July 11: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Bryan and Bill Hayes react to LeBron’s decision to return to Cleveland with Steve Aschburner and Kenny Roda, Ricky Ray joins to tee up Argos-Stamps on Saturday on TSN 1050, and Peter Horachek checks in to talk about being part of Randy Carlyle’s coaching staff.


Hour 1 (Blue Lunch):

Hour 1 of Blue Lunch. Steve Aschburner talked about LeBron's return to Cleveland. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (Blue Lunch):

Bryan and Bill are joined by Argos QB Ricky Ray, Cleveland Insider Kenny Roda, and Richard Griffin of the Toronto Star. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 1 (The Bryan Hayes Show):

Hour 1 of The Bryan Hayes Show. Jonas Siegel talked about the new coaches on the Leafs' staff. Jason DeVos talked about the weekend World Cup games. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (The Bryan Hayes Show):

Hour 2 of The Bryan Hayes Show. Peter Horachek on joining Randy Carlyle's staff. Bruce Arthur talked about LeBron's Decision 2.0. Hour 2 Audio


12:30 – Steve Aschburner, Senior writer for NBA.com

Aschburner joins the show fresh of the news that LeBron James chose to sign with the Celeveland Cavaliers. He says that LeBron going to Cleveland is the better story than him going to Miami as you can make the case that Cleveland has more potential than Miami right now.

1– Ricky Ray, Toronto Argos QB

Ray joins the show and looks ahead to the game against the Stampeders this weekend. He talks about their experienced defensive coordinator & how he anticipates a rough contest. Ricky said that he has a different view in Toronto, but he is still nostalgic about the battle of Alberta. He believes that the number 1 enemy of the Argos is yet to be determined because no one in the East has started out that strong. He jokes about being the oldest guy on the team and says he would hate to see any of his offensive linemen make an appearance in ESPN Magazine’s Body Issue.

1:15 – Kenny Roda, Cleveland Insider & Host Sports Time Ohio

Roda joins the show from Cleveland and says people are celebrating over the LeBron news. He’s surprised that LeBron kept so quiet, so everything that must have come out must have been from people close to him. He said that coming home was important for him and the Cavs must have laid out a great plan for him. He wonders if Kevin Love will be acquired, and the cost may be Andrew Wiggins. He thinks that the Cavs could win the Eastern Conference championship with Wiggins though.

1:30 – Richard Griffin, Toronto Star

He says that the Yankees are going to be in tough losing Tanaka. He thinks that Tommy John surgery is inevitable, and at the very least the rest of the season is written off for him. He says that all of the sudden, the division is right to be plucked, and the Blue Jays are still right in the race. He says that AA has imagination when adding salary. The division is still wide open, so it will be interesting to see which teams add players. Griff loves Gibbons attitude right now.

2:15 – Jonas Siegel, TSN 1050 Leafs Reporter

Siegel joins the show to discuss the new hirings behind the Leafs bench. Peter Horachek may work with the veterans, but he questions the security of Randy Carlyle. He says Nonis wanted coaches who were head coaches because they wanted the experience. He said what stuck out was that coaches need to build strong relationships with players. He says that there was a sense that the players didn’t buy in with Carlyle last year. He wonders if Colton Orr will play at all. He says that William Nylander is an extremely confident player with tantalizing skill, but he doubts him being in the NHL.

2:30 – Jason DeVos, TSN Soccer Analyst

He calls the Brazilian defeat, the worst game he’s seen from that squad. He expects a reaction from the players in the third place game, although he calls the game meaningless. He thinks that the Dutch should be disappointed because they played overly cautious in the semi-final matchup. He says that Germany has to be the favorites given their play so far. He thinks they’ll be too much for Argentina. He thinks Messi has a legitimate claim to be the best player ever.

3 – Peter Horachek, Toronto Maple Leafs Assistant Coach

Horachek joins Bryan to chat about being hired for the Leafs assistant coaching job. He talks about the process and describes how it all went down. He says he talked with Dave Nonis and met with Randy Carlyle, and despite talking with other teams he thinks he was good for Toronto. He has a relationship coaching against Randy Carlyle and he’s looking forward toworking with Steve Spott. He says that last season wasn’t satisfactory, and he thinks there is a solid leadership group on the team and a talented group of people in the organization.

