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June 28: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Bob and Matt recap an unpredictable NBA Daft with Jack Armstrong and Argos offensive lineman Joe Eppele joins the show to chat about the upcoming season and tonight's matchup versus the Tiger Cats on TSN 1050.


Hour 1:

Recapping the NBA Draft, Reimer speaks out, Mark Seidel - Chief Scout, North American Central Scouting. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

Macko and Cauz are joined by Jack Armstrong and Joe Eppele. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

Macko & Cauz chat with Oakland Raiders punter Chris Kluwe and OTR's Michael Landsberg. Hour 3 Audio


9:32 - Mark Seidel, Chief Scout, North American Central Scouting

Seidel has Jones over Mackinnon for his combination of size and skill, and the ideal of building a franchise from the back out. After the elite top 5 of this draft, 6-12 is a (small) tier below, then it falls off again but not much. Though the Leafs pick is later in the first round, there will be some attractive prospects, including Jimmy Lodge and Kirby Rychel. Rychel's (and Max Domi's) family background factors into the decision, as the parental wisdom has been passed down. Asked about Domi - though short, he's 200 pounds, has his dad's work ethic and has some Patrick Kane-skill in him. Darnell Nurse, nephew of Donavan McNabb (by marriage), is also a player to watch for.

10:04 - Jack Armstrong, NBA on TSN

Anthony Bennett's number one overall selection says the quality of player in Canada is constantly improving. Southern Ontario has become a great place to recruit as a result of a team in Canada, and an influx of immigrants, where the focus isn't on hockey. Asked about whether Doc Rivers "quit" on the Celtics, it was more-so Rivers becoming a tradeable asset and Boston changing direction into rebuild-mode. The rebuild makes it a tough sell for a prickly Rajon Rondo - perhaps he'll be traded as well. The six, seven and eight-seeds are WIDE open. Starting next week, the Raptors will give an indication of whether they're gunning for a playoff spot or if they're going to "tank". The Raps haven't made the playoffs the last five year and nine of the last 11. They've fallen from relevance. At some point you have to win.

10:22 - Joe Eppele, Offensive Lineman, Toronto Argonauts

Eppele recognizes that being defending Grey Cup champs means they have a target on their back. The team has to prove itself all over again, contrary to Cauz's key to success being "resting on your laurels". Also making it difficult is the big roster turnover, but the younger guys coming in are very talented. Asked about Kalif Mitchell, he can cause chaos with his power and physicality. He's a good guy, who has his quirks, and he's changed some preconceived notions.

11:02 - Chris Kluwe, Oakland Raiders Punter, Author of "Beautifully Unique Sparkle Ponies"

Despite his outspoken nature, Kluwe has always had the respect of his teammates. Asked if the NFL embraces free thinking among its players, Kluwe's not sure - they want them to be good role models, but they'd prefer if no one spoke to the media to avoid the risk of saying something controversial. The NFL goes to great lengths to educate its players as to the causes, timing and consequences of players getting into "trouble", but some players will never get it. Though there have been advances in rights for gay married couples, there is still a ways to go. While society is changing as a whole towards more tolerance, it's slow. In the NFL, it's going to be difficult for someone to come out. The NFL discourages rational empathy, as it values entertainment over education. A society collapses under this mindset, as education holds a society together.

11:34 - Michael Landsberg, Host of Off The Record

Asked if John Tortorella seems humbled from the firing in New York - Torts was devastated and reflective about his mistakes. He'll have a more symbiotic relationship with the Vancouver media, although the "birthday party" atmosphere of a press conference announcing a new coach is no real indication. Landsberg's always liked his passion, but his arrogance and condescension towards the media has bothered him. Tortorella had a great, genuine interview on OTR where he showed his human side. Perhaps this indicates his future behaviour as Vancouver's Head Coach.

June 27: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Bob and Matt continue to weigh in on the Aaron Hernandez story and Jonas Siegel and Craig Button join the show to talk NHL Draft and the Kris Letang rumours.


