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Leafs Lunch and The Bryan Hayes Show: Round 3 Playoff Picks

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Bryan, Jeff O'Neill and Leafs Lunch and Hayes Show producer John Horn weigh in with their predictions for the Eastern and Western Conference Finals that are set to get underway Saturday on TSN 1050.

Hayes' Picks (8-4 overall): Horns' Picks (9-3 overall): O'Neill's Picks (9-3 overall):
Kings in Six Hawks in Six Kings in Seven
Penguins in Seven Penguins in Seven Bruins in Seven

May 30: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Bryan and Jeff O'Neill discuss the controversial disallowed goal that could have been a bigger story if not for Brent Seabrook's OT winner, Ray Ferraro checks in to break down the Conference Finals and Dan Shulman joins Bryan to talk Jays/Braves and Mariano Rivera.


Hour 1 (Leafs Lunch)

Bryan and Jeff talk Red Wings/Blackhawks, and discuss the disallowed goal. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (Leafs Lunch)

Amazing Race winner Bates Battaglia calls in, and we also hear from Ray Ferraro. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 1 (The Bryan Hayes Show)

Bryan talks Bob Cole's disallowed goal call, and chat NFL with Alex Marvez. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (The Bryan Hayes Show)

Bryan talks basbeall with Dan Shulman, and talks with poker star Daniel Negreanu. Hour 2 Audio

May 29: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Bryan and Jamie talk Western Conference Game 7's with Ray Ferraro, Jarome Iginla joins the show to chat about his transition to the Penguins and Pittsburgh's upcoming series versus Boston and ESPN basketball analyst Jon Berry checks in to break down the Heat/Pacers series.


Hour 1 (Leafs Lunch)

Bryan and Jamie discussed last night's Game 7 between the Sharks and Kings and tonight's Red Wings/Blackhawks matchup. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (Leafs Lunch)

Bryan and Jamie were joined by NHL on TSN analyst Ray Ferraro and Penguins forward Jarome Iginla. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 1 (The Bryan Hayes Show)

Bryan Hayes was joined by Blue Jays beat reporter Scott MacArthur and ESPN basketball analyst Jon Barry. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (The Bryan Hayes Show)

Bryan was joined by Dave Zirin of Edge of sports and Jeff Zklein of the New York Times. Hour 2 Audio


1:15pm – Ray Ferraro - TSN Hockey Analyst

Ferraro talked with the boys on Leafs Lunch and discussed the Tortorella firing saying that General Managers don't really like his demeaning personality, but doesn't question his ability as a coach. Ray thinks that Tortorella needs to follow in Ken Hitchcocks footsteps and modernize himself to improve as a coach. He then went through some possible fits for Torts naming Vancouver and Dallasas possible destinations. Ray also said that Brad Richards needs to take some of the blame for what has happened in New York this year. Ferraro then spoke about being close by to Posh and Becks and Tom Cruise at the Sharks-Kings game last night. Said the Sharks shouldn't be disappointed with how their season ended but need a couple of pieces to get over the hump.

1:35pm – Jarome Iginla - Penguins forward

Iginla came on the show and started off talking about the long lay off between series saying it's good a good thing but he is definitely itching to get back out there. Iginla said he's been watching more hockey now that he's been in the playoffs then in years that he didn't make it. Iginla commented on settling into Pittsburgh calling it a big world wind and a challenge at first especially when leaving teammates, family and friends. Iginla said that he's been very fortunate to play with Malkin and Neal and that he's really comfortable in Pittsburgh. Iginla also commented on the Bruins series saying that they don't really worry about other teams and focus on things that they want to improve on. Before he was done, some comments directed towards Noddles stag in Vegas came up. He apologized for not being able to go but he has more pressing things on his plate right now.

2:15pm – Scott MacArthur - Blue Jays Beat Beat Reporter

MacArthur joined the show from Atlanta and thinks that Morrow started knowing he was injured and tried to go out there to be the good solider because of the Jays already depleted lineup. MacArthur thinks the bullpen has been fantastic but the rotation has been all patch work. MacArthur thinks that Morrow's injury affected not only his velocity but the speed on his pitch and ultimately shouldn't have been out there. MacArthur reported that Janssen has been warming up in the bullpen to a point that he may have been overworking himself. MacArthur ended off buy saying he doesn't think Rogers will go more then 70-75 pitches and we could see Toronto bullpen in tonight's game very early.

2:35pm – Jon Barry - ESPN Basketball Analyst

Barry chatted about last nights game 4 in the Eastern finals, saying the Pacers did a good job getting bodies on LeBron and defending 3's. Barry also said that LeBron needs to avoid unnecessary fouls because when he goes out of the game they are nowhere near championship caliber. Barry also commented on all the flopping we saw last night pointing out Shane Battie and Tony Allen who were at it the most. Allen's flop was particularly bad. Barry also gave us his favorite for the NBA finals taking San Antonio weather they face the Pacers or Heat. He also weighed in on the Toronto Raptors saying he likes some of their pieces including Rudy Gay and they are a lot better then most lottery teams. Barry also said "Go Hawks" in reference to tonight's Game 7 between Chicago and Detroit.

