August 6: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Filling in for Dave, Bill Hayes along with Dave Feschuk are joined by Steve Simmons to discuss the impact of Brett Lawrie’s injury, and Dan Shulman checks in to debate whether the Blue Jays are only the third best team in the AL East.


Hour 1:

Bill Hayes and Dave Feschuk discuss Tiger Woods, tonight's Jays vs. Orioles game and Stacey Allaster joins the show. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

Dallas Stars GM, Jim Nill, and TSN Blue Jays analyst, Dan Shulman, join. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

Brian Webber chats about the Rogers Cup and Steve Simmons talks about the Blue Jays. Hour 3 Audio


Stacey Allaster, Chairman and CEO of the WTA

Allaster says that last night was one of those moments in a young woman’s career that she can learn from, and that’s what will happen with Eugenie Bouchard. Allaster says that Bouchard has played so well and so consistently in the Grand Slams, but for longevity in the sport, you need the relentless pursuit of winning, and Eugenie needs to continue to assert herself there.

Jim Nill, General Manager of the Dallas Stars

Nill joins the show to talk about analytics in hockey. Nill says analytics aren't the do all end all in hockey, but can be useful as one more tool to utilize. He explains how certain calls in the NHL can be hard to decipher, and it's been proven to him when meeting with other GMs and seeing how divided they are when evaluating plays. Nill talks about being in a strong Western Conference, and says he doesn't mind because you have to beat the best to be the best. He mentions stability being important for organizations. Nill's thoughts on international play are that the World Juniors are a good developmental tool, but questions the Olympics getting in the way of the NHL season.

Dan Shulman, Voice of the MLB on ESPN, TSN Blue Jays Analyst

Shulman says that if you’re a Blue Jays fan, you have to be concerned. Right now, on paper, they’re probably the 3rd best team in the division. That doesn't mean they won’t make the playoffs, but this isn't a team that’s playing their best baseball right now. Shulman says that the players hate playing on turf, and it definitely might hurt their ability to attract free agents.

Brian Webber, Tennis Channel, NBC Sports

Webber says that Raonic has a tremendous game, and he’s tracked him since 2004, where he saw him play in a Junior tournament at Flushing Meadows. Webber says that perhaps something was missing with Eugenie last night, and she really needs to beef up some of her weapons, as she really doesn’t have a go to in her arsenal, and that’s something she needs to work on.

Steve Simmons, Sunmedia, TSN’s The Reporters

Simmons says when Jose Bautista comes out to the media and comments about the team not being good enough, players in the clubhouse begin to question who he is talking about. He says it’s not the fact the Blue Jays are losing games, but it’s rather how they are losing them. Simmons touches on Brett Lawrie’s injury and how frustrating it must be for him. He says if the Blue Jays fall too far behind Baltimore, they won’t be able to catch them. There are two reasons the Jays need Edwin Encarnacion back in the lineup, one because of what he can do, and two because pitchers are pitching around Bautista. Simmons mentions the Edmonton Oilers hiring of Tyler Dellow, and says it’s great the team is branching out.

August 5: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Filling in for Dave, Bill Hayes along with Josh Lewenberg chat with Tim Graham about how Terry Pegula may be the frontrunner in the Bills ownership sale, and Darren Dreger check in to discuss how the PK Subban contract negotiations took everyone by surprise.


Hour 1:

Bill Hayes and Josh Lewenberg discuss Biogenesis founder Tony Bosch, Paul George's injury and Pete Bodo joins the show. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

Tim Graham, Jim Duquette and Darren Dreger join the show. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

Scott MacArthur and Robert Flores join the show. Hour 3 Audio


Pete Bodo,, TENNIS Magazine

Bodo says that Eugenie Bouchard has to be considered amongst the favourites both this week and at the US Open, and she’s really been gaining some quality experience over the past year. No other woman has gone to 3 Grand Slam semi-finals this season, and she has a terrific chance this week at home. Graham believes that Eugenie has to be careful with her health, considering the frequency by which she competes on the WTA. A lot of the success of Raonic has to go with his two coaches, as they’ve really helped him ascend both on and off the court.

Tim Graham, Buffalo News

Graham says that the Bills saga continues to develop in an interesting manner. Terry Pegula is the perfect owner for the Buffalo Bills, as he has the means to stabilize the team, he has the cash, and he has the cache amongst professional sports fans and media to keep the Bills relevant. Graham thinks that Jon Bon Jovi has made inroads with many influential owners and types across the NFL, and that’s how he’s established his credence across the league. The reality is, for Bon Jovi, it could take a few failed attempts for him to become an owner. Graham would consider this more of a learning experience for Bon Jovi.

Jim Duquette, Former GM of the Mets + Orioles, Sirius XM MLB Host

Duquette says that both the Blue Jays and Orioles have softer schedules compared to most down the stretch, and because Toronto is chasing the O’s, you’d have to say that this series is more important for the Jays than it is for the Orioles. Brett Lawrie might endure a little bit of a timing struggle, regardless of whatever rehab assignment you go on. Duquette says that tonight’s starter, Bud Norris, is going to be tough for the Jays. He’s found the feel for his changeup, and that makes him that much more dangerous.

