June 27: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Filling in for Matt, Steve Simmons along with Bob rekindle their analytics debate with Tyler Dellow and Ryan Wolstat checks in to break down the Raptors’ selection of Bruno Caboclo.


Hour 1:

Macko & Steve Simmons chat with Adam Proteau, break down the Raptors draft and look ahead to tonight's NHL draft. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

Macko & Steve Simmons chat with Corey Pronman and Ryan Wolstat. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

Macko & Steve Simmons chat with Michael Landsberg and Tyler Dellow. Hour 3 Audio


Adam Proteau – The Hockey News

There are no guarantees when building a team and no matter how sure of a think you think you have, nothing is guaranteed. The Leafs would be wise to trade up for the first pick because they are truly lacking high end skill – so Nonis making a deal would be something that they could really use. Giving up someone like Gardiner or Kadri to move up might be worth it when all is said and done if they can get a true 1st line centre.

Corey Pronman – NHL Prospects Writer for ESPN.com

This years draft is lacking in high end talent compared to last years class, but Ekblad is the one true elite player that could be a difference maker at the next level. Some scouts like comparables in terms of looking where their skill level is – but often comparisons are used in an unrealistic fashion.

Ryan Wolstat – Toronto Sun

It was quite the surprise when the Raptors drafted Caboclo last night, as none of the reporters had heard of him and only a few teams had ever seen him play. Ujiri calls the shots at the end of the day and he had seen him play a few times and promised him back in December that he would draft him.

Tyler Dellow – mc79hockey.com

The individual “advanced” stats do a lot more to tell a broader story about the teams overall team performance than many think. If you look at the corsi of an individual player in regards to the other players on his teams, those with higher corsi will over a long period of time drive more shots and goals than they have coming against them. Anton Stralman is a player that drives possession and scores goals, and that is the most important thing when it comes to being a successful hockey player.

June 26: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Filling in for Matt, Steve Simmons along with Bob are joined by Josh Lewenberg to discuss Masai Ujiri’s options ahead of Thursday night’s NBA Draft, and the Leafs director of amateur scouting Dave Morrison checks in to chat about Toronto’s preparation ahead of Friday’s NHL Draft.


Hour 1:

The first hour of Macko & Cauz. TSN 1050 Raptors Reporter Josh Lewenberg, and Dave Hodge of The Reporters and TSN Drive join this hour. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

The second hour of Macko & Cauz. Bruce Arthur, Felix Potvin, and Dave Morrison join the show this hour. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

The final half-hour of Macko & Cauz. Ryan Blake, the Senior Director of NBA Scouting Operations, Ryan Blake joins the show this hour. Hour 3 Audio


Josh Lewenberg – TSN Raptors Reporter

It is uncertain times for the Raptors coming into the Draft as they have several needs but also quite a few question marks as free agency hasn’t even opened yet. Tyler Ennis is a player that they could target if he is available at 20, but we don’t know the fate of Lowry and Vasquez at this point. This is possibly the biggest day in the history of Canadian basketball as three Canadians will likely go in the first round, with all possibly going in the lottery.

Dave Hodge – TSN The Reporters

Tim Leiweke is being himself and we shouldn’t expect anything less from him. Toronto has to apply like anyone else to get a Winter Classic and they don’t exactly have a venue that is ideal for such an event. BMO isn’t exactly perfect at this point to hold an event of that size. Toronto may deserve an All-Star Game and a Draft, but they are not owed anything no matter the size of the market. Toronto is the big bully that asks for things that they think they should get and Leiweke is the perfect man to represent the city.

Bruce Arthur – Toronto Star

Earliest memories of the CFL were kind of small town even though they took place in Vancouver. It is so easy to dismiss the CFL as there have been so many ridiculous happening in the league over the years. But they are getting closer and closer to being considered a legitimate professional league. The Kings weren’t going to find a way to find a player than Gaborik in free agency, so they were wise to lock him up. He helped carry the Kings towards a Cup and secured his long term success.

Felix Potvin – Former Leafs goalie

It was a different experience getting drafted – as his first year of eligibility he wasn’t taken when it was held in Minnesota, but he came back the next year and was taken 31st overall the next year when it was held in Vancouver. Goalies develop at a slower rate because the pressure on the players is so immense as the roller coaster of a young goalie is very difficult emotionally as you refine your game.

Dave Morrison – Leafs Dir. Of Amateur Scouting

This draft class is unique in the sense that almost everyone has a different order for the top four players, and who the fifth player might be is up for much debate. It is really difficult this year to get a understanding of what might come happen once the draft starts. Hockey sense is so important in the game today, but you can mask a lack of hockey sense with elite speed. The guys that really excel who don’t have great speed are really smart players and it is critical that the scouts make detailed reports to identify this.

Ryan Blake – Sr. Director NBA Scouting Operations

This type of talent with Canadians is something to stay. It isn’t a trend but it is something that will keep going for years to come. Ennis is the type of player that could be good for the Raptors has be has such elite basketball sense despite the face that he may not be a workout warrior per say. It is tough to say who will be the generational talent of this draft, with so much talent at the top.

June 25: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Filling in for Matt, Steve Simmons along with Bob, get into a heated debate about the value of Dave Bolland with Tyler Dellow, and Craig Button checks in to chat about the Leafs interest in Nick Ritchie.


