May 29: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Dave and guest co-host Steve Simmons discuss the John Tortorella firing with Bob McKenzie and Darren Dreger and Dan Shulman joins the show to chat about Brett Lawrie and Mariano Rivera.


Hour 1:

Steve Simmons co-hosts with Dave and are joined by Ken Daniels of Fox Sports Detroit. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

Dave is joined by TSN Hockey Insider Bob McKenzie, Voice of MLB on ESPN Dan Shulman, and Katie Strang of ESPN New York. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

Dave is joined by former NHL executive Bill Watters, TSN Hockey Insider Darren Dreger, and David Larkin. Hour 3 Audio


4:30 – Ken Daniels of Fox Sports Detroit

Previewed game seven between the Red Wings and the Blackhawks. Henrik Zetterberg and Pavel Datsyuk need to play their best games to defeat Chicago. They have to improve on their powerplay. Chicago's core group has been through this before so it is hard to believe that the pressure will get to them. The Red Wings know that they've taken three games already from the Blackhawks and they just need to go out there and play. It is a huge advantage for Chicago tonight, but if the Red Wings get an early goal they can win this game.

5:00 – TSN Hockey Insider Bob McKenzie

Believes there were two reasons why John Tortorella was fired. One of the reasons was because GM Glen Sathers didn't like the style of coaching this year. Some of the major players regarding the Rangers expressed that they were "tortsed out". There will be a cap penalty for the Rangers if Brad Richards retires. They have to figure out if they should buy him out this season or next season. The next coach to come in for the Rangers might be Mark Messier, although McKenzie doesn't think that he will want to be the head coach. Alain Vigneault and Lindy Ruff are the best routes to go because they are experiences NHL coaches. Jonathon Quick looks like he did last cup run and they will be hard to beat. Pittsburgh and Boston are both good teams and can make the final. The loss of Raffi Torres hurt the Sharks a lot because they lost their depth in the lineup and was a critical shortcoming in the series.

5:30 – Voice of MLB on ESPN Dan Shulman

Discussed the respect that the Yankees have around the league even though many fans "hate" them. During all-star games, there are so many players that have been there for the first time and are asking Mariano Rivera for an autograph. Brett Lawrie has to understand that he did some things wrong and he has to admit it. There is a basic lack of understanding baseball. He got so caught up in the RBI that got him fired up, so that reflects selfishness. His intensity is what makes him good, but it also holds him back. He has to want to change this himself because right now he is his own worst enemy. He has a lot of talent, but it is the Jays responsibility to tame him. A certain amount of favouritism is allowed because some broadcasters are paid by the team, but you owe it to the fans to be discreet.

5:45 – Katie Strang of ESPN New York

Was surprised when the firing of John Tortorella was announced. He has the larger than life personality and his type of coaching has a short shelf life. As the Rangers will need to search for a new head coach, Mark Messier should not be overlooked. If he is a candidate, it is because he wants to be and he has expressed that he does. He has a good understanding of star players and what they need. It is a gamble to go with someone who is a name and doesn't have a lot of experience behind the bench.

6:00 – Former NHL Executive Bill Watters

Was unimpressed with John Tortorella's team. He didn't use the talent that he had on his team to their full potential. Rick Nash didn't start to get going until the end of the season. Tortorella is the victim of Glen Sather's planning. It is a transitional game and Tortorella had complete control of the team. Mark Messier should do the best that he can to help Sather.

6:15 – TSN Hockey Insider Darren Dreger

Previewed game seven between Chicago and Detroit. If Jonathon Toews doesn't play to his potential it affects Patrick Kane as well. Chicago has a lot of fight left, it won't be a Blackhawks slaughter but the Kings will be quietly cheering for the Red Wings. Brad Richards has to be accountable for his play, he shouldn't have been scratched during the playoffs, if Tortorella wanted to send a message, he should have scratched him during the season. He lost the team in February.

6:45 – David Larkin

Spoke about his organization "Change FIFA" and their goal is to change the amount of racism and how they are addressed in Europe. There are times when fans often throw bananas at players. The organization tries to push the issue and there has been movement. Since 2001, FIFA has done a good sales job, but hasn't done anything about it. They are finally starting to address this issue. Organizers have to have a concrete plan to deal with incidents. FIFA wants to have stricter applications of sanctions. There has been a poor odd response to racism. The players representatives raised the issue of the lack of due process.

Thursday's Show: Dan Federkeil, Darren Rovell, ESPN, Bob McKenzie, Darren Dreger

May 28: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Dave and guest co-host Dave Feschuk chat with Bob McKenzie and Darren Dreger about the unique contract Patrick Roy signed with the Avalanche and the Toronto Star's Richard Griffin checks in to discuss Brett Lawrie's eventful week and the struggles of Brandon Morrow and Rickey Romero.


