August 7: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Bryan and Jonas Siegel break down the Andrew Wiggins-Kevin Love trade with Leo Rautins, and Dan Shulman joins to discuss the impact Brett Lawrie’s injury will have on the Blue Jays’ playoff chances.


Hour 1 (Blue Lunch):

Steve Simmons joins. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (Blue Lunch):

Leo Rautins joins. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 1 (The Bryan Hayes Show):

Mark Zecchino and Dan Shulman join. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (The Bryan Hayes Show):

Casey Curtis and Mike Bordick join. Hour 2 Audio

August 6: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Bryan and Jonas Siegel are joined by Mark Masters to discuss Genie Bouchard’s disappointing first round exit at the Rogers Cup, and Scott MacArthur checks in to chat about whether Drew Hutchison can bounce back from his recent struggles in game two of the Blue Jays series versus the Orioles.


Hour 1 (Blue Lunch):

Mark Masters joins. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (Blue Lunch):

Scott MacArthur joins. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 1 (The Bryan Hayes Show):

Rick Dempsey joins. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (The Bryan Hayes Show):

Michael Del Zotto and Kelly Murumets join. Hour 2 Audio


12:07 – Mark Masters, TSN Reporter

Masters joins the boys from Montreal to chat about Eugenie Bouchard’s surprising loss in her opening match at the Rogers Cup. Last night goes against everythign we’ve seen from her this season. The bigger the pressure and the bigger the stage she’s always repsonded to and met the moment. It’s almost like that Finals in Wimbledon has shaken her. She seem affected by the pressure of the home crowd. She didn’t seem herself last night and her attitude with wanting to get off the court is not the one that’s made her so successful so far.

1 – Scott MacArthur, TSN 1050 Jays Reporter

Scotty weighs in on the biggest concern for the Jays coming out of last night’s game and says it has to be Mark Buehrle's performance in the loss to the O’s. He says Hutchison is completely unpredictable - it seems like he’s one off and one on, but he’s pitched really well against the Orioles this year. There will always be concern for Lawrie being injury prone because of the oblique problems but he says the Astroturf does nothing to help/ He feels very strongly about the Astroturf and how it’s really tough on the players bodies.

2:30 – Rick Dempsey, Former MLBer and Orioles Broadcaster

Rick joins the show to discuss the Orioles big win against the Jays last night. He chats about the state of the team right now and says he likes the Orioles' chances against teams like Oakland, Anaheim & Detroit. If the Orioles regress, he thinks that the pitching staff would be at fault. His perception of the Jays is that they’re a dangerous offensive ball club. Their young pitching was overrated at first but they have a lot of talent. He thinks the Dome is a hard stadium to pitch in and it’s hard for some of the young guys to deal with. He says Hutchison has pitched well against the Orioles.

3 – Bob Glauber, Newsday

Bob joined Bryan to chat about NFL training camps and says the Cowboys aren't looking like a good team at the moment. He sees the Cowboys as a 6-10 team in 2014. Romo's physical issues & the defense's weakness will present major obstacles. He thinks that Vick has been a supportive veteran teammate to the young & still developing Geno Smith. In the midst of a tough schedule, Rex Ryan may decide to replace Smith with a proven Vick.

3:15 – Michael Del Zotto, Philadelphia Flyers

Michael Del Zotto joins the show to talk about his new contract in Philadelphia. He is excited to be on the side of the Philadelphia fans who he says are a rowdy group. He thinks being on the other side of the Flyers-Rangers rivalry will be exciting, but looks forward to going back to New York where he made so many friends over the years. Del Zotto says last year was a disappointing season for him, but he’s never been more motivated to prove people wrong and get his game back. He says he’s gained a lot of confidence over the summer both physically and mentally. Del Zotto explains when you’re playing well you feel like you’re playing on the backyard rink, but when you think you’ve lost it you want to hide away. He mentions how playing in New York forced him to grow up quickly.

