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July 22: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Filling in for Dave, Mike Hogan, along with Dave Feschuk are joined by Darren Dreger, Jonas Siegel and Jamie McLennan to break down the Leafs’ front office shake-up, and Sheldon Keefe checks in to discuss his experience working with Kyle Dubas in Soo St. Marie.


Hour 1:

Mike Hogan and Dave Feschuk were joined by Leafs reporter Jonas Siegel and GM of the Myrtle Beach Pelicans, Andy Milovich. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

On the second hour of TSN Drive, Mike Hogan speaks to Jason Whitlock and head coach of the Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds, Sheldon Keefe. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

On the third hour of TSN Drive, Mike Hogan and Dave Feschuk were joined by Jamie McLennan, Brendan Kennedy and Darren Dreger. Hour 3 Audio


Jonas Siegel - TSN 1050 Leafs Reporter

Jonas Siegel began saying how the Leafs look to be transitioning to a fresher, younger group. Kyle Dubas isn't the analytics guru everyone talks him up as, he is simply more open to understanding it. Brendan Shanahan was looking for the potential for a different voice in the organization. Siegel says Shanahan was looking for someone to open his eyes to different views. He explains how the David Booth signing is a low risk one, because it's only a one year deal, but he has upside to score goals.

Andy Milovich - GM of the Myrtle Beach Pelicans

Andy Milovich began explaining how cancer has affected his life and his team in many ways, and that's how the cancer related promotion ideas came about (to both raise money and raise awareness). He says after talking about the idea of having a prostate exam during a game, he offered to not only have a prostate exam in front of the entire stadium, but to have one while singing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" if the Facebook page of a 10-year-old cancer patient got 10,000 likes.

Jason Whitlock - ESPN

Jason Whitlock began explaining how he's a critic of American culture being too bottom line driven, but understands why Canadians may see what he said as being critical of their work ethic. Whitlock uses the example of Canadian writers and analysts saying other countries don't have the same drive to win as Canadian hockey players have to what he said. Whitlock thinks America’s obsession with basketball is overdone, and he thinks young Americans put too many eggs in the NBA basket. He says Americans take sports far too seriously and it ends up being unhealthy for their athletes. He touches on questions he has with Andrew Wiggins consistency, and has reason for concern from what Wiggins accomplished at Kansas.

Sheldon Keefe - Head Coach of the Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds

Sheldon Keefe began explaining how Kyle Dubas' fast track to the NHL is due to his passion for learning and relentlessness in his approach to the game of hockey. He says Dubas has incredible people skills and after speaking with him it is clear he knows what he's talking about. As the coach of the Greyhounds Keefe explains he was open to learning analytics and Dubas helped him understand and make the team better. He says Dubas used specific software and brought in some people to the Greyhounds organization to help produce valuable information.

Jamie McLennan - TSN Hockey Analyst

Jamie McLennan thinks people are shaken by Kyle Dubas being a young guy. He talks about how the days of a single General Manager calling all the shots are over, and an NHL franchise needs a management team. McLennan says the Maple Leafs need more than yes men in the room and thinks Dubas will eventually be able to give great analytic thought. He touches on James Reimer not being a proven number one goaltender and durability has not proven to be his strong suit.

Brendan Kennedy - Toronto Star

Brendan Kennedy begins speaking about the Aaron Sanchez call up and how it's not strange to have him making his debut out of the bullpen because that's how most pitchers premier these days. He touched on the Yankees trading for Chase Headley and how he has had a rough season and might not be an upgrade in the Yankee line-up.

Darren Dreger - TSN Hockey Insider

Darren Dreger says it's not surprising there were changes in the Maple Leafs organization but it was surprising the team went out and identified a Kyle Dubas as their man. Dreger says there isn't any doubt Brendan Shanahan wants to put his stamp on this team. He says Dave Poulin and Claude Loiselle are covered contractually, and will be able to find another job quickly in the hockey world. Dreger thinks David Booth still believes he has upside in the NHL and thinks the Leafs are using Booth as a project to try to squeeze production out of.