3:30 – Bruce Arthur, Toronto Star

Bruce thinks it’s funny how the Cleveland media has represented themselves following LeBron’s return. He called the previous decision on TV by LeBron torturous. He questions how anyone could you hate LeBron now? He says that he’s taken care of his destiny like no other athlete has before. He thinks that if the Cavaliers can acquire Kevin Love, that they have a very good team. He says coming back isn’t a ruthless move. He says that LeBron has a ton of pressure on him since he was on 18, and this is his journey to take. He gives major props to Lee Jekins who broke the story.

July 10: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Bryan, along with Bill Hayes is joined by Kyle Lowry to discuss his extension and what made him decide to commit to Toronto, and Tyler Ennis checks in to chat about being selected by the Suns and the rumours that had him being taken by his hometown Raptors.


Hour 1 (Blue Lunch):

Hour 1 of Blue Lunch. Jonas Siegel joins. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (Blue Lunch):

Hour 2 of Blue Lunch. Kyle Lowry joins. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 1 (The Bryan Hayes Show):

Hour 1 of The Bryan Hayes Show. Scott Ferguson and Tim Bezbatchenko join. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (The Bryan Hayes Show):

Hour 2 of The Bryan Hayes Show. Dan Shulman and Tyler Ennis join. Hour 2 Audio


1– Jonas Siegel, TSN 1050 Reporter

Siegel says the Leafs are hopeful of their defense prospect corps. He says it’s very important to develop players properly. He wonders where the new Maple Leafs signings are going to slot in the lineup. He says that the Leafs like Nylander, but he needs to put on more weight. He likes Petter Granberg’s chances of making the roster.

1:30 – Kyle Lowry, Toronto Raptors

Kyle Lowry says that it was the right move to re-sign in Toronto for him and his family. He speaks very highly of Masai Ujiri, calling him an honest, passionate man. He mentions that there was excellent communication between the two of them, even during the speculation when Ujiri was looking to trade him earlier in the year. He says it was possible he could leave in free agency but he believes in Ujiri. He emphasizes how badly he wants to win here.

2:30 – Tim Bezbatchenko, Toronto FC GM

Tim Bezbatchenko says he’s loved watching the World Cup and the players involved in it from TFC. He talks about the impact of losing Bradley and Cesar during the tournmanet, and the injuries that have plagued the team, saying that there is lot of new players and the team is still shaping up. He wants to set a new bar for the team. He says the team is still learning how to finish off games. He says that MLSE is all connected throughout each sport.

3 to 3:30 – Dan Shulman, Voice of Sunday Night Baseball on ESPN and TSN baseball analyst

Dan Shulman says that he isn’t too caught up in the LeBron sweepstake. He thinks it will come down to Cleveland and Miami. He thinks that the Yankees are in big trouble because of how much they struggled and the injuries they’ve faced. He says that the Blue Jays should have made a move weeks ago and now that they’ve struggled, it’d be risky to do so. He says there is a lot of frustration among the Blue Jays right now. The Blue Jays have good baseball players, but have a lot of weaknesses. On the topic of David Price he thinks the Rays should hold on to him a bit longer, than make a decision based off where they're at.

3:45 – Tyler Ennis, Phoenix Suns

Tyler joins Bryan and talks about being drafted and now being part of the NBA. He talks about the Raptors interest in him but says he’s happy and in a great spot with the Suns. Tyler says that Steve Nash had a significant impact on him growing up. He explainsthat Nash set the tone for high performance basketball in the GTA. Coming from a 35 game season at Syracuse, Ennis thinks that the 82 games will be his toughest adjustment going pro. Ennis favours himself in a 1v1 matchup against Wiggins. He weighs in on NBA free agency and LeBron watch.

July 9: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Bryan and Bill Hayes are joined by John McDonald to chat about his season with the Angels and his time with the Blue Jays, and Cory Joseph joins Bryan in studio to discuss his NBA championship and Canada basketball.