Hour 1:

Jays win recap, Jonas Siegel - TSN 1050 Leafs Reporter, "What they said/What they meant." Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

Macko & Cauz are joined by Pittsburgh Penguins scout Don Waddell and TSN Hockey Analyst Craig Button. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

Macko & Cauz are joined by Drew Magary of Deadspin and GQ and Jon Rothstein of CBS Sports College Hoops Insider. Hour 3 Audio


9:32 - Jonas Siegel, TSN 1050 Leafs Reporter

If you have a chance to acquire a #1 defenceman like Kris Letang, you at least have to explore that option. If you can get that type of player, and it'll cost you something like the Jordan Staal deal last year, these types of deals don't come around too often. The free agent market on defence both this summer and next summer isn't great, so trading a guy like Dion Phaneuf, and not filling that hole with a top d-man is a very risky move. Vinny Lecavalier brings you more than Stephen Weiss, he can bring you more of a powerplay presence and more playoff experience.

10:03 - Don Waddell, Former Atlanta Thrashers GM/President, Current Pro Scout with the Pittsburgh Penguins

Asked about the Kris Letang trade rumours - it's hard to trade stars and get value back. As GM of the Thrashers Waddell got good (rare) value for Heatley in Hossa, but it was hard to give up Kovalchuk because he had been with the organization so long and had stepped up to sign him to a big deal. In lieu of the Lecavalier buyout, Waddell commends teams for swallowing their pride and cutting their losses rather than hanging on to a sunk cost. Looking ahead - teams have mostly locked up their young players, so the free agent crop isn't great.

10:32 - Craig Button, TSN's Resident Scout and GM

You can go out and get Kris Letang, but you need to build a team around him. But IF Letang is out there, you have to explore it. When a player of this magnitude comes on the market, you have to at least consider the option. The Lecavalier buyout is terrible news for Tyler Bozak. Nonis has to look into that before exploring re-signing Bozak. Lecavalier just became the top player on the free agent market. They also chatted about the passing of player agent Don Baizley, and his impact on the NHL.

11:03 – Drew Magary, Deadspin + GQ

The NFL is never going to clean up the sport entirely. When you give bad people money, it doesn't ensure that they won't do bad things. Goodell will put out a press release about how the NFL doesn't tolerate these type of actions, but I don't think you'll see the NFL take a stand on gun control. The Miami Heat don't have the lasting hate-a-bility of a team like the Cowboys or the Yankees, and once LeBron leaves the Heat, you won't hate the team. It won't create an enduring institution.

11:32 – Jon Rothstein, CBS Sports College Hoops Insider

He expects that Anthony Bennett won't slip past Phoenix at #5, they're enamored with his talent, but this draft is going to be completely unpredictable. There is a significant amount of depth in this draft; it's certainly a different type of dynamic here in this year's draft. For Nerlens Noel, the goal in going to Kentucky is to prepare yourself for the NBA, and in spite of his torn ACL, he's built up his stock high enough to go in the top 5.

June 26: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Bob and Matt react to the breaking Aaron Hernandez arrest news and chat with TSN legal analyst Eric Macramalla about what will happen next in the case and Blue Jays pitcher Kyle Drabek checks in to update his rehab progress.


Hour 1:

Bob & Matt talk Aaron Hernandez, Munenori Kawasaki, Jon Bernier, John Tortorella, and are joined by James Mirtle from the Globe & Mail. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

Scott Ferguson joins the show to talk Blue Jays, Nick Cotsonika from Yahoo sports joins the boys to talk NHL Draft and debate Team Canada goaltenders. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

Kyle Drabek joins the show to update his comeback from TJ surgery, Eric Macramalla provides a legal perspective on the Aaron Hernandez situation and ESPN's Kevin Blackistone checks in to chat A-Rod. Hour 3 Audio


9:32 – James Mirtle, Globe and Mail

Tyler Bozak is a late bloomer, was never drafted, but the reason there's all this criticism of him is that he doesn't have the talent level of a 1st line centre. And while a centre is important, a top 4 D-Man is a pressing issue for the team. Mirtle desn't expect Luongo to be bought out, rather he expects Luongo to expect a trade to wherever he can. Doesn't expect a buyout for Vinny Lecavalier, it's too much money to eat up for the Lightning.