Darren Dreger, TSN Hockey Insider

Dreger says he wasn’t surprised with the contract for P.K Subban, but he was surprised by how the Canadiens went about getting the contract done with Subban. You have to wonder if ownership pushed Marc Bergevin and the Canadiens to get the deal done before arbitration. Dreger says that teams are investing more in the research and analytics, and Tyler Dellow is at the forefront of statistical analysis. There has been no decision on the job of head disciplinarian, and Claude Loiselle is a definite candidate.

Scott MacArthur, TSN 1050 Blue Jays Reporter

MacArthur says there is a buzz in the Dome tonight, and both the fans and the team understand how important the next 9 games are. From a Toronto perspective, they have got to win this series, especially considering the quality of the opponents coming in. MacArthur says that while Brett Lawrie’s return is a boost for the Jays offence, it might be more valuable from a defensive perspective.

Robert Flores, ESPN

Flores says it’s hard to imagine that Manziel will be sacrificed early on considering their extremely difficult schedule early on. Flores believes that Gordon will still be hit with a significant suspension, but its interesting to chart the changing attitudes with regards to marijuana around the NFL. Flores says that RGIII has continually referenced Shanahan and his thoughts on what went wrong, and with all the continued talk in Washington, there will only be more and more pressure on RGIII early on.

August 4: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Filling in for Dave, Bill Hayes and Bruce Arthur chat with Rich Griffin about how Colby Rasmus has failed to follow up his solid 2013 season and how it could cost him in free agency, and Jeff Garcia joins the guys to discuss his decision to return to the CFL.


Hour 1:

The first hour the TSN Drive with Bruce Arthur and Bill Hayes on TSN 1050 Toronto. Richard Griffin and Jeff Garcia join. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

The second hour of the TSN Drive with Bruce Arthur and Bill Hayes. Joe Sheehan of SI and Andrew Brandt from ESPN and the MMQB on join. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

The final hour of the TSN Drive with Bruce Arthur & Bill Hayes. Jason Sobel of, and former NFL fullback Lorenzo Neal join. Hour 3 Audio


Rich Griffin, Toronto Star

Griffin says that the Blue Jays have to be happy with their road trip overall, in spite of the really bad ending to it in Houston. Griffin believes that Marcus Stroman would be the Jays starter if they play a one-game playoff, but by that point, he’ll have a ton of innings under his belt and who knows what type of shape he’ll be in. Griffin says that Colby Rasmus is basically a rock-head, and he had a chance to establish himself this year going into free agency, and he didn’t do it. You can’t blame anyone else but yourself for that.

Jeff Garcia, 4 x CFL All-Star, NFL Pro Bowler, Newest Member of the Montreal Alouettes Coaching Staff

Garcia says he hasn’t been able to watch enough of the CFL to truly evaluate, but strong QB play is essential to success in the CFL. Garcia has been doing a lot of instruction for young QB’s, and he’s done work with the NFL Network, but he always thought about the possibility of becoming a coach, and being part of a team. When the opportunity presented itself, it wasn’t an easy decision; Garcia decided it was a great chance to learn in a great organization.

Joe Sheehan, Sports Illustrated

Sheehan says that many of the top AL teams are pushing the envelope with regards to payroll flexibility and creativity, and that really came to the forefront at the trade deadline. Sheehan says that the Yankees need to develop talent internally; they cannot continue to sign 30+ year old free agents, as internal development has only become more and more valuable considering what free agents cost. With the Blue Jays, Sheehan says that the trade market just didn’t fit the Jays needs at a reasonable price.

Andrew Brandt, ESPN,

Brandt explained how NFL contracts aren’t always as they seem, and this is especially the case with Andy Dalton. The money is far from guaranteed, he’s essentially going on a year-to-year basis after 2014. Brandt also explained how the Packers finally made the decision to transition from Brett Favre to Aaron Rodgers, and how that was a very difficult decision. Finally, Brandt says that Roger Goodell didn’t suspend Josh Gordon; it was all about league policies. There have been discussions about making marijuana suspensions less harsh.

Jason Sobel, Golf Channel

Sobel believes that McIlroy is the prohibitive favourite at the PGA Championship, considering how well he’s playing in the last month or so. Sobel believes that Tiger Woods himself doesn’t know if he’s going to play at Valhalla this week. Sergio has made excuses throughout his career about why he hasn’t won, but he’s really matured in the last few years. Sobel believes that the PGA Tour’s lack of transparency is completely outdated, and that’s apparent with the Dustin Johnson saga. The public has a right to know whats happening behind the scenes, and the semantics with this issue.

Lorenzo Neal, Longtime NFL FB, NFL Network Analyst

Neal says it’s very interesting to see the dynamics of the fullback position change over the years, as its become a position that is a lot more versatile in the past. Neal says that Walter Jones was such a fixture, and the HOF class from this season was phenomenal.

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