Hour 1:

Dave Feschuk co-hosts with Dave and are joined by TSN's Chris Cuthbert. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

Dave is joined by Hockey Insider Bob McKenzie, former NHL referee Kerry Fraser, the Toronto Star's Richard Griffin, Jennifer Hedger and Darren Dutchyshen. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

Dave is joined by head coach of Langley Blaze Jamie Bodaly, and TSN Hockey Insider Darren Dreger. Hour 3 Audio


4:30 – TSN's Chris Cuthbert

Described the reason for the series to be a low-scoring series. Both Anti Niemi and Jonathon Quick have kept their teams in the game Joe Thornton has been the best player for the Sharks. It is painful to watch series where there haven't been scoring chances in a whole period. It looks as though the officials are allowing the players to play although there have been many arguments over the calls being made. Dave suggested that the delay of game penalty, shooting the puck over the glass, should be only one minute long. San Jose has always had a great atmosphere at home. The Kings are having a difficult time winning on the road but are great at home.

5:00 – TSN Hockey Insider Bob McKenzie

Discussed the details of the Patrick Roy contract with the Avalanche. There is a huge group of people in Denver that will support Roy. Marc Staal stated that he will be back to playing hockey but his eye would never be the same. There might be a bit of a shift to grandfather visors, but it may not be enough to change enough players to make the switch. There isn't much to change in terms of having more goals in each game. The reason why games are low scoring are because the goalies are in the groove. The Detroit/Chicago game was exciting and Detroit made more mistakes than they would have liked to. Dustin Brown looked as though he is a bit injured and they need him to get something going for the team to switch the game around. Joe Thornton has been the best player on the ice for both teams. Whichever captain is the headline at the end of the game, their team will win.

5:15 – Former NHL referee Kerry Fraser

Re-lived what he called the worst call of his career when Wayne Gretzky high-sticked Doug Gilmour. He asked Gilmour for his rendition of what happened and Gilmour explained that Gretzky's follow through hit him under the chin. Because none of the officials on the ice were certain of what happened, there could not have been a call. Even after 20 years, Fraser still receives backlash from twitter about the call.

5:30 – Toronto Star MLB columnist Richard Griffin

Thought that Brett Lawrie's attitude on Sunday when the game was on the line was immature. He embarrassed his teammates and his coach and it was inexcusable. He shouldn't have been put in the lineup yesterday. There isn't a clubhouse that wouldn't side with sitting him. The Jays would have been better off benching him. With his injury, he won't be able to walk and he will probably be put on the 15-day DL. The strike zone is the same no matter what level Ricky Romero is playing at. It is becoming obvious that it wasn't mechanical, but it was all mental. The Jays can't give up on him because they owe him money for the next few years. Players shouldn't be playing when they know that they are feeling pain, Brandon Morrow shouldn't have been out on the field.

5:45 – Jennifer Hedger and Darren Dutchyshen

Discussed the highly successful Kraft Celebration Tour. It is great to see the different towns across Canada from the west coast to the east coast. They reflect on the different cities that they visited and emphasized how excited the people of smaller towns are when the tour passes their city. The east coasters are different from the people of Ontario, and they are so different from those living in the prairies.

6:00 – Head Coach of Langley Blaze Jamie Bodaly

Previously coached Brett Lawrie and explained how he is an emotional and fiery player. You can't change Lawrie because then he won't be the same player. Coaches gravitate to a player that has his passion. He wants to win more than he cares about his personal stats, he loves to win. He is only 23 years old and once he gets older and wiser he will be able to handle the situation better.

6:15 – TSN Hockey Insider Darren Dreger

Found it strange that Patrick Roy doesn't have a guaranteed contract. There are some lofty expectations for the Avalanche organization. They are expecting to make the playoffs next year. They are going to want to improve on their goaltending, Ottawa has been underrated for drafting and promoting prospects to the NHL. They are looking for scoring, they will want to improve their blue line but there aren't many holes that Paul MacLean will have to work with. The meeting went "fine" in Glendale, it has wrapped up and Gary Bettman and Bill Daly are scrambling to get to LA for game seven. The meeting was to layout where they are at in terms of the agreement. There is a lot of work that still needs to be done.

May 27: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Following the Halifax Mooseheads run to the Memorial Cup, Dave and guest co-host Dave Feschuk chatted with Halifax owner Bobby Smith and TSN hockey insider Bob McKenzie about the team's draft eligible talent and Scott MacArthur and Bruce Arthur checked in to discuss how the Blue Jays handled the Brett Lawrie situation.