Hour 1 (Blue Lunch):

John McDonald talked about getting a World Series ring & playing with the Angels. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (Blue Lunch):

Kenny Roda talked about LeBron and the Cavs. Kurtis Larson talked about Brazil/Germany. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 1 (The Bryan Hayes Show):

Cory Joseph talked about his NBA Championship and Canada Basketball. Hour 1 Audio


12:30 – John McDonald, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim & Former Blue Jay

He says that he’s played much longer than he ever thought that he would be as he’s currently in his 19th professional season. He says playing with the Angels and Mike Trout is awesome and that the team has been focused and non-selfish. McDonald says once they reach August, they’ll know whether they are playoff contenders. He says it was special to be part of the Red Sox World Series run. He says that facing R.A Dickey is tough because his ability to change speeds.

1– Kenny Roda, Cleveland Insider

Kenny Roda says that the Cavaliers are happy to be in the race for LeBron. He says that Cavaliers fan realize they need LeBron back if they want to contend for a Championship. He says that he wouldn’t be surprised if LeBron announced his decision towards going to Cleveland in a less dramatic fashion. He says that owner Dan Gilbert will gladly fall on his sword and admit his wrongdoing should he get LeBron back. If LeBron signs with Miami again, he doesn’t think there will be nearly as much anger as before. On the topic of Cleveland getting more talent in their sports market, he says it doesn’t mean squat until they win something.

1:30 – Kurtis Larson, Sun Media Columnist (in Brazil)

Larson joins the show from Brazil to recap yesterday German-Brazil game. Larson said that Scolari & Marcelo are the two figures that should receive the most blame for Brazil’s huge loss. He noticed that Brazil seemed to be panicking after letting Germany take an early lead. The crowd may have worked against them because of the shocked reactions at the time. Kurtis thinks that the game showed more about Brazil's lack of quality than it did for Germany's prowess.

2:00 – Scott MacArthur, TSN 1050 Jays Reporter

MacArthur says that last night’s victory was nice, but it was only one game. He says that the obvious effects of injuries have depleted the team, which hurts the Blue Jays chances. He says they’re trying to rely on waiver wire pickups, which may not be a winning strategy. He says that a Jose Reyes injury may have lead to his struggles in the field. He says that Dickey has been good, he’s just struggling with big innings. He calls the starting pitcher fine.

2:30 – Gareth Wheeler, TSN 1050 World Cup Host

Wheeler says that he’s never seen a complete mental breakdown like he saw yesterday with Brazil versus Germany. He says that Brazil players were acting like Neymar was dead, and he says the team was in total shock. He thinks that Fred has been a scapegoat for Brazil. He says it could be worse for Brazil, if their archrival Argentina advances on.

2:45 – Cory Joseph, San Antonio Spurs PG (in studio)

Joseph says he doesn’t pay too much attention to free agency and LeBron watch. He says that it’s crazy that they won the NBA title. He’s impressed with the fans, and says he can’t appreciate them enough. He thinks that playing as a team is huge for their success. He’s not sure whether Tim Duncan cares about what people say about him. He talks about Popovich and says that he’s not as serious as people in the media make him out to be. He talks about all the Canadians drafted this year and says he’s really excited about the talent coming out of Canada.

July 8: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Bryan and Bill Hayes are joined by Dirk Hayhurst who says the Blue Jays are sinking fast and are in desperate need of reinforcements, and Vasek Pospisil checks in to chat about his surprising doubles title at Wimbledon.


Hour 1 (Blue Lunch):

Bryan, and Bill Hayes discuss the LeBron free Agency saga, the World Cup and are joined by TSN 1050 Jays Analyst Dirk Hayhurst. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (Blue Lunch):

Bryan and Bill are joined by NBA Columnist for ESPN Israel Gutierrez and Canadian Tennis Player Vasek Pospisil. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 1 (The Bryan Hayes Show):

Bryan is joined by TSN Soccer Analyst Kristian Jack, and MLB Tonight's Darryl Hamilton. Hour 1 Audio


12:30 – Dirk Hayhurst, TSN 1050 Jays Analyst

Dirk says that the Blue Jays are in trouble. Dirk says that players don’t tune out the media, and along with injuries and John Gibbons' comments, the Blue Jays are sinking fast. The Blue Jays offense is struggling worse than anyone else could have imagined and the depth has been exposed. He thinks that injuries happen to everybody, and you need to find the necessary reinforcements, otherwise you’re screwed. He says that the Blue Jays have trouble luring in players.

