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April 23: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Dave and Dave Hodge are joined by Patrick Patterson to discuss the keys for the Raptors heading to Brooklyn for Game 3, and Ricky Romero checks in to give an update on his season in Buffalo.


Hour 1:

Dave Naylor and Dave Hodge take calls from Maple Leafs fans about their feelings on the Raptors and talk with Patrick Patterson. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

Dave Naylor and Dave Hodge are joined by Ricky Romero to talk about his time in Triple-A and Dan Shulman about the MLB season so far. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

Dave Naylor and Dave Hodge are joined by Mike Johnson and Darren Dreger to talk about the NHL playoffs and Matt Devlin to chat Raptors. Hour 3 Audio


4:50pm Patrick Patterson – Raptors Forward

Patterson said DeMar DeRozan was the difference maker between Games 1 and 2 for the Raptors. He said the Nets are just another opponent to them until the next round. He said the team can't downplay the Nets experience, but the Raptors can't allow the Nets star power to intimidate them. He said the team is concentrating on the little things. He knows the crowd in Brooklyn is going to be jumping and they can't allow the noise to affect them. He said personally he needs to capitalize on opportunities and he's been doing a good job so far, so he will look to continue that play. He mentions he is a soccer fan as he played growing up and enjoys to watch games just to relax and unwind.

5:00pm Bob McKenzie – TSN Hockey Insider

McKenzie said Montreal is more equipped to go toe-to-toe with the Bruins physical game right now but he doesn't think they should use the physical style of play. He said people shouldn't undersell Boston because they could be stronger than anyone. He mentioned Teemu Selanne being scratched from the lineup and said he had seen him skating slower in recent weeks but he said he would still put Selanne in the lineup in the circumstance they needed a late game goal or miracle from a proven player. McKenzie also said he voted for Nathan MacKinnon as the Calder Trophy winner.

5:15pm Ricky Romero – Buffalo Bisons Pitcher

Romero said his season in Buffalo has been good so far and he has got a lot accomplished. He said he is on the right path and he is still a work in progress. Romero said he wants to go back to the delivery he had in 2010 and has been working on that specifically. He said there is no reason he can't go back to a successful delivery he once had. He said sometimes the game can drive him a little nuts, but the quality of pitches were there in the game he played yesterday. Romero said he's learned a lot in the past few years, and has learned to realize even the smallest of accomplishments. He looks forward to the weather getting nicer and continuing to pitch better. Romero's said his goal is to get into the Blue Jays lineup and he is going to let the people in charge of getting him back into the starting rotation dictate when he will come back. He is enjoying every day in Triple-A because he knows how many people wish they could be in his shoes. He mentions that he is learning from Mark Buehrle and can't wait to get back into the big show with the guys.

5:35pm Dan Shulman – ESPN Sunday Night Baseball

Shulman said Masahiro Tanaka is exactly who people thought he would be. He doesn't have a crazy strong arm but has a lot of control (30K’s & 2 Walks so far). Shulman said Bryce Harper runs very hard in some games and doesn't run hard at all other games. He said Harper and Yasiel Puig are a new generation of MLB players who will look at the older generation and tell them they're going to play balls to the wall one day but not the next. Shulman also talked about Carlos Gomez and the Brewers vs. Pirates suspensions following Sunday afternoon's brawl. He said every sport has a code and he wants to see these players start to follow it because MLB is going down a certain road. He said Wrigley Field ranks near the top of his ball park list (today is it's 100th anniversary). His favorite park is AT&T Field, but he thinks on a beautiful day Wrigley is one of the best.

6:03pm Mike Johnson – TSN NHL Analyst

Johnson joined the show from Dallas and said Anaheim's decision to take Teemu Selanne out of the lineup tonight wasn't a surprising one when looking at his recent play, but it was most likely a difficult move. He said the team must look to play a more physical style. He said Kari Lehtonen has been playing great hockey and the Stars can be scary when he's hot. Johnson mentioned ow Tyler Seguin has been okay in the series but hasn’t been a dominant, confident player like Ryan Getzlaf has been. Johnson said Seguin needs to get away from the Getzlaf, Corey Perry line and he should look more comfortable tonight after getting a win under their belt.

6:18pm Darren Dreger – TSN Hockey Analyst

Dreger said the Montreal Canadiens are really good. He said Carey Price is a great goaltender and the team has a lot of depth. He doesn't know if their depth can be compared to the Boston Bruins but he can see it being an incredible series if it comes to that. Dreger said Price has matured as a person and is no longer as much of a free spirit with the media. People once wondered if the off-ice antics he was involved in would take a toll on his career but they never did. He said it's time to put all the penalty issues to rest as we move forward toward the next series. The officials had an impact on the series against Tampa but Montreal would have won regardless. Dreger said he was surprised by no defensemen being a finalist for the Calder Trophy. He said it's a difficult position so he thinks at least one of the defensemen should have got a nod. Dreger said they're working on the Matt Cooke penalty and the suspension will be within the 7-10 game range.

