August 13: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Filling in for Dave, Bill Hayes along with Steve Simmons chat with Dan Shulman about whether he thinks the Jays can take advantage of the rash of injuries affecting AL contenders, and Andrew Brandt checks in to discuss the latest rumours surrounding the Buffalo Bills sale and where John Bon Jovi and his Toronto group may fit in.


Hour 1:

Scott Miller of Bleacher Report joins the show this hour. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

David Poile and Dan Shulman join the show this hour. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

Duane Ford and Andrew Brandt join the show this hour. Hour 3 Audio


Scott Miller, Lead MLB Columnist, Bleacher Report/Turner Sports

Miller believes that the parity going on in the AL East really helps out the Blue Jays, especially considering the relative weakness of the division this season. The Tigers have had a miserable week, losing Soria and Sanchez, and while Justin Verlander’s shoulder injury doesn’t appear too severe, he’s far from the pitcher he used to be. Miller says that there’s a good chance that a new Commish could be elected tomorrow, but this being baseball, it could drag on for a while.

David Poile, GM of the Nashville Predators

Poile says they’ve built a team with a star goaltender in Pekka Rinne, and the defence is quality as well. Where the Predators are lacking is in offensive forwards. The Preds just aren’t scoring enough goals, and this season, they’re going to try and be different and play a different system. Poile says they’re rolling the dice on some of the players they’ve acquired in the offseason, but these are players who have been successful offensive players throughout their careers. Poile says he doesn’t mind the way that James Neal plays, in terms of his aggression, and Neal believes he can play on a standalone basis, without the help of Evgeni Malkin.

Dan Shulman, Voice of MLB on ESPN, TSN Blue Jays Analyst

Shulman says the Detroit Tigers are in a precarious spot right now, and the Tigers are going to have to find a way to beat the Royals when they go head-to-head in September. It’s very rare for a rookie manager to inherit a team like the Tigers, and Brad Ausmus definitely has a difficult task with this team. Shulman says that losing Manny Machado will hurt the O’s, but this is a team that’s demonstrated resiliency throughout the season. Shulman never expected the Jays to be in on Price or Lester, but he thought getting an infielder made good sense, especially considering this team’s knack for injuries in the infield.

Duane Forde, CFL on TSN

Forde says that for QB’s in the CFL, there can be pretty good longevity. We’ve seen a number of guys play for a long time, but we look at Anthony Calvillo, once you get to a certain age, you have to have a contingency plan. Forde says that the Argos won’t win with any consistency if they give away that many yards via the penalty, especially the “discipline penalties.”

Andrew Brandt, ESPN, Sports Illustrated

Brandt says that because there are teams in flux due to financial issues that always brings about the topic of relocation of franchises. Brandt keeps hearing differing opinions about the Buffalo Bills and their future, and it’s puzzling to see why the NFL is so insistent about the team staying in Buffalo. You wouldn’t want to hear people speaking out in favour of moving a franchise as it doesn’t make for good business. Johnny Manziel has tremendous value for the Browns, and people are really tuning in to Browns preseason games. It’ll be great to see his impact during the regular season.

August 12: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Filling in for Dave, Bill Hayes along with Dave Feschuk discuss the NBA’s fine of the Raptors for Drake’s comments directed towards Kevin Durant with Tom Haberstroh, and Charles Davis joins the guys to debate the NFL’s stringent rules on non-performance enhancing drugs.


Hour 1:

Bill Hayes and Dave Feschuk remember Robin Williams, and C.J. Nitkowski talks about the Detroit Tigers troubles. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

Tom Haberstroh talks about the future of the Cleveland Cavaliers, and Michael Landsberg discusses Robin Williams. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

Bill Hayes and Dave Feschuk discuss the Buffalo Bills sale and Charles Davis from NFL on FOX joins the show. Hour 3 Audio


C.J Nitkowski, FOX Sports 1, CBS Sports MLB Analyst

Nitkowski says that the Detroit Tigers shouldn’t be panicking, especially about Justin Verlander’s injury, primarily because he’s essentially been their 5th starter this year. Miguel Cabrera hasn’t been the same guy that we’ve seen in past years, and the build up of injuries could be the reason for that. Nitkowski says that the Royals could be a real player going forward, and in spite of their poor offensive production, their bullpen is as lights out as anyone, but after James Shields, the rotation is a little dicey.

Tom Haberstroh, ESPN

Haberstroh says that the NBA is giving the Raps a slap on the wrist for Drake’s comments, but ultimately, by tossing their name in the Durant Sweepstakes, its 25K well spent. There are definitely similarities between Chris Bosh in 2010 and Kevin Love in 2014. They had similar numbers, and never really were granted the opportunity to play with anyone close to an All-Star. The Wiggins/Love deal, overall, is a win-win for both sides. They get a potential star in Wiggins in Minnesota, and the Cavs get LeBron James a running mate who’s ready to roll on Day One.