3:32 – Kelly Murumets, Tennis Canada President & CEO

Kelly Murumets talks about how tough it was to watch Genie Bouchard’s loss last night. She says she wanted to go down onto the court to give Genie a hug. She says Bouchard came off Wimbledon exhausted, and feels the pressure got to Bouchard. As Bouchard gains experience in these high pressure situations, she will learn to deal with the pressure. Murumets says she’s excited to welcome home the Canadian athletes and thinks it’s a historic time for all athletes involved. She mentions how Genie is a marketing phenom, and thinks she’s creating a whole new generation of fans for the sport. Murumets says girls drop off dramatically at the age of 14, and Bouchard will help young girls continue to be active.

August 5: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Bryan and Jonas Siegel tee up the key three-game series between the Jays and Orioles and discuss the impact of Brett Lawrie’s return with Dirk Hayhurst and Richard Griffin, and Brian Windhorst joins the show to chat about the effect of Paul George’s injury and where the trade talks between the Cavaliers and Timberwolves stand.


Hour 1 (Blue Lunch):

TSN Hockey Analyst Jamie McLennan joins. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (Blue Lunch):

Bryan and Jonas discuss Jerry Jones, the possibility of the World Cup in Canada, and are joined by TSN 1050 Jays Analyst Dirk Hayhurst. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 1 (The Bryan Hayes Show):

Bryan is joined by Brian Windhorst of, and Steve DiMeglio of USA Today. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (The Bryan Hayes Show):

Bryan is joined by Richard Griffin of the Toronto Star, and Alex Marvez of Fox Sports 1. Hour 2 Audio


12:15 – Jamie McLennan, TSN Hockey Analyst (in studio)

Subban is the face of the Canadiens right now, he makes the franchise a ton of money both on and off the ice and a deal had to get done. The Leafs have depth now in their top 12, they have choices to make in the line up that they didn't have last year. The Leafs started getting exposed last season when they weren't winning, and things need to change with Carlyle if the Leafs are going to be successful next season.

1 – Dirk Hayhurst, TSN 1050 Jays Analyst

This series against Baltimore is really important for the Jays, especially since they have a chance to tie or take first place. The Jays have a good match up against the Orioles pitching wise but the most important one is the middle game with Drew Hutchison. Even if the Jays don't do well this series they still have a chance to make ground in their division especially with both the Rays and Red Sox getting weaker after the deadline. The Jays would have had to pay a premium to get someone at the deadline, and they would of opened up more holes in their organization making any of the trades they were looking at.

2:15 – Brian Windhorst,

Unless you own League pass, Raptors games don’t show on TV in the US, which is one of the major hurdles they face. If they had gotten into the second round of the playoffs it would've helped the perception of the team, and it will interesting to see how they do this year. The Paul George injury is a major hit for Indiana and it makes room for team like the Wizards to move into the Pacers spot. Canada by 2016 maybe 2020 could be in contention for a Olympic medal in basketball, and it would be hard to tell those kids that they cant play and compete for their countries. In regards to the Wiggins-Love trade, he can’t remember a #1 pick being traded so soon after being drafted, but you can’t criticize a team for going for it. Minnesota should be competitive in a few years because of the assets they'll get from Cleveland.

2:30 – Steve DiMeglio, USA Today

There has yet to be any update on Tiger’s status for this week, there should be one later today to inform people just what is going on with his injury. DiMeglio doesn't see how Tiger can play this weekend; Tiger needs to know if he'll be ready in 7 weeks for the Ryder Cup, because despite his injuries problems Tiger is still better than some of the other players Watson could select. There is only player that has the potential to be another Tiger Woods and that is Rory McIlroy, he's won three tournaments since breaking off his engagement, his attention is solely on golf right now and you can see the results of that now.

3 – Richard Griffin, Toronto Star

This homestand for the Jays is very importamt and hopefully they'll get a boost of energy with Brett Lawrie coming back. This could be considered a must win series for the Jays, but the Orioles are in a similar situation as the Jays right now, and are going to feel the pressure of the situation. The Jays are at their best with Lawrie at 3rd and despite how good the utility guys have played you need to put a player of the caliber of Lawrie into your lineup. The Players association doesn't support those players that are linked to PED's and whatever players might get named soon in the Biogenesis scandal, the players association doesn't want appeals from those players to succeed.