Hour 1:

Hour 1 of Macko and Cauz. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

Hour 2 of Macko & Cauz. Gregor Chisholm talked about the Jays' Tuesday night victory. Ian Pulver disucsses his client, Joshua Ho-Sang. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

Third hour of Macko and Cauz featuring a heated debate between MChockey79 and Steve Simmonds. Hour 3 Audio


Craig Button – TSN Resident Scout

Aaron Ekblad is seen at the very worst a number 3 man which is not bad because Button considers anyone in the top 3 a pillar defenceman. He could very well be a Brent Seabrook type of player. The Leafs are in line to pick up Nick Ritchie, who is a Brendan Shannahan type of player - someone that every team wants. Button refers to Ritchie as a "man child" because he is already big and strong, but has so much talent to grow into. Ritchie has as good a chance as anyone in this draft to make an NHL impact right away. Button thinks at the very least, Ritchie will be a James van Reimsdyk. There are a lot of teams other than just Florida that are talking about trading back in the draft because of how similar the players are.

Rohan Ricketts – Former TFC/Tottenham midfielder

Ricketts says he loves Suarez as a football player, but he has no idea what goes on in his head sometimes. All the cameras are on you, and you still feel the need to bite someone, it’s simply stupid. He feels Suarez needs some kind of help. Ricketts would not be surprised if he was banned for the rest of the tournament. Ricketts says you can't ref a game based on what’s at stake. You must ref within the rules at all times.

Gregor Chisholm – MLB.com

Gregor thinks that this is a new mentally tough team that the Blue Jays boast. If they were to give up a lead last season, the team seemed to sink. But now the team finally expects to be good, so when they go down, they don't feel defeated. The Jays have a lineup that is good enough to fill in gaps when there are injuries. They have one of the deepest lineups in baseball. You can’t measure a good team when they are on a hot streak, but rather how they respond after a rough patch and so far the Jays have done a great job.

Ian Pulver – NHL Player Agent

There are a lot of unfair characterizations about Josh Ho-Sang but whoever drafts him and has belief in him will find that they have the best player in the draft. It’s crazy that he is projected in the broad category of top 40, when undoubtedly he is a top 10 player at worst. Ho-Sang leads all draft eligible players in even strength points. NHL Scouts may very well make too much judgment based on an 18 year old's character. No 18 year old is perfect, and Josh just may see the world different but he plays the game different too. He was somehow labeled as a selfish player, yet he had over 50 assists. Pulver says there were some teams that interviewed Ho-Sang that highly liked what Josh had to say, but others said they found him too confident for their liking.

Tyler Dellow – mc79hockey.com

The Penguins have had a rough go the past couple of years, and its certainly Crosby and Malkin that takes the blame. There are no more Gretzky or Lemieux's in the NHL anymore who take over a team and a game. Crosby would be the closest. Dave Bolland should move along because they really would make a mistake by signing him to a bigger contract, because he is not getting better as time goes on. The Kings can carry the bad contracts because they have the solid depth players around them with good contracts to bail them out. You can not turn a lesser player into a better player just by giving him a lot more money, and too many teams have made that mistake. Grabovski was a player that the Leafs absolutely would have benefited from this season, and giving up on him was a huge mistake.

June 24: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Bob and Matt are joined by Michael Farber to chat about his TSN documentary special, “Playing to Lose” and Pat Burns’ coaching legacy, and Scott MacArthur checks in to discuss the keys to combatting the recent injury woes that have befallen the Blue Jays.


Hour 1:

Hour 1 with Macko & Cauz joined by Dave Lozo. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

Hour 2 with Macko & Cauz joined by Kyle Dubas and Michael Farber. Hour 2 Audio


Dave Lozo – NHL Lead Writer for Bleacher Report

Lozo joins the show to discuss news surrounding the NHL regarding the Flyers trading Hartnell to the Blue Jackets, as well as possible free agent signings with the free agency frenzy being around the corner. He weighs in on players such as Mason Raymond and Anton Stralman as to whether their impact is visible on the ice for their clubs.

Kyle Dubas – Soo Greyhounds GM

Dubas joins the show to chat on what it takes to be a General Manager of an OHL team. He shares what he looks for when scouting new players for his club and how he goes about scouting hockey players at younger ages. He also weighs in on how much skill and size plays a role when building a championship team. Neutral zone play is something that is often overlooked, but goes a long way to determining the hockey sense of a player when scouting them. The style of play that is considered successful varies every year as the team that wins the Cup gets to set the narrative.

Michael Farber – Sports Illustrated

Farber joins the show to chat a little on his special "Playing to Lose". He discusses the '83-'84 Penguins team and answers whether or not they were the first team to openly tank a season. He also shares his thoughts on Pat Burns being inducted to the Hockey Hall of Fame along with some personal memories/stories he had with Burns.

Scott MacArthur – TSN Jays Reporter

Scott joins the show to chat a little on the recent injuries to Bautista and Lawrie as well as some of the defensive problems in the Blue Jays' outfield. He believes that Anthony Gose is a better fielder than Rasmus and has more experience on more ends of the outfield. He states that this recent slump the Jays have been trying to overcome was bound to happen and that the hot streak in May did have an expiry date. The Jays need solid pitching to create momentum which will lead into winning more games.

Blue Jays on TSN Radio 1050

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