Running back Senorise Perry is wearing No. 32 for the Buffalo Bills at off-season workouts, the first time the Bills have issued the number since O.J. Simpson wore it in the 1970s.

The Bills have officially retired three numbers - Jim Kelly's No. 12, Bruce Smith's No. 78, and Thurman Thomas' No. 34 - but Simpson's No. 32 was never retired after his double-murder trial in 1995. Simpson was not convicted but later found liable in a civil suit. 

“Whatever they do is fine with me,” Simpson told The Athletic's Tim Graham. “That’s how I feel. When I played there, I tried to honour the team. Since I left, I always tried to honour the Bills.

“I thought it was retired,” Perry told The Athletic, “but then I was told it was available. Boom, I took it."