Michael Landsberg, Host of Off The Record

Landsberg joined TSN Drive to discuss his mental health initiatives after the passing of the legendary Robin Williams.

Scotty MacArthur, TSN 1050 Blue Jays Reporter

MacArthur says the Jays have to be content with winning 2 out of the 3 games against the former Cy Young winners, and while the score looks bad on paper, it really isn’t reflective of how the game actually played out. The Jays believe that Encarnacion could be back on Friday against the White Sox, but the return of Adam Lind will be good for the Jays, especially against right-handed pitchers. MacArthur says that J.A Happ has been more than impressive this year, and the key for him is that he’s been healthy and is in a good routine.

Charles Davis, NFL on FOX, NFL Network

Charles Davis says that the Denver Broncos need to re-establish themselves in terms of their toughness, especially in lieu of their performance in the Super Bowl. It all starts with the practice sessions and film sessions, and the Broncos needs to prove to themselves and the rest of the NFL that they’ve toughened up. Davis believes that the marijuana rules in the NFL are too stringent, as they are more restrictive than they are at the Olympics. Davis believes that Brian Hoyer and Johnny Manziel really are in a dead heat right now. It’s going to be a battle down the stretch.

August 11: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Filling in for Dave, Bill Hayes along with Bruce Arthur discuss whether Johnny Manziel has a chance to win the strating job in Cleveland with Bob Holtzman, and Gregg Doyel joins the guys to chat about Rory McIlroy’s historic dominance at such a young age.


Hour 1:

The first hour of the TSN Drive with Bill Hayes and Bruce Arthur. Dave Bradley of Newstalk 1010, and Jon Solomon of join the show. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

The second hour of the TSN Drive with Bill Hayes & Bruce Arthur. Richard Griffin of the Toronto Star, and Gregg Doyel of join this hour. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

The final hour of the TSN Drive with Bill Hayes & Bruce Arthur. Jay Busbee of Yahoo Sports and ESPNs Bob Holtzman join the show this hour. Hour 3 Audio


Dave Bradley, Newstalk 1010, Voice of NASCAR Canadian Tire Series on TSN

Dave Bradley joins the program to talk about the Tony Stewart crash incident that killed Kevin Ward Jr. on the weekend. He says the sprint cars are very hard to control and they slide around normally. He talks about drivers getting out of their cars regularly and giving their two cents to other drivers involved in a particular crash. Bradley says it was a dimly lit track, he was wearing a dark outfit, and Stewart’s side view would be blocked in the sprint car. He can’t see any driver wanting to kill another driver. Bradley isn't surprised there weren't charges and sees this hurting Stewart mentally if he ever returns to racing.

Jon Solomon, CBS Sports

Jon Solomon says the judge had an inclination to side with the plaintiff, especially since the trial went on for so long. In some ways, the result could have been worse for the NCAA, and overall, this is a win for the O’Bannon side. Solomon says there are so many things still to be determined in this case, especially how congress interprets the ruling. Ultimately, the ruling didn’t include jersey sales and other memorabilia, but that’s something that could be tackled in the future.

Rich Griffin, Toronto Star

Rich Griffin says that you have to temper your expectation with regards to how last night’s win was a turning point for the Blue Jays. It’s a quick turnaround tonight, and in the next three nights, they’ll face Felix, Chris Young and Hisashi Iwakuma, so they’ll need to re-focus and re-energize ASAP. Griffin says that Seattle has that foreboding feeling in that it’s an intimidating environment to play in. Griffin says that it’s a possibility the Jays could get both Lind and Encarnacion back this coming weekend against the White Sox.

Gregg Doyel,

Gregg Doyel says that Rory is doing the same things that Tiger was doing at the same age (25). Rory and Tiger are in rare territory, and at his age, Rory’s the best who’s ever done it. Doyel says it would be very cool to see Rory and Tiger go head to head, but ultimately, he doesn’t believe that Tiger’s coming back. He’s not the same guy, between the injuries accumulated over time; he just won’t be coming back.

Jay Busbee, Yahoo! Sports

Jay Busbee talks about the Tony Stewart situation. He says Stewart has pulled out of another dirt track race happening Saturday night but hasn't pulled out of the next NASCAR event. He says he has wisely stepped away from driving and thinks he will continue his leave to mourn, and thinks his sponsors will influence him to stay away. He says there is a grey area in the incident because they were on dirt. Busbee talks about how it’s important to remember Kevin Ward Jr. as a person who has tragically lost his life.

Bob Holtzman, ESPN

Bob Holtzman says Johnny Manziel handled things very well taking into account everything new he was experiencing (helmet headset, playbook). He says from what he’s heard the battle between Manziel and Brian Hoyer has only gotten tighter and the team said they would make a decision before the third preseason game. He doesn’t think the Josh Gordon suspension will come into play when choosing a quarterback, but understands the risk starting a rookie with the wide receivers at his disposal. Holtzman says Head Coach Mike Pettine won’t let the media influence his decision. He says there is not doubt Manziel will get his shot, but there's no need to rush him onto the field.

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