10:02 – Scott Ferguson, TSN 1050 Jays Analyst

Reyes is going to play every game, so having Kawasaki as a cheerleader and not be playing doesn't make too much sense. It's not going to help him and it's not going to help the team. Kawasaki's presence is reminiscent of John McDonald in terms of popularity. With Dickey, the expectations were so high, and with him not performing like he was supposed to, it's starting to wear on him and you can tell by his answers.

10:32 – Nick Cotsonika, Yahoo! Sports

The issue with Bryz comes down to Philadelphia's previous desperate ploy to sign a goaltender two years ago. Ed Snider was desperate to have a top notch quality goalie, and they paid a hefty price both then and now. Patrice Bergeron still being observed in a hospital is a testament to his toughness, and it's a really incredible story that he was able to play in Game 6 at all.

11:03 – Kyle Drabek, Blue Jays Pitcher

Going through 2 Tommy John surgeries is a very difficult process, getting your range of motion back is the key part of the recovery, but having Drew Hutchinson with him throughout the situation helped a lot. Keeping calm is very important, and there are certain times where you want to accelerate the process, but you just need to listen to what the doctors tell you.

11:16 – Eric Macramalla, TSN 1050 Legal Analyst

Expects to see Hernandez face the Judge shortly, and learn more about the charges that he faces. The circumstances here are as serious as it gets, and if he's found to be an accessory before the fact, he could face the same crime as if he was charged for murder.

11:32 – Kevin Blackistone, ESPN's Around the Horn

Professional sports teams ought to have a social media editor, if they don't they're way behind the times. When Alex Rodriguez sends out a tweet about his rehab, it's the Yankees responsibility to ensure he follows protocols, and in this case, they clearly didn't have a protocol in place. ESPN's lack of coverage of the NHL is based on their lack of rights and lack of investment in the league as a whole. ESPN has a significant investment in the NBA, NFL and MLB, and are no longer invested in the NHL as they once were.

June 25: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Bob and Matt recap the Hawks Stanley Cup win, chat about John Tortorella in Vancouver and Jonathan Bernier in Toronto with Gary Lawless of TSN 1290 and discuss what the return of Jose Reyes may mean for Munenori Kawasaki.


Hour 1:

Macko and Cauz discuss the Blackhawks Stanley Cup victory with Adam Proteau of The Hockey News and Gary Lawless of TSN 1290. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

Macko and Cauz chat about Jose Reyes' return with Gregor Chisholm of MLB.com and discuss why the Bruins cam up short with Comcast Sportsnet's Joe Haggerty. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

Macko and Cauz are joined by George Stroumboulopoulos of CNN/CBC to discuss Jay-Z and Kevin Durant and the sporting hierarchy in Los Angeles. Hour 3 Audio


Adam Proteau, The Hockey News:

In this day and age, 2 Stanley Cups in 4 seasons isn't a dynasty, but it's close. There is a ton of parity in the league and considering the young core the team has between Kane, Toews and Keith, they're going to be contenders for a long time. Bryan Bickell is going to get a sizable contract, but Stan Bowman isn't going to get sucked in. Bickell is a good player, but he's far from a 40+ goal scorer.

Gary Lawless, Winnipeg Free Press, TSN 1290

Alain Vigneault came so very close to a Stanley Cup in Vancouver, and not many teams have had runs over the past 7 years like the Canucks have. This is a team that's window is shut, the Sedins won't enjoy playing for Torts, and they'll continue to spiral downward. If James Reimer can outplay Bernier in training camp, then Reimer will start. Nothing is written in stone here, there will be competition and that could be the best for both goaltenders. If the team is winning with Reimer, he'll play.