July 21: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Filling in for Dave, Mike Hogan along with Bruce Arthur are joined by Jay Triano to chat about Basketball Canada’s future, and James Mirtle checks in to discuss whether Cody Franson could be on the move out of Toronto.


Hour 1:

The first hour of the TSN Drive with Mike Hogan & Bruce Arthur. Jay Triano, head coach of the Canadian men's national basketball team. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

The second hour of the TSN Drive with Mike Hogan & Bruce Arthur. Bob Wischusen, and Ryan Russillo, both of ESPN Radio join. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

The final hour of the TSN Drive with Mike Hogan & Bruce Arthur. James Mirtle of the Globe and Mail, and TSN Blue Jays reporter Scott MacArthur join. Hour 3 Audio


Jay Triano - Head Coach of Canada's National Basketball Team

Jay Triano begins by saying he thinks international play will help the young Canadian players. He mentions the international game being a more physical game than the North American style. He says the older international players know what they can get away with, and will use that to have their way with younger players. Triano says he believes his players need to be introduced to the physical game and need to learn from it from a young age. He talks about wanting to get Tyler Ennis, Andrew Wiggins, Nic Stauskas and Anthony Bennett involved as soon as possible. The players need to be motivated for the Pan American Games and the Olympic qualifier next summer. Triano understands Tristan Thompson is in a strange situation contractually, but is comfortable with his international experience already. He says Bennett looked great physically and has clearly worked hard transforming himself, and Wiggins transition to Summer League went smoothly and he is learning the nuances of the NBA game. He thinks the rankings are a product of what you do so he's more worried about the number one goal of qualifying for the Olympic games with this young team. He thinks the 2020 Olympics are the games when the team will be in their peak and attempting to upset teams.

Bob Wischusen - Play-by-Play Voice of The Open Championship on ESPN Radio

Bob Wischusen began saying how Rory McIlroy's game is tailor made for The Masters, but is not for the British Open because he hits the ball so high and the wind can get a hold of it. He thinks McIlroy is going to win multiple more majors and will probably win The Masters multiple times. The Open Championship is a tournament highly effected by the weather, but the weather didn't come into play and that's why scores were so low. Wischusen says Sergio Garcia always has a "Sergio" moment in major championships where he falls short (this weekends bunker shot), but doesn't think he would have come close to McIlroy anyways. Wischusen thinks saying Tiger Woods career is coming to an end is closed sighted and believes Tiger will win again at Augusta, and could make a push at next years Masters.

Ryen Russillo - Host of SVP and Russillo on ESPN Radio

Ryen Russillo says the Cleveland Cavaliers are now married to what LeBron James wants to do and they need to realize that. He mentions if Kevin Love was really a franchise changing guy, he would have at least been able to get his team to the playoffs by himself. Russillo thinks Andrew Wiggins needs to have a more assertive personality to become a franchise changer in the NBA, and he has yet to see that from Wiggins.

James Mirtle - Globe and Mail

James Mirtle thinks Cody Franson avoiding arbitration was a positive for both him and the Toronto Maple Leafs. He says Franson will be looking for a huge contract next season and the Leafs will be looking to move him before the year is over. Mirtle knows the Leafs want to move James Reimer, but want to get the right return for him. He says if they traded Reimer before last season they could have probably gotten a first round pick, but now they're having trouble getting anything of significance for him. He says the talent level of the team is going to be equivalent of what they had last year.

Scott MacArthur - TSN 1050 Blue Jays Reporter

Scott MacArthur confirmed the Blue Jays want to go after players, but doesn't know if they want to spend significant money to acquire someone. MacArthur says the state of the American League East is the major difference between this year and last year. The way the Jays have played this year isn't totally dissimilar to the way they played last year, but the AL East is simply that much weaker. He mentions the one thing the Jays have done better this season is pitching. MacArthur says David Price will get moved no later than this offseason, but the offseason is the time to do it. He calls the AL East race a five team race right now, and doesn't think any of the five teams are out yet.

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