1– Israel Gutierrez, NBA columnist for ESPN.com . Regular panelist on ESPN's The Reporters and Around the Horn

Israel Gutierrez says that the mood is very relaxed in Miami despite the rumours and speculation surround LeBron James. He thinks that the idea of not being a villain crosses LeBron’s mind from time to time, but he doubts that’s on the list of his top priorities if he decides to return to Cleveland. He says that unless something goes horribly wrong in his meeting with Miami, that he doubts LeBron would consider other options.

1:30 – Vasek Pospisil, Wimbledon men's doubles champion

It was an amazing experience winning at Wimbledon, it seemed like a movie going through the entire process, and it was a special moment in his career. He had been asked 5 or 6 weeks ago by Jack Sock to enter in Wimbledon, he had been nursing an injury at that time and Jack took a bit of a risk going with him. He has partnered with Milos Raonic before and, although he hasn't spoken with him, the possibility is definitely open for them to partner up again. He's excited for the Rogers Cup, he hopes he can play well and have a good tournament and there is nothing like playing well on home soil.

2:15 – Kristian Jack, TSN Soccer Analyst (in studio)

Toronto is one of the best places to watch the World Cup because of the diversity, you can go anywhere in the city and find fans of any team. People are counting out Brazil because of Neymar's injury, but these are still the best players Brazil has to offer and they’re still one of the most talented. Germany is the favorite even if Brazil had Neymar and Silva, and there is a strong demand from the fans for Germany to win after such a long time from their last World Cup win. Nobody seems to think Argentina has a chance of winning, Messi has been playing amazing but the rest of the team has been playing averagely throughout the tournament, and they need someone else to step up to have a chance to win. The referee did become a factor in the Brazil-Colombia game, he didn't have control of the game, and let both teams go after each others star player. The ideal final would be Brazil/Argentina but the German team has to be the favorite to win the final.

2:30 – Darryl Hamilton, “MLB Tonight” on MLB Network

Darryl Hamilton says that he is a fan of John Gibbons because of his honesty. He says that the Blue Jays are in a rare season where the Yankees, Red Sox and Rays are struggling, and missing out on the Samardzija trade hurt them. He believes that the Blue Jays have to take advantage of their situation and make moves to get into the playoffs. He thinks MLB needs a better way to use the replay system. He believes in the Oakland Athletics, calling them a great ballclub.

July 7: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Filling in for Bryan, Bill Hayes along with Steve Simmons are joined by Mike Santorelli to chat about what Leaf fans can expect from him next season, and Patrick McEnroe checks in to recap the Wimbledon performances of Genie Bouchard and Milos Raonic and discuss what he thinks the upside is for both players.


Hour 1 (Blue Lunch):

Blue Lunch with Bill Hayes and Steve Simmons. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (Blue Lunch):

Joined by Mike Santorelli and Steven Cohen. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 1 (The Bryan Hayes Show):

Joined by Jerry Crasnick, Richard Deitsch and Craig Button. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (The Bryan Hayes Show):

Joined by Patrick McEnroe, Juan Pablo Montoya and Jon Montgomery. Hour 2 Audio


1:03pm Mike Santorelli – Maple Leafs forward

Santorelli said he chose to sign with the Leafs because it’s an exciting market. He is a Canadian boy and the atmosphere is great and he will bring energy and speed to the team. He says it doesn’t matter which Conference he is playing in, the game is so good you have to be ready all the time. He said he killed a lot of penalties last year with the Canucks and he plays both down the middle and on the wing which is fine with him. He said he already has connections to the Leafs as he roomed with Cody Franson in the minors and he works out with Morgan Rielly during the off-season. Santorelli said he likes to play high up-tempo and likes to fore-check and attack. He said he is feeling no effects of the shoulder surgery he had in January and he is now able to do whatever he wants.

1:35pm Steven Cohen – World Cup Soccer Insider

Cohen called this the best World Cup ever because the atmosphere has been great, the goals have been stellar and the stars have all played well for the most part. He spoke about how the Dutch used a different goalkeeper in their quarter-final and the reason why and also how Brazil deserved what they got against Colombia. They wanted to be aggressive and physical with Colombia and now they are crying about one of their players being hurt and it’s not right. Brazil’s play was on par with goons in the NHL. Cohen said Brazil will have a tough time with Germany in the semi-final tomorrow. As for the Dutch against Argentina, he likes them to get past Argentina in the other semi. Cohen said apart from the first game and the linesperson who screwed Mexico out of two goals, the officiating has been quite good and they aren’t giving out too many cards which is good. After a quick shot at Posh Spice who Cohen says needs to eat a Big Mac on occasion, he said soccer is becoming huge in the U.S. and the growth is phenomenal from kids on up.

