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April 16: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Bryan, Jamie and Jeff tee up the start of tonight’s NHL playoffs with Dave Stubbs and James Duthie, and are joined by Doug Gilmour to discuss top prospect Sam Bennett.


Hour 1 (Leafs Lunch):

Hour 1 of Leafs Lunch, previewing the NHL Playoffs and talking Habs with Pat Hickey of the Montreal Gazette. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (Leafs Lunch):

Bryan, Jeff, and Jamie are joined by James Duthie and Doug Gilmour. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 1 (The Bryan Hayes Show):

Hour 1 of The Bryan Hayes Show. Craig Button previewed the NHL Draft for Canada's teams. Dave Zirin talked about the NBA playoffs and Yasiel Puig. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 2 (The Bryan Hayes Show):

Hour 2 of The Bryan Hayes Show. Scott MacArthur talked about the Blue Jays and their series in Minnesota. Ray Ferraro previewed the NHL Playoffs. Hour 2 Audio

April 15: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Bryan, Jamie and Jeff make their playoff predictions and break down Randy Carlyle’s season-ending press conference and debate his future with the team with Ray Ferraro.


Hour 1 (Leafs Lunch):

Bryan, Jeff, and Jamie are joined by Steve Tambellini and discuss Randy Carlyle's press conference. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (Leafs Lunch):

Bryan, Jeff, and Jamie are joined by Ray Ferraro and make their playoff predictions. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 1 (The Bryan Hayes Show):

Bryan is joined by Adam Jones of 98.5 Sports Hub Boston and talks Leafs and Randy Carlyle. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 2 (The Bryan Hayes Show):

Bryan is joined by Dirk Hayhurst and The Golf Channel's Brad Faxon. Hour 2 Audio


12:15 – Anaheim Ducks Scout & Former Oilers GM Steve Tambellini

Tambellini believes the Anaheim Ducks are flying under the radar because of their consistent effort. He talks about when he was with the Oilers during draft day. He said once you get to the lottery many things run through your mind. In order to develop a young core, you have to draft players. He said establishing a young core was important to attracting players. Ownership has to understand why you want to make a pick. It's also a big day for them. He said there is a ton of work that goes on behind the scenes. He said it's not just one thing such as talent, it's everything, when considering a prospect. On the topic of bottoming out, he said things happen for different reasons. He said certain players were used perhaps prematurely (instead of gaining more time in junior or the minors).

1 – Ray Ferraro, TSN Hockey Analyst

Ferraro thinks part of what Carlyle brought when he came to Toronto was the fighting, he wanted a mean team, but you can’t do that with 9 forwards. If 4 of your 9 forwards play the rush game then how can you expect the team to play that tough style of play, they don’t have the personnel in place, and you need to make adjustments to your team or system to have success. Ferraro noted the Leafs will have a review of their organization over the next 10 days, which is when they will likely come to a decision on Carlyle, and whether they want to build a team in his image or another direction entirely. Ferraro said on Tim Leiweke that he is very involved and he is a driven individual and always knows what he wants to say. Ferraro says that he likes the new draft lottery process since it eliminates the total tank because there’s less of a guarantee on getting the first pick. The best lottery was when Crosby was up to be drafted with Pittsburgh and Anaheim waiting to see who would get the #1 pick. The best teams have a structure in place; they can plug just about any player into their system and be fairly successful, if teams draft and try not to rush along prospects they have a chance.

2:30 – Adam Jones, Host 98.5 The Sports Hub

Adam Jones joins the show to look back at the Boston Marathon Bombings which were a year ago today. Jones said it seems like the Boston bombing incident went by in a blink of an eye. He said that sports helped people grieve over the event and city wide people latched on to what the Bruins and Red Sox accomplished. The mood today is somber. He said looking back seeing what the city was able to do to overcome the event was inspiring following the immediate aftermath (in reference to people like first responders not sports). He described that whole week as everybody being on pins and needles and everything felt surreal. He talked about this years Boston marathon. He said the marathon is tough, you have to qualify or raise money for it, you can't just jump in. He said he does think it will be greater than ever. He said people will be running in remembrance and looking to help out people close to them and people who were affected by the incident. He has no doubt security will be upped.

3 – Dirk Hayhurst, MLB Network Analyst

Dirk said the Blue Jays bats are always going to be solid and those who struggled will turn it around. He does worry about how people with arm problems will perform over a full season. He said once those guys go down, who do you replace them with? He questions their depth and thinks the season could go sideways any time. While chatting about R.A Dickey, Hayhurst said Dickey is not an ace. He said the knuckleball is a capricious animal. He said the knuckleball is a very hittable pitch and when you expect Dickey to run the table for you, you're going to be let down. He did say however, that Dickey is good for 200+ innings which is something that is underrated in today's age. The AL East was clobbering the Blue Jays last year, and the fact that they are 5-5 verse them this year is certainly a good sign. Now is a good time to jump at their opponents because other teams are struggling with injuries (such as Matt Moore in TB). He is uncomfortable pegging Reyes for 120+ games when he returns. He said he is a speedster and needs to be 100% to be as effective as possible. He said if Reyes wasn't such an effective force, he wouldn't be as worried, because Reyes plays the game so hard. Hayhurst's expectations of Lawrie is to play the game defensively like Evan Longoria. If you can get 20 home runs from him a season, than you are doing well. He doesn't expect him to crush the ball out of the park but to play superlative defense and get on base as much as possible.

