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Introducing the TSN 5G View



Introducing TSN 5G View... leveraging the power of Bell 5G network technology to give you an entirely new and immersive way to watch sports.


  • 5G View Live: A live interactive feature that enables users to control the angle on any play, and zoom in and out at any time during a live game.

  • 5G View On-Demand highlights: Experience the same immersive capabilities as the live interactive view with showcased highlights during the broadcast and post-game.


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​Broadcast Schedule: Use TSN 5G View on the following Habs on TSN and Leafs on TSN broadcasts.


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Date Time Away Home
 Friday March 19, 2021  7pm ET  Canucks    Canadiens
 Tuesday March 30, 2021   7pm ET   Oilers    Canadiens
 Monday April 5, 2021  7pm ET  Oilers   Canadiens
Thursday April 8, 2021   7pm ET   Jets    Canadiens
 Monday April 12, 2021   7pm ET    Maple Leafs   Canadiens
Friday April 16, 2021   6pm ET   Flames    Canadiens
Saturday April 17, 2021 4pm ET Senators   Canadiens
Friday April 30, 2021   7pm ET  Jets    Canadiens
Monday May 3, 2021    7pm ET   Maple Leafs   Canadiens
Thursday May 6, 2021 7pm ET Canadiens Maple Leafs
Tuesday May 10, 2021 7pm ET Oilers Canadiens
Wednesday May 12, 2021 7pm ET Oilers Canadiens


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Date Time Away Home
 Thursday April 15, 2021 6:30pm ET   Jets  Maple Leafs
Thursday April 29, 2021   7:00pm ET    Canucks   Maple Leafs 
 Thursday May 6, 2021  6:30pm ET    Canadiens  Maple Leafs


5G View is available exclusively through the TSN App on iOS and Android, with updates available now through the App Store and Google Play to enable 5G View for Bell 5G customers.

 *TSN 5G View is available at no additional charge, however data charges may apply according to a customer’s data plan.  Customers must have the following: a TSN subscription, either a direct subscription or through a TV service provider AND a Bell Mobility 5G device and 5G service. Learn more about the Bell 5G Network.



What do I need to access TSN 5G View?

You must have a 5G-capable phone from Bell that is connected to the Bell 5G mobile network, an active Bell Mobility service plan, and a TSN subscription. Learn more about Bell 5G coverage.


How much data will TSN 5G View use?

The average data consumption for TSN 5G View interactive features is about 75 MB/minute, compared to 15 MB/minute for regular video streaming. Use of TSN 5G View may result in data charges based on your data plan. You can view and change your plan by logging in to MyBell.


I have a TSN/RDS subscription through my TV provider. Can I use TSN 5G View with a 5G phone from another wireless provider?

No. TSN 5G View is available only to Bell Mobility customers with a TSN subscription.


Can I access TSN 5G View on Wi-Fi?

TSN 5G View works best on the Bell 5G mobile network, but is also accessible on a Wi-Fi network with adequate data speed and latency when sufficient 5G coverage is not available.


What are the requirements for using TSN 5G View on Wi-Fi?

You must have a 5G-capable phone from Bell and a TSN/RDS subscription.  To access TSN 5G View from your Bell 5G phone on Wi-Fi you need a minimum 50 Mbps of Internet speed and a 5 GHz channel frequency.


How do I know if I have 50 Mbps of Internet speed and 5 GHz channel frequency?

Bell Internet customers can check their internet speed and channel frequency with the Bell Wi-Fi app. Non-Bell Internet customers can check with their service providers. There are different factors that can affect Wi-Fi speeds. More about optimizing Wi-Fi on your device.


I have a 5G device connected to the Bell 5G network.  Why am I experiencing performance issues with TSN 5G View?

Network speeds and signal strength can vary based on location, network traffic conditions and other factors. It is likely that one of those factors is causing your performance challenges with TSN 5G View.  The Bell 5G network is still relatively new and as it continues to roll-out, the signal strength and speed will increase over time. Learn more about the Bell 5G network.


Why is TSN 5G View unavailable over the LTE network?

TSN 5G View features use multiple camera feeds from the venue and only the 5G network offers the speed and latency required to provide a seamless experience. If you are watching TSN 5G View on the Bell 5G mobile network and you move into an LTE-only area, you may experience playback issues.


If you do not have 5G coverage or access to a sufficient Wi-Fi connection, you will not be able use the TSN 5G View interactive features. TSN subscribers can still watch the live game broadcast and TSN 5G View post game highlights from the TSN app.