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April 23: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Bob and Matt recap the Raptors’ Game 2 win with Dave Feschuk and Steve Simmons and chat with Brendan Kennedy about Melky Cabrera’s hot start to the season.


Dave Feschuk, Toronto Star:

The Raptors aren’t normally as sloppy as they’ve been, and when you average 20 TO’s a game in the playoffs, it can speak to your inexperience. It’s hard to see that improving when you head to Brooklyn, and sometimes, you just have to go through your first time in the playoffs before you can become completely comfortable.

Brendan Kennedy, Toronto Star:

Seeing Melky Cabrera hitting and healthy has been good to see, and right from the start of the season, he’s looked a lot spryer. Cecil has really embraced the relief role, and he’s really come a long way from when it looked like he was going to fade into oblivion. If the Jays are going to succeed with their current rotation, they need a strong bullpen and Cecil is a big part of that.

Steve Simmons, Sunmedia + TSN’s The Reporters

DeRozan did what star players are supposed to do in the 4th quarter of games. It was a really important night for him. Dwane Casey has really forged a solid rotation, and more of their parts are emerging as the series goes on. They have to build with this group going forward, it’s just a challenge because if they don’t win in the 1st round, they’re just another team in the wilderness.

April 22: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Bob and Matt tee up Game 2 between the Raptors and Nets on TSN 1050 and chat with Jeff Ziglett and Joey Graham about the NBA’s decision to fine Masai Ujiri and whether Kyle Lowry and his inexperienced teammates will be able to handle playoff pressure better than they did in Game 1.


Hour 1:

Hour 1 of Macko & Cauz, joined by TSN's Gino Reda, and Bob & Matt talk NHL/NBA playoffs Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

Hour 2 of Macko & Cauz, joined by Gregor Chisholm of MLB.com and Jeff Zillgitt of USA Today Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

Hour 3 of Macko & Cauz, joined by former Raptor Joey Graham, and Mike Halford of Pro Hockey Talk. Hour 3 Audio


Gino Reda, Host of “That’s Hockey”

Marc-Andre Fleury needs a wakeup call, because he cannot do what he’s doing to his team, you can’t keep putting your team into a hole, and that’s a big problem for the Penguins. Plekanec and Pacioretty are playing brilliantly for the Habs, and right now, the balance from the Habs is becoming a reality in terms of an Eastern Conference contender. There’s certain players you want to see succeed, and Jack Johnson and Brandon Dubinsky are those type of players for the Blue Jackets.

Jeff Zillgitt, USA Today

Adam Silver reconsidered the fine for Masai Ujiri, and you cant be a big fan of the decision. The League issued him a formal warning, and that shouldve been it. He shouldve stood by the decision he made earlier, and instead, he let others influence his decision.

Gregor Chisholm, MLB.com

Dickey’s command hasn’t been there this year, as the knuckleball has been all over the place. The conditions legitimately weren’t good for the knuckleball in Minnesota, but that doesn’t excuse the poor performances throughout the season. The velocity with the knuckleball isn’t there like it was with the Mets, but you have to expect him to perform better than he has. The Jays believe Edwin is going to bounce back soon, as there are no health concerns at this point with him. Bautista is being pitched around, so the Jays need Edwin to turn it around ASAP.

Joey Graham, Former Raptors 1st Round Pick, Played in TOR from 2005-2009

Kyle Lowry bounced around, but now, he fits in the system of Dwane Casey, and a lot of guys can excel in the right system. You feel comfortable when you’re out there on the floor, and the confidence is a huge part of it. As great as Kevin Durant has been this year, LeBron James is the best player in the league, and he’s the guy you want.

Mike Halford, Pro Hockey Talk

Montreal looks like a very dangerous squad probably heading into the 2nd round, and you’re seeing a team that is absolutely rolling right now. Didn’t vote for Martin St. Louis for the Lady Byng, as you’d think that a lot of people would consider the exit from Tampa as an issue that would preclude him from getting the Lady Byng.

April 21: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Bob and Matt look back at the Raptors Game 1 loss to the Nets and discuss what the team needs to do to overcome their inexperience with Sherman Hamilton and Dave Pasch, and James Duthie checks in to chat about Nathan MacKinnon’s hot start in his playoff debut.


Hour 1:

Hour 1 of Macko & Cauz with Bob Mackowycz and Matthew Cauz, talking NBA and NHL playoffs. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2:

Hour 2 of Macko & Cauz with Bob Mackowycz and Matthew Cauz, talking NBA and NHL playoffs. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 3:

Hour 3 of Macko & Cauz, with Bob Mackowycz and Matthew Cauz, talking NHL and NBA Playoffs. Hour 3 Audio


Mark Madden, WXDX Pittsburgh

Dan Bylsma has hit his expiration date with the Penguins, and a lot of that has to do with how he manages his superstars. There’s a disconnect between him and certain players on the team, and that also comes into place with their powerplay, they don’t have the right fits in the toughest time of year, and this needs to be rectified.

Sherman Hamilton, NBA TV

The coaching staff has to find a way to get DeRozan in attack mode when he catches the ball, and a lot of that falls on Dwane Casey. But there are other Raptors that need to step up as well. The Raptors aren’t afraid of Paul Pierce, and they’re not affording them too much respect, it was more of a matchup issue on Saturday afternoon. The referees definitely struggled in Game 1, but the Raps need to be more aggressive, and that’ll earn them more calls.

James Duthie, NHL on TSN

MacKinnon could be very special, and we always have these debates about the next Crosby, and MacKinnon definitely has similar qualities. Duthie feels that the San Jose Sharks are by far the best team in the playoffs right now and are his Cup favourites if they don’t get beat up by Los Angeles. There’s a lot of matchups in the playoffs that could go the distance, with the Canadiens series being the only sweep.

Dave Pasch, ESPN NBA Play-by-Play Voice

You’re trying to fire up the fans, spark your team, and things get said in the heat of battle that maybe you regret. Paul Pierce has the playoff experience, and he’s the face of the team. It came down to needing baskets late, and they went to Paul Pierce. You have to imagine that DeRozan and Ross are going to give the Raptors more, and if that happens, the Raptors should be in good shape. Nerves and inexperience did play a role. There’s usually more physical play in the playoffs, but a slower pace favours the Nets.

Tracey Myers, Comcast Sportsnet Chicago

The Blackhawks have suffered two heartbreaking losses to the Blues, and it could easily be 2-0 Chicago as opposed to the other way around. The injury concerns around Jonathan Toews appear to be overblown, and while he’s been grimacing a little bit, he’s generally as healthy as you can be at this time of year.

Michael Landsberg, Off The Record

Michael joined us to reflect back on the legacy of Rubin Carter, and recalling interviewing him back in the day. Michael also scoffed at the notion of earning calls, as referees need to be more professional than permitting calls based on a player’s experience.

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