3:30 – Longtime PGA Tour & Golf Channel Analyst Brad Faxon

Faxon joined the show weigh in on the Master. He said Bubba Watson was made to play the course. He talked about Jordan Spieth, and how if he won the tournament, he would have been on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Spieth has potential as he does the right things and says the right things. He said he's got the guile and veteran demeanor, despite being 20 years old and his maturity is impressive. He said he was trying to win, and was justifiably upset and showed his competitiveness. He will continue to improve in every aspect of the game. Faxon believes having so many of the top players missing the cut took some energy out of the masters. He said golf has became more publicized because what golf has become. He says it's unfair to put pressure on younger guys that people think are going to be the next Tiger.

April 14: Show In Review

The Canadian Press

Live from Brendan Shanahan’s introductory press conference, Bryan, Jamie and Jeff analyze the hiring and what changes may be forthcoming because of it with Bob McKenzie, Dave Feschuk and Ray Ferraro, and the boys are joined by Shanahan and Dave Nonis to discuss the Leafs future and their past.


Hour 1 (Leafs Lunch):

Bryan, Jeff and Jamie are joined by Dave Nonis and Bob McKenzie. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (Leafs Lunch):

Bryan, Jeff and Jamie are joined by Brendan Shanahan and Dave Feschuk. Hour 2 Audio

Hour 1 (The Bryan Hayes Show):

Bryan is joined by Raptors reporter Josh Lewenberg. Hour 1 Audio

Hour 2 (The Bryan Hayes Show):

Bryan is joined by TSN hockey analyst Ray Ferraro. Hour 2 Audio


12:15 - Dave Nonis, Toronto Maple Leafs General Manager

The Toronto Maple Leafs GM says that there was more of an identity with this club last year. This year however, that hasn't been the case and that there needs to be a change with their personnel. While many pundits feel that the Leafs just quit down the stretch, Nonis says he doesn't agree and that it was more so them losing confidence in themselves and with each other. There can't be too much change made in the cap era, however Nonis feels differently about that since the Leafs have a lot of contracts ending and cap penalties going away. He also feels that fans can't judge Clarkson's success from this year.

12:35 - Bob McKenzie, TSN Hockey Insider

There was a void in Leaf land, according to Bob McKenzie, in the Toronto Maple Leafs front office which was a big reason for the hiring. However, it is imperative to beg the question of whether or not he would have been hired if the Toronto Maple Leafs were in a playoff spot. Also, if they were to not hire Shanahan, who would be next in line for the job? Many believe that Brendan Shanahan doesn't have a lot of experience, which is wrong as Bob explained. Shanahan has a lot of experience dealing with the business side of hockey considering his experience with the NHL front offices. McKenzie concludes by discussing Barry Trotz possibly coming in, which he deems rather unlikely.

1:00 - Brendan Shanahan, Toronto Maple Leafs President

When he retired, Brendan Shanahan never thought he would be working as a President of a hockey club so quickly. While he loved his job with the NHL, he missed the emotional part of a game of actually caring for wins and losses. Shanahan says he's here to bring a winning culture, and a lot of it has to do with the coach and front office of the team. He says that Randy Carlyle is a good coach, but remained rather mum based on Carlyle's future. He says that the Leafs need to model themselves to be successful, and not after some of the other clubs, they have to create their own model. Shanahan says he'll evaluate everyone's work here and was not hired on a knee jerk reaction.

1:15 - Dave Feschuk, Toronto Star

Dave Feschuk talks about the Shanahan era in Toronto and what we can expect. He thinks it'll be interesting and that the exit meetings will dictate most of what will happen going forward. Considering how much the Leafs' brass talked about culture, Feschuk explains how the Leafs should be as much as the Bruins as possible in the sense that they're not afraid of getting rid of top players (like Seguin and Kessel) to follow their own plan. They're hard decisions to make, but it proves that a team has a great management structure. He also tells Leafs Lunch about his conversation with Nazem Kadri and how Kadri was told by Shanahan himself to expect big changes with the team.

2:15 - Josh Lewenberg, TSN 1050 Raptors Reporter

The playoffs are all about experience, so it's tough to figure out what the Raptors will play like in the playoffs considering the only thing they lack is experience. It's a team with a lot of young guys and it can go one of two ways; surprising some top teams or collapsing under the pressure. Lewenberg also discusses Jonas Valanciunas' play as of late and explains how he's upped his game. He knows he made a big mistake off the court but his composure and risen level of maturity following it has impressed Lewenberg quite a lot.

3:00 - Ray Ferraro, TSN Hockey Analyst

There are many hated teams around professional sports. While it's easy to pick the Yankees in the MLB and Patriots in the NFL as those that people loathe the most, it's tricky to figure out who that is in the NHL. A couple of years ago, according to Ray Ferraro, it was Vancouver but now that's probably moved to be the Boston Bruins. Ray also discussed the Hartley/Tortorella situation and said how Hartley was an idiot to throw out that 4th line again to start the game. H says that if Torts went to the Flames locker room again, he wouldn't have an issue with it. He also feels that Brian Burke is very unhappy with Bob Hartley for pulling off that move. Ray concluded talking about the Dan Bylsma comments towards Scott Hartnell, and he says that from what he knows about Bylsma, he thinks it was a poor attempt at humour and that Kris Letang might not be too happy about being singled out by his coach like that.

Leafs Lunch and The Bryan Hayes Show: April 7-11

Leafs Lunch and The Bryan Hayes Show: March 31-April 4

Leafs Lunch and The Bryan Hayes Show: March 24-28

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