Gregor Chisholm, MLB.com

Dustin McGowan should be DFAed as opposed to letting go of Munenori Kawasaki. Between his injury woes and concerns, he should be the odd man out. When Jose Reyes returns on Wednesday, he'll slide back into the leadoff spot and the rest of the lineup will work itself out. We might see Melky Cabrera slide down in the order, but keeping Jose Bautista and Edwin 2-3 should stick where they are.

Joe Haggerty, Comcast Sportsnet Boston

There was a lot of sadness in the Bruins locker room, and when you talk to guys who've lost in the Cup Final before, they always mention the inner torment. The pain of losing the Cup outweighs the elation of winning the Cup. The Blackhawks really attacked Zdeno Chara, and that coinsided with Quenneville putting Toews/Kane/Bickell together. It also looked like Chara hurt one of his legs, and was having a hard time skating around and maneuvering.

George Stroumboulopoulos, CNN/CBC

Jay-Z's ascension in the sports agent is an interesting story, but not sure it's too significant. Maybe Durant will be invited to better parties, but the reality is that Kevin Durant is Kevin Durant. It doesn't have nearly as big an impact on the player or his contract, yet it could provide an opportunity for bigger branding. He also chatted about his time in LA so far and his show.

June 24: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Bob and Matt preview Game 6 of the Stanley Cup final and chat about the Jonathan Bernier trade with Darren Pang and Jeff O'Neill and discuss the red hot Blue Jays with Jonah Keri of Grantland.


Hour 1:

Macko and Cauz celebrate the Jays reaching the .500 club. Darren Pang calls in to breakdown the Kings/Leafs trade and "What They Said, What They Meant." Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

Jonah Keri of Grantland on the Jays winning streak, Jamie Evans gives some insight on his "Velocity" program and the Hawks gun for the Stanley Cup in Game 6. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

Jeff O'Neill joins Macko and Cauz and the "Darcy Tucker of radio," Michael Landsberg closes out the last hour of Macko & Cauz. Hour 3 Audio


Darren Pang, NHL on TSN

Jonathan Bernier has all the potential in the world to be a #1 goaltender in the NHL, and while there are no guarantees, his pedigree and style has all the makings to be a really good goaltender for a long period of time. There's not going to be any issue in the locker room. It'll be highly competitive, and both guys will be competing heavily to get starts, but both guys are team first players. The way that goaltenders are now is different than it used to be, and we're finding that more goaltenders are laid back and not as supremely competitive as they previously were.

Jonah Keri, Grantland

The Jays aren't as good as they look on their win streak, no one is as good as they are when they're hot, and no one is as bad as they are when they're cold. But the Jays are still definitely in the mix, especially considering that Jose Reyes is on the way back. In the AL East, The Yankees are too injured and their lineup is too brittle and old to make a serious run in the 2nd half, in spite of A-Rod and Jeter's potential returns. Boston is a team that has the makings of a World Series contender, but they'll need a healthy Clay Buchholz and a productive Jon Lester.

Jamie Evans, Blue Jays Pitching Consultant

The newest hire by the Toronto Blue Jays chatted about working with Steve Delabar and Brett Cecil, and how those guys deserve all the credit for their success this year. He created a program called "Velocity", where they work with different types of weighted balls, and that's been very productive so far for the Blue Jays.

Jeff O'Neill, TSN 1050 Leafs Analyst

Bernier will probably be the #1, and he spoke to someone in LA who thinks he's way better than Reimer. Nonis is staking his reputation Bernier, so you have to expect him to be the favourite to be the top guy heading into the season. Dion Phaneuf could very well be traded, and that wouldn't be the worst move. Patrice Bergeron is the glue guy and the best two-way player on the Bruins, and without him, Boston is in real trouble.

Michael Landsberg, Off The Record

The guys chatted all things Leafs, from the Bernier trade, to Game 7 with the Bruins and the possibility of Phaneuf being traded.

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Macko and Cauz: June 10-14

Macko and Cauz: May 27-31

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