6:32pm Matt Devlin – Raptors TV Voice

Devlin said no one could have predicted the way DeMar DeRozan elevated his play in Game 2. He said Dwane Casey calling on Landry Fields was a major factor in the success of the team. Devlin believes a reason for the teams success this year is the ability of their bench putting in work and being ready to be called on. He said he has been in the business long enough to not be overwhelmed by the number of people listening to his play-by-play and his approach. It's about the product on the floor and not about him translating the story to the fans. Devlin said the fans in Brooklyn won't ignore Masai Ujiri's comments prior to Game 1 and joked he will have to follow Jack Armstrong into the arena because Armstrong is from Brooklyn.

April 22: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Dave and Dave Hodge are live from the ACC to talk Raptors/Nets, and are joined by Bob McKenzie and Darren Dreger to discuss the impending suspension for Matt Cooke, and the impact injuries to top-end players including Tyson Barrie and Stephane Robidas will have on their team’s playoff chances.


Hour 1:

Dave Naylor and Dave Hodge are joined by Rod Black and Bruce Arthur to chat Toronto Raptors vs. Brooklyn Nets Game 2 and the NHL playoffs. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

Dave Naylor and Dave Hodge are joined by Darren Dreger and Jack Armstrong to talk about the NHL playoffs and the Toronto Raptors Game 2. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

Dave Naylor and Dave Hodge are joined by Bob McKenzie, Josh Lewenberg and Ohm Youngmisuk to chat about the Toronto Raptors and NHL playoffs. Hour 3 Audio


5:00pm Darren Dreger - TSN Hockey Insider

Dreger provided his thoughts on the Tampa Bay Lightning heading into Game 4 with the Montreal Canadiens and believes we could see Ben Bishop in game five if the Lightning can extend the series. Did the Lightning make a mistake when they selected Jonathan Drouin over Seth Jones? He touched on Carey Price’s performance in the series and believes the goaltender has played very well since struggling in the opening game of the series and predicts that he will be a difference maker once again on Tuesday. He also spoke about Matt Cooke's knee on knee hit on Tyson Barrie and suggested he could get five or six game but wouldn't be surprised if he is suspended for more than 10 games.

6:00pm Dave Haggith - MLSE

Haggith spoke about the thought and design of the Toronto’s "We The North" campaig and the organization’s reasons for using it. He touches on the lack of swagger that the organization had in previous years and believes the idea about players not wanting to come to Toronto is a myth. He suggested players want to play in cities with a winning culture and said if the organization can be successful that players will want to play in Toronto.

6:15pm Bob McKenzie - TSN Hockey Insider

McKenzie touched on Phil Kessel’s tweet and believes Matt Cooke is in store for a long suspension for his knee on knee hit on Tyson Barrie. He believes Cooke will miss the remainder the series with the Avalanche and would not be surprised if he missed the entire second round if the Wild can get past Colorado. He also provided his thoughts on Gustav Nyquist’s struggles in the first two games against the Bruins and why Daniel Alfredsson will not suit up for Detroit. McKenzie believes Barrie’s (torn MCL) absence from Colorado’s lineup will impact the Avalanche more than the Ducks loss of Stephane Robidas (broken leg) from their lineup.

April 21: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Dave and Michael Farber are joined by Kerry Fraser, Darren Dreger and Bob McKenzie to chat about some of the controversial hits and calls that have started to surface in the first round of the NHL playoffs, and Masai Ujiri checks in to discuss his comments prior to Game 1 and what adjustments the Raptors need to make heading into Game 2.


Hour 1:

Hour 1 of the TSN Drive with Dave Naylor. ESPN/TSN/RDS hockey insider Pierre LeBrun joins the show to talk about the Sharks/Kings series. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

Hour 2 of the TSN Drive with Dave Naylor. Bob McKenzie, Mike Marley, Leo Rautins, and John Paul Bedard join the show this hour. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

Hour 3 of the TSN Drive with Dave Naylor. TSN hockey insider Darren Dreger joins the show to talk about Brendan Shanahan and his new role in Toronto. Hour 3 Audio


4:30pm Pierre LeBruun – ESPN/TSN/RDS Hockey Insider

LeBrun spoke about the Los Angeles Kings’ defensive struggles against the Sharks and believes several players on the Kings roster are unable to match the speed of the Sharks. Is the flu running through the Kings’ lineup? He suggests Mike Richards has looked completely over-matched in the first two games and discussed whether the Kings would actually consider sitting Jonathan Quick? LeBrun touched on the label that Joe Thornton has been given from his days with the Boston Bruins and suggests those thoughts are unwarranted. He also said Willie Mitchell & Robyn Regehr are looking really old out there.