3:05pm – Dave Zirin - Edge of Sports

Dave and Bryan began talking about pitching and their injuries of late saying that nobody can really determine what is in the best long term for these pitchers. Dave wonders about the future of major league pitchers and thinks we are eventually going to see a Cy Young winner who may never go more then six innings in a start. Dave talked about Adrian Peterson and Chris Broussard's comments on gay athletes, calling it pretty heavy stuff and thinks its going to be a pretty long process and that we need to be patient when we here comments like those.

3:35pm – Jeff Z. Klein - New York Times

Klein came on the show to discuss the Tortorella firing and initially said he was surprised about how soon the firing came. He also added that Lundqvist's comments had nothing to do with the firing according to Sather. Klein said that Sather talked about the shelf life of coaches and that Rangers ownership respects Sather a lot and lets him run the show. Klein says that 13 years as a GM and only one trip to the conference finals is not an impressive resume for Sather. He also believes that there is no chance Brad Richards will be back with the Rangers next year considering Sather also played a part in benching Brad Richards.

Thursday's Show: Bates Battaglia – Amazing Race Winner, Daniel Negreanu – Poker Champ, Dan Shulman, Alex Marvez, Ray Ferraro

May 28: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Bryan and Jamie tee up Game 7 of the Sharks/Kings series on TSN 1050 with Ray Ferraro and Gregory Campbell joins the show to discuss the Bruins Eastern Conference Final matchup with the Penguins.


Hour 1 (Leafs Lunch)

Bryan and Jamie discuss the latest on the Leafs and around the NHL playoffs. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (Leafs Lunch)

Bryan Hayes and Jamie McLennan talk Sharks/Kings, Game 7 with Ray Ferraro and chat Pens/Bruins with Boston forward Gregory Campbell. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 1 (The Bryan Hayes Show)

Bryan Hayes talks NBA Conference Finals and the greatness of Tim Duncan with Sean Deveney of The Sporting News. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (The Bryan Hayes Show)

Bryan Hayes talks PGA with Graham DeLaet and NHL on TSN host James Duthie drops by to discuss tonight's Sharks/Kings matchup. Hour 2 Audio


1:05 - Ray Ferraro - NHL on TSN Analyst

Ferraro answered Hayes question involving the Pens and Bruins. Hypothetically, if the Bruins went to Pittsburgh and said we'll sit Chara if you sit Crosby would they do it. The fellas then talked about the pressure of tonights Game 7 and the how players need to conserve energy to make it through big games like tonight. Ray also talked about how the Sharks haven't been worrying about there choking past and how they've shrunken their core to make their team better. He also suggested to fans who continue to rip Joe Thornton to stay up late and watch him play because he's been the best player in this series.

1:35 – Gregory Campbell - Bruins forward

Campbell talked about how the team overcame the 4-1 deficit against the Leafs and came back and won. Campbell said that Lucic's comments weren't made to stir the pot, they were made because the bruins understand that they are a great team. Campbell thinks that despite how good the Penguins are they have the talent to match them. Campbell also talked about Chara's leadership calling him outspoken and one of the best players in the game and the back bone of the franchise.

2:35 – Sean Deveney - The Sporting News

Deveney and Bryan both agreed that the Spurs are the most underrated dynasty in the NBA. Deveney said that Duncan is unique for staying in the same market his whole career and that he's been playing great despite being 37 years old and still performing like he did 5-6 years ago. Deveney said that as well as Miami played in Game 3 there was an element of luck and he doesn't see them repeating that much offense. Deveney said that Shane Battier and Ray Allen need to make perimeter shots in order for the Heat to beat the Spurs. Deveney commented on the Raptors situation saying that Masai Ujiri would be great new blood for the Raptors.

3:05 - Graham DeLaet - PGA Tour Pro

DeLaet discussed his impressive year on tour year and believes he's matured a lot since going on tour. He feels that he belongs with the world's greatest players. Graham says that people mostly get along on tour and compared it to high school, however the room was rumbling last week during the controversy of Garica and Woods. DeLaet has always been a huge Mike Weir fan and would love to be partnered with him out on tour. DeLaet also discussed what it would be like playing from the "reds" on a public course especially against a "bozo" like Hayes.

3:35 – James Duthie - NHL on TSN

James Duthie was in studio and tipped us off on a future NHL on TSN project that could feature a music video of a current issue in these NHL playoffs. Duthie believes that the Blackhawks have the momentum in this series and is definitely the favorite inGame 7. James thinks that San Jose has more desire to win there series just because the Kings have already been through a cup run. He also thinks that Seth Jones should definitely go first overall. Duthie also recapped all the defensemen that have gone 1st in the past five years and how they haven't certainly panned out but doesn't think that should stop the Colorado Avalanche from taking him.