Hour 1:

Dave Feschuk co-hosts with Dave and are joined by Steve Simmons for the hour and discuss Brett Lawrie, Robbie Rogers, and the new body checking ban. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

Dave is joined by TSN Hockey Insider Bob McKenzie, Halifax Mooseheads owner Bob Smith, President of Hockey Canada Bob Nicholson, and TSN 1050 Jays reporter Scott MacArthur. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

Dave is joined by Bruce Arthur of The National Post, TSN Hockey Insider Darren Dreger, and CFL draft pick Matt Sewells. Hour 3 Audio


4:00 – 5:00pm: Steve Simmons, Toronto Sun joins Naylor and Feschuk In Studio

Dave Feschuk and Steve Simmons weighed in on the Brett Lawrie incident and believe that he shouldn't be playing in the against the Braves. He hasn't produced to expectations and cannot be the "entitled" player. He is a loose cannon and when the emotions hit, it is hard to say if anyone can control him. He is considered a building block of this team. Robbie Rogers made history as he was the first openly gay athlete to play professionally. It is important to see how the teammates will respond because there is a closeness in the team. Regional differences are a big factor and the city of Toronto is a community that accepts openly gay people whereas there are other cities in the United States that do not accept it. Hockey Canada banned body checking in the peewee level this past weekend. Hitting should be introduced to minor hockey at a young age as long as it is taught properly, however, the University of Calgary has shown many studies that are one sided and dangerous. There are more head injuries in snowboarding and bike riding than there are in minor hockey. Parents are concerned about putting their children in minor hockey, but it isn't just because of the concussions, it is also because how expensive it is to play.

5:00 – TSN Hockey Insider Bob McKenzie

Recapped the Memorial Cup and gave credit to Nathan MacKinnon for scoring a hattrick in the final. There are some scouts that had Seth Jones going in as the number one draft pick before the tournament and kept him there and others that changed to MacKinnon. At this point it is only up to the Avalanche to who they think should go number one overall. Jonathon Drouin is being talked about and there are scouts who have him ahead of MacKinnon. This is the best year in terms of draft prospects for the Quebec league. The free agent crop this year isn't too exciting and there are younger and younger free agents.

5:15 – Halifax Mooseheads owner Bob Smith

Nathan MacKinnon played like a superstar and he really took the tournament by the throat. It looked as though he took the fact that Seth Jones was going first overall personally and wanted to change the scouts' opinion. These kids are 17 years old and the dominant players. The Quebec league has improved so much and this year will be a very strong draft because of the Quebec players.

5:30 – President of Hockey Canada Bob Nicholson

Explained the key reasons why body checking was eliminated from players under 13. A lot of players are scared to hit and it is always safety first. They will learn how to body check before they are 13 at practice. There still will be body contact which allows for a bit of bumping. Angling and body containment are part of the game and will have to be taught to players, coaches, and parents so that everyone is on the same page. Saskatchewan was clear that their members wanted body checking at a lower age. It was a national regulation so they will have to abide by it. The goal is to try to teach the skills to minor hockey to hit properly.

5:45 – TSN 1050 Blue Jays Reporter Scott MacArthur

Was stunned when he heard that Brett Lawrie was in the lineup against the Braves. Lawrie addressed the club as a group and apologized for his "disgusting" behavior. It displayed a fundamental lack of late baseball. Everyone wants to move past this and Lawrie doesn't want to talk about it. There has been a lack of maturity at times and Jose Bautista explained that Lawrie was confused at the situation and that was why he placed a higher value on the play. It wasn't surprising that he refused to speak to the media and not owning up publicly to his contributions to the negative situation.

6:00 – Bruce Arthur of The National Post

Found it amazing that Brett Lawrie who is a Canadian playing on the only Canadian baseball team could turn people against him because of his attitude. There is a lot of pressure on the Jays to win right now and they are stuck with him because they can't trade him for worse value than he is now. Ottawa is a top three defensive team and the Penguins walked around them. The only way to beat the Penguins is to score a lot. Boston has problems with speed in the defensive zone. Tomas Voukon is a better goaltender than Marc-Andre Fleury.

6:15 – TSN Hockey Insider Darren Dreger

Sensed that there was a little bit of hesitation with some provinces on changing the age of body checking in minor hockey in Canada. Saskatchewan had no problem telling the other provinces that they didn't want to change the age, but instead wanted to lower the age. The NHL has the opportunity to try to convince the mayor of Glendale that the package that is on the table now is something they can all work with. The Blackhawks have a good chance of coming back in this series if they play how they did in game 5. Chicago is a better team on paper than Detroit and have a deeper defensive core. Right now Jimmy Howard has been the better goaltender. Dallas Eakins is speaking with the Vancouver Canucks and is a great candidate. Mike Gillis should talk to a few of the guys that are available right now.

6:30 – CFL Draft pick and NFL signee Matt Sewell

Decided not to play football but instead is going back to school to get his MBA at McMaster. He still wants to play pro football after he is done school, it is more to set himself up for life after the MBA. The accelerated program allows him to get it done in less than a year rather than 4 or 5 years.

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