvements that have been made in the attitude and cohesiveness of the team. There is a need for an attacking midfielder. There are a lot of pieces in place for the team and once they get a win under their belts the team can gain some confidence and roll away with more wins.

Nate Timmons of

Discussed the rumours circulating about Masai Uriji possibly coming to Toronto and replacing Bryan Colangelo. He has been very busy and successful for the Denver Nuggets and doesn't believe that his work is done in Denver. There is a great relationship between Uriji and the Denver front office. His contract is up in June so it gives Denver a bit of wiggle room right now. When he came to the Nuggets he was the "no-name guy" and he is in a great condition to get a substantial raise. He has the ability to resign players and keep the players that are part of the core team.

TSN 1050 Jays Reporter Scott MacArthur

The clutch hit is what the Jays have been lacking and a lot of the time the ball misses the bat. This game had a feel of one where the Jays should have been ahead, but they weren't. Anthony Gose was surprised to get the call up because his play in May hasn't been great. He has been in a mental rut and has had to have a few "pick me up" conversations. Melky Cabrera's legs are bothering him, but right now he is on fire. Gose is a top positional prospect and if he's not playing, he has to be sent down in order to keep him playing. Jose Bautista is the leader of the ball club and your best players have to play like your best players. The fan base has invested in this club and they're hoping that the Jays can break through.

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