Wednesday's Show: Dustin McGowan, Ray Ferraro, Mike Breen (ESPN/ABC)

May 27: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

With the Sharks pushing the Kings to seven games, Bryan and Jamie chat with Ray Ferraro about what to expect in the deciding tilt and Richard Griffin of the Toronto Star checks in to discuss Brett Lawrie's on-filed antics.


Hour 1 (Leafs Lunch)

Hayes and Noodles break down last night's Sharks-Kings game, and check-in with TSN Hockey Analyst Ray Ferraro down in San Jose. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (Leafs Lunch)

Bryan and Jamie look at the top 2013 NHL draft prospects, the removal of hitting in pee-wee, and chat with Comcast Sports Analyst Steve Konroyd. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 1 (The Bryan Hayes Show)

Hayes chats with the Toronto Star's Richard Griffin about Brett Lawrie's temper, and takes your calls on the issue. Are people tired of Lawrie's antics? Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (The Bryan Hayes Show)

Bryan chats with Richard Deitsch of Sports Illustrated, TSN Jays Reporter Scott MacArthur, and is joined in-studio by his dad, Bill Hayes. Hour 2 Audio


12:35pm Ray Ferraro - TSN Analyst

Ferraro talked about his trip to Disney Land and made some jokes about Bryan wearing a Mickey Mouse shirt. Ray and the guys joked around about Matt Niskanen once being pranked by his teammates in Dallas when he had his car stolen and then decked out like a race car. Ferraro said that Mayers was just being a nuisance when he shot the puck at Jimmy Howard during warm-up's and that usually the extra players that have been scratched are out there to stir something up sometimes. There is nothing about this that the league can allow and you can be guaranteed the next time something like this happens the fine will be a lot more than $1600.00. Ray also touched on how the Kings-Sharks series has been so different in each building with the home team winning every game.

1:35pm Steve Konroyd - Comcast Sportsnet Chicago Analyst

Konroyd says that if the Blackhawks are to force a Game 7 that they need to maintain the same type of play from game five. Konroyd commented that Chicago needs to be more intense, more physical and most importantly get their power play going. Chicago's big stars like Hossa, Sharp, & Toews have been disappointments in this series with only Patrick Kane producing thus far. We've not been seeing the Jonathan Toews that we've seen in previous post-season's so hopefully after game five, that goal he scored will get him going on the right track again. The power play is a big key for the Blackhawks because once they get chances it ignites their five on five offence.

2:05pm Richard Griffin – Toronto Star

Richard Griffin commented on Brett Lawrie's actions in the ninth inning in Sunday's walk-off win against the Oriole's calling it an appalling lack of understanding the game on Brett's part. Griffin also said that instance made him realize that perhaps he had been far too supportive of Lawrie up to this point in his career. In reference to Lawrie being ejected for tossing off his helmet and gloves when he struck out, Griffin noted that any other player would have received the automatic fine for tossing equipment and a warning but because of previous things he's done, umpires don't like him. Griffin mentioned that the incident between John Gibbons and Brett Lawrie in the dugout may have been a turning point for the Jays manager because other players in the dugout saw how he handled the situation. The way Gibbons handled the situation probably earned him more respect from the rest of the players because Gibbons showed authority and leadership over his team.

3:05pm Richard Deitsch – Sports Illustrated

Deitsch commented on the ending of the Indy 500 race saying that he didn't find the final two laps boring and that he would rather safety precautions take prominence over what is the best for television viewership any day. While the Indy 500 is popular, NASCAR has surpassed it in terms of popularity and I don't know how Indy comes back from that. To him the sport of auto racing is never going to be anything more than a niche at least in his life time. Deitsch also commented on the NBA playoffs saying that he thinks ESPN and the NBA are praying for LeBron James and the Heat to make the finals because James is so easily marketable and will draw tones of viewers. You can sell the Heat versus the Spurs to fans because there's a unique new school against old school look to the matchup. Deitsch also weighed in on O'Toole and Onrait saying that he thinks they will do fine at their new gig in LA. He enjoys their humour and the fact they have fun and don't take things too seriously but Fox Sports 1 will need to be patient because it is going to take some time for people to find them on the dial.

3:22pm Scott MacArthur – Blue Jays Beat Reporter

MacArthur came on to let us know that Brett Lawrie will be in the lineup tonight and MacArthur said that he personally doesn't like it one bit. This guy has a track record and thinks it's only a matter of time before something happens again with him. There were multiple things wrong with what happened in the 9th inning yesterday. This would have been a good time to lay down the law if you're John Gibbons so it will be very interesting to hear about any conversation that took place with Lawrie.

3:35pm Bill Hayes

Papa Hayes commented on the Brett Lawrie story after his two incidents over the weekend and said that based on his actions as well as his play that he'd be spending at least ten or so days in Buffalo with the Bisons. Bill also said that showing up a teammate and manager the way he did was completely uncalled for and should be unacceptable. He did however love Kawasaki's press conference at the end of the game calling it brilliant and very entertaining.

Tuesday's Show: Graham DeLaet (PGA Tour Pro), Ray Ferraro & More

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