August 22: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Filling in for Bob and Matt, Jim Tatti and Andy McNamara chat with Steve Simmons to discuss why Toronto FC will be hurt the most by Tim Leiweke’s departure, and Scott MacArthur joins the guys to debate whether the Jays should consider trading Jose Bautista in the off-season.


Hour 1:

The first hour of the Friday edition of Macko & Cauz on TSN 1050 Toronto, joined by Steve Simmons. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

The second hour of the Friday edition of Macko & Cauz on TSN 1050 Toronto. Nabil Karim, Spencer Watt, and Corey Pronman all join this hour. Hour 2 Audio


Steve Simmons – Sun Media

TFC seems like they will suffer the most from Leiweke’s departure – as they were the ones that benefited the most from his brashness and commitment to building a winner. We don’t quite know what lays ahead for the Leafs – as the biggest move that Leiweke did was bringing Shanahan in, and while he has shuffled things off the ice, the results must be shown in the win column. Ujiri will take the Raptors to great places – and hopefully he sticks around for a while to build something consistent. Leiweke brought Tannenbaum and Bon Jovi together – but his involvement from that point on was minimal.

Nabil Karim – TSN SportsCentre Anchor

Joining us from Halifax as part of the Kraft Celebration Tour, Nabil explains how great his first tour has been all over the country. Meeting the people has been the greatest part of the experience, as you get to know how much the people all across the country care about their sports. Being part of the Celebration Tour is huge for some of the small communities around the country – as it is incredibly difficult to raise significant amounts of money to help retrofit their facilities.

Spencer Watt – Toronto Argos WR

The receiving corps has been decimated by injuries this year – but luckily they have the depth to make up for the losses. Thankfully they have a great leader in Ricky Ray who takes command of the offense and makes everyone around them better. It was nice to have a bit of time off since their last game – especially with all of the injuries.

Corey Pronman – NHL Prospects Writer

There is an argument that Nylander has the highest offensive potential of any player taken in the draft this year. He is a player that you want with the puck on his stick rushing up the ice. Some development of his body is still needed – but in terms of what he can do with the puck, there are not many better in this class. It is tough to say how far away Nylander is from making the NHL at this point – as he was playing at a high level in the second half of last season, with an outside chance that he makes the team this year. However the most likely scenario is that he will return to Sweden for another year. Fredrik Gauthier was a bit of a questionable pick last year – as he has a ceiling around a third line centre, but there is a chance he turns into something special. Peter Granberg has a chance to break into the league this year – as he has a simple game that projects well.

August 20: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Filling in for Bob and Matt, Jim Tatti and Andy McNamara chat with James Mirtle and Sean Fitz-Gerald about how Brendan Shanahan is changing the way the Maple Leafs organization uses analytics, and Gregor Chisholm joins the guys to discuss how the lack of deadline reinforcements has gone hand-in-hand with the Blue Jays’ post All-Star break swoon.


Hour 1:

Hour 1 of Macko & Cauz joined by James Mirtle and Matt Florjancic. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

Hour 2 of Macko & Cauz joined by Matt Scianitti and Brad Evans. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

Hour 3 of Macko & Cauz joined by Gregor Chisholm, Sean Fitz-Gerald and Brooke Henderson. Hour 3 Audio


James Mirtle – Globe & Mail

It is fascinating to see how quickly the Leafs have adopted metrics. It can all be tied back to the hiring of Shanahan and the open mind that he has. Dubas has been given a budget to bring in his own analytics department in a way that he was never able to do in Soo. This year if we see the Leafs trending in a negative direction in terms of their possession and shot differential – we will likely see personnel changes made in short order. The enhancement of the bottom six of the roster and keeping enforcers in the press box could have a much bigger impact that many people think.

Matt Florjancic – WKYC Cleveland

It was clear that the Browns wanted to make Manziel earn it coming into camp – and he did cause a few distractions throughout camp and into preseason that surely did not help his case. Manziel has to learn how to take a hit and slide and get down in the NFL and that obviously scarred a lot of people if he is going to be the franchise QB. It will likely be mid-October when Manziel gets his first NFL start coming off the Browns bye week.

Matt Scianitti – TSN CFL

There continues to be discussion that the CFL should move towards a one division system as the disparity between the east and west divisions continues to grow. The Ticats are in a rough spot right now as Collaros and LeFevour are both out for extended periods of time – and they might start looking elsewhere for help under centre. Kevin Glenn and Drew Tate are possibilities, but Tate has a bum shoulder.

Brad Evans – Yahoo! Fantasy Football Expert

Matt Stafford has a chance to surpass Peyton as the top fantasy pivot in the league. The Lions brought in a lot of new weapons to compliment Megatron – with Golden Tate and Eric Ebron acting as solid secondary options. Manziel may be worth a shot in the late rounds of drafts if you have a solid number one option as he will likely be starting in week five after the Browns bye week when they face the Titans.