3:30 – Alex Marvez, FOXSports1 NFL Analyst

The pictures of Jerry Jones isn't a good look for the NFL, especially since Goodell holds his owners to a high standard. Irsay will likely be suspended, fined, and have a draft pick taken away because of his situation, but in the case of Jerry Jones you can’t really discipline him as it doesn't really fall under the conduct rules of the NFL. Goodell likely just hopes that Synder will eventually just change the name of the Redskins himself, Snyder doesn't seem willing to change it, It's commendable of Goodell to try and clean up the language in the NFL but its a difficult road to judge especially during a game, and Referees already have to deal with new pass interference rules through the season as well. You have to wonder if video review of pass interference is the next thing the NFL looks at, defensive coordinator's will adjust to the new rules, but you have to wonder how many more penalties will be called through the first few weeks of the season.

August 4: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Filling in for Bryan, Andy McNamara and Scott Ferguson chat with Mark Zecchino about Tiger Woods’ injury and another final round collapse by Sergio Garcia, and Ken Crosina checks in to tee up the men’s and women’s Rogers Cup.


Hour 1 (Blue Lunch):

Mark Zecchino talked about Rory McIlroy's win, Sergio Garcia's failure & Tiger Woods' status on the tour. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (Blue Lunch):

Jessica Rusnak and Mitch Berger join. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 1 (The Bryan Hayes Show):

Matt Florjancic talked about Josh Gordon's status & the training camp competition at QB for the Browns. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (The Bryan Hayes Show):

Chris Schultz talked about Troy Smith & his struggles. Ken Crosina talked about Eugenie Bouchard & Canada's talent. Hour 2 Audio


Mark Zecchino, GolfTalk Canada

Zecchino says that Rory seems to have his mojo back and has the ability to absolutely dominate, as he expects him too. He said that Sergio Garcia has collapsed so many times that he wonders if it’s become a mental hurdle for him. He wonders how it will effect his attitude. He says that if Tiger Woods plays this weekend, it would create speculation to where he’ll play next, although there is chatter he’ll miss the tourney due to a injury.

Jessica Rusnak, TSN 690

Rusnak says that PK Subban is the face of the franchise for the Montreal Canadiens and that nerves were settled by his long-term team. She says that PK wants to bring a Stanley Cup to Montreal and committed to being in Montreal. She says it was doubtful that PK Subban ever wanted to join the Toronto Maple Leafs, despite confusion. She says Montreal’s cap situation is cloudy because of all the players who are about to finish their ELC deals.

Mitch Berger, NFL Analyst

Berger says that the post Michael Strahan hall of fame induction party was wild. He says that Bon Jovi took the stage and performed. He calls Ray guy a great athlete who deserved to be in the Hall of Fame and called his numbers ahead of his time. He says Andre Reed's story on the Bills was extremely touching. He was baffled by Andy Dalton’s new contract.

Matt Florjancic, WKYC Cleveland

Matt Florjancic says that the Josh Gordon appeal hearing should see resolution soon, and his camp hopes that it isn’t a full year suspension. He doesn’t foresee it being 16 games or even 8 games, but he may be fined for that amount regardless. He says that the Browns coach is softening his stance on Brian Hoyer being the starter. He says that things will become a distraction if Manziel misbehaves when he should be focusing on football.

Chris Schultz, TSN Football Analyst

Schultz says the four teams in the East are much worse because the teams are poorer. He says that the Argonauts are struggling because of injuries to key players like Chad Owens. He says the Montreal Alouettes have struggled due to Troy Smith’s inconsistency. He questions whether Smith has the right support system around him to succeed. He outlines the best young quarterbacks in the league, where he likes Mike Reilly the most.

Ken Crosina, TSN Tennis Analyst

Ken Crosina says that he never would have dreamed to see two Canadians play in an ATP Final. He says that Vasek Pospisil rivals Milos Raonic and has a ton of skill, but he’s been slightly hampered by injuries. He says that Eugenie Bouchard and Raonic bring tremendous excitement to the Canadian open. He says a player to watch out for is Grigor Dimitrov.

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