5:02pm Bob McKenzie – TSN NHL Hockey Insider

McKenzie talked about Brent Seabrook’s big hit on David Backes and believes there will not be any repercussions after Duncan Keith and other Hawks’ players were seen taunting Backes after he was struggling to get to his feet. Did the Tampa Bay Lighting mishandle Steven Stamkos’ hit to the head by allowing him to continue playing? Did the referees make a mistake on the goalie interference call on one of Tampa’s goals and should there have been a more experienced referee calling the game? He also provides his thoughts on Nathan MacKinnon’s play in the first two games and touches on the Bruins taking the Red Wings out of their comfort zone.

5:15pm Michael Marley – Former Boxing Writer

Marley spoke about the passing of boxer Rubin "Hurricane" Carter who passed away on Sunday at the age of 76. He touched on Carter’s trial where he was wrongfully convicted for murder and suggested he may have been denied because of racial tensions at that time. He talked about how Carter dedicated his life to help others and believes Carter may have been a better than Sugar Ray Leonard. Marley joked about how he is now involved in criminal law and he would be entering a jail as soon as he was done with our interview.

5:30pm Leo Rautins – TSN Raptors Analyst

Rautins provided his thoughts on what the Toronto Raptors need to do to be successful in Game 2 against Brooklyn and suggested that they will need to play a more aggressive style and put more pressure on the officials to make calls by playing that way. He believes they will need to improve their half-court game, slow things down and set screens to be successful. Rautins said the Raps need to push the ball down the court and give themselves more opportunities to score while in transition. He also provided an update on Amir Johnson and believes he is not 100 per cent.

5:45pm Jean Paul Bedard – Ran Boston Marathon Twice Today

Bedard spoke about the atmosphere at the Boston Marathon and suggested that everyone felt relaxed with the tight security around the marathon. He discusses the feeling around the running community after everyone had sung the anthem and provides his thoughts on why he decided to run it twice. Bedard started at 4:30am and ran the first time from the finish line to the start.

6:00pm Kerry Fraser – Former NHL Referee

Fraser joined the guys in Studio and spoke about the goaltender interference call on Tampa Bay in Game 3 against the Montreal Canadiens. He believes a goalie should be allowed to initiate contact if a player enters his crease. He suggested Carey Price purposely initiated contact with Alex Killorn because he knew the rule and knew that a goal would be disallowed. Should a French Canadian be allowed to call games in Montreal? He believes referee Francis Charron made the right call and suggests that had David Desharnais pushed Killorn into Price that the goal would have counted. Fraser provided his thoughts on where officials draw the line in games and suggested officials typically get a feel for how the series is played and call the game accordingly. Should Brent Seabrook have been suspended for more than three games for his hit on David Backes? He believes players should be suspended on the act and not on a players injury.

6:15pm Darren Dreger – TSN Hockey Insider

Dreger spoke about the Montreal Canadiens’ terrific pre game ceremonies they are known for and believes it must be an intimidating atmosphere for the opposition. He provided his thoughts on Rene Bourque’s strong play against the Lighting and believes his speed has been a major factor in the series. He touched on Jon Cooper’s handling of Steven Stamkos and his method of redirecting him from the media scrum and said he found it kind of strange considering the team is down 3-0 in the series. Dregs also talked about Anders Lindback’s play and suggested the Lighting could get back into the series with him but also believes there are other factors at play such as Stamkos’ lack of ice time in the first period that have hurt the team.

6:30pm Masai Ujiri – Raptors General Manager

Ujiri spoke about his comments in Maple Leafs Square before Game 1 as the Raptors were getting ready to play for the Nets. He apologized for his choice of words and suggested his motivation was to get the crowd going. He touched on the reason for trying to motivate the fans and his team and says his comments were not meant to disrespect Brooklyn or their organization. He said he didn’t pre-plan what he was going to say and also believes his comments won’t affect his public image and he’s not worried about the ramifications for his choice of words. Ujiri spoke about what went wrong in the opening game of the series and believes that some players need some time to adjust to the atmosphere of playoff basketball. He recalled his experience with the Denver Nuggets last season when they played Golden State as a similar scenario. He also said he isn’t thinking too much about what the reception will be like when the team plays in Brooklyn next week.

6:47pm Kristian Jack – TSN Soccer Analyst

Jack joined the show to discuss the rumours about the team planning to fire Manager David Moyes. Jack confirmed that this will more than lively happen despite the fact he has 4 years left on his contract. Moyes has been unsuccessful running the team and there have been problems all over the pitch. He said Moyes’ contract allows the team to terminate his six-year contract if the team fails to finish in the top four of the Premier League championship. The signing of Robin van Persie worked out well for them last season but injuries have impacted him this year.

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