Gregor Chisholm –

It will be interesting to see the fallout from this Jays season – as Anthopoulos is tied closely to Beeston, and Gibbons is tied closely to Anthopoulos. We will see the fallout in the locker room of the players reaction to this season – as they started out so strong and expected reinforcements to come down the line. But when they didn’t and players in the room were vocal – it showed that there was a clear division in the room.

Sean Fitz-Gerald – National Post

Its about time that the Leafs take a look at the metrics that they have been judged so critically by. A lot of people that are being hired by the Leafs are the ones that predicted a fall off the cliff last season. The biggest question for the Leafs this season will be to see how the analytics group communicated with the coaching staff – but that is not clear at this point as the team has not made the announcement official at this point.

Brooke Henderson – Amateur Canadian Golfer

She started playing at a very young age – so it is no surprise to her that she has excelled at such a young age. It is a huge honor to playing at the Canadians Women’s Open – and she has been working around the calendar on her game with coaches, nutritionists, psychologists and physiotherapists. She has been on the national team for several years already and the coaching has been top notch considering her age.

August 19: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Bob along with Steve Simmons chat with Scott MacArthur about whether the Jays can turn things around as they open a series versus the Brewers, and Shea Emry checks in to discuss his injury recovery and where the Argos stand after eight weeks.


Hour 1:

Hour 1 with Macko & Simmons joined by Scott MacArthur. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

Hour 2 with Macko & Simmons joined by Darryl Belfry and Shea Emry. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

Hour 3 with Macko & Simmons joined by Kristian Jack, Howard Bryant and Mark Giordano. Hour 3 Audio


Scott MacArthur – TSN Jays Reporter

The Jays are going about their business as they always have, and there is a resiliency among the group that is hard to quantify. Jays rely so much on the long ball that they are prone to prolonged slumps if the bats go cold even for a week and they struggle to score without it. The pitching staff has exceeded expectations this year – and while they haven’t been great, a lot of the arms of exceeded what many expected of them.

Darryl Belfry – (training Crosby, Tavares & David Clarkson this summer)

Darryl runs a Hockey camp for some of the most Elite players in the NHL and he joins the show to give us a little insight on how he helps players improve and fine-tune their game. He gets a better understanding on what bad and good habits these players may have and focus on making them more consistent with their good habits. Players such as Crosby who most would think is at a level that doesn't need any coaching still have room for improvement and Darryl goes into detail on what Crosby or someone of that caliber of skill needs to do to fine-tune their game and take control of situations on the ice. Clarkson struggled a lot last year after missing the first ten games out of the gate – and he wasn’t able to maximize his effectiveness as he often found himself outside of his comfort zone.

Shea Emry – Toronto Argos LB

Coming off a concussion earlier in the season – he is feeling a lot better and has recovered very well this season. He has sustained a few concussions earlier in his career, and it has forced him to become hyper-aware of how he is feeling at all time in the season. How his body and soul feel at all times is incredibly important. He has changed the way that he plays the game over the years – but he does not play any slower or less intensely. He simply uses his body in a different way now.

Kristian Jack – TSN Soccer Analyst

Soccer is a unique game in terms of on-field chemistry. There is usually an immense amount of roster turnover year over year, and it can take some time to get chemistry on the field. The most important thing that teams were looking for in the first week of BPL action is to get the win and get the three points. We have seen a significant spike in interest in BPL in recent years, as so many games are televised and you actually have the ability to watch more games from Canada than you do in the actual UK.

Howard Bryant – ESPN The Magazine

Sports are better when you have dominant dynasties that span over years. But sports are going the way of parity as there are luxury taxes and extra wild card spots that impede teams from being great over many years. It might be better for the long-term health of the game to have parity – but fans often like watching the great teams duke it out. Expansion has also done a number on having teams dominate over years and it is hard to prop up lesser franchises. We have reached a point in a post 9/11 era that you have to stand and honor a military member at every game and sports have become synonymous with promoting the military industrial complex.

Mark Giordano – Calgary Flames

Really excited to work with Brian Burke as he is up front about his feelings and that is the number one thing that you want as a player in dealing with management. Being considered a team that was hard to play against was a huge compliment last season – but taking that next step is so much more difficult – especially in the rough Western Conference. Vigilante justice is a big part of the game – as having the enforcer on ice makes everyone feel a few inches taller. He would not have become the player that he is today if he hadn’t learn how to relax on the ice and there is no substitute for experience on the ice.

August 18: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Bob along with Steve Simmons are joined by Craig Button to recap Canada’s impressive performance at the Under-18 Ivan Hlinka tournament, and Rany Jazayerly checks in to discuss why the Jays’ bats need to step up if the team is to turn things around.

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