2:05pm Jerry Crasnick – ESPN Baseball

Crasnick said the Jays are at a critical spot here and they could be in for a tough 2nd half of the season if they keep playing the way they have. He said the Blue Jays could probably do with another pitching arm to stay in contention in the AL East but there are probably more hitters on the market so they may need to go that route. On the A’s trade, Crasnick said there is some urgency for Oakland to win and get to the World Series this year and that showed in what they gave up. He also said the Rays will be looking for lots in return for David Price but since they are getting back into contention the price, no pun intended, will be even higher. Crasnick also spoke on the players who did and didn’t make the All-Star team and why players are deciding not to take part in the Homerun Contest.

2:15pm Richard Deitsch – Sports Illustrated

Deitsch spoke about how good ESPN’s coverage has been of the World Cup. He said the growth of soccer in the US is significant and people are watching EPL and MLS at alarming numbers. On the fact Fox Sports takes over the World Cup in 2018, he said it’s a wait and see. The time difference will be against them, the viewership will be down because it’s in Russia and people are worried they will try to “yuck it up” in the way Fox often does it. Fox also takes over Golf coverage next season and there is concern about that as well but Fox does have smart people behind the scenes so they should handle it properly.

2:35pm Craig Button – TSN Resident GM / NHL Analyst

Button spoke about the off-season moves by several teams including the Leafs who he praised for not paying Dave Bolland $5.5 million per season. He thinks Mike Santorelli is a good signing. He is almost as good as Bolland dollar-wise and he is a better skater. Buying out Tim Gleason was a good idea dn bringing in Komarov wasn’t a bad idea. It also gives them a chance to look at some younger players. Button thinks the Leafs had upgraded their skating and their speed and quickness. The main big dollars have now been spent but there will be some smaller deals that will be done and we’ll see who settles before arbitration. There aren’t many quality players left and there aren’t a lot of dollars left.

3:03pm Patrick McEnroe – ESPN Tennis Analyst

McEnroe said what Bouchard has done this year has been great but in the Wimbledon Final she was badly outplayed. She has a champions mentality and Canada has a lot to look forward to and she will be a future Grand Slam winner. He said he could tell at 18 years old when she won Junior Wimbledon that she had many of the same qualities she has today and getting up the Women’s rankings is a bit easier than with the Men so she has that in her favour. Bouchard takes the ball early and she is aggressive off the baseline but she does lack creativity. He thinks she will be a strong baseline player but she needs to mix in a few things, however she does have a presence out on the court. In the Final, she looked comfortable and not overwhelmed but her opponent was just better than her and blew her off the court. On Milos Raonic, he isn’t sure he has the makeup to win a Grand Slam mainly because the Top 4 on the Men’s side is so strong. Raonic looked like a “fish out of water” against Federer but he dominated on his way to the semis and his serve is the purest in the game. It’s hard to imagine Raonic beating Nadal, Murray and Djokovic at their “A’ games. Raonic will give you everything he has got and he will do whatever he can to get better which McEnroe finds impressive but he also needs to get more emotional on the court. On Vasek Pospisil, he likes his athleticism, he loves his attitude on the court and he has good size and speed.

3:19pm Juan Pablo Montoya – Indycar Driver

Montoya said it’s weird hearing he hadn’t won an Indycar race in 14 years when he hasn’t been in Indycar for 14 years (He won at Pocono on Sunday(. He said his goal was always to be in Formula 1 but he wasn’t enjoying himself so that’s why he went to Nascar. Nascar was fun, he won some races but never got to the ultimate goal so he decided to come back to Indycar. He said he just wants to win races and doesn’t care what track it’s on because he loves them all. He said there were lots of options after leaving Nascar but joining Penske was a no brainer, you can’t say no to that. It is an honour racing for Roger Penske. He said the favourite track he has ever raced on was in Malaysia and you have to have real “stones” on that track. He also spoke about his country Colombia losing in the World Cup.

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